The Legend of Futian
1175 Demonic Cultivator
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1175 Demonic Cultivator

The Crimson Dragon City served as the center of Crimson Dragon Realm, and many cities were surrounding it. There were people building cities outside Crimson Dragon City in the early days of the realm. As time passed, the number of cities grew, and the place became what it was at present.

The Crimson Dragon Realm was at the center of Crimson Dragon Region, and all manner of people were found in that realm. Other than cultivators native to Crimson Dragon Realm, there were also cultivators from other realms.

Some were there for pilgrimage, and some settled down at the realm for good.

As such, the Crimson Dragon Realm was extraordinarily prosperous and lively, in a manner that Emperor Xia's Realm and Emperor Li's Realm were unable to compare to at all. The place was a main realm of the region, after all, gathering mighty ones from many other realms.

As such, the many cities littered around Crimson Dragon City were also controlled by mighty ones from all places.

Powerful cultivators took cities and called themselves king, as they became king of a city.

There were those who gave it their all to manage their cities, making their respective cities forces that belonged entirely to themselves, and things continued to develop from there.

Some made the cities a place of training for their clans and families, taking over the entire place but never bothering themselves to manage them.

There was also an extremely rare bunch who went about taking one whole city for themselves only, making the place their private training ground.

The Crimson Dragon Emperor did not concern himself with any of that and simply let things take their own courses. The turnaround of those cities was intense.

Qianye City was one of those cities and had been around for many years, becoming quite a place in itself.

Two groups of people came from the air high above Qianye City. It was the young city lord of Qianye City, Shen Jun, and Ye Futian's party, coming to Qianye City.

Xia Qingyuan introduced what she knew about the Crimson Dragon Realm in detail to Ye Futian along the way.

Ye Futian developed some knowledge about the realm. The main realm of the Crimson Dragon Region was far more chaotic and intense than places like Emperor Xia's Realm. The notion of the strong preying on the weak was shown in a more clear manner.

Shen Jun turned his eyes to Ye Futian and the newcomer's party at that moment, saying, "You are here from other realms. Do you have any plans to stay here for long? If you people are indeed planning to stay here for some time, would you mind being the city lord's office's guests, then?"

"Thank you, Brother Shen, but we're only here for training and will be leaving before long. There is no need to bother you any further." Ye Futian refused. The way Shen Jun put it, it seemed that he intended to get them to side with the city lord's office.

However, there was no way they would become a part of other forces at the Crimson Dragon Realm.

It was apparent that Shen Jun had good eyes for gauging people, wanting to make them his people.

"Very well." Shen Jun smiled and did not mind. He then continued, "We met at a restaurant out there, and since we're all now here at Qianye City, I'll be your host. Let's go to the best restaurant in the city."

"Thank you, Brother Shen," Ye Futian smiled and agreed to it.

Xia Qingyuan, who was at his side, glared at him and said telepathically, "This Shen Jun guy is a young city lord and has quite a background. The way he is doing things with us makes it seem like he's trying to buy us over. There is no way we will do it, so why get so close to him?"

"Princess, when one trains outside, the people one gets to know come from all corners of the world. Now that we're at a main realm and there are so many mighty ones around, if Shen Jun proves to be of goodwill, then we have nothing to lose being friends with him. If he is up to no good, then we have nothing to fear either," Ye Futian replied.

They were only stopping by. It felt right to be at home everywhere since they were out on a pilgrimage, after all.

Seeing that Ye Futian knew what he was doing so, Xia Qingyuan did not say anything further.

Since they were away from Emperor Xia's Realm, she did not seem to have that much of a say of things anymore despite being a princess. As such, she just let him be.

The largest restaurant in Qianye City was one of the businesses ran by the city lord's office.

The scene at their place—above the stairs and below the pavilions—looked very elegant, and one would have been lucky to look at the scene faraway, drinking there.

Shen Jun then gave the people around him their orders. Several of them took flight and left. He then looked at Ye Futian at his side, smiling and saying, "I'd say that you, Brother Ye, definitely have exceptional talents, being able to become a saint at such a young age. I've just ordered someone to invite some young saints here, and we could talk about training."

"Sounds great. I'd like to meet the saints of Crimson Dragon City as well." Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

"I have forgotten to ask. Which realm are you from?" Shen Jun asked again.

"I'm from Emperor Xia's Realm." Ye Futian answered truthfully. Shen Jun nodded and said, "I have heard of the realm; one that belongs to the Crimson Dragon Region as well. But I have never left Crimson Dragon Realm despite having been training for so long. That is one of my regrets."

"The Crimson Dragon Realm is the main realm of the region itself. It's perfectly normal to have never left. If the trip is for training, I'm afraid you'll have to go to other realms that are more powerful," Ye Futian smiled and said.

Cultivators aimed for higher heights, so there was no way they would have ventured to weaker places instead.

Having made it from the Nine States to the Upper Worlds of Emperor Xia's Realm, there was no way Ye Futian would have ventured to other Lower Worlds to train. It might have been possible if he were to be going to those places to temper his state of mind, though.

"You have a point," Shen Jun smiled and said. He then looked at Xia Qingyuan and the others. The most attractive people in the group were all women. Since Ye Futian did not introduce any of them to him, it would have been awkward for him to ask.

