The Legend of Futian
1143 Giving Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1143 Giving Up

After Fei Xue left, Ye Futian looked up to the sky.

The scene of the Palace Battle remained vivid in his mind; Jieyu's death was the pain in his heart.

They had been together since they were 16 years old; they had gone through ups and downs for so many years, but all became nothing but a memory because of Li Yao.

Even though Li Yao was friendly with him in Emperor Li's Realm, Ye Futian knew it was only because of his current identity as the Seventh Swordsman—a person useful to Li Yao—instead of the trivial and miserable Palace Lord at the mercy of him in the land of the Nine States.

So he ventured to Emperor Li's Realm. However, Ye Futian gradually realized his plan was not as perfect as he first thought. He came to the Imperial Advisor but discovered that this mysterious and powerful figure in legend was uncommon and common at the same time.

He dithered.

Especially when he cultivated in the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, he found the Cultivation Method was above the Saint-level.

But the Imperial Advisor had taught it to him before Ye Futian helped Fei Xue.

Besides, from Fei Xue and Lü Chuan's conscious or unconscious indications, Ye Futian came to know that people of the Imperial Advisor's Residence were not unaware of his suspicious identity as the Seventh Swordsman.

However, even so, the Imperial Advisor was eager to teach him the Cultivation Method beyond Saint level.

What kind of magnanimity was it?

If Ye Futian had been in the Imperial Advisor's shoes, he would not have done it.

Was it only because the Imperial Advisor appreciated his passion for cultivation?

Ye Futian couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if he killed Li Yao with ]as the Imperial Advisor's disciple. Even though the Imperial Advisor was in power in Dali Dynasty, and Emperor Li might not harm him, the estrangement must grow between them. And as what he had seen in today's Court meeting, King Tiandao was also very aggressive and was urging the Imperial Advisor to join the Army.

Prince Regent's forbearance was unsettling, too. His offspring was killed, but when Yan Yuan took him away in the face of the Prince Regent, the Prince Regent didn't demand the release. Yan Yuan also said the Prince Regent was very sophisticated.

He had his own intention behind the seeming forbearance.

What's more, the Imperial Advisor was against battles between Realms. Some people speculated that he could transform Saints, and King Tiandao obviously also had this thought, but the Imperial Advisor didn't do it.

Did Emperor Li have the thought, too?

King Tiandao was Emperor Li's full brother.

If Emperor Li had no opinion on what King Tiandao had said, why should he convene Imperial Advisor, King Tiandao, and others for a session after the court meeting?

The harmony between the lord and the ministers in Dali Dynasty was nothing but an illusion. The Imperial Advisor was perhaps not at the apex of power in Dali as he appeared to be.

Was the Imperial Advisor's status really that stable?

Maybe yes, only if no accident occurred.

Ye Futian was having an inner struggle.

If the Dali Imperial Advisor had been a different person, Ye Futian would fool the Imperial Advisor and Emperor Li against each other without hesitation, just like before.

But he had changed his state of mind after this period of time.

The Imperial Advisor once passed the message through Fei Xue to tell him not to waver and do what his heart felt was right.

Sir Du also taught him to live a life between sky and earth, following his conscience.

Killing Li Yao was what he pursued, but if he made it, would he be free from guilt?

He was not supposed to involve others in his plan for revenge.

If he had not known the result, he would not have had so much concern.

However, he knew what outcome that would bring.

"Following my conscience, between the sky and earth," Ye Futian murmured and exhaled deeply. Suddenly, his mind cleared.

In just one moment, he felt his heart open, and his mind become broad. It was as if his body was connected to the sky and earth, and everything in the world became clearer to him.

It was a wonderful feeling that he couldn't tell what it is.

It seems that I have touched the Saint Path, Ye Futian thought to himself.

Everything became so bright in his eyes.

At the moment, he was getting closer to the Saint Plane.

Ye Futian sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. Instantly, his mind connected to Black Wind Condor in the palace of Emperor Xia's Realm.

In Princess Residence, Emperor Xia's Realm, the poor Black Wind Condor had so many bruises. The next time he came in front of Xia Qingyuan, she gave him a cold, brief glance and called, "Cyannie, what's the matter?"

"It's me." It was Ye Futian's voice. Xia Qingyuan paused a second, but she was still emotionless and replied coldly, "I heard you will become Emperor Li's son-in-law?"

She was still thinking about whether Ye Futian should belong to Emperor Xia's Realm or Emperor Li's Realm.

If he had said yes in the Court meeting, he would immediately become the Imperial Advisor's or Emperor.

Li's son-in-law and his status would be equal to that of a noble Dali Prince. However, strictly speaking, Ye Futian in Emperor Xia's Realm was just a princess's servant.

The contrast was…

"May I know why Your Highness is not in a good mood?" Ye Futian asked calmly.

"When am I not in a good mood?" Xia Qingjuan asked coldly, expressionless. She would not admit it.

"Why did you beat the Condor half to death then?" Ye Futian was speechless; this woman lied through her teeth.

"The beast couldn't keep its mouth shut. Why can't I discipline it?" replied Xia Qingyuan.


Ye Futian thought to himself that this woman was indeed unreasonable, even though she was the high-born princess of Emperor Xia's Realm.

