The Legend of Futian
1084 Summoned by the Queen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1084 Summoned by the Queen

In the midst of the mountain, Ye Futian came to the Cottage Villa.

There, a quiet figure sat cross-legged, eyes closed, cultivating. The wind past through and caressed her long strands of hair, it was Yaya; she had already woken up.

Ye Futian walked next to Yaya, only to see her opening her eyes, the breath from her body was still not as steady as before.

"How are you?" Ye Futian asked.

"Fine, it is just that the cultivation of these few years had been wasted; I need to start from the first level of the Saint Plane," Yaya whispered as if she did not mind it at all.

The battle with Cao Kong, with her recovered realm, was not enough to stop Cao Kong of the Nirvana Plane, the only way was to return to the peak. This battle had cost her dearly, her cultivation in recent years was destroyed.

Ye Futian sat next to her and handed a storage ring to her.

"What?" Yaya looked at him and asked.

"You cultivated the power of the Great Path in space, everywhere here are the great path fragments with space attributes, they should allow you to speed up your cultivation," Ye Futian said.

Yaya looked at him and said, "save it for your own cultivation."

"Your comprehension had long been accomplished. The only thing left was just the realm, it would be faster used on you." As Ye Futian was saying, he reached over and took her hand, then placed the storage ring in her palm, "otherwise If you encountered similar situations again, could you still count on me?"

Looking up at him, she saw Ye Futian smiling while closing her hand and whispered, "focus on cultivating, we need you in the future."

As he was speaking he stood up and left. When he turned around, his eyes suddenly became cold. There were news from the outside that Xiao Sheng had colluded with Emperor Li's Realm. If so, he truly deserved to die.

Even though he blocked Xiao Sheng's way, but it was ultimately to contribute his power to the battle for the Empty Realm, and help Emperor Xia's Realm to win the battle. If Xiao Sheng wanted to get him out of the way, he could have done it in the open; no need to find a pretext, even resort to colluding with Emperor Li's Realm.

Who else was more deserving of death if not Xiao Sheng?

Of course, this whole thing seemed somewhat odd. If Xiao Sheng had really gone to the enemy and colluded with Emperor Li's Realm, why would such news suddenly come out? With the background of the Xiao clan in Emperor Xia's Realm, there were few in Emperor Xia's Realm who would dare to spread such news at will, because once found out by the Xiao clan, they would not easily let it go without retribution.

Unless, Li Yao had done it intentionally?

If so, what was his motivation?

Deliberately inciting the contradiction between himself and Xiao Sheng, thus offending the Xiao clan who stood at the top of the Emperor Xia's Realm?

The Xiao clan was royalty.

If he touched Xiao Sheng, then Li Yao's purpose was accomplished, and knew that Ye Futian would feel compelled to do so.

This was also why the plot was the insidious and extremely nasty.

But even if he knew all that, could he just let Xiao Sheng go?

But for now, it was better to wait and see. After all, Xiao Sheng's status needed to be considered, and Xia Qingyuan was already investigating the matter. He would not be impulsive and out of bound. Otherwise, it would only create embarrassment for Xia Qingyuan.

Whoosh. Ye Futian let out a heavy breath, and felt a little depressed. He felt that although Xiao Sheng was guilty, there was little hope for Xia Qingyuan to execute him for it; it could even be said to be nearly impossible.

After all, he was the grandson of Xia Qingyuan's maternal grandfather, the son of her uncle, and the nephew of her mother, Queen Xiao.

All these relations involved, with layers upon layers of of blood and kinship. Even though Xia Qingyuan has the power as a princess, she was equally subjected to constraints. Punishment was likely, but execution was difficult!

After Ye Futian left, he went to visit Senior Brother, Knife Saint, and the others to check on their recovery.


When Ye Futian was thinking about all these, Xiao Sheng's father, Xiao Qianhe, had already entered the palace with Xiao Sheng to visit Queen Xiao, who was also Xia Qianhe's sister.

After they entered the palace, Xiao Qianhe had Xiao Sheng explained everything in detail. Naturally he understood that this thing could not be concealed. Although Queen Xiao was his sister, she was also the Queen. If he dared to deceive even the Queen, the consequences would only be dire still. To admit guilt and ask for forgiveness was counting on that the aunt would not want to execute her own nephew over this.

Examine this incident carefully, although Xiao Sheng was a bit foolish, the fortunate thing was that even though he was being used, but he never really had any contact with Li Yao, so at most, it could be said that he was merely borrowing the advantages from Li Yao. It was true that he wanted to kill Ye Futian, but ultimately it failed, and Ye Futian and the others were safe in the end.

But being defeated like this, when Xiao Qianhe left the palace, his face was cold as ice. Xiao Sheng bowed his head without saying a word, knowing that his future was probably over.

At this time, inside the palace, Xia Qingyuan came to the personal quarters of Queen Xiao. She looked at her mother and asked, "uncle was here?"

Obviously, she already knew that Xiao Qianhe and Xiao Sheng had been there.

"Your uncle wanted to see you, but I know you weren't in the best of moods, so I didn't let him and Xiao Sheng go to your place," Queen Xiao looked at her daughter and whispered with a laugh, "are you still worried about this?"

"There were rumors that Xiao Sheng colluded with Emperor Li's Realm," Xia Qingyuan said.

"Do you think your cousin was that stupid?" Queen Xiao said to Xia Qingyuan, "think about his status; collusion with Emperor Li's Realm? Even if he had killed Ye Futian, what kind of crime would that be?"

