The Legend of Futian
1179 Shen Jun“s Invitation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1179 Shen Jun“s Invitation

Ye Futian listened to Shen Jun's words and replied, "I'm sure you saw how Bai Ze paid no heed to the lives of others, young city lord. I was unable to take it so I went to kill him. The palace lord of Bliss Palace allowed his students to use women as cauldrons for training, and I think there are many in Qianye City who resent them for it. Are you telling me none of that bothers you one bit?"

Shen Jun lowered his head and looked at the silver-haired young man below. The mood in the inn felt rather tense.

However, moments later, Shen Jun laughed and waved his arm a bit, bringing his people down to the compound. Shen Jun walked up to Ye Futian and said with a smile, "There have been people in the past who complained about Bliss Palace to the city lord's office. But, they were still one of the top-notch forces in Qianye City. What is past is past, and there is no need to delve into it further. But then again, you have caused Qianye City to lose one top-notch power, and I suppose you'd have ways to make up for it?"

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled with a peculiar expression in them. Shen Jun indeed knew how to go about his business. When he first showed up, it seemed as if he was there to interrogate them, yet he quickly turned his stance around, as if he deliberately let the matter slide altogether.

It was as if he was making Ye Futian owe him a favor.

"How would you like us to compensate, young city lord?" Ye Futian asked.

Shen Jun grinned and said, "Bai Ze was the young palace lord of the Bliss Palace, and he was indeed mighty, but he ended up dying by your sword, Brother Ye. Even someone as powerful as the palace lord himself had, too, perished by the hands of those of yours. I'm getting quite interested in your way of the sword, and I have brought several from the city lord's office. The lot usually has their eyes on top powers, and they are all swordsmen as well. It's quite a coincidence that your party practices the same type of arts. Would you care to spar with them for a bit?"

Ye Futian felt rather peculiar about the proposition. He thought Shen Jun would have made his objective clear. He never expected just to spar.

That did not seem to be a big deal.

Or rather, Shen Jun may have had other objectives.

"Alright, how would you like to go about it, young city lord?" Ye Futian asked.

"You two, come over here," Shen Jun turned around and said. Two people walked up to them.

"Well, here is the lot I mentioned. They are both at the pinnacle of Sage Plane and mere steps away from breaking into Saint Plane. It's great that you have people from this plane in your group. Let them have a go at it, and see what kind of guidance you can give as they fight," Shen Jun elaborated casually.

"Will do." Ye Futian nodded.

He wanted to see what Shen Jun was up to.

Ye Futian turned around to look at Ye Wuchen and Xu Que. Both of them were swordsmen, and they were at the pinnacle of Sage Plane, especially Ye Wuchen, whose training had progressed by leaps and bounds ever since the Swordmaster lent a sword to him. He was, too, one step away from sainthood. Xu Que, on the other hand, was somewhat lower in terms of plane level. He was not as blessed when it came to the availability of resources.

Ye Wuchen had first acquired sword will of Renhuang and had the Swordmaster lend a sword to him. Both occurrences were extremely rare for swordsmen.

The Swordmaster had borrowed a sword to Ye Wuchen, which allowed him to participate at the Unblemished Saint-level fight. He was able to experience firsthand in the Battle of Empty Realm how powerful sword arts at saint level was.

Ye Wuchen and Xu Que stepped forward. Shen Jun, Ye Futian, and the others made way. Ye Wuchen and Xu Que stood against the two swordsmen from the city lord's office at the center of the crowd. One of those two was of more advanced age, who had grown a silver beard and looked sage-like. He wore a sword on his back. The other one was somewhat younger, and his eyes were pointed, lacking the reservation shown by the older swordsmen.

Ye Futian looked at the two of them. If the fight was truly meant for him to give guidance to his juniors, there would not have been one whose age was more advanced. They were both explicitly selected for the fight.

"After you," both of them said to Ye Wuchen and Xu Que.

"Please." Ye Wuchen and Xu Que returned the gesture. Sword will filled their vicinity, and high-pitched ringing was heard.

Boom. A raging sword will burst all of a sudden. The younger swordsman from the city lord's office burned like the sun and was basking in fire. His sword felt to be as scorching as the sun as beams of terrifying fire shot forth. Multiple sword wills were launched at Ye Wuchen and Xu Que.

Ye Wuchen flashed and drew his sword. The younger swordsman felt like there were multiple illusions of Ye Wuchen flashing before his eyes at extremely high speeds. Every single illusion launched flashes of the sword at him, making it difficult for his eyes to track them.

Sword aura burst in midair. The sword wills of fire were extinguished in a frenzy, and Ye Wuchen looked as if he never moved from where he stood, standing quietly where he was.


The older swordsman made his move right there and then. The space they occupied turned scorching hot in an instant. It was as if the sun itself had descended, burning their surroundings.

The older swordsman zipped about in flames like a grey mirage. Sword will flowed about the place in a frenzy, and yet, it looked as if he had yet to make a move. The younger swordsman stepped out, and his raging sword shot out again at both Ye Wuchen and Xu Que.

One of them at the forefront while the other behind the scenes.

Both Ye Wuchen and Xu Que made their moves at the same time. Xu Que's body turned into mirages and melded within the darkness, flashing around the younger swordsman. Ye Wuchen turned into illusions as well, chasing after the older swordsman.

The speed at which both of them moved was difficult to track with the naked eye. Everyone around them was unable to see both of them at work; what they saw was the shadows of their blades moving about as if the blades have clashed without making a sound.

At that moment, stifling pressure of the sword loomed. All four of them burst at the same time.

