The Legend of Futian
1133 The Candle Dragon's Killing Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1133 The Candle Dragon's Killing Inten

From the way how the demonic beasts ran, it was evident that they had sensed something perilous; some great monster was coming.

An extremely cold will shrouded the vast space at that moment, and Ye Futian shuddered, feeling a chill running down his spine. The jungle below actually became covered by a layer of frost, being frozen over altogether.

However, that was not the end of it. In the very next moment, terrifying scorching will emerged. The chill was turned into heat, and a great swath of the jungle below wilted in a frenzy.

The cycle of heat and cold went on over and over. Ye Futian did not hesitate to keep speeding away, leaving that space and returning from whence he came.

Li Xuan had ulterior motives, and the very reason Ye Futian returned following the tracks he came so far was to get near others from the Dali Dynasty.

Far away in the sky, a great monster of crimson colors all over it sped. Fauna wilted everywhere it passed. Every breath it took caused a cycle of heat and cold. The place became covered with frost as it exhaled, and scorching heat was all over the place when it inhaled.

That monster was hundreds of meters long and had hard scales all over its body. Its colossal head resembled that of a human, and it had horns. The human-headed-dragon-bodied monster was known as Zhuyin, also known as the candle dragon.

The candle dragon sped away forward, chasing after Li Xuan.

There were saints among Li Xuan's party, and the direction they traveled in was the one Ye Futian was going in. Despite streaking through the sky at great speeds, he was still unable to shake off their pursuit.

The saints were traveling at unimaginable speeds. It was as if their bodies had become one with their surroundings.

That candle dragon was moving at extreme speeds as well, continuing to close in on Li Xuan's party, which naturally meant that it was closing in on Ye Futian as well.

"Huuu..." The candle dragon exhaled, and its surroundings were frozen over. Freezing will of the great path swept through the sky, and the space seemed to have frozen over. Ye Futian's speed became greatly affected. He was then circled by sword wills, which zipped through his surroundings, cutting down the freezing will as he continued moving forward, yet his speed had visibly dropped.

"Faster, Brother Seventh Swordsman." At that moment, Li Xuan and his party, who were all riding on divine implements, surpassed Ye Futian. Ye Futian glanced at them with cold eyes, but he did not say anything. The sword will around him grew stronger and howled in a frenzy, tearing the freezing power around him as he moved.

Ye Futian tried changing course and headed in a direction different from Li Xuan, yet the candle dragon still had its eyes on him, so he had no choice but to keep moving forward.

The candle dragon caught up shortly after. Its eyes closed in a split second. Light was drained from his surroundings, and the place turned as dark as night.

With the place turning dark all of a sudden, Ye Futian felt as if he had gone blind and was unable to see anything. He was only moving forward, guided by his instincts. However, his spiritual powers were greatly restrained and had succumbed to the darkness as well.

He naturally knew that it was an innate talent of the candle dragon.

The World Tree in his Life Palace swayed, and slivers of aura emanated, shrouding him, allowing him to sense everything around him. His eyes changed, seemingly imbued with divine light, enabling him to see through the darkness. Despite still being affected, he was no longer blind.

A strong sense of crisis loomed over him. Cold will shrouded his body, and terrifying pressure was getting close. A huge claw was launched at him. He was like an ant when compared to the humongous body of the candle dragon, looking puny and insignificant.

Saints were different despite being on the same plane, and the same naturally applied to the demonic beasts as well.

That candle dragon was also a demon saint on the first level of Saint Plane, but it was more powerful than the ones he had fought before.

Swords of Kasyapa manifested from the sword will around him, and it shot backward, zipping through the sky like bolts of lightning, streaking past the candle dragon's claw. It headed straight for its human-like head.

The candle dragon's condescending eyes took a glance at Ye Futian, and it exhaled again. Frost shot through their surroundings, and the space before it was frozen over. The Swords of Kasyapa that appeared were frozen by the frost, stopping where they were.

A huge Sword of Raging Storms coalesced right before Ye Futian. He turned around, and the claw banged onto the sword, sending Ye Futian's body flying away.

His body was sent back thousands of meters. He stood in the air. The candle dragon opened its eyes and dispelled the darkness, returning light to their surroundings.

"I believe we have no enmity, senior. Aren't you pursuing the wrong person?" Ye Futian said.

The candle dragon glanced at him, condescending, and continued to move forward. It opened its mouth and exhaled. At that moment, their surroundings were frozen over, and Ye Futian felt as if he was about to turn into a statue of ice. The World Tree in his body swayed, and the light of the sun emanated from his body. He became scorching hot throughout his being in that very instant. It was as if suns were hanging on his body, dispelling the cold.

A dazzling screen of the sword that tore through space appeared around him. He held onto the sword with both hands and continued to step forward. The space shook as he did, his might resounding throughout his surroundings. It was as if he would combine with the great will and the powers imbued within his sword.

Voom. The body that was shrouded in the screen of the sword tore the will of the great path of freezing right away as he charged at the candle dragon. The candle dragon closed its eyes again, turning the surroundings into darkness. Yet, it did not manage to affect Ye Futian's eyes, which were gleaming with divine light. The sword tore through space and grazed the candle dragon's claw as it headed straight for its head, yet the might of the great path of heat and cold was merely overwhelming.

