The Legend of Futian
1140 Betrothal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1140 Betrothal

Ye Futian's eyes turned to Fei Xue. He noticed Fei Xue was also looking at him.

"I haven't told my father anything yet," Fei Xue whispered to Ye Futian. Ye Futian could tell there was something playful about her tone; she must be in a good mood since she finally could live a normal life as others did.

From now on, she could always keep her father company and no longer needed to sleep.

Ye Futian chuckled to himself. Fei Xue didn't tell her father anything, and the Imperial Advisor didn't ask. It was as if nothing had happened yesterday. Even those Elder Brothers had no idea what happened.

However, the Imperial Advisor must have felt something even if he was not told.

At least, he knew the Seventh Sword was not merely a swordsman-in-training.

Even so, the Imperial Advisor didn't ask.

"Thank you," Ye Futian replied in a whisper. "Can your eyes be healed?"

"I should be the one to thank you," said Fei Xue. "My eyes were damaged by the treasure's energy when it came into my body. I am blind, and it can't be cured, but I am already happy to live a normal life. I shouldn't expect much."

As a cultivator, even though she couldn't see, she could still perceive the world. Although it was colorless, her life would not be much affected.

She was delighted.

The only pity was that she couldn't use her eyes to see the Seventh Swordman's face.

Ye Futian didn't say anything, but he felt pity, too.

"Have you taken out the treasure?" asked Ye Futian.

"No," replied Fei Xue, "but it will no longer be part of my body and can exist separately. My father has sealed it. Although it is not completely sealed, it will no longer merge into my veins and heart and make me unable to endure it."

She continued, "In my current status, I can depend on its energy to cultivate bit by bit, and as my cultivation makes progress, I can gradually release the sealed energy and grow up with it."

Such an outcome was, of course, the best for her.

The treasure had been utterly connected to Fei Xue's veins and heart in the past, so sealing it would have meant sealing her life and putting her to sleep. After Ye Futian removed it from Fei Xue's body with the power of World Tree, it became independent.

Ye Futian could even take it away as his own since the treasure was more attractive to the World Tree than to Fei Xue's body, which was the reason why it was taken out.

But this invaluable treasure belonged to Fei Xue. Ye Futian didn't take it but left right after he did his job, letting the Imperial Advisor finish the job.

Apparently, after the thing was removed, the Imperial Advisor did a nice job.

"Good things come one after another," said Sir Nan Zhai with a laugh.

Master finally cured Fei Xue and would no longer worry about her situation every day.

And the Junior Brother the Seventh Swordsman even got the opportunity to learn about Master's Deed of Thorough Comprehension, which was Master's core cultivation method and contained mysterious knowledge that could change the nature's fortune. Sir Nan Zhai cultivated on one chapter as well, but so far, he had not totally comprehended it.

"The first day of the new year is indeed a lucky one," Yan Yuan said, smiling.

Apparently, everyone was happy for Master and Fei Xue.

Lü Chuan took a glance at Ye Futian and thought something might have happened yesterday.

However, it didn't matter.

The Imperial Advisor had a smile on his face; he hadn't been so happy for a long time.

Although his power had spread across the Dali Dynasty, Imperial Advisor was actually quite disengaged with politics. For him, power was nothing but fleeting clouds.

"Today is the first day of the new year, and the Court of Dali Dynasty will begin today. Seventh Swordmans, why don't you come with me?" the Imperial Advisor said to Ye Futian. Since Ye Futian had become the Imperial Advisor's direct disciple, he had gained his status in the Dali Dynasty and was supposed to go to see Emperor Li.

"Yes, Master," Ye Futian nodded.

"Let's go then," the Imperial Advisor said. He smiled and turned to Fei Xue. "You stay at home and rest."

"Okay," Fei Xue said, nodding.

The Imperial Advisor gently stroked her head with love and then steered his sword toward the direction of Dali Imperial City with his disciples.

Besides the Imperial Advisor, in Emperor Li Avenue District, masters were coming out of Residences and steering their swords in the air in the same direction.

On the first day of every new year, all the officials in Dali Dynasty came to pay homage to the court.

On this day, in the lavish Dali Imperial Palace, a broad path stretched from the sky; all cultivators steered their swords in the air toward the Palace following the path. Numerous, rarely seen, big figures all attended this ceremony.

The Imperial Advisor and disciples arrived a little late, and many people were already in the Palace. They got off of their swords, and immediately many people outside the Palace bowed toward Imperial Advisor and greeted, "Hail, Imperial Advisor."

The Imperial Advisor slightly nodded and led Yan Yuan and others to walk forward. The people walking ahead of them all stopped and stepped aside to let the Imperial Advisor go first to show respect.

In addition to the Imperial Advisor, his disciples caught many people's eyes as well.

Yan Yuan was the Imperial Advisor's chief disciple; in Dali, his name weighed a lot.

Not long ago, he broke into the Prince Regent's Residence with two Junior Brothers without the Imperial Advisor's involvement. How daring.

As the figure who had stirred up a storm not long before, Ye Futian was the most famed among young elites and also captured some attention.

