The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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Ye Futian looked at Yao Xi and sighed deep down.

Despite being of the same background in the sense that both were daughters of Emperor Xia, Xia Qingyuan was born in the royal palace and was doted by Emperor Xia. She was known by all since birth. It was rumored that her talents were unparalleled throughout Emperor Xia's Realm. She was lauded as the future empress of the realm.

In contrast, Yao Xi's status as the Virgin of the Yaotai Divine Palace paled by leagues. But then again, if she were to simply be the Virgin of the Yaotai Divine Palace, she might not have so many thoughts about things and would continue being the elegant virgin in peace.

However, with comparison, came pain. She too was the daughter of Emperor Xia, yet she grew up hearing the name of another girl instead.

She knew deep down that regardless of how exceptional she could become, that other name would forever shine brighter than hers. It was a fact that she was unable to change.

All of that was naturally somewhat cruel to Yao Xi, but that was how fate was and there was nothing anyone could have done about it. It was for that very reason that princes of the imperial courts fought over the throne. The princes were all brothers from the same father, yet there could be only one who could ascend to the throne.

Yao Xi was even more pitiful than the princes who were fighting each other for the throne, as she never had a father by her side.

It was obvious that Yao Xi intended to resist, but given that her father was Emperor Xia himself, there were very few ways she could do that.

As such, she had gotten to Ye Futian. Of course, there was also the Yaotai Divine Feast.

Perhaps that was her way of resisting fate.

It was not Ye Futian's place to chastise Emperor Xia, and it certainly was not his place to chastise Yao Xi either.

Ye Futian sighed looking at the woman before her. "I went to the Dali Dynasty to train not long ago, and I think you know about that too. I studied under the imperial advisor of Dali when I was there. I thought that the imperial advisor would be someone filled with ambition, yet the imperial advisor that I came to know was someone who was able to see through everything. His greatest wish was that his daughter could have a normal life. There was one of his students who resented him and even wanted to take his life, but he did not mind any of that. He remained willing to escort me and send me off, even knowing who I really am."

"He did not have any thoughts about that student who saw him as the enemy taking revenge against him. He did not dwell on whether or not I would become a threat in the future if I returned to Emperor Xia's Realm. He let go of the past, thought little of the future, and did what he could in the present. If there is nothing you can do to change anything, why not try putting it all down instead?"

Ye Futian continued, "I know that it's not my place to ask you to put it all down. It's easy to advise others, but it's something else altogether if those things are happening to you. But then again, regardless of what you do, Emperor Xia will still be Emperor Xia, and Xia Qingyuan will still be Xia Qingyuan. You might think that you're punishing them, but what you're doing is punishing yourself. Furthermore, at least you know who your father is. I never knew who my biological parents were. But what can I do about it? Other than calling them as**oles when I'm reminded of that fact, there is little else I can do."

Yao Xi kept her eyes on Ye Futian and smiled, saying, "I never realized that you had such a bleak past. I know the reasoning behind it all, but I couldn't just let it all go with only a few words."

Ye Futian was able to tell from her reply that her obsession ran deep. She was not someone he could move with words.

She had some sort of ongoing contest with Xia Qingyuan deep down.

Yao Xi smiled and continued, seeing that Ye Futian was staying silent. "You are versed in the art of the guqin, which would make you a good choice to play the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires with me."

She then extended her hand and pulled Ye Futian's arm, bringing him to the instrument. Ye Futian took a look where her arm was. Her supple, lithe fingers coiled around his wrist as she brought him before a guqin. Yao Xi then sat down and took out the scores and handed them over to Ye Futian. "Take a look at the score while I play the song over once."

Ye Futian opened the score and saw the glittering brilliance of it. The score's countless notes seemed to be imprinting themselves into his mind and dancing, which was a result of Yao Xi's playing.

The tune was soothing and gentle. It made one feel amicable and at ease, as if they were about to enter a beautiful place.

Ye Futian continued to read the score as he listened to the tune. The tune seemed to have melded with the score itself, sucking him in and immersing him completely in the music before he realized it.

The Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires was not a demonic song that enthralled people using lust as he had imagined was the case.

It was a song that was truly able to resonate with a person's emotions and desires. The song was extremely complex and long. What he had experienced before was but a part of the song's power, which continuously amplified the desires of its listeners, making them succumb to it and giving them no means of escape.

Such desires were part of human nature and emotions. What the tune was doing was simply amplifying certain emotions and desires until said emotions were rendered completely under the song's control, making an escape from it impossible.

It was a song capable of manipulating the passions and emotions of its listeners, making them fall under its spell and be completely immersed in it. It was no surprise that the song had come to be known as the Heavenly Demon Song.

Music was like martial arts which, in their very nature, were not divided into good or evil. The song would have been good if the user played it to do good, and evil if the user played it to do evil.

Ye Futian listened to the complete song and some time passed. He looked at Yao Xi beside him. Her fingers gradually stopped moving over the strings. There were a few strands of loose hair at her forehead. The smile on her face remained gentle and alluring. It was a mesmerizing and endearing sight to behold.

