The Legend of Futian
1115 The Toughest Battle of Two Holy Lands
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1115 The Toughest Battle of Two Holy Lands

Li Xun looked at Ye Futian with a smile. "Our Dali Dynasty is full of talent. Even the people of the Lower Worlds are standing at the peak below the Saint Plane. I am looking forward to the future of Dali Dynasty."

Next to Li Xun, the Imperial advisor of Dali also looked at Ye Futian. The fortune of Dali was changing, and there could be turmoil in the future. However, he could not yet see the cause of the change in fortune.

Dali Dynasty was prosperous. It had many strong cultivators in its command. Even though he had had words with the two kings of Dali, he would still avoid the conflict with the two kings at all costs. Their ideology slightly conflicted, but they were all acting in the best interest of Dali, and no one dared to trespass. Otherwise, even the two kings would not be able to afford the anger of the Emperor of Dali. This seeker was a wildcard and came from the Lower Worlds. Would he be the one?

"Seventh Swordsman," the Imperial advisor called out. Suddenly Ye Futian looked toward the Imperial advisor of Dali. This was the first time he looked at the Imperial Advisor. Because the other had called out to him, he could look back at the Imperial Advisor with good reason.

"I heard Lu Chuan saying that you cultivated in the Lower Worlds and were enlightened. You comprehended the Swordsmanship in 30 years, with nature and heaven and earth as your teacher?" asked the Imperial Advisor.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded. His battle techniques had integrated the Way of all things in the world into his Swordsmanship and turned it into Sword Arts that was without weakness. The sun, the ice, the storm, the thunder, and lightning... even the Way of space, contained all things of the universe. Although it seemed that his talent was rather particular, among the many cultivators of the Dali Dynasty, having such one genius was not surprising.

"Your life spirit, let me take a look," the adviser of Dali said. He hadn't seen Ye Futian's life spirit. What kind of life spirit could comprehend the Way of all things in heaven and earth?

Ye Futian's heart trembled slightly. At this moment, he was a little nervous. He was unambiguous that possessing such talent would naturally cause the curiosity of those in power in Dali. To cultivators, the life spirit was vital; the request from the Imperial Advisor of Dali to see his life spirit was not because he doubted his identity. No one would see a genius and immediately suspect that this person was a fraud. This was not a rational thought process. Perhaps the Imperial Advisor of Dali wanted to know how this swordsman from the Lower Worlds was so outstanding. He also knew what came next would be the key, and he had already thought about it.

"Very well." Many thoughts that flooded his mind, but Ye Futian did not hesitate to agree. In the life palace, a sword shuttled around the ancient tree of the world. A rustling came from the ancient tree. Curious aura blended into the sword will and surrounded the sword. Subsequently, the sword whistled and rushed out of the life palace.

Outside, a brilliant sword rocketed upward, and this sword was incredibly radiant. The instant he appeared, the Worldly Spiritual Qi could not resist but gather together. It was as if this sword had an affinity with all the other Spiritual Qi of the universe. The sword crossed in the void and was gone in a flash. Then it buried itself into Ye Futian and returned to his life palace.

The attention of the Imperial Advisor of Dali landed on Ye Futian. In this instant, although Ye Futian stood there quietly, he was very nervous inside. He did not know whether or not the will of the ancient tree of the world that he had integrated into the sword will had any flaws.

He had tested it before. In his opinion, there were no issues. The cultivators of the world were endless, and it was the same with life spirits. Many peoples' particular life spirits carried with them various attributes. No matter what power of attributes his life spirit was carrying, it was also entirely reasonable.

"The sword spirit in harmony with nature and heaven and earth is a considered Full Attribute. You are indeed suitable to be taught by all things in the universe and refine the All Methods Swordsmanship. If you could render harmony between them, there would be no sword you could not master." The Imperial Advisor of Dali nodded slightly and was not surprised. It was as if the Full Attribute sword spirit was completely expected. Otherwise, how could all things of the universe be its master?

Moreover, Ye Futian's sword spirit not only had an affinity toward the full attribute, but he also perceived an incredibly fantastic force. It was as if he was born to fit into the Way of the world. His perception was not incorrect, but what he sensed belonged to the life spirit of the ancient tree of the world, which caused him to misjudge.

"Imperial Advisor, it seems that Lu Chuan brought us an amazing genius of the Swordsmanship from the Lower Worlds." He smiled and said, "Seventh Swordsman, are your parents still in the Lower Worlds?"

"I don't know who my parents were," Ye Futian's tone was a bit cold, and it seemed to reflect a faint sadness, but it was the truth. It was true that until now, he still did not know who his biological parents were. That old guy, Ye Baichuan, did not tell him anything, and now he was missing. And his godfather had never mentioned it either. It was as if he was an orphan. Li Xun nodded lightly and did not say anything more.

"You may go," the Imperial Advisor said. Ye Futian nodded, and then returned to his seat on the side of Li You in a flash.

When Li You looked toward him, there was a strange color in her beautiful eyes. She said with a smile, "It seems that I underestimated you, the first swordsman below Saint Plane in Dali."

"The road of cultivation is without end, but the first sword below Saint Plane in Dali is nothing to be boastful of," Ye Futian said calmly.

"..." Li You blinked her eyes, and this dignified and noble princess revealed her side as a lady.

