The Legend of Futian
1112 Sword of Kasyapa
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1112 Sword of Kasyapa

Kuang Xiao's attack was extremely brutal. Even if it was being sealed by frost and bound by the water prison, it continued its wild attack toward the other. With his body as the center, many giant Taowu appeared, rushing forward and tearing away at the frosty seal. At this moment, his body seemed to be fused with the Taowu, and this incredibly violent war beast stood in front of Qian Shan. Its sharp claws clamped down, trying to destroy and vanquish this space.

Qian Shan sat quietly. In this space of illusion, he seemed to be at the bottom of the ocean. He did not look up, only stroking the strings, and the musical notes turned into ripples of sound waves, rushing into the ears of Kuang Xiao. The closer he got to Qian Shan, the stronger the power that oscillated, rocking his entire will so that everything in front of him seemed somewhat blurred. But even so, it was impossible to stop him from continuing his attacks. The water waves roared upon Qian Shan, and a water dragon encircled around his body moving upward, and then rushed to the war beast and entangled the body of the other, which blocked Kuang Xiao's attack. Along with a violent shock, their two bodies were simultaneously slammed backward.

"Kuang Xiao is on the verge of defeat," many exclaimed inside their hearts. The technique of Qian Shan's music was able to weaken Kuang Xiao's combat ability continuously. At the beginning of the battle was when Kuang Xiao had the most chance to win. Still, as that attack did not overcome his opponent, the likelihood of another opportunity later in the flight was slight.

As expected by everyone, the battle lasted quite a long time. Qian Shan's musical spell defended Kuang Xiao's violent attacks until Kuang Xiao was weakened to his eventual defeat by Qian Shan.

"Much obliged." Qian Shan collected the guqing spirit, got up, and bowed to the cultivators of Daoli Mountain, then returned among the disciples of the Dali Academy.

Kuang Xiao's face was icy, and there were bloodstains at the corners of his mouth. He also returned to the people of Daoli Mountain.

"Did you understand?" Among the crowd of Daoli Mountain, next to Di Hao, a young man looked at Kuang Xiao and asked. Kuang Xiao bowed his head. On the battlefield, if defeated, it often meant death. He was the first one of the Daoli Mountain to battle; therefore the defeat was particularly shameful.

"On the battlefield, you were brave enough to face thousands, rushing into the army without hesitation, but from the very beginning, Qian Shan of Dali Academy restricted your ability. His musical talent was superb, and his spells extraordinary. Even though you possessed immensely strong offensive powers, it was still difficult for you to fully exert your power. After you return to Daoli Mount, you should self-reflect. Empty courage ultimately will achieve nothing. In addition to the trials of life and death, more studying is needed," the young man continued to lecture.

Many people looked with surprise at the young man. From what he had said, it seemed that the battle was just a trial for the disciples of Daoli Mountain, not a real battle to seek the Way. He had used this battle to teach Kuang Xiao, a disciple of Daoli Mountain.

"Yes, Senior Brother." Kuang Xiao bowed his head. He seemed to be extremely respectful to the young man.

The young man stepped forward, and suddenly, the eyes of all the disciples of the Dali Academy fell on him. The affectation of the young man was even more extraordinary than Kuang Xiao, and he was about half a head taller. He was clad in all black, and his eyes, though calm, were extremely deep. This person stood next to Di Hao among the disciples of the Daoli Mountain, and from this alone. One could detect his status. Presumably, he was mighty.

"Seven Sins of Daoli Mountain, swordsman of the peak of Sage Plane, half-step into Saint Plane, pleased to meet you." The moment his voice fell, an invisible sword will instantly enveloped the entire platform, cold and sharp. Although he was still standing there calmly, there was an extreme sense of danger coming out of him. The faces of the disciples of Dali Academy were darkened. Clearly, this person was very powerful.

Moreover, when he introduced himself, he bluntly declared that he was a swordsman, half-step into Saint Plane. This was a kind of self-confidence. He informed everyone of his level of cultivation. He released the atmosphere so the other party could perceive it, allowing Dali Academy to choose the next person to answer the battle call.