He hunted in the West Mountain and decapitated Li Xuan. How contemptuous.

His interest in victory was as keen as his sword.

They walked straight to the Palace; it was the second time Ye Futian came to the Dali Imperial Palace, but compared with the last time that Li Yao met with Ye Futian and others in a relaxed manner, today the atmosphere was obviously more solemn and tense.

That day's meeting was a trial among young elites;

This time's ceremony was for all to pay homage to the Dali Court.

Giant golden dragon patterns engraved on the ground displayed their sharp fangs and claws. The most prominent figures of Dali Dynasty stood on both sides of the central path. Behind them were rows of pillars, each carved with one golden holy dragon.

In front of them was a lofty staircase that led to a magnificent palace sitting above the clouds.

Many royal clan members had also appeared on both sides of the path; they looked in the direction of Imperial Advisor, with coldness in their eyes.

The thing that happened last time let them witness the power of the Imperial Advisor's Residence.

After killing the Prince Regent's offspring, Yan Yuan beat Li Xu and led his people to leave, and even raved that he would not punish others' wrongs. How brazen they were!

Thus, most royal clan members were piqued by them.

Even so, when the middle-aged figure walked past them, without a slight essence of life force, nobody dared to look into his eyes. They all lowered their heads.

Not to mention the Imperial Advisor, how many people present today were comparable with the disciple Yan Yuan, who stood behind the Imperial Advisor?

"Imperial Advisor," people in the crowd greeted and bowed to him.

Many people looked toward the Prince Regent, who was standing in the front line. The people of Prince Regent's Residence stood behind Prince Regent, including Li Xu.

Having just noticed the Imperial Advisor's arrival, the Prince Regent turned around to look at him. He smiled, showing no trace of a grudge. He made a fist salute slowly and greeted, "Imperial Advisor."

Imperial Advisor paused and replied to him with a fist salute, "Your Highness."

And then they stood shoulder to shoulder in the front of the crowd.

Yan Yuan and others didn't follow behind; instead, they stood in the crowd at a distance from the Imperial Advisor.

At the front, a prince appeared from the side and showed courtesy to the Prince Regent and the Imperial Advisor. Li Yao was also present. He looked at the crowd and slightly nodded to Ye Futian when he saw him.

Ye Futian nodded to him as a reply.

At the same time, another group of people arrived. One of the two persons who led the group was the Third Prince. The other person had a rather imposing physical appearance and domineering manner; he took a glance at the crowd, and many people didn't even dare to face him. They lowered their heads.

He strode directly over to the Prince Regent, made a fist salute, and greeted, "Uncle."

Prince Regent gave a smile and asked, "How did you have time to come here from the land of West this time."

The person was King Tingdao among the Four Kings.

"I have some important issues to report to His Majesty," said Tiandao with a laugh.

Then his eyes turned to other people and fixed on the Imperial Advisor. He said, "The Imperial Advisor is here, too."

"Hum," Imperial Advisor nodded as a reply.

King Tiandao stood next to them in the front line. Soon, King White arrived, too.

One Advisor and Four Kings of Dali Dynasty had all arrived, except King Li. King Li was busy with issues in the Lower Worlds, so he usually didn't show up.

Suddenly, the crowd quieted down and stood back to watch a figure appear on the staircase.

He stood there, almighty like a god, as if in this solemn palace, he was the only one.

"All hail, Your Majesty," everyone said and bowed. The person standing on the staircase was, undoubtedly, the absolute master of Dali Dynasty, Emperor Li.

"Feel free to stand up," said Emperor Li. "After one year, I am glad to see the graceful bearings of you all."

"Imperial Advisor governs the court; King Tiandao guards the border; Prince Regent and King White are also in charge. No wonder our Dali Dynasty can prosper," said a courtier, smiling.

"Thank you for all your efforts, Imperial Advisor, Prince Regent, King Tiandao, and King White," Emperor Li said.

The Imperial Advisor and three kings bowed and showed their gratitude.

"Imperial Advisor, I heard recently you took one disciple with exceptional talent who even defeated King Tiandao's foster son Di Hao. Did he come with you?" Emperor Li asked, looking toward the Imperial Advisor.

Imperial Advisor nodded, turned to the crowd behind him and called, "Seventh Swordsman."

Ye Futian walked up and bowed to Emperor Li, saying, "Seventh Swordsman is here to greet Your Majesty."

"Raise your head," said Emperor Li. Ye Futian looked up.

"His temperament is indeed extraordinary," Emperor Li said with a laugh, nodding.

"Previously Imperial Advisor lost his disciple Yuan Jin on the battlefield. I feel so happy you have a new disciple now. Although she has a boyish nature, my daughter Li Xiao is at the age for marriage, too. Imperial Advisor, what do you think if I married her to Seventh Swordsman?"

Many people were in shock at what Emperor Li had said.

The Seventh Swordsman had just offended Prince Regent and killed Li Xuan.

Now the Emperor was going to betroth his daughter to him. This was…
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    《The Legend of Futian》