The Legend of Futian
1110 Low-Key Up to This Poin
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1110 Low-Key Up to This Poin

All the disciples of Dali Academy were gathered together, having shown up for the sparring session. There were many disciples on both sides of the area, but they were behaving in an orderly manner, casually chatting and occasionally casting glances off into the distance.

There were many seats on the steps in front of the sparring session platform that had been prepared for many of the elders that had come here today. There were already many more elders of Dali Academy waiting here than usual, and they were all looking off into the distance as well. The great disciple of Dali Academy, Yan Yuan, was already there.

Li Yao and his entourage approached from the distance, coming in front of the building. They bowed slightly to Yan Yuan, and the many Saints of Dali Academy and called, "Greetings, sirs." Yan Yuan was usually responsible for events held at Dali Academy, and thus he was seated in the highest position.

"Please, have a seat, Your Highness," said Yan Yuan with a slight smile. Li Yao and the others nodded, and three of them stepped forward and were seated. Afterward, more and more people arrived, many of whom were of the Imperial Family.

There were many people of Emperor Li's bloodline in the city. Other than the few kings who had been given their titles by His Majesty himself, many others had been born into the Imperial household.

At that moment, many people were clustering around a single person. He was wearing a golden robe, and Li Xuan stood by his side. Li Xu was Li Xuan's elder brother and the Prince Regent's grandson and had the highest status of the royal grandsons. Many people thought that he would one day inherit the Prince Regent's mantle. The Prince Regents position in the Imperial Family was extremely high. After all, he was the Emperor's uncle, and so he was highly respected.

King Tiandao was extremely powerful, but he was His Majesty's brother. In some sense, King Tiandao and the Emperor were the closest, being of such close blood. He did not bother to get closer to other members of the Imperial Family, and since he was in the West, the Prince Regent had gradually become the leader of the Imperial Family.

As for King Li, although he was a king, not many people cared about him. His status was not very high. King Li was the weakest of the Four Kings, and so he had the lowest position.

Although relationships between members of the Imperial Family were slightly delicate, Emperor Li did not care. This was the world of cultivators after all; if they didn't gang up and form cliques, how could they have any power? As long as the members of the Imperial Household did not do anything too improper and stayed within the rules, Emperor Li would not bother with their affairs.

Emperor Li would not even ask questions about the conflict between King Tiandao and the Imperial Adviser. A little benign competition was not a bad thing for Emperor Li. And King Tiandao and the Imperial Adviser both had a sense of propriety.

"Li Xuan, I heard that several days ago, someone put a sword up to your throat. If Yan Yuan had not shown up, perhaps you would have been slain?" said a voice. Everyone looked up to where it had come from. The speaker was a young man next to Li Yao, who was wearing bright and beautiful robes. He looked a lot like Li Yao and was clearly someone extraordinary. And his aura was mighty. He was clearly at a very high level.

This naturally another Prince: Li Xun. He was Li Yao's brother and a Saint level figure. There was a bit of mockery in his words. Li Xuan was of the same generation as these Princes, but they were not very close.

Li Xuan naturally did not dare to be as arrogant as he usually was in the face of this opponent. He looked a bit embarrassed. He bowed slightly to Li Xun and said, "Your Highness, it was because I was too generous."

"I think it was because you were too arrogant," said Li Xun with a smile. "He had come to Dali Academy to seek the Path, and you tried to kill him. What a temper you have! But in the end, he got you. How does that feel?"

Li Xuan nodded. This matter had indeed been very shameful.

"You'll have to cultivate more in the future and spend less time stirring up trouble," said Li Xun. He then looked at Li Xu beside him. "Li Xu, make sure to teach this guy well from now on. He's outrageous."

"Alright." Li Xu nodded and bowed to Yan Yuan. "I apologize for disturbing you with this matter, sir,"

"It's no problem," answered Yan Yuan indifferently. He looked at Li Xuan and saw him bowing his head. He was clearly uncomfortable right now.

"Dong Chen is here," came a call. A group of figures appeared off in the distance, and suddenly everyone was making way for them. Dong Chen and his people were coming over. Birds of a feather flock together. The people beside Dong Chen were all outstanding cultivators from Dali Academy.

"Brother. Your Majesty," said Dong Chen to Yan Yuan and Li Xun. Li Yao and the others all bowed.

"Daoli Mountain is coming here on this day to seek the Path. Make sure to prepare well," said Yan Yuan.

"Yes, sir." Dong Chen took a polite step backward.

Someone said, "I heard that Hao Di of Daoli Mountain will one day be named King of the West. King Tiandao has adopted him, so he must be a stunning figure. It will truly be amazing when he gets here to seek the Path."

"Brother Dong Chen is full of learning. At the Year End Sparring Session last year, he took first place. I am very excited about the battle between him and the future King of the West." The disciples of Dali Academy were naturally full of confidence in Dong Chen.

Dali Academy would definitely win this battle.

"I'm excited too!" came a voice from outside. Everyone saw a black-robed figure walking in, with many people following him. When this person entered, there was an invisible aura all around. Everyone felt bursts of pressure.

