The Legend of Futian
1151 Do You Admit?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1151 Do You Admit?


The people in the Xiao clan's manor all looked at the dazzling figure in the air. He seemed to be stepping onto images of matrixes. Beams penetrating their surroundings emanated from the round matrix images, circling about. The beams coalesced into dazzling pillars of golden light. Extremely brilliant golden characters hovered on the beams.

"Qian, Kun, Kan, Li..."

The golden characters seemed to be imbued with the might of the great path as they were melded into the beams of light, circling Ye Futian's body and emanating light around him.

All of the spectators saw that wherever the beams passed, the might of the great path was sensed, with Ye Futian and the very center of the phenomenon.

Ye Futian was like a furnace of the great path at the time. The power of the great path resonated with his body.

He was of little difference to a saint at that moment.

The World Tree in Ye Futian's Life Spirit continued to sway as if it was responding to the attacks being used. Power of all attributes poured and melded with Ye Futian's body, providing him with the powerful will of the great path.

As predicted by the imperial advisor of Dali, Ye Futian was a suitable candidate for training the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

The people below were all in awe, watching the extremely formidable power at work. They gazed at the dazzling light in the sky. All of them wondered if that was some training method he had learned in the Golden Hall of the Lotus.

If it was indeed so, they wondered why the Princess had not been trained in this method. Furthermore, they never saw any mighty ones from Emperor Xia's Palace demonstrate the use of such powers.

Did His Majesty teach Ye Futian his own training method?

If that turned out to be the case, it spoke volumes of just how highly His Majesty thought of Ye Futian.

All of them were wondering if that training method was something that had surpassed saint level and if it was something above the saints as he was able to bring that much power to bear.

None of them knew that Xia Qingyuan, who was watching from the sides, was feeling astonished as well.

She naturally knew that it was not something imparted by her father, and the Golden Hall of the Lotus did not have something like that either.

It was something Ye Futian learned in Dali Dynasty. Furthermore, it was something imparted personally to him by the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

She never expected that the Imperial Advisor of Dali would have imparted training methods to Ye Futian, let alone one of the imperial level.

At that moment, even she came to see the imperial advisor of Dali differently and wanted to see for herself, what kind of a person the imperial advisor, who had imparted training methods to Ye Futian and sent him off personally, truly was.

Huge palm attacks capable of blocking the sky rained down from above, coming right before Ye Futian as if to destroy the dazzling golden light. However, Ye Futian took one step forward, which resonated with the great path of the world around them. He put his arm forward and threw a punch.

The will of the punch was ferocious. The light of the letter of Qian moved along with the attack, tearing through space and shredding the power of all methods before it.

That golden light of the punch streaked through the air and clashed with the palm attack coming at him. Rumbling noises were heard, and a ring-shaped light exploded in all directions up in the air. The phenomenon was blinding, and no one knew how powerful that clash had been.

" Huangting Fist Will."

The people of the Xiao clan recognized the art. Princess Xia Qingyuan was trained in the Huangting Fist Will, after all.

There were 33 layers to Huangting Fist Will, and one layer was stronger than the other. The fist will of the great path gathered raging force from the user's surroundings, and with all 33 layers of fist will bursting, the art shredded all paths of heaven.

The spectators were all astonished to find that the Huangting Fist Will that Ye Futian brought to bear was extremely formidable. It was far more powerful than the one used by Xia Qingyuan. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

His methods came with the effect of amplifying the power of the great path of his own, enhancing the power of other offensive skills. The powers of the great path were interconnected, and they resonated with the world around.

The spectators thought it would have required Ye Futian to use considerable measures to break the palm attacks of Xiao Sheng, who had broken into Saint Plane. No one expected him to be able to do so with only one punch.

Ye Futian, at that moment, did not look a sage at all. He looked as if he was a saint, just like Xiao Sheng, capable of standing opposite Xiao Sheng and fighting him on equal footing.

Xiao Sheng, too cast his gaze at that person before him. He had thought of fighting Ye Futian in the future, but he never expected Ye Futian to want to fight him before breaking into Saint Plane.

I, who have broken into Saint Plane, lost against Ye Futian, who is still a sage? Xiao Sheng thought incredulously.

The line between sage and saint was like a heavenly chasm. It was a consensus shared by all cultivators. If Ye Futian wanted to take Xiao Sheng on, he needed to break that consensus and achieve the incredible feat of having a sage beating a saint.

Xiao Sheng refused to yield.

Xiao Sheng took one step forward and moved his palms as well, bursting with the dazzling light of the divine path all of him. There was rumbling all over the place, and huge palm attacks of dazzling brilliance manifested everywhere, shrouding the entire sky.

The palm attacks were all infused with overwhelming, shattering powers, putting a lockdown on their surroundings with the might of the great path.


The mighty ones of the Xiao clan looked up at Xiao Sheng. He waved his hands about before him, and then extended them at Ye Futian.


Heaven-splitting rumbling explosions were heard as the palm attacks arrived one after another. All of them slammed onto Ye Futian at unimaginable speeds.

Beams of light from Ye Futian's body coursed to his legs. He then took one step forward and seemed to have sunken the space around him. It was as if towering force burst from that one step of his. Those bursting palm attacks seemed to have been stifled, and the force on Ye Futian grew even mightier.

That footwork was none other than the extremely formidable Footwork of Xuanyuan.

Yet another punch was launched, and the Huangting Fist Will tore through the air, bringing the power of the Footwork of Xuanyuan with it, causing the palm attacks to crumble and explode. The palm attacks of prajna bombarded wave after wave. If looked up from below, it would have seemed that the endless palm attacks had shrouded the sky, burying Ye Futian in a very tight space.

