The Legend of Futian
1144 Seeing Off
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1144 Seeing Off

Ye Futian was walking out of Imperial Advisor's Residence. Fei Xue couldn't see, but she still faced Ye Futian and had a bright smile on her face.

Everything had gone well so far.

Ye Futian was going out, and at the same time, a group of people was coming in the direction of Imperial Advisor's Residence, and the person who led the group was Li Yao.

Li Yao saw Ye Futian and paused, greeting, "Seventh Swordsman."

"Your Highness," Ye Futian stopped and saluted, too.

"Where are you going?" asked Li Yao.

"My cultivation has reached a plateau, so I am thinking about traveling outside and strengthening my swordsmanship. I hope one day I can enter Saint Plane," Ye Futian replied.

Li Yao nodded and said, smiling, "By the time you come back, a peerless swordsman-in-training will rise in our Dali Dynasty."

Ye Futian didn't respond. He said, "Your Highness, I should go now."

"All right." Li Yao nodded and said, "I have some matters to talk about with Master. Sorry I can't see you out."

Ye Futian and Li Yao parted and walked in opposite directions, respectively. Li Yao headed toward the Imperial Advisor's Residence, and Ye Futian went in the direction of King Li's Residence.

Outside the Imperial Advisor's Residence, Li Yao and others landed and requested to see him. Soon they were invited in. Li Yao bowed in front of the Imperial Advisor and saluted, "Master."

"Your Highness," the Imperial Advisor nodded and greeted him while sitting.

"Will the Seventh Swordsman enter the Saint Plane soon?" asked Li Yao, smiling.

"Yes, he will," said the Imperial Advisor, nodding.

"The Seventh Swordsman's talent is extremely rare even throughout the 100 years of Dali Dynasty history. I can't imagine how great he will be after he enters Saint Plane," said Li Yao, laughing.

The Imperial Advisor slightly nodded and asked, "Is there anything I can do for you today, Your Highness?"

"Yes." Li Yao became serious after hearing what the Imperial Advisor asked. He said, "I received a message before that the person who killed Brother Yuan Jin on the battlefield of Empty Realm might have reached Emperor Li's Realm. It is undoubtedly extremely hard to find a person in a country; however, recently, I got one more message that this person will probably return from the Lower Worlds. I am here to ask Master if my Brothers can go to the Lower Worlds with me?"

The Imperial Advisor took a look at Li Yao and said, "People die during war. It was Yuan Jin's destiny to end his life on the battlefield. Please don't take it too much to heart, Your Highness."

Li Yao nodded, but he couldn't put it aside.

Ye Futian left a too strong impression on him.

That year in the Nine States, Li Yao treated his enemies like nothing, but on the battlefield of Empty Realm, a man, who he thought he could trample on like an ant, completely defeated him and even threatened his life.

Yuan Jin had entered the Saint Plane and was one of the most talented among all Brothers, but he was also defeated and killed. If Ye Futian became stronger, he would definitely become a great threat. But as an opponent, Li Yao must admit that Ye Futian was a very rare genius, just like the Seventh Swordsman.

With these thoughts in mind, Li Yao bowed to Imperial Advisor and requested to leave.

He turned around and prepared to leave. After walking a short distance, he was suddenly hit with a thought like a lightning strike jolting his mind. It stunned him for a few seconds. He froze for quite a while.

His face turned pale, and his heart thumped faster and faster.


No, that's not possible…" Li Yao's heart twisted painfully. He tried to deny the thought that came out of nowhere, but he couldn't erase it from his mind.

Ye Futian and the Seventh Swordsman.

Both of them were rarely seen geniuses. Both of them were able to defend Saint-level attacks. It was said that something detained Ye Futian since he came to Dali; the Seventh Sword from the Lower Worlds rapidly gained fame as a swordsman in Dali Dynasty.

He got the message that Ye Futian was about to leave, and at this time, the Seventh Sword was going outside to cultivate…

Why did he have to choose this time to go outside?

Li Yao had never put these two people together, and he didn't have the idea even when the Seventh Swordsman said he would travel outside to cultivate, but after he had the conversation with the Imperial Advisor, the connection between Ye Futian and the Seventh Swordsman suddenly came to his mind.

His heart trembled heavily.

"Master, where is the Seventh Swordsman heading?" Li Yao turned around and asked. Even at this moment, he was still not sure and needed to confirm it with the Imperial Advisor.

"I don't know. He said anywhere," said the Imperial Advisor.

"I want to take the Seventh Swordsman to the army for cultivation. Please allow me to do this, Master," Li Yao bowed and said. Fei Xue seemed to have perceived something, and her face turned ashen. She looked toward her father. The Imperial Advisor said, "Your Highness, cultivation should follow the will of the heart. Since the Seventh Swordsman wants to cultivate outside, let him do it."

Li Yao looked at Imperial Advisor and bowed, saying, "Yes, Master."

He left the Imperial Advisor's Residence with his head lowered.

He was still not sure about it, so he didn't say it out loud. What if he was wrong?

But if he was right, the Seventh Swordsman would definitely go to the Lower Worlds.

The best way to enter the Lower Worlds in Dali Imperial City was to go to King Li's Palace.

"Let's go." Li Yao quickly headed in the direction of King Li's Palace with his people.

"Father, I can sense that His Highness has a desire to kill," said Fei Xue to her father. Her face was pale.

The Imperial Advisor looked into the distance and let out a sigh. Now it made sense.

Finally, he understood why the Seventh Swordsman had to leave.

