The Legend of Futian
1177 Ridiculous
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1177 Ridiculous

The guards of Bliss Palace looked at what happened with astounded expressions. Thousands of sword will rained down and zipped past their sides. The might of the attacks continued to climb, and the buildings crumbled one after another as the attacks hit them.

The place was quite literally turned into ruins within mere moments.

One mighty one after another streaked through the sky, and powerful might of the saints were felt.

The people from far away were shocked by the scene, and they all looked at the Bliss Palace's direction.

What kind of people would destroy Bliss Palace just like that?

Powerful might of the saint whipped up in one of the destroyed halls in Bliss Palace. A silver-robed figure's eyes pierced the air below.

The figure stepped out and turned into a dazzling beam of silver light. He waved his sleeve, and terrifying devouring power shrouded the world around him, causing the sword wills to head straight for his sleeve.

The silver figure continued to move forward as his long hair billowed. His entire body coursed with extremely dazzling silver light.

Ye Futian gradually lifted into the air and looked at the figure before him. At the very next moment, Swords of Kasyapa rained down on him as they tore through the space. The silver figure's expression twitched, and a rumbling noise was heard as he waved his sleeve about. A huge sleeve appeared and swept through their surroundings, sucking in the rain of swords into it.

High-pitched cracking noises were heard, and the sleeve was torn apart right there and then. Swords of Kasyapa shot out and severed his long sleeve, piercing through his arm.

With a terrifying shriek, that person became bloodstained and his face ashen.

"Who is it that dares to wreak havoc here?" A loud, booming voice was heard throughout their surroundings. Many streams of saintly pressure pressed forth, rolling at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's body remained standing tall in the sky, and sword will circled him. He turned to the people of the Bliss Palace and asked, "Where is Bai Ze?"

Many mighty ones from the Bliss Palace stepped outside, and their eyes were filled with murderous intent. However, at that moment, there was another young woman who appeared behind Ye Futian. A huge sword diagram appeared high in the sky. Boundless sword wills howled throughout the vast space, as they were melded into the sword diagram.

The might of the sword shrouded the entire Bliss Palace as the sword diagram spun. The pulsing light of the swords appeared above the Bliss Palace, causing cracks to form everywhere.

That scene caused the eyes of many saints in the Bliss Palace to be locked onto the sword diagram in the sky. Their expression looked grim after that.

Their level of training naturally allowed them to sense the power latent within the sword diagram.

If that sword were to be dropped, it would not have been something that Saints of True Self would be able to withstand.

Furthermore, those people did not seem to be cultivators from Qianye City.

When did Bai Ze end up offending such a powerful person?

"Who are you people?" A voice was heard from the pinnacle of the Bliss Palace. Dazzling light glittered as they shot up to the heavens. A middle-aged man wearing a golden robe was seen standing there. Dazzling light seemed to be shining above his head, raining down onto his surroundings. The holy pressure seemed to have shrouded the vast space around him.

His eyes felt sharper than swords as he cast his gaze at Yaya in the air.

Yaya did not respond. The dazzling figure then lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian below.

A figure clad in white gradually rose to the air within Bliss Palace. His clothing was free of stains. He cast his gaze at Ye Futian faraway with icy eyes.

He was astounded that someone he had met no long ago in that restaurant came crashing into Bliss Palace.

"Bai Ze, who is he?" That glittering middle-aged man was none other than the palace lord of Bliss Palace. He asked while looking at Bai Ze.

"Teacher, he was someone I met not long ago in the restaurant. Someone from other realms." Bai Ze responded and then turned to Ye Futian, asking, "You're doing this for that girl?"

Did he come to Bliss Palace, one of the top forces in Qianye City, for reasons like that?

Despite having been training for so many years, Bai Ze had never met someone so ridiculously crazy before.

Ye Futian walked up to him and said, "You said that it was your place to decide whether she lives or dies. In that case, rather than to continue living a sinful life, I think it'd be better that you die."

"We shall see if you're fit to determine my fate." Bai Ze stepped forward. Golden tablets appeared in the air as he stepped with runes carved onto them—Bliss.

Countless tablets circled in the air, all of them imbued with terrifying holy might. One who gazed upon the myriad of tablets seemed to be about to hallucinate, sucking them into the world of the tablets.

Illusions? Ye Futian thought.

A golden light shot out of Ye Futian's eyes all of a sudden, enabling him to see through all that was ethereal. The tablets then shot at him in a frenzy.

He stepped forward and was circled with sword will all around him. When the tablets came, the Swords of Kasyapa tore right through them, causing them to crumble one after another.

Bai Ze waved his hands as he saw that dazzling figure coming up at him. An incredibly huge tablet that looked like it was from the heavens materialized out of nowhere, flying straight at Ye Futian and making escape impossible. The Swords of Kasyapa appeared, yet was unable to pierce through that tablet. Boundless dazzling holy light burst from the tablet, causing multiple layers of illusions in all who saw it.

Ye Futian moved, and the space around him trembled as if every step he took weighed thousands of pounds. He extended his hand and focused the will of the great path into his fist, which then burst with glittering light.

