The Legend of Futian
1079 Barricades
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1079 Barricades

A third level of Saint Plane from Dali Dynasty perished. A demonic figure at Flawless State of Saint Plane was killed with a single sword attack. All the other pursuing saints halted their steps right there and then, locking their gaze forward.

A dazzling streak of sword will returned before Ye Wuchen. Sword will of the great path around him coursed about, cutting down all saintly might.

That sword was not of Ye Wuchen, but of the number one swordsman of Emperor Xia's Realm—the Swordmaster of Lihen.

That third level of Saint Plane figure did not bother with Ye Wuchen before, intending to just devour him right on the spot. It ended up with him devouring the sword, which in turn caused his demise.

Even so, it was nonetheless a testament of the unimaginably frightening powers of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

The man was not there, and yet he was able to cut down a saint of the third level of Saint Plane nonetheless.

Rumor had it that the Swordmaster of Lihen had trained in the 33 Strokes of Lihen Sword Will. That was probably one of those strokes.

However, no one fathomed why such a sword will would have been found on Ye Wuchen.

Lihen Heaven had not participated in that year's Battle of Empty Realm. There were even rumors saying that Ye Futian had a grudge against Lihen Heaven.

Despite so, the Swordmaster of Lihen had nonetheless lent Ye Wuchen his sword, invoking sword will across the vast space and cut down the devil before them.

"Go." Ye Wuchen did not turn around, saying that with his back facing Ye Futian and the others. That one stroke of sword will had killed a devil at third level of Sant Plane. There were two reasons why it happened, the first undoubtedly being the swordmaster's frightening level of powers, and second, the carelessness of the enemy. No one would have expected a sage to have harbored a sword from the Swordmaster of Lihen.

However, there were still two other saints of the third level of Saint Plane—the Flawless State of Saint Plane. One of them was even a sword saint level person from Dali Sword Mountain with extraordinary powers. Ye Futian and the others were only still sages. It was simply too dangerous for them to continue staying behind.

Ye Futian fixed his gaze at the one-armed figure in front of him. He saw Ye Wuchen's body being shrouded by sword wills and it seemed that there were 33 layers of them. The sword wills were interconnected with each other as their towering might blocked the skies. Ye Futian was somewhat relieved. If the Swordmaster of Lihen was willing to lend his sword, then Wuchen would have definitely been able to fight, armed with said sword.

Staying behind there would have resulted in him getting in Ye Wuchen's way instead.

"Let's go." Ye Futian made his decision right there and then. The party continued heading outside Kongxuan City, getting ready to return to Emperor Xia's City. There were some other mighty ones from Emperor Xia's Realm stationed at the city.

Furthermore, they could have left Empty Realm territory right there and then by using grand matrix of space.

"Go after them," that sword saint said to the other saints around him. His body burst with towering might of the sword as well, which he sent in Ye Wuchen's direction. Sword wills of both sides clashed.

While his plane was lower when compared to the Swordmaster of Lihen, but his opponent only had one of the 33 layers of Sword Will of Lihen. He was confident that he still stood a chance.

"Feel this." A voice was heard in Ye Wuchen's mind. The way of the sword descended from above, transformed into 33 layers and shot forward at the saints from Dali Dynasty. The two most powerful cultivators among them stepped forward, invoking towering powers to resist Ye Wuchen's sword.

Voom. Shadows of the sword shot forth in an instant. They rang as their surroundings howled. One sword seemed to have followed another in their path forward, chaining into faster, stronger streams of swords.

One sword was all it took to make the saints halt their steps.

But then again, Ye Wuchen was able to do so because Yaya had already held back the only Holiness of Nirvana level saint among the enemy—Cao Kong, the monster from the Demonic clan, as well as Saint Xia and many saints from the Barren State stopping many others. All the other pursuers thought they would have been able to easily kill Ye Futian like a pathetic ant, but they never expected the Swordmaster of Lihen was able to stop them, while he being thousands of miles away.

Despite the saints giving their all in resisting that sword attack. The 33 layers of the sword of Lihen lived up to the name of Lihen Heaven. The layers stacked on top on each other, reaching the pinnacle of the way of the sword.

In that instant, one saint after another was pierced through by the sword. Devastating sword wills coursed about in their saintly bodies. Their expression went pale and despair was seen in their eyes. That fight marked the end of their training.

There was entirely fine from the Swordmaster of Lihen to go all out massacring the cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm going after Ye Futian. Even if that resulted in the two realms going to war, Emperor Li's Realm was the one that provoked it first after all.

Swooshing noises were heard continuously. One powerful saint after another was killed, but those two of Flawless State of Saint Plane were still able to resist the sword attack, while protecting several other saints right behind them. They were the only survivors in that attack, other than the two.

"Go." That flawless sword saint pointed his finger forward at that moment. One huge sword after another appeared, enabling several cultivators of the Sword Mountain behind him to break through their opponent's sword will, armed with towering might of the sword, and arrived far away. They zipped past Ye Wuchen, while those two top notch figures continued to resist that sword attack.

Four saints rode on the huge swords and zipped past Ye Wuchen, continuing on their path to hunt down Ye Futian. The battle had gone south. One saint of Flawless State of Saint Plane ended up killed and there were quite a number of saints dying by the hands of the Swordmaster of Lihen. If they were to fail to kill Ye Futian, they would not have dared to return to Emperor Li's Realm.

