The Legend of Futian
1114 The First Sword Below Saint Plane
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1114 The First Sword Below Saint Plane

But was it true that Seven Sins' sword contained fatal flaws?

The answer was no. No cultivator in this world was perfect and without fault. No matter the ability of cultivation, there would always be weaknesses. Perhaps the only weakness of Seven Sins was that for the Sword of Kasyapa to be released, it required a significant amount of sword will to turn it into an invincible sword. The Sword of Kasyapa would get stronger and stronger. Before, when all 13 swords were deployed, even someone as strong as Zuo Zong of the Dali Academy was unable to resist. Moreover, he could be stronger still.

But it did require some time for the sword will to condense, and did that matter? With the sword will that flowed upon Seven Sins, even if there was no Sword of Kasyapa, his offense and defense were still solid. Not to mention, he had incorporated spatial will and integrated it into the sword will so that it could tear the void in its progression. Previously, even Zuo Zong's might of the Great Path was unable to trap him.

So, how could this be considered a fatal flaw? But at the moment, the Seventh Swordsman did not allow Seven Sins to strike with the sword. And before the Sword of Kasyapa could be unleashed, he had cut the formation of the sword short. Because the sword of the Seventh Swordsman was not any weaker than the Sword of Kasyapa, and he was also an expert in spatial will, by locking onto the body of Seven Sins, the sword broke through the void, hence the brilliant sword strike that everyone witnessed.

If Seven Sin had time to gather multiple Swords of Kasyapa, it would be difficult to know who was strong and who was weak. But since the Seventh Swordsman could deter him from launching his sword, that itself proved that the Way of the Sword of the Seventh Swordsman was more convincing than that of Seven Sins.

"Excellent," Li Xun praised. Though there was only one strike fro the sword, it was a superb one. Not only Li Xun, everyone around looked at Ye Futian with a slightly changed attitude. This first swordsman from the Lower Worlds, with just one sword strike, convinced all the top figures who were present to recognize his strength.

Before, many had thought that this battle was, to Ye Futian, to seek the Way, to learn of the sword, and to observe the swords of Jian Wu and Seven Sins. But obviously, the Seventh Swordsman was proving that his sword was not inferior to anyone, even if it was someone as strong as Seven Sins. As he said before to Li Xun, he ought to be included among those at the peak of Swordsmanship below Saint Plane.

Li You also looked at Ye Futian with some shock. Even though she knew that he was strong, she did not expect that he was this strong. Seven Sins was someone who had defeated Zuo Zong of the Dali Academy. When Ye Futian stepped out, he was ignored by the people of Daoli Mountain. But then, when the two significant cultivators of Daoli Mountain faced him, each was only able to release one single sword strike.

Even at this moment, all the top figures of Dali who were present focused their attention on him.

"Jian Wu," at this moment, the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint spoke, "your turn." In the direction of Sword Mountain, Jian Wu's sight directed toward Ye Futian from a distance. He stepped forward.

Shadow Bearing Sword Saint had asked him to fight some swordsman from the Lower Worlds, and it was not something he was willing to do. However, the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint was his elder, so he still obeyed. When he saw the sword of Seven Sins today, he thought that his opponent would be Seven Sins. But Ye Futian proved his worth with his sword, that he deserved an exchange.

Jian Wu walked out, and each of his steps contained a terrifying sword will. The Swordsmanship clouding the sky and causing a sword storm of Sword Qi.

Jian Wu, the first disciple of Sword Mountain, the first sword below Saint in the Dali Imperial City.

Seventh Swordsman, the first person below Saint Plane in the Lower Worlds.

Both of them used "sword" in their name.

Jian Wu's body levitated and appeared upon the void, standing opposite Ye Futian. With the sword will wrapped around him, and real, physical swords bloomed between heaven and earth. This storm headed directly toward Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian was also protected by the same force, so the two storms of swordsmanship collided, and a truly suffocating might now filled this space. Some cultivators below the Saint Plane felt that if they came between the two, they may not be able to withstand the sword will and might be torn into pieces.

At this time, Jian Wu extended his palms, and suddenly, in front of his palms, the sword will gathered, turning into swords, and transparent swords surrounded his body.

"Water of Autumn," Jian Wu said, and the sword broke through the sky and moved toward Ye Futian. On top of Ye Futian, burning flames hung high above the sky as a sun. His hand reached out, and suddenly, a sword gathered in his hand: a sword of burning flame. The sword unleashed, and fire dragons roared and burned through the void.

"Blazing sun," Ye Futian also commanded, and the two sword wills circled and colliding. Jian Wu seemed not to have noticed, and the sword will once again condensed and gave rise to a sky full of swords. Between heaven and earth, there appeared a starry sky.

"Meteor." Jian Wu pointed forward, and suddenly, another sword broke through the sky, descending with meteor sword will. Ye Futian looked up at his surroundings, and there was another will of frost materializing around him.

"Hail," a voice commanded, and the sword of ice went toward the sword of meteor. Heaven and the earth seemed to be frozen, which blocked the meteor from falling. Jian Wu's body floated in a forward movement. Both of his hands stretched out. Above the sky, a great and stunning sword will manifested everywhere.

"The moment." Cued by the command, swords came out to attack, and the affectation of the moment was everywhere.

Boom! Ye Futian took a step forward, and the sword whistled in the sky, and a storm of destruction raged.

"Storm." With the strike of the sword, the horrible storm of horror seemed to flood this space.

"Qijue Swordsmanship of Sword Mountain." All the cultivators of Dali gazed upon the battlefield. Qijue Swordsmanship used seven kinds of sword wills to manifest and depended on each swordsman's cultivation. The results were not all the same. But Qijue Swordsmanship gradually increased in layers. Its power was shocking, and every time the sword struck, it was to gather sword force so that the sword strikes towards the end were more terrifying. Qijue Sword Realm contained all the Swordsmanship.