"I will come back," said Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan paused a second and stared at Black Wind Condor, asking, "When?"

"I will find the right time to tell them I will travel outside Emperor Li's Realm for cultivation, and then I will come back to Emperor Xia's Realm," said Ye Futian. He hoped the Seventh Swordsman could vanish. Nobody would know his identity.

Vengence for Jiuyue had to be delayed.

"Okay." Xia Qingyuan was finally relieved. Even though Ye Futian had converted his identity, he was surrounded by top figures in Dali Imperial City, and he even had met Emperor Li.

She felt it was not that safe for him to continue.

What's more, she was not sure whether the assassination last time was a trap someone set up for Ye Futian, but if it was, the message might have reached Emperor Li's Realm.

Even though the identity of Ye Futian in Dali Dynasty was the Seventh Swordsman, and people might not realize it.

But still, there was a risk.

Now since Ye Futian was willing to come back, she fully supported it.

"Do you need anyone to pick you up?" asked Xia Qingyuan.

"No, that will alert them. I will use cultivation as an excuse to leave and change my identity, then come back," said Ye Futian. Xia Qinyuan nodded and said, "Okay, just be careful."

"Thank you for your care, Your Highness," said Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan paused a second and said coldly, "I just don't want to see you die in Dali."

Ye Futian didn't say anything. Xia Qingyuan continued, "Are you going to come from the Upper Worlds or Lower Worlds?"

"From the Lower Worlds," said Ye Futian. It was safer.

"Good. You control demonic beasts in the Holy Zhi Palace of Lower Worlds, don't you? I will send people to the Lower World Palace and take the controlled demonic beast to the border of Emperor Li's Realm just in case," Xia Qingyuan continued. The Black Wind Condor would stay in the Palace, so she could know the latest situation and communicate with Ye Futian.

"Your Highness doesn't need to bother," said Ye Futian.

"It's settled. Send a message to me whenever you can after you depart," said Xia Qingyuan coldly.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan; there was a strange look in his eyes.

"Okay." He didn't say much, and soon he exited from Black Wind Condor's mind.

In Dali Dynasty, Ye Futian had cultivated for some days. He was not able to leave on the first day of the year when Emperor Li's betrothal happened, so he waited and spent the time focusing on cultivating the knowledge in the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. Sometimes, he also sought advice from the Imperial Advisor, and the imperial Advisor explained to him patiently every time.

As his cultivation progressed, Ye Futian gradually felt his level was getting closer to the Saint Plane. He was very likely to enter the Saint Plane this year; the feeling was very mysterious and indescribable.

One day, Ye Futian came to the courtyard where the Imperial Advisor lived.

"Master," Ye Futian greeted the Imperial Advisor, who was resting there.

The Imperial Advisor looked at him and asked, "Do you have any questions about cultivation?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head and said, "Master, I feel my cultivation has reached the edge of Saint Plane, so I am thinking about traveling around the world and taking occasions to set foot on the Saint Path."

"Good. You need company?" asked the Imperial Advisor.

"No need, Master. I want to focus on meditating cultivation paths this time. I will travel the world alone with only one sword in my hand and will not come back until I enter the Saint Plane," Ye Futian said to the Imperial Advisor, but he knew it was not true.

From now on, the name of the Seventh Swordsman would no longer exist in Dali.

Ye Futian looked at the Imperial Advisor and had mixed feelings; he didn't want to say goodbye to him.

If Dali had not been his enemy, Ye Futian would have stayed and cultivated under the instruction of the Imperial Advisor for a long time. He was indeed a highly respectable old man.

"Where are you going?" Fei Xue came toward Ye Futian and asked.

Ye Futian lied.

"Anywhere—Upper or Lower Worlds. I want to travel around," said Ye Futian. He knew he could not conceal anything from her, but he still said it in this way.

He was planning to go to King Li's Palace and asked Li You to open the Matrix for him, and then he would enter the Lower Worlds. Li You was his friend; she could do him a favor.

Fei Xue didn't say anything. She could sense that it was very likely Ye Futian would not come back after leaving.

She knew Ye Futian had his secret, but why would he not come back?

What kind of secret made him do this?

Was there someplace outside the Imperial Palace that was better than the Imperial Advisor's Residence in Dali Dynasty?

"Do you have to go?" Fei Xue asked after a short silence.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded, serious.

Fei Xue fell silent for a moment again and then put on a smile, saying, "I hope you enter Saint Plane one day, Seventh Swordsman."

She came in front of him and slightly opened her arms.

She had no idea when the next time she would see his face.

Ye Futian knew what she meant. He opened his arms and hugged her and said, laughing, "Now I have to say I was honest to His Majesty."

Fei Xue sighed to herself; the guy made a joke again.

The hug was, of course, not about love; it was to say goodbye.

The Imperial Advisor looked at them as if he had understood something, but he didn't ask. He just said with a laugh, "The Path has no boundaries; cultivation exists everywhere. I hope you enter Saint Plane soon."

"The Path has no boundaries; cultivation exists everywhere." Ye Futian looked at the Imperial Advisor and said, "Master, please take care!"

And then he took a bow to the Imperial Advisor and turned around, leaving. Before he left, he said, "Please say goodbye to my Brothers for me, Sir."
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    《The Legend of Futian》