The Legend of Futian
1096 Handing Out Opinions
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1096 Handing Out Opinions

The battles going on in King Li's Palace had been going on for days. The spectacular fights taking place opened their eyes of many cultivators of Dali who came to watch the event.

All of the topmost geniuses from Liwang City and the holy lands of the Nine Counties all gathered around the platform, showcasing their astonishing talents.

However, despite the impressive showcase, students that actually caught the attention of Upper Worlds forces were but a handful, numbering in tens. It was a testament of the high requirements they had for the ones they were about to pick.

As the planes of the fighters grew, battles fought on the platform got increasingly spectacular. There were already saints from King Li's Palace laying down barriers, to prevent the battles from affecting the grandstands and the audiences.

The battles between sages at the eighth plane finally ended.

Battles between upper-level Archmages were about to begin in King Li's Palace, which also happened to be the highest level at Sage Plane.

Everyone wore solemn expressions, as all of them knew that the upcoming battles would have been that between those at the very top below the saints.

The top notch figures from the various holy lands in the County of Yan were eager to get to the stage. That was the battlefield where they were about to shine.

Someone already stepped onto the platform at that moment, bursting with frightening combat capacity with moments. The spectators were all in awe.

Even the cultivators and even King Li himself, took a more serious attitude towards those battles than before. That plane was the nearest to Saint Plane. If there were those who were of exceptional talents right there, they would have been picked to be nurtured until they became saints.

Battles continued to take place between cultivators of the Nine Counties, with many very formidable figures being known.

"Who from the County of Yan would go on to fight the first battle?" The County King of Yan said to those from holy lands at the County of Yan's direction.

All of the Nine Counties fielded very powerful figures to fight the first battles. As such, it was unacceptable for the County King of Yan to lose out in terms of putting up airs. That was why the County King of Yan asked personally.

"I'll go." A voice was heard and the first student from the Juque Sword Clan walked out and stepped onto the battlefield. His opponent was someone from the County of Beimo, who had bested their opponent and yet chose to continue doing battle, instead of walking out to take a break. That person was very powerful.

"Kai Huang of Juque Sword Clan was very formidable and was trained in the Sword of Eight Corners of the Juque Sword Clan, possessing extremely formidable offensive powers. You could pay close attention to it," the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind said to Ye Futian. The sword saint noticed that Ye Futian was somewhat slacking off before and very few battles interested him, so much so that he actually shut his eyes for a bit occasionally, as if none of the battles going on concerned him.

But at the moment, those were battles that were fought at Ye Futian's current plane, so the sword saint deemed that they would have made him sit up right.

Saleen lifted his head somewhat and looked at the platform, seeing Kai Huang, the number one student of Juque Sword Clan summoning his Life Spirit. His body burst with towering sword will and a heavy sword appeared before him. The sides of that heavy sword was different from conventional swords. The edges were serrated, making it not only heavy, but sharp as well.

He was seen dragging his sword with both hands as his sword will built up. Dazzling shadow of the sword appeared around the blade, pulsing with frightening sword will as he thrust at the enemy. His surroundings resonated and the heavy sword burst with sharpness, as if it was an extremely ferocious beast charging at its opponent.

Power of rules coursed about his opponent, who then summoned a golden stone wall in front of them. The huge sword was pierced into the wall with a boom, bursting through it. The sword will on the blade, however, dissipated altogether.

Kai Huang, who had been holding the sword with both hands, pulled his left arm back and lifted the sword up with his right. He then took one step forward and brought the sword down from above, as if he was to split the ground open.

Terrifying, overbearing power was sensed from above. Multiple shadows of the huge sword flashed as they came down alongside Kai Huang's body. The blade burst with terrifying aura as it cut through space.

"Some overwhelming swordplay indeed." The minds of many mighty ones from the Nine Counties trembled for quite a bit, as if that sword was being brought down onto they themselves.

The Trailblazing Sword seemed to be about to split their surroundings apart when it was brought out. Its aura swept through all directions. Even if one were to watch the swordplay from afar, one would have still been able to feel the overbearing might of the sword.

The defensive powers of that mighty one from the County of Beimo shattered in an instant with a boom. While his opponent had burst with the most formidable of powers to block his sword, but when Kai Huang brought the huge blade down with his entire being, everything before him shattered. His opponent was hit squarely by the sword and was thrown to the edge of the barrier of the platform. They were bloodied and no one knew how many bones had been broken.


Kai Huang landed with a rumble and the huge sword in his hand disappeared. He then walked off the platform.

He had intended to fight to the very end, so it would have been impossible for him to keep staying behind on the platform. That victory belonged to the swordsmen of the County of Yan.

What do you think?" The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind asked Ye Futain after seeing Kai Huang walked off. However, he found Ye Futian's eyes to be extremely calm and unfettered. Ye Futian nonchalantly picked up a cup and drank from it, looking poised and carefree. He then asked, "You like an honest opinion, senior?"

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind looked rather puzzled and answered, "Of course."

"Too weak. He took three strokes to deal with his opponent. If it were to be me, one attack was all it would have taken," Ye Futian said.


The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind's eyes froze. If Ye Futian were to point out Kai Huang's other weaknesses, he probably would not have felt surprised.

However, Kai Huang's sword was extremely heavy. The way of the Sword of Eight Corners was one that razed everything in all directions. Its sheer force was overbearing and unforgiving.

Yet, Ye Futian said that it was too weak.

