The Legend of Futian
1113 The Fatal Sword Strike
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1113 The Fatal Sword Strike

Many people looked at Ye Futian. At this moment, it was the first time that many top figures of Dali had truly noticed Ye Futian. Among them, there was the adviser of Dali and the royal prince of Dali.

Ye Futian's eyes fell on Li Xun, and he saw that Li Yao, who was next to Li Xun, was also looking at him. However, Li Yao would not know who he was, or for whom he came for.

Once upon a time in the Nine States, Li Yao caused Jieyu's death and also caused the death of many in the Nine States. In the Empty Realm, Li Yao forced him to react after he was defeated. Yaya and Senior brother were both seriously injured; both of them and Wuchen almost died in the battle. If it weren't for the sword from the Swordmaster of Lihen that allowed Ye Wuchen to block the attack, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Therefore, he came to Dali. There were some things that he needed to do. If it was merely relying on cultivation to kill Li Yao, and judging from Li Yao's status, when would that be?

But even though his heart was full of hatred, his eyes were calm and without disturbance. He did not cast so much as a sideways glance at Li Yao. He merely focused on Li Xun and said, "The Way of the sword was outstanding, and its power was truly amazing."

When many heard what Ye Futian had to say, they secretly agreed. Seven Sins was indeed outstanding. This man himself had once come to the Dali Academy, also seeking instruction. He was now known as the first person of the Dali Lower Realm; he must have been quite extraordinary himself. However, this time, Jian Wu of the Sword Mountain and Seven Sins were both present. There were also Dong Chen and Di Hao, two peak characters, so there wouldn't be much required of him. However, it was still an opportunity to observe and learn.

Li Xun nodded with a smile and said, "Today is a rare opportunity. Sword Mountain came because of you. There are also two great young swordsmen in training at their peak, a great way to sharpen your Sword Way. You can ask them for instruction later."

"I do not agree with Your Highness," Ye Futian said.

"Why?" asked Li Xun.

"Your Highness said that Jian Wu and Seven Sins are the great young swordsmen of Dali. Though the first sword of Sword Mountain and the sword of Seven Sins are strong, they may not necessarily be at the peak. The sword of Seven Sins had fatal flaws. If Your Highness wanted to talk about the peak Sword Way below the Saint Plane, then I ought to be included," Ye Futian said.

"Oh?" Hearing his words, Li Xun showed a look of surprise. All witnessed the force of Seven Sins' sword. He had realized the way of the space and integrated it into the sword. The power of the Sword of Kasyapa was unparalleled. But the Seventh Swordsman claimed that the sword of Seven Sins had fatal flaws.

Many who knew the name of the Seventh Swordsman had heard that his entire mind was bent on seeking the way of the sword, his behavior was quite arrogant, and he thought that his Sword Way was the one and only. It seemed that this was indeed the case. He had come alone to seek the way from Dali Academy.

He had just witnessed the sword of Seven Sins in action, but he was now saying that there were imperfections in the sword of Seven Sins. The Seventh Swordsman felt that he ought to be the person at the peak of the Sword Way. However, in the eyes of most people present today, the Seventh Swordsman, though outstanding in his own right, he was bound to be at some distance from the few who were at the peak of the Dali Upper Realm.

Li Xun did not deny Ye Futian's claim but said, "If so, let me witness your sword. How about it?" Ye Futian looked toward Li Xun. The status of Li Xun, as the royal prince of the Saint Plane, was no lesser than Li Yao.

"Since Your Highness wishes to see, I will oblige," Ye Futian responded. He stepped forward and looked at Seven Sins in the crowd of Daoli Mountain. He called out, "The Seventh Swordsman in training, ask for instruction in the Way of the Sword."

Seven Sins cast a glance at Ye Futian; he did not recognize who he was. He came here today for Dali Academy. And this person just critiqued his sword as having fatal flaws. He naturally relegated it as nonsense.

Seven Sins looked at Ye Futian. He did not speak and did not step out. Many eyes were looking toward the direction of Daoli Mountain, falling on Seven Sins.

For a time, this space was rather silent. Seven Sins did not respond to the call of battle, not because he dared not to. His eyes were casual and calm, and he moved his sight away. It was as if he had not heard anything Ye Futian said.

The cultivators of the Daoli Mountain, likewise, glanced at Ye Futian. No one spoke. The silent space was like a silent jeer. Ye Futian dared to criticize that the sword of Seven Sins, so it was understandable that the people of Daoli Mountain would eschew all etiquette on that account.

The silence at the moment was a statement. Not just anyone could ask Seven Sins of Daoli Mountain for a fight. Seven Sins did not care to move his little finger.

Many people felt uncomfortable in this slightly embarrassing atmosphere. This first swordsman from the Lower Worlds was obviously not quite up to par. Even if he had personally asked for Seven Sins to instruct the Way of the Sword, he was ignored by Seven Sins. Those in power felt the embarrassing atmosphere of the forum, but they did not speak, just watching Ye Futian. How would this swordsman in training handle the situation?

Li Xun looked at Ye Futian. His face changed slightly. This embarrassing situation would make Ye Futian feel he was losing face. Shadow Bearing Sword Saint was thinking whether or not to ask Jian Wu to step out instead to resolve the impasse.

This Seventh Swordsman was dedicated to seeking the Way of the Sword, and his speech was quite arrogant. The unparalleled in the Lower Worlds also had the right to be arrogant. It was only that in the Upper Worlds, among the top figures here, it was inevitable that this attitude would suffer some disadvantage. However, with the right challenges and trials, great achievement was a definite outcome.