Even the eyes of those from Sword Mountain were focused on this person who walked out. Many of the swordsmen in training wore a grave look on their faces. From the sword will that was released from the other, they had felt an authoritative pressure of Sword Way.

Seven Sins, swordsman in training. This was a cultivator who did not enjoy any fame in Dali Imperial City. Before now, almost no one had heard of his existence. Never mind him; even Di Hao was only known because of his adopted father, King Tiandao.

The people of Dali focused on Dali Academy way more than they did Daoli Mountain, especially inside this imperial city. Dali Academy had countless cultivators, which was a conglomeration of all the elites of Dali. Naturally, some were half-step into the Saint Plane. If Di Hao did not answer the call of battle, clearly, Dong Chen would not either. Otherwise, who could battle Di Hao?

At this time, a disciple from Dali Academy stepped out. He was wearing a golden shirt and seemed very thin. When he stepped onto the platform, the sword will released from Seven Sins could be felt, yet his footsteps were steady. A ray of golden light permeated from him, and there seemed to be a strange rhythm that rocked the invisible space, which gradually turned into a strong pressure, sweeping toward Seven Sins.

"Zuo Zong." Many were not surprised to see the appearance of this person. In Dali Academy, Dong Chen and Zuo Zong were the closest to Saint Plane. At the most recent battle forum at Dali Academy, Dong Chen was first, and Zuo Zong was second.

"Zuo Zong, a disciple of the Dali Academy, pleased to meet you," Zuo Zong said. As his voice fell, the golden robe fluttered without wind, and a suffocating pressure shrouded the forum platform. At this instant, although the two had not yet made any exchanges, they were already competing with their aura, and the airflow on the platform became extremely agitated. Even the cultivators around them could feel that suffocating pressure.

The sword will was madly condensing, and everyone could see violent currents of Sword Way gathering in front of Seven Sins, making sharp and harsh sounds. It was followed by a sword, suspended in front of him, humming. This sword looked to be greedily devouring of the currents of Sword Way that rose between heaven and earth. The sword itself was extremely thin, but there was a terrible texture carved upon it, puffing out shocking radiance.

Many people of Sword Mountain showed a sharpness in their eyes. Their expression now mirrored that of a sharp sword. Even the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint was moved slightly. "Sword of Kasyapa," Shadow Bearing Sword Saint said. Suddenly, many of the powerful principles people were stunned. The name of the Sword of Kasyapa originated from a Kasyapa Sword Saint many years ago, whose Sword Way was unparalleled. He was known as the first person of the Dali Sword Way. Later, the Kasyapa Sword Saint had gone missing, and the Sword of Kasyapa never surfaced again. Now, could the sword in the hand of Seven Sins be the Sword of Kasyapa? The sword was thin as a leaf, and indeed the shape of a leaf could be faintly detected. Although it was extremely thin, its sword will was astounding.

"First sword," Seven Sins spat, and the sword shot out like a light. It disappeared in a flash.

Zuo Zong apparently also perceived the strength of the other. He released his life spirit, and suddenly a golden brilliance flowed upon his torso — a huge golden shadow covering him, just like an ancient golden god.

Dong! A loud bang rocked the void and let out a roar, and a terrible storm swept out and turned into countless golden spears. However, the sword penetrated directly and split one of the golden spears down the middle, but did not touch the other spears. It continued the forward momentum toward Zuo Zong, as fast as light.

The huge golden palm of Zuo Zong lifted up and slammed toward the sword. It was like the waves of a storm, and even the void trembled. However, that sword was far too thin. As if there was nowhere to exert the force, it directly pierced into the golden palm print, and penetrated it bit by bit. It came out from the back of the palm, continuing to stab toward Zuo Zong.

On the golden body of Zuo Zong, brilliant golden lines also appeared, and a clear sound was heard. Terrible shockwaves swept out, but in the face of this terrible storm, the sword still stabbed toward that golden torso, penetrating bit by bit. Halfway, it was finally blocked.

