The Legend of Futian
1135 I'll Pick Him Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1135 I'll Pick Him Up

Li Xuan's face looked terrible, and he did not forget what happened last time.

On that day, much like today, after the cultivators of the Saint Plane had made a move, he was taken by the Seventh Swordsman, who demanded to make an exchange—one life for another. To save his skin, he promised Yan Yuan that he would never touch Ye Futian, guaranteed by his own life.

"Seventh Swordsman, if it was indeed as you said, I will investigate this matter, but let him go first," the Third Prince said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian sneered. The Third Prince himself was close to the Sovereign Family; Li Xuan was the grandson of the Prince Regent.

"Sire, the evidence is undeniable. What else is there to investigate? If it weren't for me taking Li Xuan, I would already be dead because of their plot to end me. Now, everyone is asking me to let him go, but my senior brothers are not here today, so now the descendants of the Sovereign Family are bullying me like this?" Ye Futian sounded so antagonizing that it made many people frown. This b*stard was determined not to let the matter rest.

If news came out that the descendants of the Sovereign Family were elbowing out the disciples of the Imperial Advisor or even made an attempt on the life of a disciple of the Imperial Advisor, what would the people of Dali think?

Perhaps even Emperor Li himself would not be able to spare them.

The people of Prince Regent's Residence were genuinely useless. They had several people of the Saint Plane, and in their dealings with the Seventh Swordsman, they had mishandled it. Worse yet, they had allowed Li Xuan to be taken once again.

"What ironclad evidence? It was just the action of a demonic beast, and you determined that Prince Regent's Residence ordered it?" Li Xun said coldly; this was something they could never admit.

He took a step forward to put more pressure on Ye Futian.

Psst! The Sword Qi pierced into Xuan's throat, and a drop of blood dripped down. Li Xun stopped, and the look on his face was beyond ugly.

"Since Li Xuan promised back then, then he should pay with his life for what he did," Ye Futian replied coldly. Murderous intent flowed upon him. The sword will puffing about, moving bit by bit into Li Xuan's throat.

Li Xuan's throat moved as he swallowed. Both of his eyes stared at Ye Futian. Was he crazy?

Did he dare to kill him?

"Seventh Swordsman!" several princes couldn't help but call out.

"Would you dare?" Li Xuan's voice sounded hoarse as he spat in a cold voice, seemingly full of bravado.

"After Li Xuan's death, if the people of Prince Regent's Residence thought that this matter had nothing to do with them, feel free to let my Master and senior brothers investigate. That candle dragon is still at the west mountain, and all of you are here. I hope no one will touch him to destroy the evidence. If I wronged Prince Regent's Residence, I, Seventh Swordsman, will exchange my life for a life," Ye Futian said, then the sword will puffed out. The sword was unleashed and directly penetrated Li Xuan's throat.

Li Xuan made a sound from his gut, but it was almost impossible to hear. He opened his mouth, and he stared at Ye Futian, full of fear and despair.

He. dared. to. kill him!

With both hands trembling, he put them to his throat and felt the sticky, bloody gore. Li Xuan wanted to make a sound, but he was no longer able to do so. Then his life began to fade, and his body fell from the sky.

Everyone was stunned. The space seemed to be solidified, and they all stared at the scene playing out in front of them.

The Seventh Swordsman really killed Li Xuan.

This madman!

Li Xun rushed out and caught Li Xuan's fallen body.

"Li Xuan." Li Xun's eyes were red, and his murderous intent was as high as the sky. Li Xuan's hands were trembling; fear was written all over in his eyes.

In Dali Dynasty, the Imperial Advisor had such great authority that he suppressed even the Sovereign Family. He, Li Xuan, as the descendant of the Sovereign Family, was reluctant to cultivate inside Dali Academy, but he was coerced, for which he had always felt great shame.

They were descendants of the Sovereign Family from Prince Regent's Residence, yet they were indebted to the Imperial Advisor. His grandfather, the Prince Regent, kept a low profile and refrained from asking affairs of the outside world. But he would rather stir the pot so that his grandfather could stand up and intervene, at the very least, to take back the dignity of the Sovereign Family.

As a member of the Sovereign Family, in front of the disciples of the Imperial Advisor, they were actually required to show their respect by bowing. Even more outrageous was that the disciples of the Imperial Advisor saw this as a matter of course. Even though they would return the salutation to those who were princes, for those royal members outside the main branch of the Sovereign Family, those disciples were not so considerate. Each and every one of them was extremely prideful.

Therefore, he provoked Ye Futian, wanting to cause a feud.

The funny thing was that the disciples of the Imperial Advisor were still so arrogant. Even the one who had just become the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, the Seventh Swordsman, dared to kill him...

He reached out his hand, trembling and pointing at Ye Futian. In his eyes, besides fear, there was also intense hatred and murderous intent. Until his hand fell lifelessly, his eyes were still staring at Ye Futian, and he died without being at peace.

The people of Prince Regent 's Residence who came to his side had all witnessed the death of Li Xuan. Li Xun handed him over to the others, and then with his eyes full of murder, he stared at Ye Futian.

His body flashed and went to Ye Futian with a terrifying might.

Ye Futian looked at him indifferently, and said, "If I die, then it would not just be a problem with Li Xuan."

"Li Xun, stop," the Third Prince shouted.

Li Xun, whose body had rushed out, still managed to land a palm print. Though the sword guarded ye Futian's body will, but the slam still caused him to fly out. He groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood. He did not even resist.

His sharp eyes stared at the angry Li Xu in front of him, looking indifferent.

He killed Li Xuan, and it would matter whose disciple he was. If the people of Prince Regent's Residence killed him in public, it would be a blatant declaration of war to the Imperial Advisor.