He was still unable to discern the relationship between everyone.

For instance, Xia Qingyuan had always behaved in a cold and aloof manner, looking haughty and prideful, which meant that she was of very high status within the party. She and Ye Futian were always among the crowd, yet she was not Ye Futian's wife, and there had never been an intimacy shown between the two.

From the looks of it all, those people might have been people studying under the same teacher. Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan might have been holding core positions within the clan.

Shen Jun asked proactively after having that thought, "I suppose your group is people studying in the same clan, Brother Ye?"

Ye Futian knew that Shen Jun was curious. He then smiled and said, "You could say that. Most of us here do indeed study within the same clan."

"I suppose your teacher is extraordinary for being able to produce students such as yourself," Shen Jun smiled and said.

Ye Futian smiled and said nothing more.

Both of them chatted leisurely, and many below the restaurant looked up in their direction. Some were curious about the identities of Ye Futian and his people. They were, after all, received personally by the young city lord, and they were still shrouded in mystery. The only thing known about them was that they all felt extraordinary.

A figure came through the air at that moment.

That person flew straight into the restaurant and arrived where they were with just a single step.

That person wore a long robe, and his hair was pitch black. His eyes were brimming, and an overbearing aura emanated from him.

"Young city lord." He nodded to Shen Jun as he greeted him. He then turned his eyes at Ye Futian and the others, looking rather hostile.

"Mo Chen," Shen Jun then said, "this is Ye Futian. We got to know each other when I was on my way back from Fusang Valley."

Mo Chen took one look at Ye Futian with a plain expression. One could describe him as cold.

Yet another figure arrived where they were right there and then. It was a woman. Her sleeves and long hair billowed. She was of decent appearance, and there was an exceptional bearing about her. She wore plainly and looked clean and clear-cut.

"You're in quite a good mood, young city lord," the woman looked at Shen Jun and said.

"Situ Yan. The eldest daughter of the Situ clan of Qianye City. The youngest woman in Saint Plane." Shen Jun introduced each other. Even in Qianye City, there were a few saints who were Ye Futian's age.

Other than resources, one also needed talent and the right state of mind to achieve much in cultivation. Accomplishing that also required time and experience.

At that moment, an extremely hot aura was sensed. Everyone turned to look far away. A huge fiery beast appeared in the sky. It was the fiend, Qiongqi.

That demonic beast was humongous and was oozing rage and hostility. Black flames were burning all over its body as if it was something that came from hell.

A low pitched roar was heard, and the fiend headed straight for the steps below. Many evaded, and a girl turned around and looked at the Qiongqi that was about to descend, feeling terrified.

"Look out!" someone yelled.

"Stop it already!" Situ Yan eyed the carriage on the Qiongqi's back and shouted. However, the ones on it seemed to have heard nothing. The huge body continued to descend, and it seemed as if it was about to step onto the girl.

Ye Futian and his people frowned at the scene. He then stood up and disappeared.

The fiend seemed to have been stopped by a formless will of the great path at the very moment it descended. A bolt of lightning flashed, and the little girl disappeared from where she was.

The fiend descended with a loud boom. Many were still reeling from the shock.

They turned around and looked at the steps above, seeing a silver-haired figure cradling the little girl in his arms, casting a cold glare before him.

"It's okay." Ye Futian lowered his head and looked at the trembling little girl, consoling her.

"Ran." An elder ran up to him, and his face was ashen from fright.

The little girl cried as she ran to the elder. Ye Futian turned around and looked at the fiend. A voice was heard from it.

"Will of the great path of space."

The voice sounded slightly demonic. One figure after another clad in white flashed. All of them were pretty women, and it seemed that they were all very young, looking to be around 20 or so. They laid prostrate before the fiend as they landed.

A young cultivator clad in white walked out of the carriage on the Qiongqi's back. His white garb looked utterly stainless. and even his shoes looked spotless. That young face looked slightly demonic, and he had an extremely fair complexion.

The man stepped out and walked by stepping onto the women. He walked to the front of the steps and looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at him as well with rather cold eyes. The world of cultivators had all manners of people in it, after all.

The man did not mind and looked at the old man and the girl, saying, "She was lucky enough to survive. Send her over to the Bliss Palace tomorrow."

The old man looked up in a trembling manner at the young man who spoke. His face was ashen, yet he lowered his head, saying, "Understood."

"No need for that, old man," Ye Futian looked at the old man and said. The old man looked at Ye Futian, wanting to say something, yet he ended up saying nothing.

The young man smirked hearing Ye Futian's words. He then looked at Ye Futian and said, "You take pity on them, then? What do you think will happen to her in the end if she does not enter Bliss Palace?"

"Not as bad as you make it seem," Ye Futian replied.

The other party smirked sarcastically. There were many people like that in the world of cultivators—no background and no one to look after them. Crimson Dragon Realm would not have ended up as much in the end. It was him being generous for allowing her to enter Bliss Palace.

"Alright, Brother Ye is a guest of mine." At that moment, Shen Jun's voice was heard from the pavilion. The young man then moved his eyes away from Ye Futian, looking at Shen Jun and nodded. "Young city lord."
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    《The Legend of Futian》