Xu Que and the younger swordsman of the city lord's office clashed. His killing sword brought forth a boundless grey aura of the sword in the dark, while his opponent turned into a furnace of sorts, lashing out with the sword of the sun. His blade seemed to be able to melt everything, tearing the grey aura apart.

It continued until an extremely hot and huge sword clashed with another killing sword of equal size. Terrifying heatwaves shot all over the place. Explosions were heard, and Xu Que's body was thrown backward. Holes were burned here and there on his clothes. His sleeves were torn, exposing the hand holding the blade.

On the other side, Ye Wuchen and the older swordsman clashed without making a sound, yet the confrontation between the two of them looked even more intense. It was as if there were two beams of light flickering about. At the very next moment, both stood with their backs against each other. Terrifying storms of the sword whipped about around them as if they were out to tear the space apart. The sword on the older swordsman's hand broke inch by inch. He grunted, and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth.

Both confrontations ended with one win and one loss for both sides.

However, that raging younger swordsman did not seem to have any intentions of stopping. He stepped out again and launched his sword will high, cleaving straight at Xu Que. Xu Que frowned and retreated in a hurry, yet that overbearing sword continued to pursue him. He waved his hand before him, and grey killing swords swept out, yet they were quickly pierced and burned. The raging sword came down from above and sent him reeling.

"Seems like the young city lord has overestimated you. You people are so-so. Anyone else?" The younger swordsman pointed his sword forward.


The ground shook as soon as he said that. A tall, stout figure was seen walking out. That young man's eyes flashed as he looked forward.

A raging figure stepped out right away at the very next moment. The ground continued to shake, and he felt tremendous pressure.

He extended both hands and a terrifying fiery huge sword appeared, emanating intense flames in his surroundings as he raised both hands and brought the sword down.


With another rumble, that figure actually charged at the sword that was coming down. Intense power was felt like that tower-like body of his. He then threw his arm forward, launching a punch that send the heat waves reeling. The huge sword crumbled right there and then, reduced to nothing bit by bit.

That younger swordsman's expression changed all of a sudden. His opponent's fist reflected clearly in his pupils. At that very next moment, the fist landed squarely on his chest, and crisp cracking sounds were heard. He felt his bones breaking and was sent flying limply.

Blood spilled from his mouth after a grunt when he landed. His chest felt a burning pain.

Shen Jun lowered his head to look at the young man before turning his eyes at the stout figure. His eyes sparkled with amusement.

Both swordsmen were specifically selected for the show, and they were anything but weak. One of them lost to Ye Wuchen's blade while the other was brought down with just a single punch.

"Splendid." Shen Jun praised, "Is this your fellow student as well, Brother Ye? I'm surprised that he isn't a swordsman."

"Yu Sheng, step down," Ye Futian said. That towering figure glanced forward and retreated to where he was before.

Ye Futian took a look at Shen Jun. That younger swordsman had probably been inciting them when he won. However, that young man probably had never expected Yu Sheng to be so forceful. That one punch would have had him recuperating for a long time.

"There are some where I study in who are not swordsmen," Ye Futian smiled and said. If Shen Jun was up to something, then it was only natural for him to keep from telling the truth all the time.

Shen Jun nodded and said, "Judging by the power of those two friends of yours, I'd say that they are top-notch figures even when compared with those in the cities of Crimson Dragon Realm. I take it they are here to make breakthroughs into Saint Plane?"

"You could say so," Ye Futian nodded and said.

"I have a suggestion. Is it not your intention to go to Crimson Dragon City? I'll be heading there myself in several days. There will be a party there at that time. If it's fine with you, how about we head there and have some fun? Furthermore, Yu Sheng and the rest could meet the top-notch figures from Crimson Dragon Realm at their level and do a bit of sparring. Would you be interested?"

Ye Futian looked at Shen Jun and wondered if that was what he was after.

"Yu Sheng's level?" Ye Futian asked.

"There would be saints as well, but only a handful. If you're interested, you'll get your chance so long as you're willing to stay behind at Crimson Dragon Realm. Furthermore, the event is not a common one, which is held only once a month. It's a great chance for one to test their abilities out. The way requires registration," Shen Jun smiled and elaborated.

"A chance that is hard to come by," Ye Futian quipped with a low voice.

"Indeed." Shen Jun nodded and continued, "Every city has its quotas. If Yu Sheng and the rest are interested, I'm happy to register for them. But then again, no need to force yourselves if you're not interested. You could just be there to watch the event then."

"Yu Sheng, Wuchen, what do you think?" Ye Futian turned around and asked.

"You call the shots," Yu Sheng answered.

None of the others said anything else. Ye Futian smiled and asked Shen Jun, "Would there be any danger?"

"Judging from what was displayed just moments ago, how dangerous do you think the sparring at their level could be, Brother Ye?" Shen Jun smiled and said casually.

"Well, then. Yu Sheng, Wuchen, Xu Que, Jiuge, go and see what guys are made of," Ye Futian nodded and said.

Shen Jun smiled and took out a crystal sphere and said, "Put a piece of your spiritual powers here. That will be all."

"What is this for?" Ye Futian asked.

"The event is held at Crimson Dragon City, and the one at the very top is the Crimson Dragon Renhuang, so it's a pretty official event, requiring the contestants to confirm their participation. Saying 'I'm in' alone won't suffice." Shen Jun said, "Relax, Brother Ye. There won't be a problem so long as you make it to the event in time."

"Alright, then." Ye Futian nodded and looked at Xia Qingyuan at his side.

Xia Qingyuan had just told him something mere moments ago.
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    《The Legend of Futian》