The Legend of Futian
1184 One Whole Team Wrecked
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1184 One Whole Team Wrecked

The one attack from Yu Sheng drew the attention of a small number of people. That guy seems very powerful as well, they thought. Furthermore, he never bothered going out to fight on his own.

Shen Jun was somewhat relieved. Those two he had deployed to test Ye Futian's party out were half-saints and were very proficient with the art of the blade. Yu Sheng was so terrifying that he had ended one of them within mere moments. That was the reason why he bet on Yu Sheng.

From his perspective, so long as Yu Sheng practiced caution and worked with those around him, there was a significant chance that he would end up breaking through. Thus, he was worthy of being betted on.

Yu Sheng did not bother following up with his attacks after sending that one person who came at him flying. He also did not seek to fight any of the others, and simply remained behind, holding the fort down.

The other four were doing fine with their respective battles at the moment. Ye Wuchen had even defeated his opponent and continued to fight others.

Xu Que had some problems with his side, but the situation was still in control for the time being.

Injuries and deaths were common in that chaotic battlefield. Some battles inspired awe among the spectators. The battles were unusually brutal, and many were already covered in blood.

Yu Sheng saw a group of people closing in on their battlefield at the moment.

Several mighty ones were teaming up in that group, and few of them were extremely formidable.

While many had participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon to seek trials in crisis, it was not to say that there were not others who participated for other purposes. Those who were able to rise would have been rewarded or allowed to join the Crimson Dragon Army of the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

Of course, there was also the thing about winning bets.

As such, team-ups were commonly seen in every Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. For instance, Yu Sheng and the other four could team up right from the start if they wished to do so.

But then again, those people would not have gone too far, and the number within such teams was always kept small. It would have quickly drawn the ire of others on the battlefield, prompting those people to team up and get rid of them first.

As such, those who went about teaming up would keep a low profile to avoid drawing attention, targeting, and getting rid of those who were of little renown.

There was also yet another situation, which, while rare, came with a greater risk. That was a situation known as the "Hunt for the Dragon."

The Hunt had destroyed many top-notch figures for the Dragon on the battlefield of the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

No one knew if the hunt would have occurred on this battlefield.

"Someone from Tianyin City." Yu Sheng was not the only one who noticed. Many in the castles noticed the presence of that group. Team-ups were more apparent, and as such, more noticeable.

"That's Bai Qianluo." Shen Jun turned gloomy.

Bai Qianluo was a son of the city lord of Tianyin City and a very renowned figure among the sages at his level. While he was not comparable to the likes of Pang Xiao, Yan Tong, and Zhuo Xu, he was nonetheless a legend in his own right, and many had high expectations for him.

More importantly, he was not the only one from Tianyin City who participated in the battle; there were others around who were there as his support.

It was obvious that those of Tianyin City intended to have Bai Qianluo make the breakthrough.

Furthermore, Bai Qianluo and his people were heading straight for Yu Sheng. The first target was the battle that Xu Que was fighting in.

Shen Jun cursed at Yu Sheng deep down, for being a cocky b*stard.

They didn't bother teaming up, and now Bai Qianluo of Tianyin City was teaming up with others to take them down.

"Xu Que, stand back." Yu Sheng began to run as soon as he said so. His steps made the platform shake.

Xu Que did as told by Yu Sheng and retreated right away, getting ready to shake off his opponent and leave the battlefield.

The one who fought Xu Que sensed the looming danger and did not stop Xu Que, as he was about to retreat himself.


Terrifying killing intent filled their surroundings in that very instant. Formless sound waves that were out to take everything down seeped into the minds of everyone present.

Xu Que and the one he fought before felt their brains shaking as they were attacked by the will of the great path of sound.

Yu Sheng's brain felt just as rattled. He felt as if he was being assaulted with formless cutting threads of spiritual powers coming at him, lashing out in a frenzy and trying to wipe out his spiritual will.

Boom. Not only did he not stop, but he accelerated instead as he headed for where Xu Que was.

A group of people came at him at that very moment. Formless power swept over the place in an instant, as drumbeats out to crumble the space around them were heard. The formless killing sounds lashed out at the same time.

Cracking sounds were heard as the one who fought Xu Que before was being attacked by the formless sound attacks, shaken, shuddering, and blood spluttering from his orifices.

Clang... The killing sounds swept out again, and the group of people zipped past the person who dropped before. That person was then shaken so violently that his body was quickly reduced to dust. He was killed right there and then.

Those who teamed up did not typically bother showing mercy, as they were concerned about their opponents teaming up with others to retaliate. As such, people in such teams were usually quick to act, and they would kill their opponents right away, giving nobody a chance whatsoever.

Xu Que quickly turned into a grey mirage, and yet, he was unable to move faster than sound. He grunted, and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. The other team ran at him like a raging torrent of formless killing power, intending to wipe him out like they did the last person.

At that moment, however, a stout figure appeared before Xu Que. The raging attacks beat on his body in a frenzy, causing his black clothes to billow and crack. Tearing sounds were heard during the attack.