It became difficult for the sword to travel, and the dragon's claw was brought down again. His sword was shattered, and he was sent flying yet again. Blood was seeping out of his mouth as he grunted.

He did not continue to retreat this time. He held onto his sword and glared at the candle dragon.

Li Xuan and his people had been far away from where he was by then. Cold killing intent was seen in Li Xuan's eyes.

Regardless of how powerful Ye Futian was, he deemed that the only outcome that would have resulted from facing a demon saint candle dragon was death.

Going solo?

Not even conventional saints at the first level dared not venture out alone in the west mountain, as it was possible to encounter demon saints.

Ye Futian dared to venture deep into the west mountain alone due to having formidable combat capacity, which Li Xuan deemed to be stupid.

If Ye Futian were to die in the candle dragon's hands, it would have had nothing to do with him.

"Beware. Demonic beasts approaching." A voice was heard, and Li Xu, Li Xuan's elder brother, frowned. He was a saint and sensed dangerous aura looming. There was powerful demonic aura emanating from far away.

Li Xuan and his party stopped and sensed powerful demonic aura from several directions before them.

They quickly saw a Chiseltooth demon saint at the front, who brought several sage level demonic beasts with it, but the numbers were fewer than when Ye Futian fought it.

The Chiseltooth demon saint's eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Li Xuan and the others emanated powerful aura, and they looked in yet another direction, finding an ape-like demonic beast, which was red hot all over as if it was clad in the fires of hell. It held a huge staff in its hand. It was none other than the fiend Zhu Yan.

There was an extremely ferocious snake demon in yet another direction, which had nine heads.

Other than the several demon saints, there were also many great monsters at sage levels appearing.

Li Xuan and his party realized right there and then that demonic beasts were jumping them. Furthermore, it was more than just that of one race. All of them in the party sported glum looks.

One golden dragon after another emanated from the body of Li Xu, Li Xuan's elder brother, which shot up to the sky and let out angry roars. Their surroundings shook, and they seemed to be sending a message far away.

Many looked at the sky in the west mountain. Some of them moved in that direction, and there were some who were attacked.

"Retreat," Li Xu said, and their bodies began to fly backward. Those demonic beasts charged forward at them, intending to kill them.

The extremely ferocious and brutal Zhu Yan descended with the fires of hell and brought the staff down on them as if intending to crack the earth open. A saint stepped forward with a divine implement in their hands, bursting with golden defensive images. The space seemed to have been shattered with a loud bang. Li Xuan and his party continued to retreat, and those demonic beasts charged at them, emanating strong killing intent.

However, Li Xuan's lineup was indeed powerful. There were three saints among them, and all of them were from the Prince Regent's Residence.

Even so, they continued to retreat and were mainly defending. The situation before them was tricky. They were waiting for reinforcements before annihilating the threat before them once and for all.

Li Xuan and the others retreated to where Ye Futian was fighting the candle dragon shortly after.

The man and the beast were still fighting at the moment. However, Ye Futian was injured, and yet the sword will continued to circle him.

Li Xuan frowned, finding it puzzling that the candle dragon had yet to kill the Seventh Swordsman.

As for the Chiseltooth, the nine-headed snake and the other demon saints, their killing intent shot to their skies when they saw Ye Futian. He had killed their people before, yet he managed to escape.

Ye Futian naturally knew about the killing intent of those demonic beasts. In truth, those demonic beasts had been drawn to where he was using the sage demonic beasts that he had enthralled.

Li Xuan and his people wanted so badly to dump me here and leave, eh? Ye Futian thought.

Those demon saints charged at Ye Futian with cold killing intent, but since Li Xuan and the others were closer, it looked as if those demonic beasts were charging at them instead.

"Brother Li Xuan, how about we team up?" Ye Futian said and flashed to Li Xuan's side.

If Li Xuan wanted so badly to address the Seventh Swordsman as "brother," then he saw no reason to refuse at the moment.

However, Ye Futian's mind was cold, and he was filled with killing intent deep down. He naturally noticed the three saints that were with Li Xuan.

What is this meaning of this? he wondered.

It meant that they had enough powers to deal with the candle dragon, and yet they led the beast to him before leaving on their own. Their intentions were very clear at this point.

It was a setup that would have killed him if he were to even be slightly weaker. He would have died otherwise at the hands of the candle dragon.

If he were to be killed by the demonic beasts in the west mountain, then it could all have been attributed to the fact that his insolence and foolishness doomed the Seventh Swordsman, and it would have had nothing to do with Li Xuan.

Those demon saints had powerful killing intent towards Ye Futian, and all of them charged at Ye Futian, which made it seem as if they were charging at Li Xuan's party.

The three saints acted right away to repel the demon saints' attacks. The other demonic beasts headed their way in a frenzy as well. A harrowing battle broke out right there and then.

As for that candle dragon, it kept to itself instead of joining the fray, watching Ye Futian with cold eyes instead.

At that moment, his huge body moved forward and continued to head for Ye Futian, as if it was determined to have him killed.

Ye Futian's brow twitched, and a thought crossed his mind.

The candle dragon could have been said to have shifted its attention to him because Li Xuan and the others ran.

Yet, at that moment, despite being around Li Xuan and his party, that candle dragon demon saint still had its eyes on him.

That might not have been an ill omen for him, after all.
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    《The Legend of Futian》