The Legend of Futian
1164 The Song
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1164 The Song

All drank and chatted to their hearts' content at the Yaotai Divine Feast.

A group of goddesses appeared when the banquet was in full swing, dazzling everyone in attendance.

Seven figures appeared at Yaotai at the forefront. Every one of them was unique and stunning.

"The Seven Goddesses of Yaotai!" All who were present looked at the seven of them and mumbled excitedly.

The Seven Goddesses of Yaotai were of extreme renown in Emperor Xia's Realm. All previous Seven Goddesses of Yaotai had been candidates for the position of Virgin of Yaotai. As such, be it in talent or appearance, all of them were extremely exceptional.

Five of these goddesses were saints. One of them had reached the stage of Saint of True Self.

All seven of the goddesses sat on the ground in a line. Their dresses draped over the floor, making the scene looked like a painting.

"What are they doing here?" Many looked puzzled. At that moment, several others emerged on the stage. The one in the middle was dressed in a phoenix-tail styled, floor-length dress. It looked as if fire danced on the ground around her.

That figure wore a phoenix coronet and robes of ranks, looking elegant and stunning. The dazzling phoenix-tail styled dress was tailored to her shape, making her look perfect. She walked to the center of the stage and scanned the crowd. Her smile was enough to mesmerize all who gazed upon it.

Everyone present was enamored by her beauty. Ye Futian stood and looked at the goddess as everyone else did. He was rather surprised to find Yao Xi capable of handling such elegant beauty.

That figure was none other than Yao Xi, the Virgin of Yaotai. At that moment, she had lost all the charm and gentleness of a lady that she had shown him before. Regal elegance emanated from her like she was a queen looking down onto her subjects. She was someone that no one would dare to defile.

At that moment, Ye Futian was unable to help but recall Queen Xiao and Xia Qingyuan. Such a bearing should have been something only they were capable of emanating.

However, it was obvious that Yao Xi was capable of handling such looks all the same. The aura that emanated from her seemed to be natural as well.

Ye Futian was not the only one who had never seen her like this, as not many had come to know Yao Xi of being capable of looking like this. Many were stunned by Yao Xi's beauty, which was different from how she was usually seen, making the impact very powerful.

Chu Xi, the young palace lord of the Asura Palace, looked forward with dazed eyes. As a saint, there was little doubt about how firm his state of mind was, yet he was nonetheless momentarily dazed.

He had always known that there was another side to Yao Xi's beauty, one that no one knew about. Her so-called gentleness was but a facade shown to the world. He had pursued Yao Xi many years ago, yet he had never been able to truly get close to her. He was able to feel an apparent distance from her, as well as the pride that belied those gentle, amicable looks of hers.

Was this the real her?

Chu Xi regained his composure and a bright smile was seen in his deep eyes, suggesting that he had become even more enamored by Yao Xi's beauty. Only one such woman would have deserved his attention and his desire.

He was capable of understanding her.

Yao Xi's dress sprawled on the ground as she sat at the stage. Two goddesses of saint level stood by her side.

That scene enabled more to understand Yao Xi's status in the Yaotai Divine Palace.

Despite being the virgin of the Yaotai Divine Palace, her training was lacking and she was still one step away from achieving sainthood. Despite her status as the Virgin, she should not have been able to behave and be treated this way in front of her Saint Plane seniors.

However, at that moment, everything looked so natural that it seemed that she had been deserving of such a position all along.

That seemed to mean that Virgin Yao Xi had been designated as the successor to the position of palace lord of Yaotai Divine Palace, and that decision was not one that would be changed. In the absence of the Holy Mother of the West, she was the queen of the Yaotai Divine Palace.

Ye Futian felt somewhat rattled inside. The scene had proved to be rather shocking to him as well.

Yao Xi had only visited the island for the first time the day before. She had been a quiet and modest maiden, looking gentle and beautiful as she'd lovingly played the guqin.

Yet, at this moment, she was extraordinarily stunning and looked like a queen.

The greater the contrast, the great the impact.

Furthermore, Yao Xi never showed such a side to him when she was around him. He never knew that her status was this high.

That position on the stage should have belonged to the master of Yaotai Divine Palace—the seat of the Holy Mother of the West.

On that day, it was Yao Xi who sat there, as the Holy Mother of the West was absent.

That meant that Yao Xi was able to speak on behalf of the Holy Mother of the West right there and then, in Yaotai Divine Palace.

"I, Yao Xi, was the one who invited all of you to the Yaotai Divine Feast. It is my honor to see you all here at Yaotai Divine Palace," Yao Xi said, smiling as she addressed her audience.

It was only then that the crowd understood that the feast they were at had not been thrown by the Holy Mother of the West.

It was thrown by Yao Xi.

As had been speculated by the crowd, Yao Xi was indeed capable of speaking on behalf of the Holy Mother of the West.

She was even able to throw the Yaotai Divine Feast on her own.

With that said, there was little surprise as to why the Holy Mother of the West had not shown up.

"What is the purpose of holding the Yaotai Divine Feast, if I may ask, goddess?" Mo Wen of Tianji Pavilion asked. There were rumors throughout Emperor Xia's Realm that the Yaotai Divine Feast was meant for selecting a Path Companion for Yao Xi. With her taking charge of the event personally, many were wondering if she was there to choose her future husband.

Many turned to look at Yao Xi with great interest after hearing Mo Wen's question.