Ye Futian did not mind his opponent's attacks at all. A harrowing sword will coalesced about him, and his left hand drew a line in the air. A streak of a dazzling flash of the sword came and went within an instant, breaking down that palm attack. He extended his finger. The Swords of Kasyapa coalesced, tearing apart all palm attacks that came at him.

Ye Futian continued to step out with his Footwork of Xuanyuan, and the force about him continued to climb, getting increasing mighty. The light from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension circled about him.

His left hand coalesced sword will, bringing Huangting Fist Will and using Footwork of Xuanyuan, while backed by the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension as he advanced. Those incoming bombardment of palm attacks were unable to stop him in his tracks at all.

The Huangting Fist Will had gotten increasingly powerful, and the Footwork of Xuanyuan had gotten increasingly overbearing. More and more Swords of Kasyapa coalesced around him, and the swords circled him as he moved, tearing through space and shattering all incoming palm attacks.

The spectators watched with awe as Ye Futian continued to move forward, getting increasingly close to Xiao Sheng. Is that some power capable of being brought about by a sage? they wondered.

Xiao Sheng's eyes were locked onto Ye Futian, and he was just as astonished. He continued to step forward instead of retreating, advancing as holy light burst from his body. He came to bring the full might of his powers as a saint to bear.

He extended his hand and performed mudras. A divine shadow appeared behind him. A giant was manifested in the air, one that had a myriad of arms, taking control of the powers of the world around them.

The countless arms moved at the same time, throwing down countless palm attacks at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian acted as if he was unable to see any of that. The Swords of Kasyapa circling him continued to cut out, and a terrifying screen of swords appeared before him, tearing everything apart. The Huangting Fist Will was also getting increasingly powerful. The sixth step of the Footwork of Xuanyuan was made. The world around them shook as extremely raging pressure was launched at Xiao Sheng.

Ye Futian, who continued to advance at that moment, was enveloped by the holy light emanated from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, sweeping forward like a tidal wave.

The gigantic shadow behind Xiao Sheng closed its arms, seeing that dazzling figure continue to advance. The power of the great path compressed the place as countless palm attacks stacked on top of each other, burying Ye Futian's body.

"Six Directions."

A line was heard from Xiao Sheng. At that moment, it seemed as if his power had been brought to the limit.


Ye Futian took another step out, and the world around him shook. His extremely dazzling body shot at Xiao Sheng. The palm attacks thrown at him continued to crumble in a frenzy, yet countless palm attacks from his flanks seemed to have melded together in walls of the great path, burying everything caught between.

Xiao Sheng pointed forward, and the same phenomenon took place before him. Six directions of the world melded with the great path. All of the palm attacks became one as they buried the heavens.

The spectators saw that Ye Futian gradually disappeared as he was being buried by the Six Directions, making them unable to see him.

Xiao Sheng closed his palms, and the world around them shook violently. The crowd was only able to see the palms of the heaven-burying Six Direction bury Ye Futian right there and then. Rumbling noises were heard from within, but no one else knew what was happening inside.

No one interfered with the fight, and even Xia Qingyuan watched in silence. No one knew what was going on in her mind.

She trusted Ye Futian, and he was appointed as her valet. Many knew that the Princess held Ye Futian in high regard. The one whom Ye Futian was fighting was her cousin. Everyone understood the words that Ye Futian said before, that there were things that Xia Qingyuan would have found inconvenient to do.

But could he carry those things out?

Palm attacks continued to rain around them, becoming a part of that wall of the great path as they closed. Everyone had their eyes fixed at the sky above.

The rumbling continued to be heard, and people gradually saw cracks on that Wall of Six Directions. The cracks continued to extend and spread in all directions. Extremely brilliant light was seen unleashed from within, and the hearts of the spectators raced.

Intensely blinding light was seen, and with an earth-shattering rumble, the wall crumbled, and all of the palm attacks were no more. Ye Futian emerged from within, clad in holy light. His towering sword will tore at the space around him.

His body turned into a bolt of lightning, arriving right before Xiao Sheng, who was no longer able to bring attacks of greater power to bear. Ye Futian threw a punch, and Xiao Sheng threw a palm attack without retreating.

Boom... A rumble was heard as the sky shook. The spectators saw Xiao Sheng's body rattled violently, and his internal organs felt as if they had been rattled. Cracking sounds were heard from his bones. The light of the divine path remained glittering, yet his aura continued to weaken. Blood was seen at the corner of his mouth, yet his eyes remained fixed on Ye Futian.

"Do you admit?" Ye Futian shook his arm and burst with another fist will. Xiao Sheng's body rattled violently yet again.

Ye Futian continued to glitter with holy light. His silver hair billowed, and he looked tremendously mighty.

Everyone knew at that moment that Ye Futian, as a sage, had beaten Xiao Sheng, who was a saint.

Despite there being a chasm between sages and saints, Ye Futian made it through, nonetheless.

There were countless living beings in Emperor Xia's Realm, and there had been many legendary figures throughout the ages. However, none had been capable of defeating a saint while they were still a sage.

No one would have expected that Xiao Sheng, who had only made it into Saint Plane a short while ago and showed signs of rising again, was met with one unspeakably legendary figure.

Despite having broken into Saint Plane, there he was, defeated.

The Xiao clan wanted to change Xiao Sheng's fate, and Ye Futian was against it.
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    《The Legend of Futian》