The Legend of Futian
1136 Prince Regent's Residence
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1136 Prince Regent's Residence

At the Prince Regent's Residence, under a giant golden pagoda, Ye Futian was now imprisoned beneath it.

On top of the pagoda, the might of the Way continuously blasted down on his body. He sat on the ground, blood streaming down from the corner of his mouth, and rolls of brilliant light screen flowed down from the top of the pagoda, making it hard for him to sit up straight.

The sword will on his body continued flowing, and his eyes were still sharp. He kept his eyes forward indifferently.

Many cultivators of Prince Regent's Residence were standing there.

The person in the forefront was a majestic-looking middle-aged man clad in a golden robe with embroidery of pythons. A strong sense of murder was in his eyes, and he stared at Ye Futian coldly.

The son of the Prince Regent, Li Jing, was also the father of Li Xuan.

The person that Ye Futian had killed was his youngest son.

Although Li Xuan was useless, his talent in cultivation was far beneath that of Li Xu, but he was still his child.

Moreover, the thinking of Li Xuan, in a sense, was also his thinking, and he influenced it.

But no one would have thought that Li Xuan would lose his life because of it.

The Seventh Swordsman, the first man below the Saint Plane, who had found fame recently, executed Li Xuan, the grandson of the Prince Regent, in the face of the descendants of the Sovereign Family.

His hand stretched out, and a terrible might of Way suddenly fell on the pagoda. Li Jin waved his hand, and a dull sound was heard. Ye Futian felt that the authority of heaven had fallen on him, and his body almost fell to the floor. He spat out another mouthful of blood.

The corner of his mouth lifted in a sneer, and he looked up at Li Jing coldly.

The reason why he decided to kill Li Xuan was not just because Li Xuan wanted him dead, nor did he kill Li Xuan in the heat of the moment.

There were two other reasons. One was to create discord between Li Yao and the others, and the second was the Imperial Advisor's Residence. Since there was already disharmony between the Sovereign Family and the Imperial Advisor, he did not mind increasing that disharmony. One day, it would be better if Emperor Li sidelined the Imperial Advisor, although doing so may cause some damage to the Imperial Advisor's Residence.

But what he did not want, was that one day, to be the enemy of the people of the Imperial Advisor's Residence.

Judging from the status held by the Imperial Advisor's Residence in Dali Dynasty, even if the whole scheme was revealed in the future, and Dali realized his real identity, it would not be possible for Emperor Li to harm the Imperial Advisor.

After all, the Imperial Advisor's Residence was also deceived by him without foreknowledge, and at most, it would add to the disharmony.

"You are not asking for mercy?" Li Jing stared at Ye Futian, and his hand extended again. Another roaring sound, and the pagoda span as radiant rays of light fell. Ye Futian spat out another mouthful of blood again.

Although Li Jing would not kill Ye Futian himself, since this swordsman was so cocky, he would crush his backbone. He would like to see how he would continue with his swordsmanship when the sword of the swordsman was bent.

"You must know the truth of this matter. If I died or was maimed while in custody at the Prince Regent's Residence, what do you think the Imperial Advisor's Residence would do? Prince Regent's Residence killed the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, how would His Majesty deal with it?" Ye Futian asked Li Jing.

"Then you killed the grandson of the Prince Regent, what should be done to you?"

"Your son was incompetent. In trying to kill me, he was killed by me instead. You should think about whether or not you taught your children anything," Ye Futian continued, and the people of Prince Regent's Residence stared at Ye Futian.

This swordsman was beyond presumptuous.

"Yan Yuan, a disciple of the Imperial Advisor, come to pay a visit."

At this time, a voice was heard. Although not loud, it resounded throughout the entire residence.

Everyone could hear it clearly.

"That was fast," the people of Prince Regent's Residence exclaimed in secret. They had not been back for long before Yan Yuan's arrival.

They had not spoken, and yet a vast might of the Divine will permeated toward them, shrouding heaven and earth and in an instant. It descended where Li Jing was.

Apparently, Yan Yuan projected his will to inspect the situation inside Prince Regent's Residence, looking for Ye Futian.

Was this a visit?

Using spiritual will to scan Prince Regent's Residence was considered rude behavior, but Yan Yuan did it anyway.

Not only did he do so, but a vast might of the Divine blasting toward them. No one had yet responded to whether or not to allow Yan Yuan to enter the residence before three figures came from the void, arriving in this space in an instant.

The three people who arrived were Yan Yuan, Nan Zhai, and Mu Chunyang.

After they arrived, they took a look at Ye Futian, who was imprisoned underneath the pagoda, their look was somewhat cold.

Li Jing and the others turned around, coldness in their gaze, staring at the three who had arrived.

Li Xu stepped forward and looking at Yan Yuan, he said coldly, "The Great Teacher trespassed in Prince Regent's Residence. Isn't it a little rude?"

Yan Yuan looked at Li Xu and asked, "Were you at west mountain when it happened?"

Li Xu frowned and said, "Yes."

Yan Yuan raised his hand. In an instant, a suffocating might was born between heaven and earth. Under the pressure of this might, everyone seemed to stop breathing.

Then they saw Yan Yuan reached out and made a grabbing gesture in the air at Li Xu. Before anyone could react to this unremarkable movement, an immense handprint appeared and locked down the space around Li Xu, who realized that he could no longer move.