They were rather moved to see Yao Xi as she was at the moment. Anyone who was able to conquer her would probably conquer the Yaotai Divine Palace.

The virgin of Yaotai Divine Palace seemed destined to become the future palace lord.

"I'd like you all to hear a song," Yao Xi said.

Many looked puzzled at that. A song?

What is Yao Xi getting at with this?

The Yaotai Divine Feast was a grand event held in the Yaotai Divine Palace. It looked rather random and haughty for her to be the one inviting the geniuses from all over Emperor Xia's Realm.

"What would that song be?" Chu Xi asked.

What kind of song would it have been worth Yao Xi throwing the Yaotai Divine Feast?

"It is a song that my teacher acquired years ago. It has rarely been heard in Emperor Xia's Realm, and I can assure you that it will not disappoint," Yao Xi replied with a smile, piquing the interest of many.

Judging from Yao Xi's tone, the song seemed to be an extraordinary one.

Furthermore, Yao Xi claimed that it was a song that had never been heard in Emperor Xia's Realm.

That meant that only a select few had heard the song before.

"Since you put it that way, Goddess Yao Xi, I'm really interested," the Master of the Hundred Flowers smiled and said. He was exceptionally handsome. A dandy whose smile could mesmerize many.

"However, the song will be rather overbearing. Please enjoy the feast without worries and the song shall be played later. I'm afraid that it would be a waste inviting you all here otherwise, as it might rob you of your enjoyment of the feast," Yao Xi continued.

What she said piqued the curiosity of the crowd even more.

The song is an overbearing one?

Was she implying that there were some among us them would be unable to withstand the power of that song?

The crowd was filled with exceptional people from all over Emperor Xia's Realm. There were even many on the Saint Plane present. All of them were curious as to how powerful that song might be.

"Don't keep us hanging, Goddess Yao Xi. Please, play," someone in the crowd said.

None of them were there at the Yaotai Divine Palace just to have a feast.

Maybe the song was a test from Yao Xi?

"That's right. Please, just play, goddess," someone smiled and said.

Xia Lun sat quietly as he looked at Yao Xi.

Despite being the prince of Emperor Xia's Realm, he had not been received and honored much by being there on that day. Although a goddess had been sent to receive him the day before, Yao Xi had never bothered to greet him.

At that moment, his status meant that the Yaotai Divine Palace should have invited him to a special seat just for him, yet that had not happened either.

However, he found none of that to be surprising, taking it all in a stride.

After all, he was not there to be served by the Yaotai Divine Palace.

Yao Xi heard the cheers of the crowd and smiled, saying, "If that would be the case, then shall I begin?"

"Please, goddess." Everyone nodded.

Yao Xi waved and guqins manifested in front of the seven goddesses who sat before her.

All seven goddesses were getting ready to play at the same time.

"Let's begin," Yao Xi said. Notes were played as soon as she gave the order. The one in the middle of the seven plucked the strings and all the others continued to play.

The music danced and seeped into the ears of the audience. The spiritual power of many tingled as well.

The tune was soft and comforting, making it a pleasure to hear. It was as if one was being steeped in an extremely beautiful painting. One was sitting alone somewhere outside of the bustling world. There were flowing waters and a bridge, as well as beauties playing music all around. It was all leisurely and immersive, making those within earshot feel as if they were about to doze off.

Ye Futian found himself inside one such beautiful painting. He leaned on a pavilion and there were mountains and rivers around him, making him feel invigorated. Jieyu's figure appeared right before him. Her smile made his soul shudder.

That image was just too beautiful, making the ones experiencing it want to stay within it forever.

"An illusion." A thought crossed Ye Futian's mind. He was naturally capable of keeping his senses. The song was able to bring the listeners into an elusive realm, and they were entering the realm willingly. It was as if the song was a dream tailored to the listener, affecting the emotions of those within earshot.

Furthermore, the elusive realm that everyone was in differed from one another, as said realms were created based on their thoughts.

The notes continued to dance and immerse into the spiritual will of the listeners, seeping in without notice and affecting the emotions of the audience.

Urges welled within some people before they knew it. It was the same with Ye Futian as well, and he frowned upon realizing it.

It was desire. The song was bringing up the desires of its listeners.

His will began to resist, but the sound of the song became increasingly rushed. Every note seemed able to keep the listeners' desires burning.

The eyes of many changed. At that moment, a group of goddesses came down before everyone. Every single goddess was dressed in an extremely sexy manner and they danced. Their alluring movements and enticing eyes caused many to want to surrender to their urges completely, getting themselves completely immersed in the illusions.

The tune continued to seep into Ye Futian's mind. He too saw the bodies of those extremely sexy ladies and it seemed as if he saw Jieyu walking up to him, smiling. He seemed to see Xia Qingyuan dressed in women's clothing as well and looking stunning in it. He also saw a very sexy and alluring Yao Xi closing in on him.

There was even the elegant figure of the Glass Saint, the one who was known to be the number one beauty in the Eastern State, within the picture. She looked incredibly stunning.

It was as if they would have thrown themselves into his arms, so long as he was willing, and continued to be steeped in the beautiful picture.

His spiritual will seemed to be about to give up resisting. His blood began to boil. The tune was still playing and every note seemed to be out to crush his resisting will, urging him to let himself loose.

"A terrifying song indeed." A thought crossed Ye Futian's mind.

Xia Lun, who was at Ye Futian's side, was struggling as well. He was wondering if the song was the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires.
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    《The Legend of Futian》