The Legend of Futian
1162 The Message
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1162 The Message

Ye Futian and Yao Xi were chatting on their enchanted island. Meanwhile, another island was also quite lively.

Naturally, it was the enchanted island where the Fifth Prince, Xia Lun, was located. By this time, a banquet was already set up for everyone to sit and chat to their heart's content.

Well-known characters from all walks of life had come. Folks from Xuanyuan Palace, Jiutian Temple, Tianji Pavilion, Qin Palace, Shura Palace, and many other geniuses and disciples from other places had all come to visit.

No matter how outstanding one was, Emperor Xia's Realm was ultimately ruled by Emperor Xia. All the top forces were under the jurisdiction of the Emperor, so when the Prince arrived, etiquette dictated that visits must be paid to show respect.

In addition, as the host, Yaotai Divine Palace had also sent their person as a representative, a goddess known as Yun Shang whose cultivation was of the Saint Plane. She was highly recognized in Yaotai Divine Palace. Although her beauty was no comparison to Yao Xi, she was quite stunning.

However, the person that everyone wanted to see was Yao Xi. After all, all the rumors that came from Yaotai Divine Palace were about Yao Xi.

"I haven't come out for quite some time. Today, I got to meet a lot of influential characters from Emperor Xia's Realm, which is a great blessing. Bottoms up!" The Fifth Prince, Xia Lun, raised his glass with a smile. His gentle manner was greatly magnetic.

Everyone raised a glass and drank up together. After putting down the glasses, someone laughed and said, "Most of the known characters in Emperor Xia's Realm only have titles bestowed by others. It's just that Your Royal Highness and the Princess never come out to visit. Otherwise, there would be no place for the likes of us."

This statement was rather self-deprecating, but no one really felt that it was inappropriate. After all, the status of the other was clear. This kind of humility could be regarded as acting out of politeness, not something to be taken too seriously.

"Not so." Xia Lun smiled and shook his head. "Being the characters of renown in Emperor Xia's Realm, you have reasons to be proud. Take the disciple of the Swordmaster of Lihen, Wang Chuan, whose defeat led to his sainthood. How legendary! Or take Ye Futian for example, who defeated a saint as a sage. That was something I could never have done. Many of you have already stepped into the Saint Plane and have caused some sensations in our world. All your fame came from your talents and strength. It cannot be considered vanity."

"Wang Chuan didn't come this time, but I heard that Ye Futian has already arrived. I very much want to see this unparalleled figure. When is he coming over?" a young man who exuded a coolness asked. This person sat not far from Xia Lun, his eyes narrow and long, giving him a feminine look. His body exuded a faint sharpness.

This young man was the young master of Shura Palace, Chu Xi.

Having said that, his attention turned toward Goddess Yun Shang and he asked, "Goddess, why haven't we seen Yao Xi?"

Goddess Yun Shang smiled gently and responded calmly, "Sister Yao Xi had gone to visit Master Ye. They were previously acquainted, so when she heard that Master Ye had arrived, she went directly to visit. We beg the forgiveness of Your Royal Highness."

Upon hearing Goddess Yun Shang's reply, everyone revealed a strange look.

Yao Xi had gone to visit Ye Futian?

Rumors from the outside said that Yaotai Divine Feast was being held for matters related to a Path Companion for Yao Xi. What was the meaning of her visiting Ye Futian?

Did it mean that Yao Xi's heart had already found the where place it belonged?

Moreover, all the influential characters of Emperor Xia's Realm had gathered here. As the reigning virgin of Yaotai Divine Palace, Yao Xi had gone to visit Ye Futian alone; didn't this mean that she regarded Ye Futian above everyone else?

What's more, today, in addition to those from Emperor Xia's Realm, His Royal Highness was also present.

Even if Ye Futian's talents were peerless, he was still a subject of the realm, after all.

No matter how one looked at this, both Yao Xi or Ye Futian should be there right now.

"No matter." Xia Lun did not show any expression and appeared very casual as if he didn't care at all. He smiled and said, "Since Goddess Yao Xi and Ye Futian are old friends, it ought to be so. Yaotai Divine Palace is the host of Yaotai Divine Feast, I am but a guest. The goddess need not care so much about what I think."

"Gratitude to Your Royal Highness for your understanding." Goddess Yun Shang nodded with a smile.

The atmosphere at the banquet was joyful. Everyone was chatting casually, but they all had their own concerns inside their hearts.

From time to time, Mo Wen of Tianji Pavilion looked at Xia Lun. His eyes betrayed nothing, but in his heart, he was trying to figure out Xia Lun's reason for coming to Yaotai Divine Palace.

He knew a lot more than ordinary people.

Others only knew that there was a competition for the title of the first beauty of Emperor Xia's Realm going on between the Holy Mother of the West and Queen Xiao, but they did not know that there was more to the story.

It was about Emperor Xia, the Holy Mother of the West, and Queen Xiao.

After spending some time at Xia Lun's place, everyone slowly left, not waiting for Ye Futian and Yao Xi. However, since the Fifth Prince himself didn't seem to care, the others had nothing else to say.

However, when they left the enchanted island where Xia Lun was staying, they heard faint sounds of ethereal and peaceful strings coming from afar. Because the sound of the music itself contained spiritual power, its ability to penetrate was great and could carry the tune further, causing many to stop and listen.