The will of the fist was launched before he had gotten close enough. One layer after another from the Huangting Fist Will was blasted at the tablet of the great path.

Countless cracks formed on the tablet with his fists at the center within mere moments. The tablet then crumbled with a loud boom.

He then lifted his hand and grabbed it in the air. Bai Ze felt as if the space around him had been placed in a lockdown. He held a golden spear in his hand, shining with glittering light.

At that moment, swords rained from nowhere, streaking through space and headed straight for Bai Ze. He then waved the spear about and caused illusions to materialize.

The swords were boundless, and with a tiny tearing sound, the swords managed to pierce Bai Ze's body.

However, at that moment, the palace lord made his move. He grabbed with his hand and causing formless power placing Bai Ze's body in a lockdown. The swords still rained in a frenzy, and yet, they were unable to break through that barrier.

The sword diagram in the sky unleashed towering sword will and an extremely dazzling beam of the sword burst through the air in a frenzy, heading straight for the palace lord of Bliss Palace.

The palace lord looked at the air and stepped out. His surroundings trembled with him, and everyone around felt their bodies trembling. The weather in the air changed, and countless tablets streaked through the air.

Holy light filled the entire Bliss Palace, and countless holy sword wills rained from the sword diagram. All mighty ones were on guard, and there was a heaven-cleaving sword appearing in the middle, which tore through their surroundings and crushed all of the tablets as it went straight for the palace lord.

The boundless golden tablets that streaked at Yaya seemed to have been transmuted into thousands of ancient seals, yet none of them were able to survive being shined on by the sword diagram.

The palace lord then extended his palm. Boundless holy light shrouded his entire body, and the towering golden light was all turned into tablets. His body grew in size and melded with the boundless tablets. He then attempted to lash out at the sword that was piercing the space with his bare hand.

Terrifying rumbles were heard everywhere as the sword, and the hand clashed. The entire Bliss Palace was crumbling, and the towering building was quickly razed. The ground beneath the palace lord crumbled in a frenzy, with the cracks extending outward.

Boom. Another rumble was heard, and everyone close enough to hear it felt as if their eardrums were about to rupture. Everyone then saw the palace lord take to the air and charge at Yaya. He lashed out with both arms, every strike seemingly able to cause a breakdown in reality.

"An Unblemished Saint." Ye Futian looked at the battle taking place high in the sky. The palace lord's body glittered. The holy light looked flawless, and there seemed to be no weaknesses in the great path wielded to be found. The power was such that not even Yaya's sword matrix would have been able to take out with one strike.

"Kill him." Bai Ze's white garb was bloodstained. He glared at Ye Futian with cold eyes, and saints from Bliss Palace all turned to Ye Futian.

"No one but the palace lord of the Bliss Palace and Bai Ze shall be killed. The Bliss Palace shall be dismantled. Anyone who dares make a move shall be killed with extreme prejudice," Ye Futian declared with a brimming voice. His voice was heard throughout the air and managed to stun all mighty ones around them. The saints from Bliss Palace all gazed at Ye Futian, and none of them made a move.

The battle raging in the sky was immensely terrifying. Every attack from the palace lord seemed to have caused the space around them to rumble. It seemed there were millions of tablets in the air, and none of them was still able to break through Yaya's sword. Furthermore, the sword diagram behind Yaya's back seemed to be growing still, blocking out the sky. The swords of many cultivators in Qianye City streaked shot to the air and flew towards the diagram.

The sword wills of the swordsmen seemed to be about to burst right through their bodies.

The palace lord naturally knew something was off and brought increasingly raging power to bear with his attacks, seemingly about to bring about doomsday.

"I shall hand Bai Ze over to you people." A voice was heard, which made many shudder. Is the palace lord about to lose the fight? they wondered.

Yaya stepped out as soon as his voice was heard. The light of the sword diagram moved alongside her body. There seemed to be a beam appearing high in the sky as if about to tear through everything in its path.

The light of the sword burst and rained down. The countless tablets all crumbled at that moment. Their surroundings seemed to have ground to a halt, and many saw a beam of the light of the sword appear on the palace lord's imposing body, tearing right through it.

He lifted his head and looked at the sky. Refusal to accept what was happening was in his imposing eyes.

Am I about to die? he wondered.

Unblemished Saints were regarded as super-powerful people, even in the Crimson Dragon Realm, but he ended up being killed before he knew what actually transpired.

All of that sounded ridiculous.

The palace lord was not alone. Many looked at what happened in the sky, and their eyes froze, finding the turn of events ridiculous.

The scene was extremely shocking to them all.

A dazzling beam of the sword felt blinding to all who saw it. At the very next moment, the palace lord's body crumbled under the beam of light of the sword, turning into nothing.

"No..." Bai Ze looked at the sky, and his eyes remained open despite the scorching, blinding light. His eyes were fixed on the scene.

He was unable to believe that his teacher had just been killed.

The death of an Unblemished Saint was caused only by him ignoring the fate of a little girl.

He was wondering if all that would have even added up in the first place.
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    《The Legend of Futian》