The Legend of Futian
1138 The Imperial Advisor’s Teaching
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1138 The Imperial Advisor’s Teaching

Lü Chuan looked ahead calmly and said softly, "Master took each person as a disciple for a reason. I don't want brothers to stand opposite of each other one day, either."

Ye Futian thought for a while and said, "Master doesn't seem to like violence, but why does he cultivate Death Warriors?"

"As Master has said before, there is a price for everything you want to do. Whether there is Master or not, Death Warriors always exist, serving the army or born and raised for such purpose. What Master does is to make them stronger. There are even some Death Warriors in the army who knew they were not able to make any progress in cultivation in their lifetimes and rather chose to receive Master's transformation."

Lü Chuan continued, "But, even so, Master admits it is against the Law of Heaven and announces he will only cultivate them when there is war, like the Battle of Empty Realm, or when the Sovereign Family ordered so. Do you know why King Tiandao has a deep grudge with Master?"

"Why?" asked Ye Futian.

"King Tiandao rules the Army of the West, which is the strongest army outside the Imperial City. He wants to build an army of Death Gods and hopes Master can help. He even thinks that the Master can transform not only Sages but also Saints. King Tiandao has tried to counsel the Emperor many times to give Master pressure, but Master rejected."

"So to speak, when Di Hao defeated Dong Chen, he requested to become the Imperial Advisor's disciple. Was this the reason?" asked Ye Futian. Di Hao's thing suddenly came to his mind, although at that time, after the Imperial Advisor asked both of them why they sought the way, Imperial Advisor chose Ye instead of him.

"Maybe," Lü Chuan said.

"Then can Master transform Saint Plane cultivators?" Ye Futian asked, looking at

Lü Chuan.

"Saint Plane cultivators have taken the crucial step and refined their physiques; they have infinite potential. Whether yes or no, Master will not do it," Lü Chuan replied. "So, the answer is no."

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. After they chatted a while, Ye Futian went to cultivate alone. Although his physique was powerful, he was seriously injured by the Divine Implement's Will, and he needed time to recover.

The incident soon subsided, and no direct conflict had happened between Regent King and Imperial Advisor; otherwise, that would be a crisis.

Year 10,022 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar was approaching its end; the finely decorated Imperial City of Dali was even busier than usual.

The tradition of celebrating the end of a year had lasted for more than 10,000 years since the start of the Divine Prefecture Calendar; similar customs were widespread throughout all realms of the Divine Prefecture, though some realms didn't think it as important as other realms did.

However, if conditions allowed, having at least a simple gathering was a must for everybody.

On the last day of the year, gorgeous lamps lit up the Palace of the Dali Dynasty; graceful dancers danced to festive songs; members of the royal clan and courtiers all gathered in the palace to celebrate the new year. However, the Imperial Advisor didn't come, and nobody would blame his absence because nobody dared to.

All royal clan members knew the Imperial Advisor didn't like being surrounded by many people. At the end of every year, he would wake up his sleeping daughter and celebrate the new year with her.

Emperor Li had asked the Imperial Advisor about his daughter's issue, but the Imperial Advisor declined his help. The Imperial Advisor claimed his daughter's illness was incurable; even Renhuang couldn't do anything about it.

Nobody doubted what the Imperial Advisor said. If there had been a solution, how could the Imperial Advisor have wasted his own daughter's time?

Everyone also wondered, what kind of illness did the Imperial Advisor's daughter have?

In the Imperial Advisor's Residence, it was cozy and peaceful. The Imperial Advisor just had a dinner gathering with his disciples.

People returned home. The Imperial Advisor stayed with Fei Xue in the courtyard; both of them sat on the ground in a relaxed manner and looked up at the stars above. When fireworks exploded, glittering stars seemed to dim, but nobody knew if Fei Xue could see them.

"Master, did you want to see me?" Ye Futian came and asked.

"Come, sit by me," the Dali Imperial Advisor laughed and said. Ye Futian nodded and sat next to the Imperial Advisor. A slight smile rose on Fei Xue's face. It was the second time Ye Futian saw her awake; he felt a tinge of pity and sadness for her.

"I heard you went to West Mountain alone a few days ago, and you challenged Demon Saint?" the Imperial Advisor asked.

"It was very hard. When confronting the Demon Saint, I could only survive. My level still restricts my ability," Ye Futian replied.

"The gap between Saint and Sage is indeed hard to measure. Now, you can battle with Demon Saint and even survive before the Candle Dragon Demon Saint. It is very rare. Perhaps you are the only one in the 100 years' history of Dali Dynasty," said the Imperial Advisor.

"But I am still just a sage, and I am still unable to enter the Saint Plane."

"Cultivation is an accumulative process. It needs time to grow. To enter the Saint Plane, you need a chance that conforms to the Great Path, and there is no need to hurry." The Imperial Advisor continued, "I haven't taught you anything since you became my disciple. Today, I will teach you one chapter of my Cultivation Method."

"Master, I have cultivation methods of my own, and your way of cultivation may not suit me," said Ye Futian, who didn't immediately accept with delight.

