The Legend of Futian
1118 The Imperial Adviser's Choice
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1118 The Imperial Adviser's Choice

With this kind of expression, how could Ye Futian not understand what his visitor meant?

It was just that he did not know why a Marquise show him such goodwill?

Where did his appreciation for him come from?

"The Xue family of Dali Imperial City has come to visit, is Master Seventh Swordsman here?" came another voice from outside. Ye Futian was stunned, then said, "Please come in."

He then watched as another group of people walked into his residence. They came up to him and said, "Congratulations, Master Seventh Swordsman."

"The household of Marquis Yang has come to greet you."

"The Lin familiy has come to greet you."

Voice after voice came from outside. Ye Futian invited them all in one after the other, and in the blink of an eye his residence was full of people.

And everyone who had come were people of status. Among them, many of the families had brought their family beauties along with them. All of them were lovely and elegant women, so beautiful as to make fish sink and birds alight. They were a feast for the eyes, and Ye Futian's eyes feasted on them, but it was all a little awkward.

Could it be...

"Master Seventh Swordsman." At that moment, another beautiful figure flashed over. Li You and Li Yang had come directly to him. They were familiar with each other, so they did not need to be announced.

"Greetings, my Prince, Princess." Everyone bowed when they saw them. Although King Li was the absolute master of the Lower Worlds, his influence was quite weak in the Upper Worlds. But he was after all one of the Four Kings.

Ye Futian looked up at the two of them, and saw that both of them looked rather excited. They descended before him, and Li took a step forward, coming right up to him. "Master Seventh Swordsman," she said, "There is news from the Imperial Adviser's household. He has chosen you."

In her excitement, Li You was leaning very close to Ye Futian. He suddenly caught a whiff of the fragrance she was wearing. Seeming to see the strange look on Ye Futian's face, Li You suddenly realized how close the tow of them were. She blushed and took a step back, but their was still excitement in her beautiful eyes.

Everyone had thought that the person that the Imperial Adviser chose would be either Di Hao or Dong Chen, but new information had come from the Imperial Adviser's household.

The Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty would take Seventh Swordsman as his disciple.

Everyone had been waiting for news from the Imperial Adviser for the past few days, and once it came out they were instantly in motion. That was why they had all come here so fast, and why everything that had taken place here at his residence had happened.

The greatest swordsman of his generation had been recognized by the Imperial Adviser, and chosent to be his disciple. His future path was hard to predict.

But at the very least they could come to get to know him and congratulate him. There was nothing wrong with maintaining friendly relations with him.

And if Ye Futian noticed the beautiful women in their families, that was even better.

Seventh Swordsman was still young, and extremely talented. His swordsmanship was unmatched, and he was also very handsome. This kind of man was extremely rare.

The disciple of the Imperial Adviser could even seek to marry a princess, and Emperor Li would not refuse him.

Given what had happened in his residence, Li You's news was not unexpected, nor did it surprise him too much.

In reality, he did not want to become the Imperial Adviser's disciple. When the Imperial Adviser had questioned him on that day, he had felt a strong sense of pressure and alertness. And Xia Qingyuan had once reminded him that at the Imperial Adviser's side he would be under even greater threat.

Of course, his status would also be very high, and he could come into direct contact with Li Yao.

"What does that expression mean?" Li You saw Ye Futian's aloof and unconcerned look and could not help but purse her lips.

The Imperial Adviser had chosen him as his personal disciple, and he did not even look a little bit excited?

Previously, the Shadow Bearing Sword Saint had invited him to come to Sword Mountain to cultivate. But that was only Sword Mountain, and the Master of Sword Mountain had not promised to take Ye Futian as a disciple. However, now the Imperial Adviser did want to take him as a disciple.

The two things could not even be mentioned in the same sentence. And moreover, even the Master of Sword Mountain was of lower status than the Imperial Adviser.

He was lower only than Emperor Li himself.

"What expression should I have?" asked Ye Futian.

"...." Li You said nothing to him. Her excitement seemed to have been ruined by his cold-blood, and she just stared at him.

At that moment there was another voice from the sky as another mighty group of figures came. They descended into his residence, and at their head was the Imperial Adviser's disciple Lu Chuan.

Some of those who had come with him were members of the Imperial family.

For example, the Prince of the Dali Dynasty, Li Yao, was there as well.

"Seventh Swordsman," called Lu Chuan as he walked towards Ye Futian. "My Master is willing to take you as his disciple, and would like to ask your opinion on the matter. Are you willing?' Lu Chuan spoke directly and frankly.

Ye Futian looked at everyone around him. With the Imperial Adviser's position within the Dali Dynasty, he had even been able to send Li Yao as part of the group inviting Ye Futian. Under this situation, if he refused he would have no chance to get close to the Dali Dynasty. Li Yao would also get farther way.

"I am willing to enter the Imperial Adviser's household," said Ye Futian. Perhaps the threat was greater, but entering the Imperial Adviser's household to cultivate would bring him closer to Li Yao.

And thus his chance of killing Li Yao would become greater.

Li You let out a big breathe when she heard Ye Futian's answer, as if she had finally relaxed. She had truly feared that Ye Futian might refuse.

In the Dali Dynasty, no one refused to enter the Imperial Adviser's household. Even Di Hao had requested to join him after defeating Dong Chen. But Li You could not get a handle on Ye Futian. The guy was a mystery.

But now he had finally accepted.