"How can an elder of the Cao clan have time to come here today?" asked Li Xun with a smile. The one who had come was a cultivator of the Cao clan's demonic clan. He was an Unblemished Saint of the Cao clan. His name was Cao Zhan, and he was extremely powerful.

"This is a battle of the greatest figures below the Saint level in the Dali Dynasty, so naturally, I brought some of my juniors along to open up their eyes," said Cao Zhan. "It seems that several members of the Imperial Family are here as well?"

"Your juniors must be eager to get involved. Do they want to step onto the platform?" asked Li Xun with a smile.

"There are a few youngsters in the Cao clan who aren't bad," said Cao Zhan heartily. "But they're nothing compared to Dong Chen and Di Hao."

"It seems that you have a clear understanding of your weaknesses," said Yan Yuan.

Cao Zhan looked at Yan Yuan and said, "I'm not looking to fight with you here at this sparring session for the youngsters."

"Please sit," said Yan Yuan. Cao Zhan stepped forward and took his seat. As for his juniors, they could only stand below him.

"Sword Mountain has come to greet Dali Academy," came a voice from outside. Soon, a group of swordsmen entered. The Shadow Bearing Sword Saint was leading them, but the disciples of Dali Academy were paying attention to the young swordsman behind him.

He was clothed in black and standing there calmly with no aura coming off of him. It was as if he did not exist. But he still gave people a strong sense of threat. He was one of the juniors of Sword Mountain, at the extreme of what was possible below the Saint level. He was someone who was often mentioned in the same breath as Dong Chen: Jian Wu.

Sword Mountain had been invited to Dali Academy, but Jian Wu had received a personal invitation to take part in the sparring session. The foremost figure of the Dali Lower Worlds, Seventh Swordsman, had also been brought here by the Imperial Adviser's disciple, Lu Chuan.

"It seems that the top figures of the Dali Dynasty are all here today," said Li Xun with a smile. Beside him, Yan Yuan pointed out a seat and said, "Please be seated."

The Shadow Bearing Sword Saint and the other elders of Sword Mountain took their seats, and their juniors stood beside them as they continued to wait. The important faction today was Daoli Mountain, and they had not arrived yet.

When Ye Futian arrived, he was much more low key than the Cao clan and Sword Mountain. He had come with Li Yang and Li You. King Li had been garrisoned in the Lower Worlds for a long time, and his power was unmatched down there. But his influence in the Upper Worlds was relatively weak.

After Ye Futian had arrived, the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint's gaze fell upon him. Yuan Gang, who had once lost to Ye Futian, was also there. He said something quietly into the dark clothed man's ear. Jian Wu's gaze turned to Ye Futian, and his eyes were as sharp as swords. But in a flash, he turned his gaze away. However, Ye Futian still felt it. But he did not look over at him. He just followed Li You into the crowd.

"Your Highness, Sir." Li Yang and Li You bowed slightly to Li Xuan and Yan Yuan.

"Li Yang, Li You," said Li Xun with a smile. "You are becoming more and more beautiful, Li You. It seems like I will have to talk to your father when I have a chance and see if we can find a suitable family for a match." Even though they were of the same generation when it came to cultivating, there was a significant gap in their ages. Li Xun, Li Yao, Li Xuan, Li You, and many others were all of the same generation, but Li Xun was older than them all. He was their elder brother, and kind of their elder. Moreover, he was Prince, but by the way he spoke, he seemed very familiar with them.

"You must be joking, Your Highness."

"I'm serious," said Li Xun with a smile. He looked at Ye Futian beside her and said, "This must be Seventh Swordsman."

"Seventh Swordsman of the Lower Worlds greets you, Your Highness," said Ye Futian with a bow. He naturally had seen that Li Yao was there, but he did not look at him as if he was a stranger. Right now, he was Seventh Swordsman, not Ye Futian, who had come for vengeance. If he wanted revenge, he would have to be patient. He had created the identity of Seventh Swordsman from the Lower Worlds with great difficulty, so he could not so quickly reveal himself.

"I heard that you defeated all the geniuses of the Nine Commanderies of Great Li. That is very good. Before, you came to Dali Academy seeking the Path. And now there is a battle of top talents here. You should observe it closely," said Li Xun.

Ye Futian nodded. "Alright."

Li Xun said nothing else. Li You and the others stepped back, but at that moment, Li Xuan said coldly, "Li Yang, Li You, it seems that you have ignored what I said last time."

Li You turned and looked back at Li Xuan. "Seventh Swordsman is my friend."

"Your friend?" said Li Xuan coldly. "You must have forgotten that I am your brother."

"Li Xuan, it seems that you learned nothing from last time!" yelled Li Xun. Li Xuan suddenly bowed his head.

"Do not forget yourself again," said Li Xun.

Li Xuan nodded. "Yes, sir."

"The disciple of Daoli Mountain has come to seek the Path!" A voice came, shaking heaven and earth. Everyone suddenly looked up into the distance. The sound of footsteps seemed to come from far away, but a few moments later, everyone saw a group of figures coming towards them. These people had supernatural auras. They walked in good order, all in uniform, and all of them were light and carefree. Their manner showed how extraordinary they were.

Dong Chen and his entourage walked out of the crowd and looked towards the figures that were coming. Their opponents had arrived!
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    《The Legend of Futian》