However, that imposing figure wearing dark golden armor did not budge at all, taking all the hits from the terrifying vibrations head-on, preventing any of them from reaching Xu Que. As such, Xu Que only had to withstand the sounds and not the force.

The ones at the front saw Yu Sheng appear right before Xu Que, and they did not bother stopping. They continued moving forward and waved their arms at the same time. Drumbeats were heard and swept the place with the killing sound before. Raging torrents in their surroundings pummeled at Yu Sheng without mercy and with extremely overbearing force.

Boom, boom, boom... Thundering rumble was heard from Yu Sheng's body as the attacks continued to hit him, one wave after another.

Yet, Yu Sheng continued standing where he was without budging at all. Bai Qianluo frowned at the scene before him. The team-up would have allowed them to generate chord resonances, and their power would have multiplied several times over.

He stands there and takes it all in? they thought.

That killing music circled Yu Sheng's body at the same time. With high pitched noises heard in the air, attempting to tear Yu Sheng's body apart. Be it spiritual will or physical attacks, Yu Sheng remained standing and taking everything.

His eyes were locked onto Bai Qianluo as well. A terrifying whirlpool appeared above that raging body of his, resembling a black hole out to devour all of the powers from their attacks.

Black aura swept throughout the place and shrouded the entire area. Bai Qianluo sensed a looming danger ahead.


Yu Sheng took one step forward, taking on their attacks while charging at them.

Raging aura swept from within his body, and rumbling drum beats were heard. He threw a punch, which caused the winds to howl. His dark golden fist was wrapped in that same raging drum beats as well.

It was as if the power of the great path that they had brought to bear on Yu Sheng earlier was then being used to attack them.

A hurricane was whipped up, and the group was being bombarded intensely. Punches were flashing in the air, and their bodies were all being penetrated by the flashes of the fist. Bloody holes were seen on all of them, their faces ashen as they looked down at their bodies.

They teamed up, yet their attacks proved inadequate to make him budge. Yu Sheng, on the other hand, was able to punch right through all of them with one punch.

The raging attacks caused Bai Qianluo to falter and back away. Yu Sheng then took a huge step, causing their surroundings to shake. It was as if he was able to overwhelm the space around them with just a single step. It was none other than the Footwork of Xuanyuan.

He took several steps continuously, and Bai Qianluo felt stifling pressure looming all over him. He burst with his Life Spirit and waved his arms about. A gale whipped about as the power of the great path roared like thunder. The drum beats shattered the space around them as they headed for Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng stopped and let out an earth-shattering roar as if he was out to burst through the drum beats through sheer force. He threw another punch, and it seemed as if a god of war launched together with his body. The opposing power of the great path was blasted onto him, resulting in a loud rumble, and yet that still proved inadequate to make him stop his advances.

A stout figure was seen zipping through the air.


A loud rumble was heard as his fist shattered the space before him, landing hard on Bai Qianluo's body. Bai Qianluo's organs ruptured within a split second. His body dropped to the ground limply, and his eyes were filled with despair.

The look in his eyes seemed to be asking, who the hell was that before him?

The mighty ones from Tianyin City, who were at the top of a castle somewhere, all sported gloomy looks, seeing the scene before them.

Bai Qianluo was extremely powerful, and they had even deliberately allowed a group to participate in the battle with him as supports. As such, they had high hopes for him in that Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, getting ready to send Bai Qianluo into the Crimson Dragon Army.

However, none of them would have expected that the whole group was brought down by a single person—Yu Sheng.

Is that fellow from Qianye City? they thought.

They looked up and cast their gaze elsewhere, looking at Shen Jun.

Shen Jun was shaken deep down as well and breathed a sigh of relief. Yu Sheng did not let him down. He was ferocious enough even to overwhelm someone as powerful as Bai Qianluo.

He seemed to have sensed something and looked up, catching the looks from the mighty ones from Tianyin City. He did not mind any of that, though. That was what naturally would have happened in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. Yu Sheng was drawing the enmity of others. He was wondering how Ye Futian's party would be able to leave Qianye City after that.

That battle drew the attention of many, and they began to take Yu Sheng seriously. That is some fighter, they thought.

He was also one who stood a chance of rising from the platform.

There were indeed many dark horses in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

Situ Yan was shaken deep down, and she took a look at Ye Futian with a peculiar expression.

It is no surprise that he is so confident. It seems like Yu Sheng is indeed more powerful than expected, indeed, she thought.

Am I missing out on something here?

But then again, it was still too early to tell. The Battle of the Sleeping Dragon had only just warmed up by then.

She was still thinking that Ye Futian's action of betting everything he had on Yu Sheng was too risky. While he might have had a lot of confidence in Yu Sheng's powers, he should not have behaved so recklessly.

The Battle of the Sleeping Dragon continued to rage on the Rising Dragon Platform. There were fewer and fewer fighters on the stage. Injured and dead ones were everywhere, and clashes of the titans continued to break out. The intensity of the fights was such that even they had even caught the attention of the saints. Those below Saint Plane were even more pumped up.

Final showdowns would have taken place soon enough.
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    《The Legend of Futian》