The Legend of Futian
1092 Big Mouth
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1092 Big Mouth

The entire County King's Residence turned extremely rowdy. There were people continuously showing up at the door to pay a visit, wanting to see those top notch figures from the holy lands for themselves.

The County King of Yan threw a banquet for the mighty ones as well as those who came all the way to Yandu City to visit the place, to show his appreciation as the host. They were to leave for Liwang City right away after the banquet was over.

Ye Futian came with the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind, so it was only natural for him to sit with them. However, the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind kept a low profile in the banquet. The Sword Clan of the Gale was ranked the lowest among the five holy lands of the sword after all. He was less formidable somewhat compared to the saint lords of other holy lands. As such, he spoke little and listened more to what others had to say.

"County King, who is the one from the Upper Worlds who would be coming to the Lower Worlds?" The Sword Saint of Ziwei asked. They all knew that someone from the Dali Dynasty of the Upper Worlds would be coming down to the Lower Worlds to pick geniuses, who would then be sent to the Upper Worlds to further their training. However, they did not know who would have been the one showing up. The County King of Yan was in charge of the County of Yan and had the title of king. His high status meant that he might have known more.

"I'm not all that sure about the details myself. We'd only find out once we got there." The County King of Yan then said, "But there was one thing I was sure of—the operation was ordered personally by the imperial advisor. It involves more than just the Nine Counties of Dali, as even the Upper Worlds seems to be up to something as well. It might have had something to do with the Battle of Empty Realm that happened last year."

Everyone present there was of high status. The County King of Yan was already one of the handful of people standing at the top of the Lower Worlds, so he naturally would not have been oblivious of what was happening in the Upper Worlds like most common folk.

"The imperial advisor." Respect was seen in the eyes of many. There had been many rumors regarding the imperial advisor. He had been playing an important role in bringing about the massive strength of Dali Dynasty after all.

Even those from the Lower Worlds would have known about the imperial advisor's status in Dali Dynasty. He was someone who stood at the emperor's side and a top notch figure revered by the saints.

"If the imperial advisor has a hand in arranging this, then the Upper Worlds would definitely be placing a lot of importance in this matter. How many slots would there be?" The Sword Saint of Juque asked.

"It is said that there would be mighty ones coming down to see for themselves. There is no telling of the actual number of slots. Perhaps, anyone that they take a liking to would be permitted to train in the Upper Worlds, so much so even be allowed inside top notch forces in the Upper Worlds." The County King of Yan added, "Would you be reluctant to let your students go?"

"Well, we would be able to help nurture capable ones for Dali and our students would get to widen their vista. What is there to be reluctant about." The Sword Saint of Ziwei smiled and said, "I hope that Hanxing would be able to get to the Sword Mountain in the Upper Worlds to train instead. Speaking of which, I assume that you would be reluctant to part with the princesses, no?"

The County King of Yan took a look at the twin sisters at his side and said, "Well, I'm sure reluctant, but nonetheless, they would need to venture outside eventually. Furthermore, they might have their own partners in training in the future. There is no way I would be able to stay by their sides forever."

"With their stunning appearances and talents, I think that the princesses' path in training would surpass even yours. There is no need to worry about their partners in the future at all," the Sword Saint of Ziwei said with a smile.

"Speaking of which, girls would always have it worse than guys when venturing outside. But if they chose the path of a swordsman, I just hope that they would see it through throughout their lives." Being someone who was in charge of managing the County of Yan, it was only natural that he was familiar with the sword saints from the holy lands of the sword, which was why he was able to chat so freely with them.

"Li Hanxing of the Ziwei Sword Clan, Kai Huang of the Juque Sword Clan, Chi Xia, Chi Yao of the Crimson Phoenix Sword Clan, Lin Ya of the Sword Clan of the Storm, and Nie Yun of the Sword Clan of the Gale. You all are the most capable of swordsmen from the holy lands of the sword in the County of Yan, and you may have a chance to make it up to the Upper Worlds this time. I know that there are rivalries between the sword clans, but if you were to be able to make it up there to train, I sure hope that you've gotten each other's backs." The County King of Yan turned his eyes at the geniuses of the holy lands.

The ones that he mentioned were the most renowned of the five holy lands of the sword in the County of Yan.

"If I were to be able to make it to the Sword Mountain of the Upper Worlds and train there, I'd surely have the backs of the princesses," Li Hanxing said to the king, who nodded.

"I shall recommend one person to you, County King of Yan."

A voice was heard and the king turned his eyes at that voice's direction. He then looked at the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind and asked, "Who is he?"

Nie Yun, his daughter, Huanxue, and one other person was sitting at the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind's side. Many took notice of that person when he arrived, as he looked extremely handsome, maybe even demonic. That might have had something to do with his training. Furthermore, he sat next to the daughter of the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind, so it was only natural that he attracted attention.

However, that young simply enjoyed his drink and food all the way through, so the others did not pay him any further heed.

"Seventh Swordsman," the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind called.

Ye Futian looked up at the County King of Yan and cupped his hands, saying, "I'm the Seventh Swordsman. It is an honor to meet you, County King of Yan."

The deep eyes of the king remained on Ye Futian for a bit. It seemed that Ye Futian's eyes looked impeccably dashing and he was even able to sense charm exuding from them. Ye Futian's eyes shone like the stars, bright, deep and bottomless. Despite being only a sage, but the king was able to tell that the young man was rather exceptional, judging from his bearing alone.

But then again, he had not sensed any might of the great path from Ye Futian. He had deliberately emanated some vague will of the great path to resist the pressure emanating from the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind, but he was not doing that then.

