The Legend of Futian
1131 Chiseltooth, the Demon Sain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1131 Chiseltooth, the Demon Sain

Ye Futian headed out solo into the ranges within the west mountain. He passed by desolate mountains as he kept moving forward within the clouds. There were also many demonic beasts to be found within, but he did not bother paying them any attention.

There were many valleys, jungles, and marshes within the region. Ye Futian was wondering what kind of level that grand matrix covering the entire region needed to be.

The west mountain had long been a place where demonic beasts gathered. It was practically a nation of the demonic beasts. The place was so vast that it was comparable to a large city.

One could have only imagined how large the area that was covered by that matrix would have been.

Ye Futian looked somewhere below the mountains, discovering that there was a river. There was a group of black, ferocious beasts near the river which resembled bulls. They had single horns and emanating wild, unruly aura. Their hide looked like armor.

"Fiends. Si, it would seem."

Ferocious eyes scanned the air above and found that Ye Futian was all alone. Those demonic beasts took to the air while their eyes spoke only of hostility.

"Get lost," Ye Futian berated coldly. None of those demonic beasts were sacred, and the strongest among them were only beasts at the pinnacle of Sage Plane.

Boom. The demonic beasts began running about as soon as he finished talking. Towering might enveloped the region, and the space around them was shaken. Ye Futian felt that his internal organs were all rattling and his blood boiling. The world around him seemed to be shaking as the beasts ran.

Ye Futian lifted his right arm and swiped at the air. Sword will circled around him within an instant, like some terrifying storm.


He pointed his finger forward, and the Sword of Raging Storm streaked through the air as it headed forward. A straight line was drawn with a terrifying sword will bringing impossibly powerful tearing might.


Noises were heard as several demonic beasts were bloodied, retreating to the sides soon enough. However, there were other Si at the pinnacle of Sage Plane charged at Ye Futian. The Sword of Raging Storms imbued with formidable might had managed to do little more than grazing them.

Black shimmer was seen as the demonic beasts continued to charge at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was rather startled. It was said in the legends that Si possessed frightening defensive capacities, and their hides and bodies were commonly made into armor-type implements, imbuing the finished products with the function of repelling blades of all kinds. It was a testament to their formidable defensive prowess.

The hide of a Si at saint levels could probably be used to craft saint level armor, and cultivators of similar levels would have a hard time breaking through their defenses.

Many powerful demonic kinds possessed special talents from birth, and said talents continued to grow throughout their lives.

The body that stood tall in the air continued to shake. Ye Futian glanced at the ferocious beasts that were charging at him, then took a step forward and charged, imbuing powers of the great path into his attack.

Boom. A stifled rumble was heard in the air. Terrifying will of the great path swept through the place with Ye Futian as the center. A huge sword coalesced and was brought down onto the Si that was charging at him.

The Si had noticed the looming crisis and let out restless roars.

Boom. Ye Futian continued to go forward and brought his huge sword down onto the fiends. A Si clashed with the blade in an instant. That Si felt as if its internal organs had been rattled to the point of breaking. It was sent flying, spitting up blood. All the other demonic beasts retreated right away, eyeing Ye Futian cautiously.

Ye Futian glanced at them and stepped forward before passing right through them and leaving.

He came to see many other great monsters, and he continued his way forward. There were rare snakes that had wings, and then the great monster, Jimeng, which had a humanoid body and a dragon head in the rivers. There were many monsters hardly seen elsewhere that lived in the west mountain. The mountainous region of the west mountain was an extremely bustling country of the demonic beasts once upon a time.

He came to wonder what the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm was like. The demonic beasts over there would have been of even greater numbers.

Ye Futian came to an ancient mountain that was entirely white, from the very top to the bottom.

There was a figure sitting quietly at the top of that mountain. It was an elder with silver hair whose body was bent. The hair dropped to its waist.

It sat quietly there and looked up when it saw Ye Futian came, commenting in a low voice at him, "You saw me here, and you dared to come alone?"

Ye Futian naturally realized that the figure was not a human, but a demonic beast taking a human form.

Sacred beasts were capable of taking human forms, and there were also demonic beasts that descended from demonic beasts that became sacred beasts after absorbing the essence of the world. Those beasts were capable of taking human forms.

Ye Futian had seen a Jiuying, which was a sacred beast, a long time ago. As such, he did not feel the encounter to be peculiar.

"What kind of a demonic beast are you, senior?" Ye Futian asked. He was, without a doubt, able to sense the strong demonic aura emanating from the other party, which was why that being said what it had said earlier.

That elder stood up, and its body grew in a frenzy, turning into a hundred meter-tall giant. Its head changed and turned to look extremely ferocious and terrifying, like that of a devil. Teeth grew out of its mouth, and they looked incredibly sharp, glistening with terrifying sheen.

A long dagger-ax appeared in its right hand, emanating terrifying sharpness.

One demonic beast after another walked out of the cliffs, which looked like that beast, as they were of the same race.

"Chiseltooth," Ye Futian quipped.

"Seems like you know your stuff," the Chiseltooth sacred beast said. Its devil-like head looked extremely ferocious, and its eyes gleamed with frightening killing intent.

The silver-haired elder was none other than the extraordinarily ferocious and brutal Chiseltooth demonic beast told in legends, who enjoyed killing very much.