Many from the County of Yan looked at Ye Futian and looked just as puzzled. Did this guy really just take down Nie Yun with one attack?

No matter how they saw it, they found Ye Futian to be one who brags a lot but has little to show.

Kai Huang being weak?

Many around him snorted.

"I'll look forward to seeing you in action then" Someone from the Juque Sword Clan said to Ye Futian coldly.

Ye Futian smiled and said nothing as he continued to watch the battles.

Many others stepped onto the platform later. There were also one swordsman from the County of Yan after another walking up to the battlefield.

Lin Ya of the Sword Clan of the Storm caught a lot of attention when he stepped onto the battlefield. His Sword of Storms was not only fast, but also overwhelming. His thundering sword was so unbridled and ferocious that he took only two attacks to overwhelm his opponent.

"What do you think?" Lin Ya actually went up to ask Ye Futian after he returned to the Sword Clan of the Storm's corner. It was apparent that he was doing so due to what Ye Futian said about Kai Huang before.

He wanted to see how Ye Futian would have assessed his abiltiies.

"Lacking in explosiveness." Ye Futian answered calmly. Lin Ya smiled and said, "I look forward to seeing your sword at work."

Those from the County of Yan were speechless yet again. Lin Ya's swordplay was known for its explosive power and Ye Futian should have been able to see that much, yet he claimed that Lin Ya's swordplay was lacking in explosiveness. Everyone was beyond baffled by then.

A lot of swordsmen from the County of Yan that stepped onto the platform afterwards would have asked for Ye Futian's opinion regarding their swordplay. However, Ye Futian simply shook his head and did not even bother saying anything to most of them.

As such, Ye Futian became the one that all swordsmen from the County of Yan wished to see in action without exceptions. They looked forward to see him at work more so than Li Hanxing from the Ziwei Sword Clan and the two princesses.

However, Ye Futian remained unfettered and showed no signs of wanting to do battle. He continued to eat and drink, enjoying himself very much.

After a while, the County King of Yan turned to look at where the ones from the Sword Clan of the Gale were at, when the two princesses of the County of Yan walked onto the platform, and said to Ye Futain, "Seventh Swordsman, I'd like you to assess how both of them are doing."

Many looked rather baffled at how even their County King wanted to hear Ye Futian's thoughts. It seemed to have became something seen only among those in the County of Yan.

The Seventh Swordsman was indeed like no other.

He reached new heights with being pompous.

The County King of Yan smiled and added when he saw Ye Futian was about to speak, "I want honest opinions."

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded unapologetically.

Yan Qingyi and Yan Ziyi both fought like a single entity and as such, they were fighting against two opponents as well, and those two were also very powerful cultivators.

However, both Yan Qingyi and Yan Ziyi seemed to have turned into mirages. They seemed to be seen everywhere on the battlefield within a heartbeat. Sword aura whooshed but it seemed as if no one was able to actually locate them, only criss-crossing blades flying about.

When they both finally stopped, they returned to where they first stood, while their opponents were all bloodied but sustained no serious injuries. It was apparent that the princesses went easy on their opponents.

At that moment, many at the corner of the County of Yan turned their eyes at Ye Futian. The County King of Yan then asked, "Well?"

"They are doing alright," Ye Futian said.

The eyes of many sparkled. So the guy stops bragging in front of the County King of Yan then?

Finally some decent opinion.

"But, they were still too slow and they were too fancy. All fluff and no punch." What Ye Futian said next made the eyes of many froze, before silently turning around. No one else looked at him anymore, as if none of them know him.

"The girls might not be top notch with their art, but they are doing quite alright I'd say, especially how their way of the sword synchronize with their movements. While it is not to say that they're unbeatable when they join hands, but they do fine for their planes. Why would you have such opinions, Seventh Swordsman?" The County King of Yan asked curiously. Even he became curious as to how capable Ye Futian would have been.

"If the princesses were to take on conventional cultivators on the platform, their powers would have naturally sufficed, making it easy for them to take down their opponents. But if they were to take on truly supreme swordsmen, they probably wouldn't have been able to stand around for long," Ye Futian answered.

"Supreme how? Someone like you then?" The two princesses walked by and heard what Ye Futian said, and one of them asked.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at both of them and said with a smile, "It is totally fine for you to think that way."

Sword will emanated from Yan Qingyi after she heard his reply, wanting to test Ye Futian out right there and then. However, the County King of Yan interjected, "Qingyi, I was the one who asked for honest opinions from him. Just sit back and watch the fights."

The sisters glared at Ye Futian coldly before returning to their seats.

Ye Futian saw how similar their movements were with each other, so much so that they even had to fight together, and felt it to be peculiar.

However, he did not dwell on the thoughts for long. He deemed it to have something to do with them being twins and they have trained together since a very young age. He then continued to watch the fights on the battlefield.

No other swordsmen from the County of Yan that fought the subsequent battles asked for Ye Futian's opinions anymore. They have had enough of him.

That guy really has skin as thick as a wall. Better not ask to be insulted instead.

Even those from the Sword Clan of the Gale felt rather embarrassed and wondered what was their lord thinking.

Ye Futian did not care for any of that. He had an easy time with none of them asking him anything, and he simply continued to watch the battles in silence.

As the battles raged on, many suffered defeats. The ones who stepped onto the platform had gotten increasingly powerful, as it was the clash of the titans between winners of previous battles.
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    《The Legend of Futian》