He would have been inwardly thrilled when he had just reached Dali and learned the best teachings about cultivation from the Dali Imperial Advisor. However, the Imperial Advisor's teaching made him feel shame.

"If it doesn't suit you, I will not teach you," Imperial Advisor said, laughing. "My Cultivation Method is called the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, which contains all aspects of the world. There are several chapters, including the energy of metaphysical practices, which can help you perceive the existence of all beings, observe the change of stars, and foretell one's fortune. But there is only one chapter that I will teach you, and it suits you best. Through it, you can use your body as a cauldron, your soul as a guide, the five elements of the Great Path as the air to produce the power of Heaven and Earth, and connect you to the Great Law of the universe and sharpen your sense to the world. When you fight, your body as the cauldron will flame and borrow energy from the Law of the world. If I am not wrong, this chapter will suit you very well."

In awe, Ye Futian looked toward the Imperial Advisor.

It was said that the Imperial Advisor was extremely knowledgeable and proficient in many skills; there was even hearsay about his uncanny abilities. Ye Futian, as a cultivator of such level, of course, didn't believe the rumors and assumed his ability was somehow overpraised.

But now it seemed, Imperial Advisor indeed had special cultivation skills.

The Deed of Thorough Comprehension should be extraordinary. And the Imperial Advisor claimed he could see one's fortune from the change of stars.

Did it mean he could tell Ye Futian's fortune?

"Did Master take me as your disciple because of not only my belief in swordsmanship but also my fortune?" said Ye Futian.

"The strength of one's fortune doesn't mean anything. It's not about it," the Imperial Advisor said.

Ye Futian nodded. Even though the mysterious Method could measure one's fortune, very likely, it was a rough estimation and could not see one's destiny. Even very powerful astrologers were not able to do so; they could only make a rough guess.

"I will teach you the Cultivation Method," the Imperial Advisor said. Ye Futian nodded, and soon he felt a strong spiritual power that covered his body. Beams of light emitted from the middle of the Imperial Advisor's eyebrows and shot toward the center of Ye Futian's brow. Suddenly, a lot of things came to Ye Futian's mind.

The Path was only taught to the chosen one; the Law didn't come to unwanted ears.

Imperial Advisor thought Ye Futian was the one, so he taught him in person.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and perceived some moments; the next time he opened his eyes, the Imperial Advisor was gone. Fei Xue was still there, facing him. If she could have seen, her eyes must have been more beautiful.

"Where is Master?" asked Ye Futian.

"He has gone to rest," said Fei Xue.

"How long did I meditate?" said Ye Futian.

"Half an hour," Fei Xue replied. Ye Futian nodded slightly and looked toward where the Imperial Advisor had been; he was going to make more inquiries.

"My father told me to pass on the message: when you hesitate, just follow your heart and do what you feel in your heart to be right; otherwise, the imperfection in your state of mind will affect your cultivation," Fei Xue said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian's heart sank for a moment. He looked at Fei Xue and said, grinning, "Master has noticed?"

"Have you seen any disciple evade learning from their master?" Fei Xue put a smile on her face and said, "And don't forget, I can sense the fluctuation of your emotions."

Ye Futian shrugged; he seemed not to mind it. Maybe, he was indeed full of himself; nothing in the world could be flawless. Even though the Imperial Advisor might not know his identity or didn't expect that he came from Emperor Xia's Realm, how could he be unaware of anything when Ye just cultivated beside him?

Human beings couldn't be empty of emotions, and emotional transitions were detectable.

If the Imperial Advisor had known he came to the Great Li to kill Li Yao, would he have told Ye to follow his heart and do what his heart would not regret?

"So you mean, I have no secrets in front of you?" asked Ye Futian, laughing.

"Yes," Fei Xue laughed and replied.

"Since I have no secret from you, shouldn't you share some of your secrets with me?" said Ye Futian. "Why does the thing in your body make you keep sleeping to survive?"

"You want to help me?" said Fei Xue. She was surprised by Ye Futian's feeling that she sensed. She chuckled at the idea in his mind. Even her father, a Renhuang, could do nothing about it, and this guy wanted to help her?

"Even though there is no solution, someday, maybe we will find it," Ye Futian said seriously.

Fei Xue could sense his warm-heartedness, which was from the bottom of his heart. She was never wrong about people's feelings. That was the true emotion from the heart; he couldn't fake it.

"As I told you last time, the thing in my body is inauspicious. In fact, the inauspicious thing is a treasure that has merged into my body, and because of it, my perception is more accurate and sharper than anyone else's. I can perceive not only human emotions but also the existence of everything in the universe and absorb energy from them. However, the energy is too much, and once it explodes, my Plane cannot support my body to endure this energy, and I will perish. That's why my father lets me sleep to avoid it," Fei Xue confessed to Ye Futian. She then laughed and said, "Now, you also know my secret."

Last time Ye Futian guessed it right. This thing could make the World Tree shake, which had never happened before!
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    《The Legend of Futian》