Even if Prince Regent's Residence dared to move against him, those princes could not sit by idly and watch that disaster unfold.

Initially, this matter had nothing to do with the princes. They could deny what he had said about the Sovereign Family elbowing out the disciples of the Imperial Advisor. But if he died here today, then it was as good as an admission that the descendants of the Sovereign Family used the hunting as a pretext to assassinate the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, with the implicit involvements of the princes.

Then, the matter could become very thorny.

These princes were smart and astute. Even if they had a disagreement regarding the Imperial Advisor, they would not dare to do so.

Aside from the fact that Emperor Li valued the Imperial Advisor, and even if the Emperor had issues with the Imperial Advisor, judging from the influence and the position that the Imperial Advisor currently enjoyed in Dali Imperial City, if the Sovereign Family were to do this, who else would dare serve Dali Dynasty?

"Enough," the Third Prince said coldly.

"Your Highness, Seventh Swordsman executed Li Xuan in public, and this is it?" Li Xun and the people of Prince Regent's Residence were full of anger.

"This matter will be turned over to the Imperial Advisor's Residence and the Prince Regent's Residence to investigate. The Seventh Swordsman has guaranteed it with his own life. If it turns out that the Seventh Swordsman killed Li Xuan without justification, the Prince Regent's Residence may kill him at that time," Li Xuan also piped in.

"All right, let's go back to the Imperial City first," Li Yao also said, but his heart secretly trembled.

He thought that the Seventh Swordsman was indeed daring. He had ended Li Xuan's life in front of all the cultivators of the Sovereign Family of Dali.

Although he had a good relationship with Ye Futian, it was only because he was the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, and he had potential was unparalleled below the Saint Plane. His understanding of the Seventh Swordsman was not good, but what had just happened allowed him to know what kind of person the Seventh Swordsman was.

His sword was genuinely fearless.

Was this the pride of the swordsman?

Li You's heart beat wildly. When she was in the Lower Worlds, she saw Ye Futian's arrogance, and now, he was still the same in front of the Sovereign Family.

"His Royal Highness, I need to take him to the Prince Regent's Residence."

"Very well." The Third Prince nodded and looked at Ye Futian. "Seventh Swordsman, since you claimed that Li Xuan tried to kill you and you killed him because of it, you will be handed over to Prince Regent's Residence. Do you object?"

"What if I object?" Ye Futian replied.

Everyone looked at Ye Futian, speechless. He had spared no effort to let his feelings be known.

The Third Prince looked at him casually and said nothing. He was not suitable to handle the matter. Turning this headache over to Prince Regent's Residence and Imperial Advisor's Residence to deal with was the best course of action.

Although he was close to the Sovereign Family, the Imperial Advisor was the Imperial Advisor, after all.

"Back to the Imperial City," the Third Prince said. With everything that had happened, naturally, the hunt in the west mountain had ended.

The cultivators of Prince Regent's Residence came next to Ye Futian. After the convergence with the cultivators of the Sovereign Family, their group was even stronger, and several cultivators of the Saint Plane looked at Ye Futian with icy stares and took him away.

"Li Xun," Li Yao came over and said to Li Xu, "take the Seventh Swordsman back to the Prince Regent's Residence for investigation. Before everything is cleared, don't act rashly, or you can imagine the consequences."

In fact, no one was that idiotic. Whether this was done by the people of Prince Regent's Residence or not, everyone should know.

It was just that Li Xuan's public execution by the Seventh Swordsman would not easily be let go by the Prince Regent's Residence.

"I know." Li Xun's face was dark, and he did not address the Third Prince by his title. Apparently, he was highly displeased.

Back in the days, his grandfather, the Prince Regent, wielded incredible power, and even though he no longer involved himself with most affairs, he was still well respected in the Sovereign Family. Now, Li Xuan had been killed by an outsider; the prince did not stand up for his own.

Li Yao looked at Ye Futian and heard Ye Futian say laughingly, "Your Highness can rest easy. I already said that if the Prince Regent's Residence had nothing to do with it, I would pay with my life."

There were just too many holes in this matter, and too many clues; not at all like Emperor Xia's Realm, where there was no place to start.

It would be easy for the Imperial Advisor's Residence to check it out.

He didn't care.

He dared to kill Li Xuan because he was sure that Prince Regent's Residence would not dare to move him, as the matter was indeed their doing.


After leaving the west mountain, everyone returned to Dali Imperial City.

Ye Futian was taken directly to Prince Regent's Residence. The news of this incident quickly spread, causing a great sensation with a negative impact.

The Prince Regent's Residence now fought with the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, and the Seventh Swordsman was the first person below Saint Plane who enjoyed great fame in Dali Imperial City.

It was unexpected that during the hunt by the Sovereign Family in the west mountain, such a thing could have happened, and the Seventh Swordsman had killed Li Xuan in front of everyone. It was unlikely that the Prince Regent would let the matter slide.

The Dali Academy quickly received the news and came instantly.

Many people were still in shock.

At this time, in Dali Academy, Yan Yuan was sitting there, and Li Yao had come to tell him everything that had happened.

Yan Yuan appeared very calm, and when he heard what Li Yao had to say, he nodded and said, "Sorry to trouble you, Your Highness."

"It's all right. It's just that the Seventh Swordsman..."

"I will go to Prince Regent's Residence to pick him up," Yan Yuan said. He then got up and said, "Nan Zhai, Chunyang, you two come with me."

"Yes." Mr. Nan Zhai and Mu Chunyang both nodded lightly, and then the three levitated and traveled through the air.

The people of Dali Academy looked up at the figures that had just by air, and their hearts were slightly shaken. Had the big senior brother just gone to the Prince Regent's Residence?
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    《The Legend of Futian》