The Legend of Futian
1134 Interrogation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1134 Interrogation

Li Xuan saw that Ye Futian continued to get close to him, and he could not help but frown, trying to widen the distance between him and Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian had been pestering him. Although his speed was not as fast as the cultivators of Saint Plane, he was still quicker than Li Xuan; there was no question in catching up with him.

The candle dragon seemed to be concerned with something and did not make its move.

Ye Futian said nothing and did not reveal its secret, but the murderous intent was firm in his heart.

The demonic beasts of West Mountain were all prey to the Sovereign Family, but the wisdom of these prey was not any lesser than that of humans. Moreover, they had the chance to survive by being taken as mounts by the Sovereign Family.

Since there was an opportunity for survival, then indeed, some agreement could be reached.

In other words, the candle dragon may have promised to surrender.

But this candle dragon perhaps did not know that if he killed this disciple of the Imperial Advisor of Dali in public, he would not be able to survive either, and would not have the opportunity to become a mount.

In other directions, great battles broke out, and several other demonic beasts did not hesitate to turn against Ye Futian. Several people of the Saint Plane of Prince Regent's Residence also seemed to become aware of it, as they turned and looked back at what was being played out.

These demonic beasts seemed to be aiming toward the Seventh Swordsman.

Did the Seventh Swordsman offend them somehow?

Li Xu retreated in an instant without hesitation and came toward the direction of Li Xuan. Seeing that Ye Futian was constantly approaching Li Xuan to avoid the attack of the candle dragon, a mighty might of the Way suddenly surged from his body, his palms waving, and suddenly, his palm print slammed toward Ye Futian.

"Get away."

This palm print was not meant to kill. He would not kill Ye Futian; he only wanted Ye Futian to leave Li Xuan alone.

Ye Futian waved his sword and cut off the palm print as he was retreating. He glanced at Li Xu with an incredibly cold look.

Several cultivators of the Saint Plane were also in retreat. Suddenly, Zao Chi, the nine-headed demonic snake and Zhu Yan the Beast turned their attacks to Ye Futian.

And that candle dragon also stared at Ye Futian coldly. Its gigantic body moved forward.

In an instant, Ye Futian was facing the attack of the four great Demon Saints.

"Indeed." People of Prince Regent's Residence secretly exclaimed. Their attacks were aiming at Ye Futian. This guy even could fight the Demon Saints, and he may have also killed the kin of these demonic beasts, therefore greatly angering them.

They almost bore the brunt of their rage for the Seventh Swordsman.

When Li Xuan observed this, his eyes were cold; heaven was watching out for him.

Before, he had already discovered that Ye Futian had noticed something, but he did not expect that the candle dragon could not kill Ye Futian. If he was allowed to walk out of the West Mountain hunting ground alive, there would inevitably be some trouble. The best thing was to let him die in the hands of the demonic beasts.

Ye Futian saw the four great demonic saints attacking, and the aura of the ancient tree of the world in his life palace flowed madly. Suddenly, his body released radiant glory, and the sword spirit appeared. Many methods of the universe now gathered around him, his body levitated and shot toward the sky above, a brilliant sword veil appeared on his body.

The sharp claws of the candle dragon, the long dagger ax of Zao Chi, the long red stick of Zhu Yan the Beast, and the tail of the nine-headed demonic snake came down simultaneously and blasted toward Ye Futian, who attempted to escape from the void.


The shockingly loud sound came out, and the sword veil fell from the void, and the Sword Qi oscillated in the space.


Another loud sound was heard. The giant sword was pulverized, and the sword veil began to crack.

Zhu Yan's long stick brought with it infinite flames, as if a hellfire was roaring, a wave of flame burned through everything, and Ye Futian's body fell from the sky. The tail of the nine-tailed demonic snaked also smashed down and slammed him to the ground. Ye Futian felt as if his internal organs were shattered.

With a loud bang, his body smashed on the ground and created a deep pit.