"These many years, I understand the thoughts of your uncle and your cousin, but I've let you have your own way. You were just like your father and you know your own mind, so I rarely interfered with your decisions. Xiao Sheng is anxious for fame and glory, and perhaps he was jealous of the position that Fu Ye Futian occupied in your heart, and felt that something that should have belonged to him was robbed by Ye Futian, so he wanted Ye Futian dead. But how would he dared to collude with Emperor Li's Realm? It was only the people of Emperor Li's Realm who took advantage of his feelings."

Queen Xiao continued, "Just now, your uncle and Xiao Sheng came over and explained everything he did. Someone did sent him a message saying that you would be attacked, probably he also wanted to achieve his own objective so he sent away the people you sent to Ye Futian. In any case, Xiao Sheng would never dare to do anything that hurts you. Otherwise, even if your uncle was here begging, I would have killed him myself."

Xia Qingying was silent without a word. It was all just as she had expected. Indeed, her mother had never interfered with any of her decisions, and everything was always decided by herself.

But the ties of blood were, after all, unable to be severed.

Her uncle had came personally to plead, and her mother still chose to speak on behalf for Xiao Sheng.

"Tell me, Qingyuan, is Ye Futian important in your heart?" Queen Xiao asked.

Xia Qingyuan looked up at Queen Xiao, remembering that the few times when she first saw Ye Futian, she had always disliked this self-righteous guy. However, after the fight at the imperial mausoleum when she lost to Ye Futian, she had also acknowledged his strength.

And with everything that happened later, she gradually started to recognize and even accepted Ye Futian, and Ye Futian's position in her heart had changed quietly. This change did not occur overnight.

Seeing Xia Qingyuan's silence, Queen Xiao smiled and said, "sending people to investigate the Xiao clan, without nary a care for your grandfather's name, just to clear the air for him?"

"The battle for the Empty Realm was made possible by him, so that Emperor Xia's Realm won the control for the Empty Realm for the next ten years without a drop of blood. And not long after that victory, an attempt to assassination was made on the single most important person who made it all possible, and now, Xiao Sheng is rumored to have colluded with Emperor Li's Realm. As the leader in the battle for the Empty Realm, how can I not fully investigate the matter and give everyone involved an explanation?"

Xia Qingyuan said, "if this whole thing ended like this, it would have a chill effect on everyone."

Queen Xiao walked up to Xia Qingyuan. She smiled softly and looked at her daughter, "Qingyuan, you are all grown up now; are you still going to wear men's clothing? It is time to return to your femininity."

She knew just how beautiful her daughter was.

She also knew that her daughter was lonely. She had a noble birth, Emperor Xia's youngest daughter, who was talented and beautiful, and was deeply adored by her father.

Since childhood, whoever spoke to her, was always careful and full of respect.

Among her peers, no one dared to look at her, even those proud sons of Emperor Xia's Realm.

Except Ye Futian was an anomaly. It was said that he had absolutely no regards in front of her daughter, but it was just so that his talent was not any less than that of Xia Qingyuan.

Perhaps his appearance made Xia Qingyuan feel that she was not so lonely after all, that in this world there were still people like her.

Therefore, Ye Futian had possessed a certain position in her heart.

"Mother..." Xia Qingyuan looked at Queen Xiao, and knew her mother was trying to change the topic.

"Arrange a meeting and ask Ye Futian to come to the palace for me to meet him," Queen Xiao said lightly to Xia Qingyuan, Last time at her father's birthday banquet she had already seen him once, and he had left an impression on her.

"Don't investigate your grandfather's side any more. Your uncle would not dare to deceive me," Queen Xiao continued. Xia Qingyuan sighed. It seemed that her mother was getting involved personally to mediate the matter.

However, knowing Ye Futian's temper, how could he accept it?

She was very clear about how stubborn that guy was.


Meanwhile, at the Cottage, messenger sent from the Emperor Xia's palace delivered the message that Queen Xiao had summoned him.

Ye Futian immediately understood that the Xiao clan had contacted the Queen, and it was pretty much the same as he had expected.

Queen Xiao was the first beauty in Emperor Xia's Realm, the favorite of Emperor Xia, and the mother of Xia Qingyuan. The power she weld could only be imagined.

Xia Qingyuan launched an investigation on Xiao Sheng, and now there were rumors that Xiao Sheng had colluded with the enemy, it was only natural that the Xiao clan had asked the Queen for help.

Since Queen Xiao had summoned him, it was obvious that it was for this matter.

However, for Queen Xiao to personally summon to see him, it showed the high regard she had for him, otherwise as the bodyguard of the princess, if Queen Xiao had issued an order, what could he do, and what did he dare to do?

In the Villa, many people came to Ye Futian, even Knife Saint who had not yet fuly recovered. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "Futian, the Queen had summoned to see you, you must take care not to offend her. I know it's impossible for you to let go this thing with Xiao Sheng, but it can wait; don't cause friction with the Queen."

Knife Saint was thinking about Ye Futian. Emperor Xia and the Princess were both good to Ye Futian. If there was friction between Ye Futian and Queen Xiao, this would obviously not be most ideal for Ye Futian.

"Senior brother, don't worry, I know what to do," Ye Futian sighed in his heart. Because of Xiao Sheng, his Senior brother was seriously injured, but now he was advising him to hold his temper!
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    《The Legend of Futian》