The Legend of Futian
1178 Ulterior Motives
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1178 Ulterior Motives

The palace lord of Bliss Palace was killed, and the place was falling apart, turning into ruins.

What was happening right before them made them shudder deep down. What the hell is going on here? they wondered.

Bai Ze seemed to have pissed off people he shouldn't have.

There were only a handful of people who stood out like the palace lord of Bliss Palace in Qianye City.

No one would have expected that he was killed right there by someone who no one knew about.

The woman who just killed him looked very young. From the looks of it, she seemed to be in her early twenties.

However, her sword was no doubt, earth-shattering. It seemed as if half of the swordsmen in Qianye City had been alerted as soon as she brandished her sword.

The saints of the Bliss Palace looked at what transpired speechlessly. They were rather angry, but the anger was directed at Bai Ze. How is that piece of sh*t capable of getting on the wrong side of a walking disaster like that? they thought.

There was no doubt that it was the end of Bliss Palace. The place was razed. The silver-haired young man had also declared that he had no intention of killing anyone else, but Bliss Palace was not permitted to exist anymore.

Ye Futian looked at it all with an uncaring expression. Ever since the Battle of the Empty Realm, Yaya had been at work restoring her former powers. She had once been a Holiness of Nirvana. Even though she still was unable to reach the pinnacle of her powers, she nonetheless was still capable of bringing combat capacity exceeding that of her current plane to bear. Furthermore, she was versed in sword matrix, to begin with.

From the looks of the battle, the only ones that Yaya would not have been able to do anything about were people at the Holiness of Nirvana level. Any lower than that, she practically was capable of moping the floor with them.

As for the death of the palace lord, Ye Futian was hardly affected. Despite some being of extremely high plane of training, they were all the same to him.

There was no doubt that Bai Ze was evil. He had women served as cauldrons to facilitate his training and required young, pretty women to kneel beneath him whenever he went out. From how he had been going about his business, if it had not been for having reservations about Ye Futian's powers, it was highly possible that he would have made a move against Xia Qingyuan. He had no care for the lives of others when he did so.

The palace lord was Bai Ze's teacher, and he had made Bai Ze the young palace lord. That spoke volumes of the palace lord's character, and it was definitely due to him that Bai Ze dared to throw his weight around wherever he went.

Ye Futian kept his eyes on Bai Ze.

Bai Ze returned his gaze at that moment. He still felt the whole thing to be ridiculous even then.

The prestige of an Unblemished Saint was not something that the title would have been able to fully cover, yet one such saint was killed right there and then all the same.

"Since you think you could play with the lives of others as you fancy, then I assume that you wouldn't think that it would be unreasonable that I now am coming for your life." Ye Futian stepped out, and sword will continued to course about him.

Bai Ze looked at Ye Futian's eyes. He thought the way he conducted his affairs would have been considered unbridled and without restraint.

Yet, there Ye Futian was. He was another lunatic who went to raze the Bliss Palace and killed an Unblemished Saint all for a little girl.

Just how crazy was he?

Boom. Extremely forceful saintly power burst from him as he made his last stand.

Sword will howled as Ye Futian pointed ahead. Boundless swords of space materialized in shapes of leaves, charging straight for Bai Ze.

High-pitched screeches of clashes were heard, and Bai Ze's defense was quickly broken through. The swords punched right through his body, which trembled frantically. A flash of the sword came and went in an instant at his brow. Bai Ze was standing completely still at the next moment. The sparkle in his eyes was wholly extinguished as he fell to the ground below.

Both palace lords of Bliss Palace perished.

The place that was known as Bliss Palace was completely razed in the great battle fought between Yaya and the palace lord prior.

Sword will around Ye Futian dispelled, and he returned to Xia Qingyuan and the others. He then said, "Let's go."

The group turned around and left soon after, leaving behind ruins.

Bliss Palace, which stood tall in Qianye City as a top-notch force, was razed in mere moments, reduced to the pages of history books.

The cultivators of Bliss palace did not even know what had happened. They flashed and began rummaging around the ruins. Many were baffled to find that the people of Bliss Palace began fighting a terrifying civil war among themselves shortly after.

The infighting was caused by fighting over the training resources leftover in the wake of the palace lord's death.

They splintered into several factions in the infighting that ensued shortly after. Several saints perished, and many found what was happening to be utterly ridiculous.

What happened on that very day was utterly ridiculous.

Some began to look into what happened and who that silver-haired young man was, as well as how Bai Ze came to be at odds with him.

There was finally news saying that it could all be traced back to a meet-up at a restaurant in Qianye City.

It was all caused by Bai Ze's steed almost stomping a little girl to death. That incident led to the razing of Bliss Palace, which stirred quite a commotion in Qianye City. The palace lord, who was an Unblemished Saint, died in battle.

The people of Qianye City were even more speechless after finding out the reason. Some people hate evil that much out there?

However, all of that seemed to have reminded them to watch what they were doing from then on out. Bai Ze probably never even expected in his dreams, that his downfall would have been caused by him ignoring the fate of a little girl.

That silver-haired young man from foreign realms was one hell of a brutal character.

A figure flashed and arrived from far away. It was a woman—Situ Yan, who parted ways with Ye Futian not all that long ago. She came right away after sending the little girl to her clan.

Her eyes froze as she looked at the ruins that had once been Bliss Palace.

