The Legend of Futian
1169 He Is Mine
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1169 He Is Mine

Yaotai Divine Palace, above the Enchanted Island.

Her slender body wrapped around his, full of infinite allure. Her elegant and inviting figure was so close. The long dress decorated with phoenix patterns slowly slipped off, exposing the fair skin on her shoulders. Those eyes of hers seemed to be able to capture the souls. It caused Ye Futian quite some confusion.

Ye Futian was burning up inside. He looked down at the figure that was entangled around him. There was a strong desire deep in his heart. There also seemed to be another figure in his mind that exhorted him to indulge himself, release his desire, and lose himself in it.

"Master Ye." Yao Xi looked up, eyes soft. She seemed to have the power to melt men's hearts.

Both of Ye Futian's hands held that flawless face, then slipped down slowly to land on those delicate shoulders. Yao Xi's eyes closed slightly. She seemed to be just as lost in the moment as he was.

One of Ye Futian's hands moved to Yao Xi's bosom. Yao Xi's lips slightly parted, a fragrance filled the air, and from those lips came a moan that was ever so soft and gentle.

However, in the next moment, Yao Xi's eyes opened suddenly, staring at Ye Futian.

"Master Ye..." The expression in Yao Xi's eyes kept changing. In them, he saw surprise, confusion, and discomfort.

Upon Ye Futian's caressing fingers, there was an incredibly sharp sword will blooming. It penetrated through Yao Xi's body instantly and rushed into her body. In an instant, the sword will enveloped the body of Yao Xi, seemingly intent on destroying her.

A tear rolled down from the corner of Yao Xi's eye. Pitifully, she asked, "Why is Master Ye treating me this way?"

"Yao Xi, you invited me to come, and I came. You invited me to cultivate in music, and I accompanied you, treating you as a friend. I do not wish for you to debase yourself," Ye Futian said slowly. "However, Yao Xi, you set me up. Is it as retribution against Emperor Xia and the Princess?"

As his voice faded, the sword will on his fingers became stronger, tearing everything. Yao Xi's beautiful figure gradually became transparent, on the verge of being torn apart and shattered.

Traces of sword will pierced through, and Yao Xi's figure immediate crumbled and dissipated between heaven and earth as if it had never existed in the first place.

Looking at that disappearing figure, Ye Futian appeared cool and collected, as if nothing had happened.

He turned his gaze and looked in front of him, surveying this beautiful enchanted island. He spoke into the void, saying, "The Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires wasn't incomplete, the goddess didn't want me to see the rest of it. It was six desires controlling a person's emotions and desires, taking over the feelings and thoughts of the other. If I guessed correctly, the bottom portion of the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires should be able to create an illusion that is close to reality, and once the emotions are incited by it, they will be controlled bit by bit until they are mired in the abyss and unable to escape."

"When crossing the Fairy Pool, as I stepped onto the enchanted island, it appeared that the illusion had been lifted, but it was not so. I'm still inside the illusion, right?" Ye Futian's voice called into the void.

As Ye Futian's voice faded, a burst of laughter as clear as silver bells was heard.

"Indeed, Yao Xi didn't judge incorrectly. To be able to maintain such strong control within the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires... no wonder you are the person valued by Emperor Xia and Xia Qingyuan." The voice fell, and a figure drifted down from above the enchanted island. It was Yao Xi, clad in a dress, dignified and elegant, and exquisite beyond words. Her smiles and movements were full of charm.

She drifted down until stood in front of Ye Futian, smiling. She asked, "How did Master Ye detect it? Was Yao Xi that unattractive?"

She seemed to be a bit disappointed when she spoke, but her demeanor was irresistible.

"When I arrived on the enchanted island, everything appeared normal.n fact, reality, and illusion had already been merged into one. Goddess Yao Xi taught me to play the guqin, attracting me little by little. It even caused a hallucination at one point, and I confused the goddess with others. Furthermore, the desire was getting stronger and stronger, but in the current realm of the goddess, even defeating the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires would not affect my emotions. In my realm, it should also be impossible for me to experience the multiple hallucinations that I did. Therefore, the only possibility was that the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desire had never really stopped playing, it was just that I could no longer hear the melody because I was always inside the illusion."

In his realm, for a moment, he had really been tempted to indulge and give in to his desire. That, in itself, was a weakness.

When he'd looked at Yao Xi, she'd appeared sometimes as Jieyu and sometimes as Glass Saint, which made him keenly realize that he had always been within the illusion created by the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires, which magnified desires in general.

"Was Master Ye tempted?" Yao Xi asked with a smile.

"Yao Xi, since you are an expert in the Heavenly Demon Song of the Six Desires, you should understand that there are desires in everyone's heart, and I am no exception," Ye Futian replied. "Can you lift the illusion now?"

"If it is not an illusion but reality, and Yao Xi is willing to promise herself to Master Ye, would Master Ye accept?" Yao Xi asked again.

"Does it matter?" Ye Futian looked at Yao Xi and said, "You got close to me and even invited me to the Yaotai Divine Feast, and none of that had anything to do with feelings. You held such a strong grudge against His Majesty and the Princess, how could you change your feelings so easily? I am but the prey chosen by the goddess."

Yaoxi walked until she was by Ye Futian's side. She looked in Ye Futian's eyes and said softly, "Does Master Ye not believe me?"

"Stop playing," Ye Futian said.

