The Legend of Futian
1078 Borrowing the Sword Thousands of Miles Away
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1078 Borrowing the Sword Thousands of Miles Away

All the mighty ones from the Nine States escaped by air.

There were countless cultivators from Emperor Xia's Realm, so much so that they numbered at billions.

However, few managed to make it into the pinnacle of Saint Plane. Fewer was capable of even making it to Holiness of Nirvana.

The Sword Saint of the Void had been one such figure before he perished, yet at the moment, only the demon of a person was the true Holiness of Nirvana at the place. There was simply no one other than Yaya, who had once been Holiness of Nirvana, capable of stopping him.

However, even Yaya claimed that she would not have been able to hold him back for long.

The vast Xuanji Mountain seemed to have turned into a mountain swords at that moment, shrouded in sword will. Boundless swords turned into a Sword Diagram of the Void, pulsing with towering light. Sword aura covered hundreds of miles. Light of the sword out to tear the heavens shot up, at what looked like an overbearing devil above. The extremely imposing and menacing looks was where Cao Kong, the renowned practitioner of the demonic arts of Dali, was.

The swords coalesced into a river of stars and shot to the heavens. At that moment, Yaya seemed to have returned to her peak state.

It was such that it seemed as if she had disappeared altogether and had turned into a sword.

There seemed to only be the massive sword matrix all over the skies at the moment.

The village chief shuddered when he looked back, feeling extremely restless. He had little idea what would have happened to his mistress in that fight.

That was invoking the Sword Matrix of the Void at its pinnacle by force. There was no way even the Sword Saint of the Void would have been able to win against the Holiness of Nirvana, without being at the top of her game.

The entire Xuanji Mountain slowly crumbled and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before the place was reduced to rubbles. That scene was simply harrowing.

Ye Futian and the others continued to run for their lives amidst the dust and chaos. Many saints headed for them at speeds of lightning bolts, quickly circling to their flanks and getting ready to cordon them off altogether.

"Let's go," Saint Xia made the decision right there and then, heading for the left flank while Saint Li headed right.

Both of them were at the second level of Saint Plane and they were capable of fighting the intruders off somewhat. The mighty ones at their flanks clashed with both of them right there and then. As for the ones right at the rear of the escapees, they continued to pursue Ye Futian as there was little need for them to stay behind.

There were three of them emanating tremendously powerful aura, and they were at mighty ones at the third level of Saint Plane.

Both Emperor Li's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm dispatched many mighty ones to the Empty Realm for fighting in the Battle of Empty Realm. Due to having won in said battle, Emperor Xia's Realm continued to send forces to control the Empty Realm. As the loser of the battle, many mighty ones from Emperor Li's Realm left.

In actuality, the forces of Emperor Li's Realm in the Empty Realm at the moment were inferior to that of Emperor Xia's Realm. The number of people that Li Yao was able to dispatch was limited as well. He would not have needed to resort to tricks to pull away the guards that Xia Qingyuan put at Ye Futian's side otherwise. He had even spent quite a fortune to have many saints from Empty Realm to bluff Xia Qingyuan, shocking her and buying them time.

It was worth noting that in order to shock the Sacred General of Tian, he had even invited someone very, very powerful to help with the act. Despite said figure was to do nothing but loiter around, the price was steep nonetheless. As such, he could not have afforded to simply return empty-handed, which was why he focused all of his forces to get Ye Futian killed.

"Where do you think you're going?" A cold voice was heard saying. A devilish figure of extreme might was seen extending his hands, bringing towering demonic might to bear. If even the leader of the Demonic clan, Cao Kong, was around personally, then it would have only stood to reason that they were other top notch figures showing up as well.

The figure that just lashed out with an attack against them was none other than the Demon Saint, who was at the third level of Saint Plane.

As he lashed out with his hand, the aura of the surroundings that flowed in reserved all went into his palm. Ye Futian and the others felt as if their bodies were going in reverse, making it impossible for them to move forward.

The village chief's body intended to keep moving forward through the air, yet that frightening devouring power seemed to be imbued with powers to devour even that of the great path. The currents around seemed to have been flowing in reserve. The level difference was not one that could have been compensated in any way.

They had no time for games with Ye Futian and his people. Li Yao's plans gave them limited time to kill Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. If Xia Qingyuan were to realize something was off, her people would have been able to get to where they were at blitzing speeds.

In short, both sides were racing against time.

It was worth noting that the people of Xiao clan was only able to inform Ye Futian and the others after Li Yao appeared. With the time the mighty ones of Xiao clan were on their way taken into consideration, Xia Qingyuan might have sensed something was off, and she would have get to Ye Futian as soon as posible.

As such, the enemy struck as soon as the people who were sent to protect Ye Futian by Xia Qingyuan left, giving Ye Futian and his people no chance to recover.

Terrifying sealing arts rained down on them, blocking off the force of the devouring great path at the rear of the escapees.

But then again, the Moon Saint's power paled in comparison to that of the enemy. A beam of light of the sword shot through the air. The seals that the Moon Saint laid out crumbled with a boom. Saints went after the Moon Saint. Saints at third steps of Sainthood did not even bother with him.

From their perspective, that saint at second level of Saint Plane was far less important than Ye Futian.

Their targets were mainly Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It did not matter if they were to kill the others around those two.

Despite having been thrown off, but he nonetheless continued to buy whatever time he was able to, just to enable Ye Futian and the others continue to run.

However, that bit of time seemed to have been of little meaning in the pursuit with life and death hanging by a threat, so much so that it could have even been said that the bit of time was not even worth mentioning.