Her hair billowed in the air, looking messy, just like she felt deep down at the moment.

He razed the Bliss Palace?

Is he nuts or something? she wondered.


The news spread all over Qianye City, and the city lord's office naturally caught wind of the news.

Shen Jun stood within the city lord's office and listened to the reports of those who came, with a rather grim expression.

"The palace lord of the Bliss Palace is dead?" Shen Jun doubted his ears at the moment.

"Indeed." The one who came to report nodded. "He was killed by that young woman at that party. She was adept at using sword matrixes and had extremely powerful offensive capacities. Half of Qianye City was able to sense the power of the sword emanating from her sword matrix."

Yaya came to mind right there and then. He had been unable to sense anything about that young woman when he met her.

He never expected her to have been so powerful, so much so he had to reevaluate the powers of Ye Futian's party.

"Bai Ze died at Ye Futian's hands, I assume. What are his powers like?" Shen Jun asked.

"Swords as well," the one who came to report answered. Shen Jun nodded. He seemed to have gotten a vague idea about things. If his speculations proved correct, those people were probably from top-notch forces adept at the way of the sword in Emperor Xia's Realm, and Ye Futian was probably the son or personal student of a master of a holy land of the sword.

Bai Ze, being a young palace lord, was incredibly powerful on his own. He would not have caught the palace lord's attention in the first place otherwise. The fact that Ye Futian was able to kill him made something clear.

If Yaya and Ye Futian had both being able to bring such formidable combat prowess to bear, then the others were not bad either.

It was no wonder why Ye Futian would have refused right on the spot when he invited Ye Futian into the city lord's office. If he were to be from a top-notch force in his native realm, then it was only natural that Ye Futian's seniors might have been Holiness of Nirvana level.

"Keep a close eye on them for the moment. Don't let them leave Qianye City," Shen Jun said.

"Understood." The one who came to report nodded.


After Ye Futian killed Bai Ze, they found an inn in Qianye City to stay at.

Due to having razed Bliss Palace, they attracted attention everywhere they went in Qianye City. People were talking about them everywhere. The inn where they stayed in was quickly packed. The place was filled with people talking about them.

The compound of the inn was huge, making it seem like a private palace instead.

The group stuck together just about all the time. Xia Qingyuan then asked Ye Futian, "We're not leaving Qianye City, then?"

"Why would we want to leave?" Ye Futian asked in return.

"Don't you think something is off?" Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian and asked again.

Ye Futian then looked at Xia Qingyuan in the eyes and asked, "You think so?"

"Shen Jun invited us to Qianye City and received us at a restaurant. Why would he bother inviting Bai Ze?" Xia Qingyuan then commented, "I think he is up to something."

Ye Futian nodded. His eyes looked rather cold.

Shen Jun was the young palace lord of Qianye City, and it was apparent that he and Bai Ze knew each other. There was no way he would not have known what Bai Ze was like as a person.

Bai Ze liked young, pretty women, and there were top-notch beauties like Xia Qingyuan, the Glass Saint, and Phoenix with him. If Shen Jun had been sincere in receiving them, he should have avoided letting them meet Bai Ze.

However, Shen Jun did not do so. Or rather, he acted on his own and invited Bai Ze. A young palace lord who was already a saint himself, having nothing to hide by doing all of that?

That meant that even if the little girl was not there, there might have been a scuffle breaking out over other reasons.

Bai Ze had already asked Xia Qingyuan and the Glass Saint if they would have liked to drink with him at the restaurant.

All that made Ye Futian doubt Shen Jun, thinking the young palace lord to be up to no good.

"Shen Jun might have wanted to test what we were capable of by using Bai Ze. But I don't think he would have expected things to get this out of hand," Xu Que said lazily, and many nodded in agreement.

"What would he be up to?" Gu Dongliu asked in a low voice. What is he testing us out for? he wondered.

What is Shen Jun's deal for inviting us all to Qianye City in the first place?

Be it due to goodwill or ulterior motive, they were at least able to tell from how things went, that Shen Jun was not to be trusted.

"That is the key." Ye Futian then said, "That is why I don't want to leave the place even more. I want to see what Shen Jun is trying to pull."

Xia Qingyuan took one look at Ye Futian, thinking that he was not afraid of stirring up trouble.

She, on the other hand, was reserved enough not to get herself into such boring troubles.

However, since Ye Futian wanted to know so badly, she just let him be.

"If my speculations are correct, Shen Jun might have his men staying here in the inn. I'm afraid he'd come looking for trouble with us soon enough," Ye Futian continued.

If Shen Jun had ulterior motives, then it stood to reason that he would not have let them leave Qianye City easily.

That meant that he would show up sooner or later.

Just as Ye Futian speculated, Shen Jun brought his men to the inn they were staying in not long after that.

One figure after another arrived, and the people in the entire inn looked up at the sky. Shen Jun was seen there and stepped into the compound Ye Futian, and the others were at.

"Young city lord," Ye Futian called as he saw Shen Jun coming.

"You've just got here, and yet, you've already razed one of the top-notch forces in Qianye City. You are making my job difficult," Shen Jun looked at Ye Futian and said. As the city lord, it was technically within the jurisdiction of, or even a requirement for, the city lord's office to interfere. With a top-notch force within the city—the Bliss Palace—razed, the city lord's office naturally looked into it.
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    《The Legend of Futian》