"Playing?" Yao Xi suddenly laughed. She looked at Ye Futian and said, "If it was Xia Qingyuan asking, would Master Ye refuse?"

"You are too obstinate. Perhaps she didn't even know you and never wanted to compare herself to you," Ye Futian said to Yao Xi. Her obsession with comparing herself to Xia Qingyuan had become the focus of her life.

"She is a noble princess, her father is the Emperor, and her mother is the Queen. There is no need for her to compare herself with me." Yao Xi laughed at herself and said, "Stop it!"

As her voice fell, something seemed to have disappeared. The Enchanted Island was still the Enchanted Island, but it seemed less perfect as it had been before and now closer to reality. The feeling was remarkable; reality and illusion seemed to have truly fused into one.

From the void, many goddesses floated down one after the other, landing in different positions on the enchanted island.

Yao Xi was still looking at Ye Futian. She said, "When I hosted the Yaotai Divine Feast, the world declared that it was so I could choose a Path Companion. Now, I would like to choose Master Ye as my Path Companion. Would Master Ye be agreeable to it?"

Now, without the effects of the illusion, Ye Futian felt that everything had gone back to normal. His emotions were no longer controlled by such a strong desire but seemed to be extraordinarily peaceable.

Ye Futian saw Yao Xi gazing at him, waiting for his answer.

"As I said before, I have a wife," Ye Futian replied.

"I see." Yao Xi smiled. Her smile seemed beautiful but sad.

From her point of view, it was just an excuse.

Everyone in the world knew that Ye Futian's wife had fallen in the Nine States Sacred War. It had been years since then.

Still, he used such an excuse to refuse her.

Even though she was so proactive, between her and Xia Qingyuan, Ye Futian was more willing to choose Xia Qingyuan.

Sure enough, she still lost.

At that moment, a group of people arrived in a flash. Yao Xi turned her attention toward them and asked, "What is it?"

"Emperor Xia's people are here," the person replied.

Yao Xi's eyes flashed strangely and she smiled sarcastically. First, it was Xia Lun. Now someone else?

Was he worried that she would steal away the man favored by his beloved Little Princess, or was he concerned about her fall from grace?

"Go and look," Yao Xi said, but before she could move, she felt a strong force coming her way, shrouding the enchanted island within it.

Yao Xi saw the figure at the forefront and let out a bright smile. Xia Qingyuan, finally. Was this because she could no longer sit by the side any longer?

The foremost figure was Xia Qingyuan. She had launched a grand matrix of space to come across the void, descended directly into Western Region, and rushed to Yaotai Divine Palace.

"Order of Emperor Xia."t this time, the person next to Xia Qingyuan stepped forward and looked at Yao Xi, declaring, "To grant Yao Xi the title of Princess Xi, surname Xia, and a residence of Princess Xi which is to be built within Emperor Xia's Palace so that Princess Xi can visit at any time."

Yao Xi was stunned. Her father wanted to name her as a princess?

She looked at Xia Qingyuan again. Xia Qingyuan said, "My father the Emperor wanted me to give you this message.t the time, the Holy Mother of the West chose to stay and did not want to enter the palace, and my father did not force her. You do not need to bother with grievances. As long as you are willing, you can cultivate at any time in the Princess residence at the Palace."

"You came to show pity on me?" Yao Xi looked at Xia Qingyuan. For so many years, she had always compared herself with Xia Qingyuan.

"No," Xia Qingyuan said. "I came to pick someone up."

As she spoke, she looked at Ye Futian and said, "He is mine."

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan and was speechless.

Yao Xi looked at Xia Qingyuan and suddenly smiled. He was her person.

She turned her attention to Ye Futian and said softly, "What happened today, Yao Xi will always remember. I pray that Master Ye will not forget Yao Xi."

Ye Futian looked awkward and saw Xia Qingyuan's eyes staring at him coldly. He couldn't help but feel fretful.

Women were scary, especially beautiful ones.

"The goddess taught me a song today. Ye Futian will remember it well," Ye Futian said.

Yao Xi handed a musical score to Ye Futian, saying, "This is the bottom half of the Heavenly Demon Song of Six Desires. take it if it pleases Master Ye to accept it. Should the feelings of today persist, you know where to find me."

Ye Futian looked at Yao Xi. He did not refuse and accepted the score.

Yao Xi had set him up. This score, perhaps, served as compensation to him.

Moreover, now that Emperor Xia had also given Yao Xi the title of princess, the two of them would probably meet again in the future, so there was no need to be adversarial because of this.

However, Yao Xi's words contained some hints which made it easy for others to make conjectures.

But he could not explain anything in public.

Many people from Emperor Xia's Palace looked at him with a strange look.

Now, both princesses were here. This guy was really something else.

"I will take my leave now," Ye Futian said, turning to go. Xia Qingyuan followed close behind. She did not spare Yao Xi another look.

Many, such as Xia Lun and the Village Chief, had come from the air, waiting for the news. They had not expected Xia Qingyuan to come in with an entourage.

"Master, are you having fun?" The Black Wind Condor blinked his eyes and glanced at Xia Qingyuan; this she-devil was pretty arrogant.

"Tie this beast up and take it back to the palace to cook," Xia Qingyuan said, glancing at the Black Wind condor.

"Ah ..." Pity the poor Black Wind Condor, who let out a scream with a shudder!
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    《The Legend of Futian》