"You are a sword idiot." Li You laughed softly, and her beautiful eyes stared straight ahead. Zuo Zong, Seven Sins, Jian Wu, and Ye Futian had made exchanges. For the forum battle of the Dali Academy, who else would now dare to step out?

The few people before were already peak figures beside Di Hao and Dong Chen. Even if they stepped onto the forum platform, they would not exceed anyone's expectations.

This space was silent for some moments, and many eyes looked at the two figures. One stood in front of the crowd of the Dali Academy, while the other, in front of Daoli Mountain.

Next would be these two battling for glory.

Today, Daoli Mountain came to visit and seek instruction. These people came to Dali Academy to serve as witnesses of this moment. At this moment, Di Hao stepped out. He did not reveal any expression from beginning to end. Even though Ye Futian defeated seven Sins in one sword strike, he still looked as if nothing had happened. He came today with only one goal: to defeat the best disciple of the Dali Academy, Dong Chen.

Di Hao walked onto the forum platform and looked in the direction of the Dali Academy, and said, "Di Hao of Daoli Mountain, asking for your instruction."

The clothes upon his body moved without wind. A solemn atmosphere shrouded this space. Soon after, everyone saw that Dong Chen had stepped out and stood opposite Di Hao. There was no breath released from either one of them, but there was an invisible wind blowing, which was caused by both of their auras.

Dali Dynasty, below the Saint Plane, two figures at the peak.

At this time, an invisible storm swept out and beat on Dong Chen's body. He felt that this force oppressed his soul and was extremely suffocating. Di Hao was still standing there, but it seemed that he was everywhere. At this time, Di Hao stepped forward and walked out.

Dong! A bell ring sounded across the land, causing a devastating spiritual storm between heaven and earth. When it swept through, Dong Chen closed his eyes slightly and felt that his spiritual will was shaking. He felt a very strong sound wave blast out, intending to erase his spiritual will.

"God Burying Bell." Many elders from the Dali Academy had seen and known many things, and in just a moment, they had identified the kind of magical power of this sound wave attack. This was a kind of sound magic. It could disregard defensive forces and shatter the spiritual will power of others through the air, destroying others' minds. It was incomparably aggressive.

Although the other's understanding of Di Hao was limited, they did not doubt that his power was great. Otherwise, no one would have named him the first person below Saint Plane in Dali. Now, when they heard this God Burying Bell, many knew that Dong Chen was in big trouble.

The God Burying Bell was an aggressive mental attack, capable of greatly damaging the spiritual power of Dong Chen, thus weakening his combat effectiveness. It was not probable for this to be the only kind of ability that Di Hao was an expert in; there must be other extremely strong methods he had at his disposal.

Dong Chen closed his eyes, and there was a mighty storm of spiritual power that appeared upon his body, which blended with the heavens and the earth. It echoed with the Great Path. Suddenly he was covered with dazzling brilliance.

Dong! Another bell ring rocked the world, sweeping toward them. In front of Dong Chen, the invisible spiritual attack materialized and turned into half-shadows of the ancient bell. It blasted toward him. This was a compelling and mystical method of the Dali Academy, which could make the spirit will power materialize.

Dali Academy was built by Emperor of Dali, according to the specifications of the Imperial Advisor, and contained many mysterious and compelling methods. Dong Chen was the first person of the younger generations of Dali Academy, so he cultivated many great and powerful abilities.

Di Hao continued moving forward, and the bell kept ringing. The invisible storm turned into bell rings that continued to attack Dong Chen. At this moment, Dong Chen's fingers stretched out, and above the five fingers of his right hand, radiant and mysterious brilliance encircled them.

At the moment, the half-shadows of the ancient bell attacked, his fingers pressed down toward the front, and there seemed to be hundreds of thousands of fingers of catastrophe that reached out, blasting upon the ancient bell and destroyed it into smithereens. But at this point, Di Hao's aura had already elevated to an extremely dominant level. Both of his hands stretched out, and suddenly, there was a large sacred tripod, hundreds of meters high, that appeared behind him. The sacred tripod rotated, and there was a crushing atmosphere appearing above the firmament. On the area above the forum platform, many tripods appeared at the same time, suspended in mid-air. It was as if they were all controlled by Di Hao.

The tripods spun at the same time, gathering a terrifying storm of suppression. From those tripods, images of the dragon and elephant could be faintly detected. Its might suffocated the sky, and everything was on the verge of being flattened and overruled.

"Tripod of Dragon and Elephant." The cultivators of Dali Academy looked up. It was yet another aggressive attack. The tripod in itself was a symbol of suppression. Most cultivators who cultivated in the method of tripods were experts at suppression rules power.

And the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant was the most excellent method among them. The tripod integrated the power of the dragon and elephant and could even suppress the Great Path.

Many of the disciples of the Dali Academy and Daoli Mountain felt that their feet were floating. Those whose cultivation was weaker felt their legs slightly trembling. Even if they were not located below, they still felt oppressed and had difficulty breathing. Many of the disciples of the Dali Academy had a look of unease on their faces. Di Hao's strength was simply beyond imagination. Was this the might of the Way that someone in the Sage Plane could release?

It was just like the might of the Divine Path!
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    《The Legend of Futian》