"From now on you may call me Brother," said Lu Chuan with a smile.

"Brother Lu Chuan," Ye Futian called out with a smile. He had stepped into his role quickly.

Everyone in his residence bowed. "Congratulations, Seventh Swordsman." From this day forward, there would be another hero in the Dali Dynasty.

"Seventh Swordsman." At that moment, Li Yao walked forward as well and said, "Congratulation."

"Greetings, Your Highness,' said Ye Futian with a slight bow.

"No need to be so polite. I am also a disciple of the Imperial Adviser. I may not be personally taught by him, but from now on I will still call you Brother. You can call me Li Yao, or Brother." Li Yao seemed very polite.

"Your Highness, I wouldn't dare be so improper," said Ye Futian, taking a step away from him.

"Don't worry about it. You'll soon get used to it," said Li Yao with a smile. He seemed very easy to get along with.

Seeing Li Yao's attitude, Ye Futian relaxed a little.

This way, he would not have to fear not getting his chance.

The danger was greater, but it seemed that it was worth it.

If he entered the Imperial Adviser's household, he would have a chance to kill Li Yao in the future.

Of course, at this point he could not reveal even a little bit of his hostility.

"Let us all go to the Imperial Adviser's Residence together," said Lu Chuan. Ye Futian nodded, and the group of them left together.

As they were leaving his residence, he saw several people appear there. In the distance there were people watching him, which made everyone stop.

"What are you doing, Li Xuan?" said Li Yao.

Li Xuan bowed to Li Yao, then said, "Your Highness, I only came to ask Mr. Lu Chuan, why did the Imperial Adviser choose Seventh Swordsman?"

"Does my Master need to explain his choice of disciple to you?" asked Lu Chuan.

"How can I dare question his choice of disciple? It's just that several days ago this man held a sword to my throat, and now the Imperial Adviser has taken him as a disciple. I'm a little hurt by that," said Li Xuan.

"So?" said Lu Chuan.

"It's nothing. I'm just a little hurt by it," said Li Xuan with a smile, then he stepped back.

"Don't try to stir up trouble," said Li Yao to Li Xuan.

They all ignored Li Xuan then, and looked ahead of them.

Up there, a group of figures were standing proudly, with powerful auras.

These were the cultivators of Daoli Mountain, and the youth standing at their head was Di Hao.

At that moment countless people were already gathered in the area. After the news had come out from the Imperial Adviser's residence the people had flowed here like water. The whole city had been shaken.

The Imperial Adviser had not chosen Dong Chen of Dali Academy, nor had he chosen Di Hao, the most powerful figure under the Saint level.

Instead, he had chosen Seventh Swordsman.

No one knew what the Imperial Adviser was thinking, and they were all curious. They did not why why the Imperial Adviser had done this, and at the same time they wanted to see what kind of person Seventh Swordsman was.

Now they saw that he was incredibly handsome, and extremely heroic looking.

But now, Di Hao, who had defeated Dong Chen and claimed the title of the most powerful person below the Saint level, was there, standing in front of Ye Futian.

"The Imperial Adviser did not choose the defeated Dong Chen, but he also did not choose Brother Di Hao. Was it because he comes from Daoli Mountain? Is that why he chose him?" The Seven Sins stood beside Di Hao with sharp eyes as they stared at Ye Futian.

"My Master had his own reasons for making his choice. Does he have to explain them to you?" Lu Chuan frowned. This wast he second time he had been questioned, and so his tone was a bit colder.

No matter if they were from the Prince Regent's household or Daoli Mountain, they had no right to question the Imperial Adviser's decisions, especially not who he chose as a disciple.

"Do not be so rash, Seven Sins," said Di Hao. The Seven Sins' eyes were sharp, and sword will wrapped around them as they stared forward.

Di Hao took a few steps forward and said, "Since the Imperial Adviser has made his choice, there is nothing that I can say. Today I am returning to Daoli Mountain to cultivate. Before that, I would like to teach the Imperial Adviser's chosen disciple a lesson."

Sword will swirled around him and his majestic aura swept out. He stared straight ahead at Ye Futian and said, "I am Di Hao of Daoli Mountain. Show me what you've got."

As he said this, the hubbub around them subsided, and all was silent.

Di Hao was arrogant without question. He had no right to question the Imperial Adviser's decision, but before he left the city he would stand before the one the Imperial Adviser had chosen to be his disciple.

At least he would leave something behind before he left.

Countless gazes fell upon Ye Futian. Did he dare to accept the challenge?

Three days ago, Di Hao had defeated Dong Chen. Everyone thought that Daoli Mountain meant to shame the Imperial Adviser, but afterwards Di Hao had asked to become the Imperial Adviser's disciple.

But now it was different. The Imperial Adviser had chosen Seventh Swordsman. If Di Hao defeated him, or even crushed him absolutely, that would probably be quite embarrassing for the Imperial Adviser.

This Di Hao had some anger in his heart.

That was why he had come here to stand before Ye Futian.

Di Hao was no the only one who was angry. All of the people from Daoli Mountain were. If the Imperial Adviser had chosen Dong Chen as his disciple, even though Di Hao had defeated him, they could still accept this. After all, Dong Chen was the Imperial Adviser's man. Di Hao would have left quietly.

But the Imperial Adviser had chosen Seventh Swordsman.

Ye Futian looked at Di Hao and was silent for a moment. Then he stepped forward and said, "I am Seventh Swordsman. Show me what you've got!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》