At the moment, above the sky, there was an infinite number of sharp swords falling. In its succeeding gloom, this space had completely turned into a world of the swords: Jian Wu's Qijue Sword Realm.

"All in all." Jian Wu's eyes were extremely sharp, and from those eyes came a terrible light. Of the seven, four had already been disbursed. When the sword struck out, it turned into all, and contained all, it was everywhere, omnipotent, and could destroy all.

Above Ye Futian, a terrible thunderstorm exploded, sweeping the entire space, shattering all things. He stepped out again, and this time went toward Jian Wu. In the battle between swordsmen, the only way was forward, and there was no retreat.

"Thunder." Another sword emerged, and heaven and earth seemed to be destroyed by way of the Sword. Thunder sword strikes smashed the void and cleaved open the Great Path.

"Densify." Jian Wu's eyes turned into sword eyes, and inside his pupils, the space of the Sword Realm was reflected. Ye Futian only felt that this Sword Realm was unreal, just like a hell made of Sword Way.

Heavy swords condensed and came into being, immense and incomparable. Each step he took shook the void. The heavy sword broke through the air, and blasted into all eight directions of the land, suppressing the Sword Realm.

"The End of Day." Jian Wu unleashed the sixth sword, and the Qijue Sword Realm turned into real doomsday. The infinite sword will intended to pierce the Sword Realm and madly moved to attack Ye Futian. Ye Futian waved both hands, his feet upon the void, and sharp swords surrounded him.

"Infinity." Rolls of sword veil swung out, seemingly infinite, annihilating all Swordsmanship. Everyone who was watching the battle looked at the scene of horror in the void, and many people trembled in their hearts.

Was this the battle of the peak Swordsmanship below the Saint Plane? Whether it was Jian Wu or the Seventh Swordsman, they were both fearfully strong.

But at this moment, the Seventh Swordsman was shrouded by Qijue Sword Realm and was significantly restricted by it. Even so, he was still able to block the sixth sword with his sword of incomparable aggression. However, the space seemed to be shattered and destroyed. How sharp would the next sword be?

Just then, Jian Wu closed his eyes and seemed to have integrated into the Sword Realm, and his body was spinning. Suddenly, the infinite sword will between heaven and earth gathered together and merged into the Sword Realm. This entire Sword Realm seemed to be turning and crushed everything within.

"Funeral of the gods." A sharp voice came from inside the Sword Realm, and the sword will of destruction suddenly shattered the void. The Funeral of the gods was precisely that; even the gods would be buried in the Qijue Sword Realm.

Ye Futian stared at this devastating storm. The Sword Realm buried all things and shattered all things. Even the clothes on his body were shredded. His swordsmanship seemed unable to defend this force.

At the moment, the aura upon his body had already reached its peak, and the sword force of heaven and earth seemed to gather together. In this storm, he held a sword, and with every step that was taken, the sword force was still climbing higher and strengthened further. There was a sword mark between heaven and earth, tearing up the void. Wherever Ye Futian passed, everything seemed to be pulverized; the storm became stronger, rushing toward him.

Finally, Ye Futian's sword was unleashed. This sword would end all things.

When the sword struck, a storm broke out, and his body moved with the sword, using the sword to tear apart the funerary storm. Sizzling sounds were heard, and the sword will madly teared and destroyed. The Sword Realm seemed to have been opened, and then tore apart bit by bit until the Sword Realm was fully opened. All saw that sword rocket upward, like a sacred sword, a true sword strike that could cleft the sky in two.

The sword light crossed the heaven and the earth, and a sword opened up the sky. With a loud boom, the storm of destruction raged between the sky and the earth, and the Qijue Sword Realm was broken.

In the Sword Realm, there came a groan. Jian Wu flew out backward, and at the corner of his mouth, there was a streak of blood. The first person in the younger generation of Sword Mountain, the sharpest sword below Saint in the Dali Dynasty, Jian Wu, was defeated. Of course, he was no longer the strongest sword below Saint in Dali Imperial City; the Seventh Swordsman had replaced him.

At this time, the aura on Ye Futian's body was slightly shallow. Jian Wu was already incredibly strong, but the final sword of End All appeared as one strike but gathered the momentum of all the sword attacks before it. With his terrible power integrated within, along with the space shredding rules, he had turned the End All power of the Halberd of Time and Space into the swordsmanship that would end all things. Therefore, there was that beautiful sword strike, opening the Sword Realm of the other.

The Shadow Bearing Sword Saint looked at Ye Futian, speechless. For this arrogant but pure-hearted swordsman of the Lower Worlds, he had asked Jian Wu to come down from the mountain to defeat him. But now, even Jian Wu of Sword Mountain was defeated in battle.

Just as the Seventh Swordsman had said, would this confirm that he learned from all things of the world to comprehend the swordsmanship of all things, which was more suitable than the swordsman of the Sword Mountain? Then, why go to Sword Mountain at all? Could it be that this seeker 's destiny was not with Sword Mountain, after all?

No one would have thought that the Seventh Swordsman from the Lower Worlds would triumph over the two mighty swordsmen Seven Sins and Jian Wu.

The young man who had come to the Dali Academy to seek instruction once upon a time now used these two battles to prove to the world that he was the first sword under the Dali Dynasty.

"After this battle, below the Saint Plane, there is nothing more to ask regarding the Swordsmanship. The road ahead can only be the Divine Path," Ye Futian said. Although the words sounded proud, they were the truth. He had reached the apex of the Sword Way below the Saint Plane in Dali. From now on, what lied in front of him could only be the Divine Path!
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    《The Legend of Futian》