The sword will around Ye Futian's body was towering and howled. His might of the great path seeped out as his expression turned serious.

It was the first time he was truly facing a saint level demonic beast. His spirit and mettle had reached the pinnacle due to his training during the time in Dali Dynasty. He had developed comprehension of many wills of the great path, and he wanted to see if he could fight a saint level great monster.

Boom. That tall and ferocious Chiseltooth stepped forward. The mountains shook, and cracks were seen everywhere. It lashed out with the dagger-ax in its hand straight at Ye Futian. The space that Ye Futian was in seemed to freeze, and he was shrouded by stifling power.

The dagger-ax shot out in a straight line at him, seeming about to tear the sky apart.

Ye Futian extended his hand and a heavy sword that was just as huge as his opponent's dagger-ax appeared before him. Towering sword will imbued with the power of the great path was gathered, like a sacred sword.

Nan Zhai once said that the divine path was one manifested through the union of humans and the world around them. Every move they made melded with the great path. Before he was able to make a breakthrough, his mind was within that space measured in square inches. His will of the great path was hardly formidable, yet within that space, his power was quite formidable still. His way of the sword itself carried the powers he used to wield.

For example, the power of his physical body had neared that of saint levels.

Ye Futian stepped out, and his steps were imbued with the will of the great path, emanating terrifying might within. The heavy sword shot at the dagger-ax coming down from above. Both weapons clashed.

Boom. A stifling, terrifying rumble was heard, and devastating light swept throughout their surroundings. The ancient mountain beneath them crumbled in a frenzy. All the other Chiseltooths retreated, looking at the air with startled eyes.

The heavy sword continued to crumble, and yet, it was able to stop the attack from the dagger-ax. That Chiseltooth's arm was rattled, and its ferocious eyes glanced at Ye Futian.

It was startled that a human cultivator who had yet to become a saint had been able to withstand its attack.

The ferocious killing intent within its eyes grew even stronger. He took one step out and moved like a brutal demon god. Its arms were brought down alongside its entire body. That dagger-ax swooped down with even greater force.

Will of the great path of space emanated from Ye Futian. He streaked through the air while tearing through the stifling might before him. However, the devastating power of the great path restrained the surroundings around them, suppressing him and preventing him from moving much from where he stood.

But then again, he was still circled with a terrifying sword will. He stepped into the air and tore through that pressure. The dagger-ax came straight at him. His body evaded it by mere inches. He then burst through the air, heading straight for the head of that Chiseltooth.

He had used the limitless pressure of the heavy pressure at the end of the showdown between him and Di Hao to bring his opponent down. He was still using close-quarters combat that he was adept in while dealing with the demonic saint right before him. The power that he was so well-versed in did not give him an edge. His opponent was of great size and had peerless offensive capacity. He had to resort to other measures to fight.

Swords of Kasyapa coalesced from the sword will howling about him. He waved his hands and sent the swords streaking through the air.

The Chiseltooth glanced at the swords coming for it and took one step forward. The spiritual powers which Ye Futian was using to control the Swords of Kasyapa seemed to have been blocked by some formless power. That resistance was something that had not been there when he was facing off against sages.

The way of training with the Sword of Kasyapa was rather special. The swords were controlled by infusing one's spiritual powers into the sword will directly, achieving absolute control before terrifying power was brought forth.

At that moment, the spiritual will power in Ye Futian's mind was cranked to the maximum, enabling the Swords of Kasyapa to tear through that resistance and continue to streak forward, heading straight for the head of the Chiseltooth.

A shield appeared on the left arm of that Chiseltooth when it saw the incoming swords. The shield had a ring of extremely sharp fang-like contraptions, which spun about like gears.

It held the shield up before its head while continuing to step forward. The world around them shook, and the mountains below them exploded and crumbled, while the dagger-ax continued to swing at Ye Futian.

The Swords of Kasyapa hit the shield, and high-pitched noises were heard. They were unable to break through the shield. The swords then moved around the shield and manifested countless shadows of the sword, appearing and disappearing time and again, as if they were able to turn ethereal altogether.

That was a move resulting from fusing the Sword Sutra of the Void with that of the Sword of Kasyapa.

Ye Futian retreated in a hurry, but that raging, ferocious demonic beast moved alongside him. It streaked through the space, and the dagger-ax caused countless huge specters of the dagger-ax to appear in the air, tearing through their surroundings, intending to pin Ye Futian where he was.

Ye Futian's speed was unnervingly fast. He continued to tear through space using the sword will of space, but his opponent continued to charge forward and lock onto his body. Mountains crumbled wherever they passed, and many smaller, lesser demonic beasts scatter in fright in their presence.

Ye Futian continued to maintain tight control of the Swords of Kasyapa circling above the Chiseltooth. Those swords seemed to have turned into sword matrixes as they continued to circle their target. The Chiseltooth felt dazed somewhat when the swords howled, feeling that it was being attacked.

Thousands of shadows of the sword shot down at it, aimed at every direction where its head was.

Roar. That Chiseltooth roared, and their surroundings shook. The shield in its hand continued to grow in a frenzy, shrouding the sky above and put the place on lockdown, while the dagger-ax in its hand continued to lash out at Ye Futian.
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    《The Legend of Futian》