The people of the Prince Regent's Residence watched without intervening. At the same time, some demonic beasts now launched an attack against them. Many demonic beasts rushed toward Li Xuan. The Demon Saint of Prince Regent's Residence only wanted to force them into retreat, but there were a few beasts that were extremely crazed, and unafraid of death. Therefore, killing them was the only option.

Apparently, Ye Futian was controlling those demonic beasts. He could not control the Demon Saint, but in the battle a few days ago, he managed to gain control of some of the demons around the Demon Saints. He was going to try to use it to deal with Li Yao, but now he had found other uses for it.

Seeing that the demonic beasts of their clan had been slaughtered, suddenly, the few Demon Saints turned on the people of the Prince Regent's Residence.

As for Ye Futian, who was smashed on the ground, if he was not dead by now, he ought to be fatally injured.

The candle dragon Demon Saint was still staring at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian climbed out of the deep pit and floated in the air, looking cold and indifferent. If it wasn't that his physical body was nearly at the Saint level, perhaps this fall alone could have taken eight lives out of him.

However, because he had been baptized by the medicinal bath to strengthen his already powerful body, he had an especially dominant physique so that he could rise as if nothing had happened.

When Li Xuan saw this scene, he revealed a strange look. How could he come back from that?

The infinite sword will was gathering around his body, and it was turning into Swords of Kasyapa, puffing out dazzling aurora of the sword, pointing toward the candle dragon in the void.

The candle dragon exhaled, spat out icy frost, and suddenly, Ye Futian's body seemed to be frozen.

The Swords of Kasyapa broke through the sky and disappeared into the void.

As Li Xuan was watching this battle in the void, preparing to see how Ye Futian would meet his end, he suddenly sensed danger, and then a terrible sword will surged from the void. His face changed; the sword did not go to the candle dragon but was coming toward him.

This sudden change of event caught Li Xuan unprepared. He wanted to hide, but it was too late. The Sword of Kasyapa was gone in a flash, pointing now at his throat, even piercing into the skin. Li Xuan suddenly felt a prickling coldness all over his body.

"If I die, he dies too." A voice burrowed into the ears of Li Xuan. The candle dragon roared, but its body stopped mysteriously and did not continue its attack.

Ye Futian's body flashed and came next to Li Xuan. The Sword of Kasyapa puffed out terrible sword will that surrounded Li Xuan. Ye Futian walked up to him and said coldly, "The same mistake was made twice. How come you don't remember not to repeat them?"

"What do you mean?" Li Xuan replied coldly, pretending not to understand.

"Seventh Swordsman, you forgot your place," Li Xun, who was currently fighting with a Demon Saint reprimanded in anger. Ye Futian came next to Li Xuan. He looked at the candle dragon, saying, "How come this candle dragon Demon Saint stopped its attack?"

"How would I know." Li Xuan's eyes were cold. He felt like a puppet, who was, once again, controlled by the other party.

This kind of humiliation made him want to chop Ye Futian into millions of tiny little pieces.

At this time, there was a whistling sound that came from the void, and a group of people was heading this way. There were a few among them whose aura was extremely dominant. Seeing this, the candle dragon Demon Saint retreated backward, and at the same time, the other three Demon Saints also did the same and started to withdraw.

The newcomer was the Eighth Prince of the Dali Dynasty.

His eyes swept over the crowd and landed on Ye Futian, saying, "Seventh Swordsman, what are you doing?"

"Saving my skin," Ye Futian said, but his tone was a bit cold. The Eighth Prince came just in time. As soon as Ye Futian had captured Li Xuan, there he came.

Was this really a coincidence, or was it intentional?

"Quit joking, let go of Li Xuan," the Eighth Prince said casually. There was authority in his tone.

"I beg your forgiveness, Your Royal Highness, but I can't do that," Ye Futian replied.

"You forget yourself!" the cultivators of the Prince Regent's Residence shouted, and they were walking toward him. Someone said coldly, "Even though you are the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, your treatment of Prince Regent's Residence will not be overlooked and forgiven."

"But before I got a hold of Li Xuan, you guys didn't seem to want to spare me either?" Ye Futian said sarcastically. He was biding his time.