They had been the ones who provoked the conflict and yet, they suffered considerable casualties. If they were to fail in their ultimate objective, they would have ended up being made a laughing stock by the cultivators of Dali Dynasty. It would have made it very difficult to report to their emperor, and that would have been an insult like no other.

Ye Futian and the others moved at blitzing speeds, but the enemy saints were swordsmen and were able to move just as fast, being right behind them.

Kongxuan City was already within sight by then.

The village chief took the holy sword right up to the city, with blazing sword aura marking their trail. He turned around and saw the Glass Saint by his side, saying, "Go on without me."

She then turned around.

The Love Destroyer was brandished as she went up against several incoming enemy swordsmen.

The enemy split up and there were two holding the Glass Saint back. The remaining two continued on their paths at pursuit, zipping past the Glass Saint without any intention to stop.

"Forward." The village uttered a single word, before turning around with the holy sword. Ye Futian and the others continued moving forward. The village streaked through the air and headed straight for the two saints who continued to move in. A great battle took place right there and then.

The two swordsmen who fought the Glass Saint were of the second level of Saint Plane. They only held the Glass Saint back momentarily before one of them broke off from the battlefield, heading straight for the village chief. A sword streaked past, the village chief burst with towering might of the sword, intending to meld with the holy sword. While he was versed in dodging attacks, he stood firm against the incoming attacks, clashing head on with the swords of the enemy.

He grunted within an instant and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. However, sword will of space continued to emanate from his body, blocking the sky as he continued forward, preventing the enemy from going further.

"Keep chasing after them," That second level of Saint Plane saint said. Two other saints zipped past from the flanks and continued forward.

However, despite all the blockades encountered, those from Emperor Li's Realm finally caught up to Ye Futian's party. There were only two saints-to-be in said party.


At the same time, the Sacred General of Tian and the others took Xia Qingyuan, speeding for Kongxuan City.

Her expression at the moment was cold. Li Yao had been defeated in the Battle of Empty Realm and turned to move against Ye Futian. But then again, she had placed a Holiness of Nirvana saint at Ye Futian's side, protecting him. It would not have been all that simple for them to take him down.

The Sacred General of Tian was the head of the eight sacred generals serving Emperor Xia, and was a Holiness of Nirvana saint as well. His speed was frighteningly fast and took Xia Qingyuan blitzing at the very front.

Yet at that moment, he focused and gazed forward.

He then saw a group of people blitzing by in an instant. Xia Qingyuan's expression looked rather grim after seeing them appear and said, "Where is Ye Futian?"

All of them were people that she placed by his side.

Those mighty ones knew they had been set up after seeing Xia Qingyuan unharmed. In actuality, a mighty one had thought about the possibility of Ye Futian being the real target back at Xuanji Mountain. A top notch figure from the Demonic clan was there after all.

Furthermore, it was a nephew of the queen who sent word saying that the princess was under attack. He dared not risk it.

He was someone that Emperor Xia had placed at Xia Qingyuan's side. There was only one objective to everything that he was doing, and that was to protect the princess from harm. Nothing else mattered more than Xia Qingyuan's safety to him.

As such, despite his doubts, he had to leave.

"We'll talk along the way. Be quick." That mighty one turned around and Xia Qingyuan knew something was wrong. The Sacred General of Tian took her along and blitzed forward. Xia Qingyuan then asked, "What happened?"

"Cao Kong of Dali Dynasty led a group of mighty ones and surrounded Xuanji Mountain, demanding Ye Futian and Yu Sheng be left behind. Xiao Sheng came to us telling us that you were attacked, so I had to come."

"Xiao Sheng?" Xia Qingyuan's eyes turned cold after hearing his words. She had never given any orders to Xiao Sheng to deliver any word.

While it took her quite a while to realize that she was being duped by Li Yao back then, given the circumstances, but she had never even thought about recalling those people at Ye Futian's side. Who the hell let Xiao Sheng make such decisions on his own?

Worse still, said decision was made when Ye Futian was being surrounded.

"Princess." A voice was heard at that moment. It was none other than Xiao Sheng, who was returning.

"Are you alright, princess?" Xiao Sheng asked, but Xia Qingyuan and the others simply zipped past him like mirages. Even so, Xiao Sheng was still able to feel that Xia Qingyuan cast a cold look at him.

That one look seemed to have thrust him into an ice cellar, making him shiver all over.

"Forward," Xiao Sheng ordered. The party then moved forward. Gongsun Ni, who was by his side, asked, "Xiao Sheng, what is happening?"

Wasn't the princess under attack?

"I don't know." Xiao Sheng then added, "Li Yao brought many saints to the sacred mountain back then and looked like he was about to make a move against the princess. So I summoned the mighty ones back immediately. From the looks of things, it seemed to be a trick by Li Yao."

Gongsun Ni's expression turned and seemed to realized something. She then asked, "That meant that the princess never gave the order and you acted on your own?"

"Things looked dire back then and I couldn't have waited for her orders. If there were to be anything happening to the princess, who would be the one to take the blame then? So I went to summon our people to back the princess up." Xiao Sheng said, "If the princess were to blame me for what I did, then I would just own up to it."

Gongsun Xuan's expression looked very displeased and said, "If things are fine with the princess, then it's obvious that they're going after Ye Futian. With the people that she placed at Ye Futian's side being called back by you, Ye Futian and the, if anything were to happen to him, the princess would be very, very angry."

She dared not imagine the scenarios any further. With the likes of Cao Kong showing up, it was not all that difficult to imagine what would have happened to Ye Futian's party.
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    《The Legend of Futian》