If he hadn't left, Li Yao wouldn't have noticed.

If he hadn't left, what kind of ending would be waiting for him? What would happen if the Seventh Swordsman kept cultivating in Dali, depending on his talent and nature?

Wang Zhong also cultivated with Imperial Advisor before the Seventh Swordsman arrived, but Wang Zhong hated him; persistence was his nature.

But compared with insisting on something, what was more difficult to do was letting go.

The Seventh Swordsman chose the latter.

The Imperial Advisor had not expected that he could learn so much from a young disciple at the apex of his Saint Plane.

The Law had no boundaries, and according to the nature the Seventh Sword had shown, the Imperial Advisor believed he could have his achievement.

With this in mind, the Imperial Advisor released his soul of Saint Apex and sent it into the distance. It reached Dali National Academy.

Yan Yuan was in the Academy and perceived it. He raised his head and saluted, "Master."

"Yan Yuan," Imperial Advisor's voice came to Yan Yuan's mind, "please see your Brother, the Seventh Swordsman, off in King Li's Palace."

"Where to?" asked Yan Yuan.

"To the Nine States, Emperor Xia's Realm," said Imperial Advisor's voice. Yan Yuan fixed his eyes on the empty sky. He stood still and didn't say anything for a while.

"Why?" Yan Yuan hesitated for a moment and asked.

He rarely asked Master for an explanation, but this time, he did.

"He is your younger brother—the Seventh Swordsman—in Emperor Li's Realm, but when he passes the border of Emperor Li's Realm, the Seventh Swordsman will no longer exist in Dali." Imperial Advisor's voice again came into Yan Yuan's mind. Yan Yuan closed his eyes and ruminated for a second. The next moment, he opened his beaming eyes; something seemed to be clear in his mind. He said, "I see."

Yan Yuan did a flip and vanished from Dali National Academy.

King Li's Palace, Imperial Advisor's Residence, and Dali National Academy were all located on Emperor Li's Avenue, so the actual distance was not very far.

Ye Futian didn't take a long time to come to King Li's Palace. Li Yang and Li You were surprised to see Ye Futian come, so they asked, "Seventh Swordsman, what brings you here today?"

"I want to go to the Lower Worlds to travel around and find ways to enter the Saint Path. Your Highnesses, please allow me to use the Matrix and enter the Lower Worlds," said Ye Futian. He came to the Upper Worlds by the Matrix in King Li's Palace last time after he gained fame in the King Li's Palace.

King Li ruled the Lower Worlds, and the Matrix he was in charge of connected the Upper and Lower Worlds.

"All right." Li Yang and Li You immediately approved it; they had no reason to refuse Ye Futian's request.

They were friendly with Ye Futian from the beginning. Besides, an Imperial Advisor's disciple's request to use the Matrix was always granted.

"Do you want to depart now?" asked Li You.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"I will go with you," Li You said, smiling. "I want to go to Lower Worlds to see my father anyway."

Then they together headed in the direction of the Matrix in King Li's Residence.

At the moment, Ye Futian heard the sound of someone breaking into the air behind him. He seemed to have perceived what happened and frowned.

"Seventh Swordsman, please wait." It was Li Yao's voice. Ye Futian didn't know Li Yao had become suspicious. Li Yang, Li You, and Ye Futian, who were near the Matrix, turned around and looked at him.

"What can I do for you, Your Highness?" asked Ye Futian.

"I have an important issue, and I need you to come with me to the Imperial Palace and solve my confusion," said Li Yao. Even though he was suspicious, Li Yao didn't immediately accuse him; he had to confirm everything before he adopted a hostile attitude.

Because the Imperial Advisor still stood behind the Seventh Swordsman, he was the Imperial Advisor's acknowledged disciple. If the Imperial Advisor developed a grudge with him because of this, there was no benefit to Li Yao.

There was a strange look on Ye Futian's face, but it soon turned back to normal. He said, "Your Highness can speak here. I will try my best to help clear up any confusion Your Highness may have."

"This matter is extremely important, so I can only tell you in the Imperial Palace. It won't take very long. Please spare some time to go with me for a few hours, and you can cultivate later," continued Li Yao. Although he was still very polite, Ye Futian had already sensed something abnormal.

Li Yao's tone and attitude seemed somewhat strange.

Since Ye Futian transformed into the Seventh Swordsman, he had been very cautious in behaving consistently with the Seventh Swordsman's personality. Everyone spoke and did things in their personal style, but Li Yao, at this moment, acted abnormally.

So, had he become suspicious?

It shouldn't have been possible since the Seventh Swordsman, and Ye Futian were two completely different people now.

Ye Futian didn't know the reason that Li Yao became suspicious because he was on his way to the Lower Worlds for cultivation.

Not long ago, Li Yao received a message that Ye Futian was likely to return to Emperor Li's Realm from the Lower Worlds.

"Your Highness, I have requested to leave and have gotten permission from Master. Please wait for me when I return," Ye Futian insisted. He had to go.

Li Yao's heart sunk after hearing his reply. Li Yao's speculation was getting closer and closer to reality, which made his heart harden. So the person whom he treated with respect these days was the person he most wanted to kill?

The atmosphere suddenly became cool, and at this moment, a person arrived from the sky. Ye Futian saw it was Yan Yuan. He said to himself that this time, he had been exposed.

Suddenly his heart sank, too. Would Yan Yuan capture him?

"I need to do something in the Lower Worlds. Master told me to see you off," Yan Yuan came in front of Ye Futian and said to him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》