The disciples of the Dali Academy looked grave. Zuo Zong's offensive and defensive skills were considered unparalleled below the Saint Plane, but the sword of his opponent actually penetrated him halfway. Zuo Zong wanted to grab onto the sword with his left hand but saw that the sword instantly exited, like a golden streaming light. It then wrapped around and twirled above Zuo Zong's body.

Many people look at Seven Sins again; he was controlling the sword. Not only that, but a second sword appeared in front of him.

"Second sword." As his voice fell, the sword struck again. It once again went toward Zuo Zong. At the same time, the first sword also started to move back. The two swords simultaneously cutting the body of the ancient god that was summoned by Zuo Zong, tearing it apart little by little.

Dong! A loud noise seemed to rock heaven and earth. Zuo Zong stepped out, allowing the swords to cut at him while he continued walking toward Seven Sins. A golden arm smashed toward Seven Sins. When his foot stepped down, there was a pressure of the Way that covered this space and oppressed the void.

Seven Sins stood indifferently. He looked up and glanced at the arm that was slamming toward him, sword will surrounded his body, tearing the void. In an instant, Seven Sins broken through the sky, as if ignoring the pressure, and his body disappeared. Then, the body of the Seven Sins appeared above Zuo Zong.

"The Way of the space." The Sword of Kasyapa could only be cultivated by those who specialized in the Way of the space.

"The third sword." In front of Seven Sins, the third Sword of Kasyapa stabbed forward. Upon the immense body of Zuo Zong, suddenly, there appeared many golden arms, grabbing toward the void at the same time. The figure of Seven Sins disappeared once more, like a golden afterimage, shuttling upon the platform. His spiritual will power was released to the extreme. While dodging, he still controlled the swords that cut at the body of Zuo Zong without ceasing.

The disciples of the Dali Academy looked serious. If this continued, Zuo Zong would be defeated. As they expected, when the Sword of Kasyapa manifested the 13th time, a terrible storm of the Sword of Kasyapa started around Zuo Zong. His huge golden battle form was now being slashed and shattered, slowly being destroyed.

Soon, even the incomparably sturdy body of the ancient god could no longer be sustained, and its body collapsed and shattered. The 13 swords surrounded Zuo Zong's body. The sword will was covering the sky. The body of Seven Sins suspended in the sky, still looking indifferent.

Zuo Zong of the Dali Academy had been defeated.

Many looked up at Seven Sins, who was in the void. It was unexpected that besides Di Hao, there still existed such a strong person. So, just how strong was Di Hao? Even if Ye Futian's eyes, while looking at Seven Sins, changed somewhat, the one who stood at the peak of Dali was indeed extraordinary.

"I didn't expect the Sword of Kasyapa, which had been lost for a long time, to appear here today. It was certainly worth the trip," Shadow Bearing Sword Saint said.

"Could he compete with Jian Wu?" asked Li Xun.

"He certainly could." Shadow Bearing Sword Saint nodded, and everyone looked at Seven Sins. Jian Wu was praised as the first swordsman of Dali under the Saint Plane, the first disciple of Sword Mountain. Seven Sins could compete with him. This demonstrated the formidable strength of Seven Sins.

"Today's forum battle has gotten even more interesting. I didn't know if we would be seeing the sword battle of the younger generation of Dali, to see the Sword of Sword Mountain compete with the Sword of Kasyapa."

The Shadow Bearing Sword Saint looked at Jian Wu and then looked at Ye Futian.

The Sword Mountain had come to Emperor Li's City to fulfill a contract to allow Jian Wu to descend the mountain and to defeat the Seventh Swordsman so he could cultivate at Sword Mountain. Now, there was also a peak swordsman in Daoli Mountain and the appearance of the long- lost Sword of Kasyapa.

Li Xun noticed the gaze of the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint and suddenly looked at Ye Futian, saying, "I almost forgot that this trip of the Sword Mountain was to come for the Seventh Swordsman. Seventh Swordsman is the first swordsman from the Lower Worlds. What is your opinion of the sword of Seven Sins?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》