The Legend of Futian
1132 Depths of West Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1132 Depths of West Mountain

Killing pressure shrouded the area where Ye Futian was. Countless dagger-axes were swung his way, giving him nowhere to retreat.

His sword spirit appeared, and the World Tree within his Life Palace swayed. Multiple types of will of the great path emanated from his body as he melded with the great path. An extremely dazzling screen of the sword isolated the space and enveloped his body within.

His sword spirit grew in a frenzy, turning into a colossal sword measuring over 100 meters. It shot forward. The screen of the sword covered in the entire space, with his sword spirit as the center.


Yet another thundering sound was heard. Stifling rumbles were felt everywhere. An extremely tall mountain right behind Ye Futian crumbled in a blink of an eye, turning into dust.

The devastating light continued to spread around in a frenzy with the bodies of them both at the center, its pressure extending over 100 miles.

The dagger-ax clashed with the sword spirit, and Ye Futian's body was thrown back. Countless dagger-axes killed their way through, yet that absolute screen of light burst with terrifyingly devastating force, tearing the shadows of the dagger-axes to shreds.

Terrifying clashing rumble continued to be heard above the Chiseltooth. The shield repelled the sword, causing the Swords of Kasyapa to turn around and fly straight towards the Chiseltooth's enormous body.

However, extremely powerful might of the great path manifested around the Chiseltooth's body. The Swords of Kasyapa burst through that might and shot for his body, but were unable to deal more than flesh wounds. The Chiseltooth's hide was visibly torn, yet the blades were unable to pierce into its body.

Demonic beasts like the Chiseltooth were poor in magical arts, yet their prowess in close-quarter combat and defense were frighteningly formidable. They were like human cultivators who attained sainthood and melded with the great path through their formidable physical bodies.

Saints were undoubtedly saints, and there was a clear line drawn. Ye Futian might have been peerless below the Saint Plane and possessed unparalleled talents, yet it was simply too difficult to make that one last step, and it seemed as if only a handful were capable of making it.

There had been renowned figures throughout history who were all unable to kill saints when they were still sages.

When one shook off one's mortal limitations and became a saint, they would meld with the great path and shed their mortal self.

Despite sustaining only flesh wounds, the Chiseltooth roared in a fury. It was unable to believe that a human sage had injured it. Furthermore, the fight had been going on for so long, and it still had yet to kill the human.

It deemed this unacceptable.

It continued to step forward, and the sky shook furiously. The dagger-ax continued to attack the sword spirit, intending to crush it. Ye Futian's body was dragged behind against his will.


Ye Futian stepped in the air when he retreated, causing him to take steps backward. Even so, his steps still shook furiously. The might of his body did not weaken and had become increasingly strong instead.

However, Ye Futian continued to look very puny and insignificant.

Boom. He took yet another step onto a mountain right behind him, causing a terrifying tear to run through the entire mountain. However, he and the humongous body of that Chiseltooth rammed into the mountain, shattering it.

As he continued to take his steps, both of them tore through over a dozen mountains, and the Chiseltooth's speed slowed after that. Ye Futian's might had been cranked to its peak by that, becoming able to withstand the Chiseltooth's attacks.

Furthermore, the Swords of Kasyapa continued to circle, finding openings to shoot into the Chiseltooth's head.

The Chiseltooth reeled its arm back and lifted the dagger-ax. Its body spun, and the shield on its left hand bashed onto the Swords of Kasyapa. The dagger-ax in its right hand shot down like godly weapons, destroying the landscape below it.

Boom. Ye Futian took one step forward, and the might accumulated by the Footwork of Xuanyuan had risen to its peak. His body streaked through the air while his sword spirit pulsed with dazzling brilliance. It was as if layers of shadows of the sword had appeared and clashed with the dagger-ax again.

In a split second, the world around them seemed to be near total annihilation. Ye Futian's body was thrown far off, yet the Chiseltooth was thrown several steps back at that time.

The Swords of Kasyapa found an opening to exploit. The flash of the sword came and went in a split second when the shield in its hand was unable to withstand the attack. A bloodied gash was seen on its neck, yet the blades were unable to punch into its body. It was simply too difficult to kill a demon saint who had an extremely formidable constitution.

The Chiseltooth pulled back its dagger-ax and clapped onto the Swords of Kasyapa, crushing them between its fingers. Ye Futian took the chance to charge forward through the space, holding the Sword of Raging Storms capable of tearing space apart in his hand.

More Swords of Kasyapa coalesced and streaked through the air as they came. The Chiseltooth resorted to biting on the swords, and it managed to catch one.

Ye Futian's charging form appeared right before it, and the sword was brought down. It bashed the shield on its hand at the Swords of Kasyapa while chomping down on Ye Futian with its sharp fangs.

The sword flew out of his hand, and his body streaked through the air to avoid the fangs. The flash of the sword left a bloodied gash at the corner of its mouth. It was broken after wounding the beast.

The Chiseltooth looked extraordinarily ferocious and glared at Ye Futian with unforgiving eyes.

Voom. Ye Futian flashed and streaked past its head while it was thinking of ways to kill Ye Futian. He headed straight for its rear at an unimaginable speed as he streaked through the air.

The Swords of Kasyapa continued to head for the beast as if trying to prevent it from going anywhere. The Chiseltooth seemed to have realized something and ran following the path it came. However, the Swords of Kasyapa were everywhere, affecting its speed.