There was no way the escapees would have been able to escape.

"Please help me to intercept the saints at the flanks." A voice was heard by the saints from the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State. Their pupils contracted a bit as they heard that, yet they did as asked all the same.

Among the mighty ones that were going after them, the three at the very front were all of third steps of Sainthood powers, which they had no way of fighting against. The ones at the flanks, on the other hand, consisted of saints of the first level and second level.

Saint Xia, Saint Li and the Moon Saint did quite a lot to hold the enemy mighty ones off.

Boom. Douzhan took the lead. Despite being asked to do what he was about to do, he remained pessimistic abot his chances.

Saints at the third level was simply powerful enough to cause them despair. There was no way they could have fought such enemies off.

The few top notch figures that Xia Qingyuan had assigned to Ye Futian's side might have been able to fight such enemies and hold them off, but all of said figures had already been called back to back Xia Qingyuan up, making their situation a despairing one.

Battle between saints exploded at the flanks. Douzhan, Zhuge Qingfeng and others had not been saints for long and they were from the Lower Worlds, making it impossible to truly fight the enemies toe-to-toe. However, at such a time, they had no choice but to fight to the death.

But the most brutal thing about the fights there was that even if they were to fight to the death, they were still unable to see hope of coming out on top.

Only the Glass Saint and the village chief were left before Ye Futian, making it impossible for them to fend off their assailants.

Dazzling light burst from the Glass Saint as she lashed out with the sword in her hand, cutting down all bondage of the great path in an unfazed manner. The devouring powers that shrouded Ye Futian and the others were cut down as well. However, it hardly made any difference to the enemy, and it seemed that said enemy was about to take them soon enough.

"You all go on ahead." At that moment, a figure was seen turning around, standing before the three top notch saints at their tail.

Ye Futian and the others were shocked looking at who was the one turning around.

"What are you doing, Wuchen?" Ye Futian shouted.

Ye Wuchen was but a sage at the pinnacle of his plane. There was no way he would have been able to stand against third level of Saint Plane saints.

He was practically walking to his grave by doing so.

Even those three extremely powerful saints were dumbfounded. That man from the Demonic clan who was at the third level of Saint Plane, lashed out with his palm, which was circled with demonic might, sucking Ye Wuchen into his hand.

There was no way Ye Wuchen could have resisted such an attack. He was sucked inside like a beam of light, as if it would have only taken the enemy a single throught to thrust him into a bottomless abyss.

"Wuchen." Ye Futian felt difficult to move ahead. He turned around to look at the man who stood out for him and felt somewhat despaired.

They could have tried to fight the opponent if they were to be of the first level of Saint Plane, but the current level difference was just too great.

They were of several orders of magnitude lower than the enemy. They were like ants in front of him, beings so pathetic that he could have simply squished them.

However, Ye Wuchen simply turned around and stood before them.

Ye Wuchen looked utterly insignificant before someone at the pinnacle of the third level of Saint Plane, as he continued to sucked into the maelstrom of the enemy's hand. The enemy did not even stop moving forward while doing so.

A sage was like ants before them, and as such, there was no way they would have been affected.

Ye Wuchen was about to be sucked into the maelstrom, when towering sword wills burst from his body, which did not seem to be his sword wills to begin with.

Boundless sword wills burst from within his body and headed straight for that maelstrom.

Ye Wuchen's eyes looked extremely point at that instant, as he uttered a line, "I request your aid of the sword."

A sword shot out from within him as he spoke. The flash of the sword shone brilliantly.

Everything in their surroundings seemed to have been severed when that sword came forth, severing the heavens and the earth, as well as the soul.

That sword seemed to be out to sever the 3000 paths.

Towering wills burst from withi that sword. That powerful demonic arts practitioner that was trying to devour Ye Wuchen looked on with a shocked, grim expression.

"Look out." The top notch mighty one from the Sword Mountain was just as shocked to see the Sword of Lihen.

It was not the sword of Ye Wuchen, but of the lord of the number one holy land of swordsmanship of Emperor Xia's Realm; the sword of the Swordmaster of Lihen, the number one swordsman in Emperor Xia's Realm.

Ye Wuchen was borrowing his sword.

Ye Futian looked ahead, finding that extremely brilliant sword to have shrouded the heavens and earth with its blinding brilliance.

He recalled the fight with Wang Chuan at that moment. The Swordmaster of Lihen bestowing Ye Wuchen with a sword, and Ye Futian also recalled what the swordmaster said to Ye Wuchen.

The Swordmaster of Lihen lent Ye Wuchen a sword.

And furthermore, it was not just any other sword.

"It shall be done." A trembling voice was heard and that was not Ye Wuchen's voice. It seemed to have came from somewhere else, replying to Ye Wuchen's request.

That sword penetrated the maelstrom of that demonic arts practitioner, tearing it to bits. That sword plunged into the palm of the enemy and despite the towering demonic might imbued within, his hand was penetrated right away by the blade. At the very next moment, that overbearing demonic being was covered in boundless sword will.

The aura of the sword shrouded his entire being next.

At that moment, faraway at a palace at the 33rd Layer of Heaven at Lihen Heaven, Emperor Xia's Realm, someone was seen sitting cross-legged while having towering sword will coursing about him, as if he was fighting a battle far, far away.

"Cut." His voice seemed to have traversed through space and resounded at the 33rd Layer of Heaven at Lihen Heaven, as well as beneath Xuanji Mountain at Empty Realm.

That demonic being was crushed bit by bit by the sword aura as the voice was heard. A harrowing howl was heard and the man was no more!
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    《The Legend of Futian》