His level of cultivation was at the first realm of Saint Plane—the Realm of Proving Holiness.

Yan Yuan, whose own cultivation was at the third realm of Saint Plane, Unblemished Saint, was thought by many of the Dali Imperial City as possibly the strongest cultivator of this realm.

This meant that apart from a few Holiness of Nirvana of Dali Imperial City, Yan Yuan was standing at the peak.

At this moment, Li Xu truly experienced the might of the Great Path was. The palm pressed down in the air and lifted him. It was so fast that it was like a flash of a thought before Li Xu was taken.

"Yan Yuan." Li Jing stepped forward, and the same atmosphere of Unblemished Saint erupted. Suddenly, there was a terrible field around him, and Yan Yuan, likewise, made it hard for everyone around to breathe.

However, Mr. Nan Zhai and Mu Chunyang walked a few steps forward on each side without being affected.

Mu Chunyang himself was also an Unblemished Saint, and Mr. Nan Zhai was at the peak realm of Saint of True Self.

"Did you take part in leading the candle dragon Demon Saint to my younger brother?" Yan Yuan's voice was calm. Li Xu struggled madly but could not break free. He was already at Saint Plane, the uppermost level of cultivation, and yet, at this moment, he was humiliated.

"It was just a coincidence."

"I heard that you all stood by and watched while my brother fought the Demon Saint, and when he got too close to you, you all fought him. Was that also a coincidence?" Yan Yuan asked again.

Li Xu was green in the face and did not respond.

"I also heard that you are launching an investigation?" Yan Yuan said. "Whether the candle dragon has anything to do with you or not, just this alone is enough to prove that you set my brother up. What else do you need to investigate?"

At this time, people were coming from the void. They were all extremely powerful figures from Prince Regent's Residence. Several cultivators of Li Jing's generation were already Saints of True Self, and another one was an Unblemished Saint. The makeup of the group was terrifying.

"Yan Yuan, you have gone too far," someone said.

"Little brother, how many times did the pagoda suppress you?" Yan Yuan looked at Ye Futian under the pagoda.

"27," Ye Futian responded.

Yan Yuan raised his hand, and suddenly a giant palm print fell down. It turned into overlapping shadows—exactly 27—that directly blasted on Li Xu's body.

Puh! Li Xu spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body fell from the void, causing the ground to crack, and many more bones and tendons were broken.

"Last time, outside of Dali Academy, when my younger brother had a run-in with Li Xuan, Li Xuan swore on his life. Since he is now dead, I believe that this was a matter entirely of Li Xuan's doing. The others were involved in the heat of the moment and had nothing to do with Prince Regent's Residence so that I won't be pursuing the others regarding this matter."

Yan Yuan stepped forward and walked in Ye Futian's direction. He said, "I am taking him away."

Li Jing saw Yan Yuan coming forward, and he stepped forward also, with a force that shot through the sky. His whole person was like an angry dragon, filled with dominant majesty.

The two men walked toward each other, and the momentum was so powerful that it caused a great gust of wind in the surrounding world. A dull sound was heard in the void. It sounded as if it could explode at any moment; the pressure of the might was shocking.

As the two men approached each other, the momentum grew stronger, and everyone watched quietly.

They all knew that the two were suppressing their own force. Otherwise, if they were really to unleash their power in the battle, the entire Prince Regent's Residence would be razed to the ground.

Finally, when the two came together, they extended their palms and slammed toward each other.

The palm prints of the two landed together, and the pressure of the mighty washed over the space with the forces of mountains and oceans. All the cultivators from Prince Regent's Residence stepped out and stood in different directions. The terrible waves landed on them, making their clothing flutter wildly. The force forced them to slide back.

Cracks appeared on the ground and extended into the distance. The ground underneath their feet burst open and collapsed.

Yan Yuan continued to move forward, and a radiant light exploded from his palm as if to shatter everything in front of him.

Bang! Li Jing's body flew out backward, and his feet tried to break on the ground, creating deep track marks.

"Do you really want to take him away by force?" LI Jing looked up at Yan Yuan; he was indeed the chief disciple of the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

"Your Highness invited our younger brother to go to the west mountain to hunt, and we all agreed to let him go without accompaniment. Naturally, it was a demonstration of our absolute trust in the Sovereign Family. However, what happened at the west mountain was no longer a matter of etiquette; someone crossed the line. I already said that I believe it was the doing of Li Xuan alone, and I would let the matter rest here."

Yan Yuan looked at Li Jing and continued, "I didn't report it to the Master. Instead, I have come here myself to bring back my brother. If Prince Regent's Residence wanted to stop me from taking him today, maybe won't come next time. If the matter is escalated, are you sure you can afford to pay the price?"

Li Jing looked horrible. He knew that the whole thing flopped because Ye Futian was not killed, so it was all exposed.

He also knew that Yan Yuan was right. If the whole thing was escalated, and the Imperial Advisor locked horns with the Prince Regent and caused Emperor Li to get involved, who would look good?

If the Prince Regent's Residence wanted to pick a fight with the disciples of the Imperial Advisor, what would the people of Dali Dynasty think?

What would His Majesty think?

"Let him be taken away," a majestic and authoritative voice came, and suddenly, everyone trembled.

Looking in the direction where the voice came from, Li Jing clenched his fists; Li Xuan, his poor child, had died in vain!
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    《The Legend of Futian》