Ye Futian streaked past the air at an unbelievable speed. He returned to the place where the battle took place, glancing at the pack of Chiseltooths below. He glanced at the Chiseltooths below with demonic eyes, before diving into the pack like a bolt of lightning.

He came right before all of the Chiseltooth demonic beasts before long. Two bodies of the demonic beasts were left on the ground before he continued to head forward and leave the place.

The demon saint ran and came back to where the fight started. It roared in rage after finding the two bodies on the ground, but it did not pursue him. It had been unable to kill the human, after all.

The demonic beasts roared in sorrow, and there were demonic beasts that said, "My king, those humans are killing our people in cold blood. Can't we hunt them down instead?"

"That's right. Better to ally with the other demonic races than to let the humans hunt us all down."

The Chiseltooth's eyes were cold before it shrunk its body and said, "We'll leave this place first."

The humans never acted alone when they came every time. What the two of them did over there would probably attract a lot of attention, making it unwise for them to stay around for long.

A group of people arrived not long after they left. The leading figure was none other than Princess Li Xiao. She stared at the bodies below and said in a low voice, "Did that guy really fight a demon saint?"

"I'm afraid so, Princess," one of the people who were there to protect her sensed the lingering aura of combat and said.

Li Xiao's expression looked rather peculiar. She thought that demonic beasts would have killed that proud fellow, and yet she found him being able to survive fighting a demon saint instead.

Furthermore, he killed two demonic beasts while he was at it.

Ye Futian continued to travel forward. That battle allowed him to learn something about his powers. Furthermore, he did not expose any of his powers other than those of the sword.

That place was the west mountain, and it belonged to Dali royalty, after all. Who was to say if there were any eyes around in that place?

He may have looked unbridled and proud in Dali, but he was very cautious.

Ye Futian fought many other demonic beast types along the way, and there were naturally demon saints among them, with one of them being a nine-headed snake, which proved very difficult and almost held him back.

There was also an extremely violent Zhu Yan, which had formidable combat prowess and a lot more terrifying than the Chiseltooth, who managed to injure him.

Ye Futian had been able to venture deep into the west mountain after experiencing many, many battles for the few days he was there. He had accumulated several injuries, but he was unhindered due to his formidable restorative powers.

However, with every battle, he came to learn more about powers at the Saint Plane. While demon saints were somewhat different from their human counterparts, the difference was not that far off.

By then, he had become able to retreat in one piece, fighting against saints at the first level of Saint Plane.

He was even able to find opportunities to leave some marks on those saints, but it continued to prove near-impossible to kill the saints. If he let his guard down, the retaliation would have been dire.


Li Yao and the others were doing battle with demonic beasts in another corner of the west mountain. Many dead bodies of demonic beasts were found on the ground a while later.

Li Yao's face looked unusually gloomy. Several saints surrounded him.

Royal members had perished in the hunt in the west mountain but never had there been a prince killed.

The safety of the princes was of utmost importance.

"Wretched beasts." Li Yao glanced coldly at the dead bodies on the ground. He had suffered being surrounded by demonic beasts for the past several days. It seemed to him that those beasts had gotten tired of living.

"Let's go and find the others. These demonic beasts are beginning to retaliate, and they are now hunting us. I'm afraid some of us are in danger, and I wonder how the Seventh Swordsman is doing right now," Li Yao said.

The Seventh Swordsman seemed to be making great strides after going solo. He had gone deep into the west mountain, and no one else saw any signs of him.

At that moment, Ye Futian was sitting before a river and was training. There was a dense jungle in the mountains. His eyes were closed, and his aura calm.

He opened his eyes and looked at that river before him with a deadpan look. He saw the demonic beasts that Li Yao had encountered.

It did not seem all that hopeful to manipulate the demonic beasts into killing that prince of Dali Dynasty. But then again, he never had much hope for that to become a reality in the first place. He was trying things out.

Li Yao was somewhat cautious, and his powers had yet to get to the level of being invincible below Saint Plane, so there was no way he would have gone solo like Ye Futian.

At that moment, Ye Futian sensed formidable spiritual powers descending, which prompted him to look far away.

A group of people was heading his way, and one of them asked, "What are you doing here, Brother Seventh Swordsman?"

Ye Futian glanced at the one who spoke and found him to be the grandson of the Prince Regent, Li Xuan. The ones around him were the people of the Prince Regent.

Seeing Li Xuan's smile, Ye Futian rose and flashed, leaving right away.

He and Li Xuan were hardly acquainted, and one could have even said that they were enemies.

Brother Seventh Swordsman?

Better keep my distance from this guy, Ye Futian thought.

"This place is already in the depths of the west mountain, and great monsters are everywhere. It's simply too dangerous for you to go forth on your own, Brother Seventh Swordsman. How about we travel together instead?" Li Xuan and his people caught up to Ye Futian and tried to convince him.

Ye Futian frowned.

At that moment, rustling was heard from the jungle, and many weak demonic beasts were flapping their wings as they left the place. There was also an increasing number of signs of demonic beasts running.

Powerful demonic aura swept through the place, shrouding the entire area.

Ye Futian glanced at Li Xuan. Extreme coldness was seen in his eyes.
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    《The Legend of Futian》