Ye Futian was even able to see Jieyu in her. The two faces seemed to have overlapped with each other, making him feel an urge to pull her into his arms.

"What's wrong?" Yao Xi turned around and smiled, looking at his eyes as she asked. "Are you mesmerized by the song?"

"Somewhat." Ye Futian did not deny it. At the moment, Yao Xi looked really endearing, making him want to cherish her.

"You're of an extremely stable state of mind to be able to come this far. All the same, I didn't expect you to get mesmerized by the song." Yao Xi smiled sweetly. Ye Futian could see his dear Jieyu in her.

"Well, I'm not a piece of wood, am I?" Ye Futian smiled and replied.

Yao Xi stared at him with an embarrassed look in her eyes and said, "If there is some urge that you need to act on, I'd be willing to cooperate."

"I'll have a go." Ye Futian quipped as he looked at the instrument before him.

"Alright." Yao Xi moved to the side and Ye Futian sat where she'd been sitting, putting his hands on the strings. He began to slowly play the tune.

Yao Xi listened beside him.

The sound of his playing was beautiful. While it was his first time playing the song, he was getting the hang of it already.

The tune could be heard throughout that paradise and there was a beautiful lady at his side. The scene looked more beautiful than anything found in pictures.

The song finally ended after quite a while. Ye Futian took a look at Yao Xi by his side, recalling the times when he had played the instrument for Jieyu. It still seemed as if the faces of the two women overlapped.

"Is the tune incomplete?" Ye Futian asked, looking at Yao Xi.

"Indeed. That was only half of the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires. The remaining half was something that was never brought to the Yaotai Divine Palace." Yao Xi then continued, "You're getting over 70 percent of the tone and feel right on your very first try. If you were to play it several times more, I'm afraid you would be better at it than I am. When you completely master the song, I'll be happy to dance to the tune for you."

"Very well." Ye Futian smiled and nodded before continuing to practice the song.

Time passed and Ye Futian played again and again. Yao Xi went up to him at times and both of them would collaborate and write songs.

Both of them seemed to be like one entity in that picturesque scene, looking natural and beautiful.

An unknown amount of time passed and Ye Futian's tune was still being played. Yao Xi leaned against him and the lower part of her dress sprawled on the ground. Endearment and love were seen in Yao Xi's beautiful face as if she too was immersed in the picture.

Her fragrant scent continued to attack Ye Futian's senses, making him feel urges that he was not supposed to be feeling.

When the song was over, Yao Xi circled her arms around his body and hugged him gently. Her gentle, supple body pressed close to his body and Ye Futian felt a fire burning inside.

"Yao Xi," Ye Futian called gently.

"Sir Ye, the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires is a spiritual type song, capable of affecting the passions and emotions of its listeners. There is no need to suppress yourself when you're under the song's spell. Unleashing your desires would be beneficial to the training of spiritual powers." Yao Xi's voice sounded like something from a dream, working its mystical magic in Ye Futian's ears and tugging his heartstrings.

"If I'm not the one you like, you are free to see me as someone else and I'd be totally fine with it," Yao Xi said. Ye Futian looked at the face right in front of his eyes. It was as if he was looking at Yao Xi, Jieyu, the Glass Saint, and some others at the same time. It was an environment that could satisfy any fantasy of his.


At that moment, at Emperor Xia's far away Palace.

A figure was standing at the princess's residence. The figure's usually calm face seemed to be troubled at present.

Just what was happening at Yaotai Divine Palace?

Had it been the Holy Mother of the West's idea to throw the Yaotai Divine Feast there?

Or was it Yao Xi's idea?

She heard what everyone was talking about, how the feast at Yaotai Divine Palace this time was being held for Virgin Yao Xi of the Yaotai Divine Palace to select a Path Companion.

Who would Yao Xi choose?

Back at the birthday banquet for her grandfather, Yao Xi had been seen staying really close to Ye Futian. Yao Xi had been at the Battle of the Empty Realm as well and had always been following Ye Futian around. She had naturally been aware of all of that.

She looked into the distance at that thought.

"That ba**ard. I sent someone to tell him to train in the Golden Hall of the Lotus, yet he went to the feast all the same."

Couldn't he tell that Yao Xi was up to no good?

"What has gotten into your head, Qingyuan?" A voice asked. Emperor Xia appeared before her.

"Nothing much," Xia Qingyuan replied.

"Why would you be spacing out then?" Emperor Xia smiled and added, "Seems to me that your mind is elsewhere."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Xia Qingyuan's voice sounded plain when she said that.

Emperor Xia smiled and did not try to embarrass her. He then said with a solemn face, "Qingyuan, there is something that I've never told you before. But since the matter has gotten you involved, it is time that you knew."

Xia Qingyuan shot a puzzled look at her father.

"Yao Xi of Yaotai Divine Place she is your elder sister," Emperor Xia said. That one statement made Xia Qingyuan freeze. She was unable to react.

"Yao Xi is my elder sister?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》