The people of the Prince Regent's Residence had already sent out a signal; the cultivators of the Sovereign Family would arrive soon.

"Seventh Swordsman, enough is enough," the Eighth Prince continued.

Ye Futian looked at him but did not respond.

Suddenly, the atmosphere seemed somewhat oppressive. Ye Futian just disregarded the Eighth Prince.

A while later, someone else arrived; it was princess Li Xiao. She was stunned by what she saw in front of her, and said to Ye Futian, "Seventh Swordsman, what is the meaning of this?"

"Seventh Swordsman, you are much too arrogant," elders of the Sovereign Family, who scolded him with an icy cold voice.

More and more members of the Sovereign Family had now arrived, and all of them were angrily reprimanding Ye Futian.

Ye Futian ignored all of them and even closed his eyes.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Li Xun and Li Yao had also arrived, as well as those from the Royal House of Li Yang and Li You.

In the end, the Third Prince and Li Ze arrived with a large number of royal cultivators.

"Seventh Swordsman, what is going on here?" Li Yao asked.

"The people of the Prince Regent's Residence wanted me dead," Ye Futian replied.

"Seventh Swordsman, don't lie," Li Xu asked coldly.

"When did we try to touch you?" Li Xuan also questioned.

"Put the sword down first." The eyes of the Third Prince focused on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at the people who came; those who needed to come came.

Suddenly he laughed, a sarcastic laugh, and he said, "The Master was entitled the Imperial Advisor of Dali, and devoted his life to the Dali Dynasty with countless efforts to strength Dali, and nurtured countless talents, thus valued by the Emperor himself. However, the Master was not of the Li clan and had never expected the descendants of the Sovereign Family to squash him. The resentment toward him had run so deep."

As Ye Futian's voice drifted, the faces of many changed abruptly. This accusation was a serious one.

"Seventh Swordsman, the Imperial Advisor is a pillar of our nation and is valued greatly by the Emperor. It has nothing to do with names and clans. Your accusation is pure madness," the Third Prince said.

"Is it?" Ye Futian looked at the Third Prince and replied, "Then, as the disciple of the Imperial Advisor of Dali, I was ambushed on the royal hunting ground. An attempt was made on my life. I took Li Xuan as security for my life, yet no one asked why, but just accused me of being out of line, arrogant, asking me to let him go. But did none of you really care about what Li Xuan had done?"

Upon hearing what Ye Futian said, Li Xun and Li Yao both frowned. The people of Prince Regent's Residence looked grave and gloomy. They didn't expect the Seventh Swordsman to have made such a deep calculation and to unleash it only at this moment.

Moreover, it brought to light the hidden conflict between the Sovereign Family and the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

This kind of matter could only be acknowledged silently, but no one dared to say it out loud.

Which prince dared to admit it?

"Seventh Swordsman, what exactly did Li Xuan do?" asked Li Xun.

"I was resting in the forest of West Mountain when the cultivators of the Prince Regent's Residence came at me and attracted a candle dragon Demon Saint. They fled and left me there, allowing the candle dragon Demon Saint to attack me," said Ye Futian.

"The power of the candle dragon was great, we couldn't deal with it," Li Xu said defensively. His only regret was that the stupid candle dragon could not kill the Seventh Swordsman, allowing him to survive. It was now biting them in the *ss.

"Really?" Ye Futian said sarcastically. "Afterwards, when I faced the Demon Saint by myself, not only did you all watch and do nothing when it was you who guided the candle dragon to me. However, when I got close to you, why did you all start to attack me?

"Also, when the candle dragon was about to kill me, why did it stop when I took hold of Li Xuan?" Ye Futian continued his interrogation.

"How would we know the thoughts of the demonic beast?" someone from Prince Regent's Residence answered coldly.

"How easy it is for you to deny everything so completely." Ye Futian sneered, saying, "Li Xuan, do you remember your promise to my senior brother outside of Dali Academy?"

Many people trembled now in their hearts. At the time, Li Xuan had sworn upon his own life as a promise!
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    《The Legend of Futian》