"This music is quiet and beautiful. It fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the Yaotai Divine Palace and leads people into its artistic conception. Who is playing it?" someone asked Goddess Yun Shang.

"Yao Xi is the reigning Virgin of Yaotai Divine Palace. She is proficient in many abilities, an expert in musical instruments, as well as dance and singing," Goddess Yun Shang responded. "Judging from the sound of the music, it's coming from the island where Master Ye is staying. Sister Xi Yao is probably discussing the art of music with Master Ye."

Ye Futian's talent for playing the guqing was well-known. When old Master Xiao was celebrating his birthday, Ye Futian had swept away the cultivators from Lihen Heaven with a single performance.

So it was quite reasonable for the two to discuss music when Yao Xi went to visit.

However, this situation was causing some discomfort for many people.

They were all guests but were being treated differently.

It should be obvious that many who'd arrived there today had certain thoughts about Yao Xi.

Among the women of that generation in Emperor Xia's Realm, Xia Qingyuan was out of the question. Yao Xi was considered a very outstanding woman besides Xia Qingyuan, and it was rumored that Yaotai Divine Palace possessed a double cultivation method for couples and would not pose any limit on them. If this was really the case, then there were no other concerns. Perhaps it would even be a lovely story for posterity.

But nothing had even begun, and yet it seemed that they were already behind.

Chu Xi's brow raised slightly. He had courted Yao Xi before, but Yao Xi had never really been close to him, let alone playing instruments with him. No matter how one looked at it, this behavior was slightly dubious.

Chu Xi stepped forward and landed on a raft on the lake in front of the islands. Many enchanted islands in Yaotai Divine Palace were connected by the numerous lakes.

The raft moved forward quickly and sped toward the direction of the music, as fast as an arrow shot off from a bow.

When they saw this, many people expressed an intrigued look. Then many figures stepped forward, landed on rafts, and moved forward across the lake.

The waves of the lake flowed in the direction of the music. Many small rafts were now moving in that direction as well.

On one of the rafts, a handsome young man clad in white clothes sat cross-legged. A guqin had appeared in front of him. He played.

The music of the guqin was ethereal and in harmony with the atmosphere. It actually echoed the music from another island. The musical achievements of these musicians were obvious.

The two played across a great space, yet they seemed to play as an ensemble, creating a beautiful harmony.

"Befitting of the name of Master of a Hundred Flowers," someone said, praising the man who played the guqin. He was the peerless man who had been raised by many goddesses in the Hundred Flowers Valley of the Western Region. He was called the Master of a Hundred Flowers. He was handsome and elegant, with great talents to boot. It was said that endless young women adored him in the Hundred Flowers Valley, but he had never touched any of them.

It was said that among, many thousands of flowers, the leaves are never left behind.

The lakes between the islands were clear and seemingly endless. Occasionally, flowers fell and floated upon the lake, adding to the landscape there. The leaf-shaped rafts were still floating, but Chu Xi's raft had stopped outside an enchanted island. He stood quietly on the raft, looking at the island.

The sound of the guqin was coming from there.

On the enchanted Island, someone looked over there and saw Chu Xi's stick-straight body. He was standing there quietly like a statue.

His loitering here, was it to provoke the resident of this island?

On the enchanted island, Ye Futian listened to the music quietly. There was a beautiful woman playing in front of him, and it was definitely a beautiful picture. He was a bit surprised that Yao Xi could have such accomplishments in music.

In many ways, compared to that proud Little Princess, Yao Xi was even more full of womanly charm.

At this time, Qin Zhuang walked over. Ye Futian waved his hand at him, sensing the situation outside. Chu Xi had released a faint breath which indicated provocation, ever so slightly. What was more, with the music coming from the Master of Hundred Flowers, it was impossible for him not to know.

At the Yaotai Divine Feast at the Yaotai Divine Palace, there were some who wanted something, and there were some who wanted nothing.

Those who wanted something would naturally hold a grudge, but he wanted nothing, so nothing really mattered.

Yao Xi had attracted a lot of hostility.

After a while, the music finally stopped. Yao Xi smiled softly and asked, "How about that, Master Ye?"

"It was perfect," Ye Futian praised.

Yao Xi smiled and said, "Yao Xi will be proud for a long time with such praise from Master Ye."

"I think the goddess had other ulterior motives." Ye Futian smiled and shook his head.

Yao Xi understood what Ye Futian was referring to and gave him a charming look. "Since this is the case, Yao Xi will not disturb Master any longer tonight."

As she said this, she moved lightly in her steps. With a quick flicker, as if dancing, she quickly disappeared.

After Yao Xi left, the music from outside stopped. Chu Xi's lonely raft drifted past, moving along through the water, and soon disappeared.

After they had left, someone else came to the island, asking to be seen. It was someone sent by the Fifth Prince, Xia Lun.

"Greetings to Saint Ye," the messenger said as he bowed.

"Does His Royal Highness have anything to command?" Ye Futian asked.

"His Royal Highness had planned to come in person, but did not want to disturb Saint Ye's musing, so he asked me to send a message instead."

"His Royal Highness was too polite. I should be the one who visits him," Ye Futian said. "If His Royal Highness has any words for me, please let me know."

"His Royal Highness wishes that Saint Ye would not touch Goddess Yao Xi!" said the messenger.
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    《The Legend of Futian》