Of course, Ye Futian knew that he was being ignored, but he did not feel anything out of the ordinary when he saw the reaction of the people of Daoli Mountain. Being ignored was, in itself, quite within expectation. After all, this was one of the two strongest holy lands to cultivate in Dali Imperial City, and Seven Sins was someone who stood at the top.

"Seventh Swordsman in training asks Daoli Mountain for instruction of the Way," Ye Futian continued, and this time, he was not asking for Seven Sins only; instead, he was asking Daoli Mountain. In other words, anyone from Daoli Mountain would suffice.

The people of Daoli Mountain glanced at him and saw Ye Futian standing there. His body stood tall. It seemed as if he had not felt any shame whatsoever. After being ignored the first time, he was still insisting.

In the direction of Daoli Mountain, a burly figure walked out. It was a cultivator of the Sage Plane of Daoli Mountain. Today, it was Daoli Mountain asking Dali Academy for instruction, not an occasion for Ye Futian to cause trouble. However, since he had affected them, they had to clean it up.

Dong! The cultivator who came out did not announce himself, but merely stepped right out, and released a terrible force.

"Are you ready?" asked Ye Futian.

"Get it on," the other responded coldly.

Ye Futian's palms stretched out, and suddenly, sword will started whistling. It surrounded him and gathered into a massive sword in front of him. This heavy sword rotated in front of Ye Futian, whistling and humming, and its breath was getting stronger and stronger with terrible power. The force that came out of it contained a strong sense of annihilation. A few cultivators of Daoli Mountain expressed a stern look; this person did not seem to be weak.

Raising his palm, Ye Futian reached out and clasped the end of the sword, and then pushed the sword forward with breakneck speed. Loud noises whistled. The Daoli Mountain cultivator suddenly lunged forward with both palms extended forward, and a golden pattern appeared in front of him immediately.

Ye Futian came with the sword, and his palm pressed toward the front. As the sword arrived, the loud roaring noise came out, and instantly the golden pattern exploded and was pulverized. The heavy sword continued its movement forward. The cultivator let out an angry roar. His face changed slightly, and he stepped out once again. His life spirit was released, and a huge golden behemoth appeared. The strength of both palms, like a hurricane, blasted out fiercely.

Ye Futian ignored the attempt of the other, and his palm continued to push the heavy sword. Everything shattered and exploded, and the body of the other continued to back peddle. He let out sounds of frustrated exertion, and it was still useless. His feet ground against the floor and the clothing on his arms were shredded. Blue veins on his arms were bulging. The sounds of friction could be heard as if his bones were about to be crushed. Ye Futian did not deal a fatality. He had folded one hand behind him, using only his right hand pushing forward, oppressing the other with the ease of a stroll.

"Enough." A voice was heard, and Ye Futian stopped to turn his head, looking toward the direction of Daoli Mountain. Over there, Seven Sins walked out and looked at Ye Futian. His expression was as sharp as a sword. Clearly, this battle made him feel that Ye Futian possessed incredible strength.

Ye Futian let go of the opponent, and the sword disappeared. He went to Seven Sins, and the two stood face to face.

"My sword, what's wrong with it?" asked Seven Sins.

"Are you ready?" Ye Futian asked the same as he had before.

Seven Sins frowned and replied, "Yes." He needed no preparation. Around him, the sword will shot to the sky, and the Sword of Kasyapa was condensing. But as he was concentrating on forming the sword, Ye Futian's body turned into a stream of light, and Seven Sins felt that he was locked down by spiritual power.

Ye Futian had a sword in his hand, a common-looking sword. But when the sword struck, a horrible storm that came between heaven and earth appeared. It was as if everywhere it passed, everything would be crushed.

"So fast." Everyone blinked, and then they saw the sword will of Seven Sins coursing out. His body seemed to disappear. It was like a light that moved in and out of thin air.

However, in the next moment, everyone's pupils contracted. They saw that Ye Futian had also disappeared. In the void, Ye Futian's sword was still swinging. This sword seemed to have accompanied him traversing the void and was aimed directly at Seven Sins.

The sword will around Seven Sins was extremely powerful, and it madly screamed toward Ye Futian for the kill, but Ye Futian was also surrounded by an equally terrible sword storm.

Buzz! Seven Sins once again disappeared from where he was standing. Almost at the same time, everyone saw that Ye Futian had also disappeared. The pupils of everyone contracted and stared at the battlefield. They saw a sword. This sword seemed to be a sword from another dimension, appearing through the void so that there seemed to be a sword light crossing the space of the void. From that sword light, it seemed that the position of the two could be deciphered. All of this, in fact, happened in an instant, and there only seemed to be a sword that crossed heaven and earth.

In the next instant, two figures appeared at the same time. Ye Futian stood in the void, but Seven Sins appeared on the forum platform; the sword in his hand was broken. Seven Sins looked somewhat bewildered at the sword that had not yet formed, and his face was slightly pale. Not only him, but many people around him trembled and watched the scene in front of them with shock.

One sword strike. That beautiful scene in the void was just one sword strike.

Seven Sins, the swordsman who stood at the peak of Dali, whose sword was cut in half by another.

This… Those from Daoli Mountain looked extremely concerned, and they looked up at Ye Futian.

"I said, your flaw was too fatal," Ye Futian said. The Sword of Kasyapa was mighty and would get stronger as the battle went on. However, the Sword of Kasyapa needed the condensation of sword will. Obviously, he would not give Seven Sin the time to do so. In the first sword strike, he had immediately resolved the battle!
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    《The Legend of Futian》