"Not bad. A student that you had just taken in?" The County King of Yan turned his eyes away and asked the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind.

"No." The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind shook his head and elaborated, "The kid spent over 30 years training in the Mountain of Hidden Swords, polishing his art at the sword throughout the decades. His way of the sword was only accomplished as of late and he chose to travel the world. He caused quite a ruckus at my place not long after he came, even killing a City Lord, who had been a student of mine. I ordered Nie Yun to arrest him, but Nie Yun was unable to withstand a single attack from him."

"That so?" The king's eyes sparkled. While he knew well that Ye Futian would have been someone exceptional, he never expected that Nie Yun, the number one student of the Sword Clan of the Gale, had not been able to take even a single attack.

Among the five holy lands of the sword in the County of Yan, the Sword Saint of the Gale was ranked last. Nie Yun was probably somewhat inferior when compared to the other top notch figures from the holy lands of the sword. However, there were actually only about one or two among them who were able to completely overpower him, which was why he was able to make it to the top ten.

The mention of only one attack surprised many.

The County King of Yan was not only the other one who was gauging Ye Futian, as every sword saints present were doing the same. Needless to say, the top notch geniuses were doing the same as well.

All of them naturally knew each other and there were many who have fought each other before. But this Seventh Swordsman guy...did he really just appear out of nowhere and brought down Nie Yun with a single attack?

"You spent decades polishing your art of the sword, you said? That will of yours was indeed commendable. So tell me, Seventh Swordsman, what kind of art of the sword have you been studying all these years?" The County King of Yan asked.

"The Sword of Blazing Sun, the Sword of Freezing Ice, the Sword of Raging Storm, the Sword of Blitzing Thunder...throughout my 30 years of study of the way of the sword, there was no art of the sword that I was unable to wield." Ye Futian said calmly. Everyone had their eyes on him at the moment.

No art of the sword that I was unable to wield.

He really has a big mouth indeed.

But then again, that was how it usually was with geniuses, especially he was one who had studied the way of the sword for 30 years and found his training completed one morning, who then went into the world and achieved fame with just a single attack. There was no reason for him not to be proud.

"So you are saying that you possess talents of multiple attributes and you have infused them all into your way of the sword then. It would seem that yet another genius of the sword emerged in the County of Yan then." The County King of Yan hardly minded Ye Futian's big mouth. He had been training for years and had seen too many younger generations of excellent caliber. Be they humble or haughty, eventually it was their swords that did the talking.

There was more than one way to walk to the path of the sword. So long as a swordsman was exceptional enough and their mind clear and flawless, any path could have been their own way of the sword.

But then again, Huanxue, who was at Ye Futian's side, felt rather speechless and was unable to wait to distance herself from him. Other than the County King of Yan, there were also lords of other holy lands present. They were all very powerful sword saints and their students were top notch geniuses.

Despite Ye Futian's extraordinary powers, but he remained haughty even in such an event, claiming as if his way of the sword was unparalleled in the County of Yan. She was puzzled as to why her father bothered to deliberate bring him up. Is father really buying his bul**hit?

"Which of your swords would be the strongest then?" A woman beside the County King of Yan asked. Ye Futian turned his eyes to her. The twins were really identical in just about any way. If it had not been for the difference in their clothing, it might have been near impossible to tell them apart.

"All of them are just as strong," Ye Futian answered.


Everyone gave Ye Futian peculiar looks. Despite the fact that he was indeed very powerful for being able to best Nie Yun with a single attack, but did he not know how to be prudent in such situations?

All of them are just as strong?

Huanxue noticed the eyes that the others looked at Ye Futian with, and she wanted very badly to just leave, instead of sitting beside someone like that.

Couldn't you keep a lower profile?

Ye Futian, however, looked completely at ease, as if he never noticed how the others looked at him.

That was the Seventh Swordsman—unbridled, free, and going about things as he fancied, yet nonetheless, possess talents of the sword that were peerless.

Such a swordsman would have pulled anything and there would have been hardly any reason to be surprised.

The princess who asked before was at a loss for words after hearing Ye Futian's answer.

"One should have a focus in the arts they practice, and more so when it comes to the art of the sword. Picking up too much would render one's way of the sword impure. Despite your supreme talents, you should still have an art that you majored in," Li Hanxing of the Ziwei Sword Clan looked at Ye Futian and said.

"The great path connects all. Knowing one would open the path to knowing all. That is the same with the way of the sword." Ye Futian did not bother to even look up. He added calmly, "Having spent decades to polish my art, no one knows the purity of my way of the sword better than I would. Any ways of training with the sword touched only on the methods. What a swordsman truly studies, is the sword and nothing else."

"So you are saying that you have developed complete mastery of the art of the sword then?" Kai Huang of the Juque Sword Clan asked as well.

"There are many senior sword saints with us today. Please ask the seniors if any of them dare to claim that they have developed complete mastery." Ye Futian continued, "One's journey on sword training has no bounds."

None of the others said anything else and simply looked at Ye Futian.

Regardless of how good he is with a sword, but you have to give it to him, he really has a way with words.

All of what he said made everyone else speechless.

"Splendid." The County King of Yan smiled and said, after seeing the banquet falling into awkward silence. "The great path is interconnected and knowing one grants access to all. One's journey on sword training has no bounds. Being able to comprehend that much at such an age, it was no surprise why you have been able to accomplish so much with your sword. It would seem that we have yet another top notch figure who would be able to make it up to the Upper Worlds for training then."

Since the County King of Yan put it that way, no one else said anything. However, all of them remained somewhat doubtful if Ye Futian's way of the sword as actually as extraordinary as he put it himself.
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    《The Legend of Futian》