The Legend of Futian
1185 Hunt for the Dragon
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1185 Hunt for the Dragon

Everyone in the castles looked at that battlefield, where fights were being fought both on the ground and in the air.

Other than dead fighters, others who have lost the ability to fight due to severe injuries went to hide on the side, not daring to continue.

As those fighters lost the ability to fight, the others would not have deliberately fight them, unless someone had a grudge or a score to settle.

At present, there were only tens of mighty ones who were still capable of continuing to fight.

The strongest few were still around, such as the highly anticipated Pang Xiao, Yan Tong, and Zhuo Xu.

Many placed massive bets on the three of them. Those who had bet on them all seemed rather anxious, seeing all three of them still around, getting increasingly close to the goal.

When there were ten on the battlefield left standing, they were then allowed to try to rise from the platform. So long as the crimson dragon above approved of them, it would let them pass.

All three of them had very good chances of earning such approval.

Other than the three of them, the most eye-catching ones were Yu Sheng and the others around him, especially Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, Xu Que & Qin Zhuang. After he had single-handedly wrecked the whole team of mighty ones from Tianyin City, few went to fight them. Some tried to challenged Yu Sheng, and all of them ended up being practically run over without mercy.

While Yu Sheng would have refrained from killing anyone, as he did not bear any grudge against them, having some bones broken and eliminated from the battle was inevitable.

The other four from Qianye City who came with Yu Sheng were all still on the battlefield, and that earned the ire of many.

While everyone acknowledged Yu Sheng's strength among the five, Xu Que was weaker than the rest, while there was a considerable gap between Qin Zhuang, Huang Jiuge, and those top-notch powers. Among the ones who had fallen in battle, some were stronger than the few of them, yet all five led by Yu Sheng remained standing.

There was no other reason why they were still around other than that Yu Sheng was there to hold down the fort. If anyone of the other four were in danger, he would have saved them.

Anyone who proved powerful enough would have had to take all five of them down at once.

One fighter after another took to the sky, and the fighters gradually stopped fighting one another. It was as if they had come to some consensus.

Pang Xiao took a look at Yu Sheng's party, and then at Yan Tong, Zhuo Xu, and the others, saying, "How about we take them out first before continuing our fight?"

"Good idea." Yan Tong nodded at Pang Xiao. He did not object to the suggestion.

"Will do." Black flames gleamed and flickered in Zhuo Xu's eyes, emanating an extremely dangerous aura.

Yu Sheng and frowned. A terrifying aura was sensed everywhere around him.

It was not just Pang Xiao and the other two. Even all others who were left standing seemed to have agreed on the idea of removing Yu Sheng's party first.

Boom. Yan Tong stepped forward like a fiery god of war, every step causing the Rising Dragon Platform to shake as he charged at Yu Sheng. Fiery heatwaves swept all over the place, turning into a firestorm out to drown Yu Sheng.

Pang Xiao and the others made a move as well, charging with Yan Tong and emanating terrifying aura.

Zhuo Xu turned into a bolt of lightning, heading straight for Ye Wuchen. If Pang Xiao and Yan Tong intended to move against Yu Sheng, who was the strongest of the five, he saw no reason not to let them be. It would have been best if both sides ended up injured and eliminated from the fight, while he went on to take out the others first.

Boom! Yu Sheng stepped out in midair, causing the Rising Dragon Platform to shudder. His raging form charged straight at Yan Tong's overbearing form of a fiery god of war without fear.

Both sides came near each other, and Yan Tong threw his arm forward. The punch thrown by the fiery god of war seemed like a red-hot fiery hammer. It was harsh and overbearing, and lava-like fires were seen coursing about it.

Yu Sheng's arm streaked through the air, and his body seemed to be expanding as well, which seemed to be his battle form manifesting. The dark golden Buddhist and demonic punch burst into a myriad of illusions before coalescing into a single punch again.

Rumbles were heard everywhere as terrifying fiery waves swept all over the place, but none of them retreated.

Pang Xiao's attack seemed to be about to connect at that moment. A flaming halberd appeared in his hand, streaking through the air like a halberd of heavenly gods as it was launched at its target.

However, the target was not Yu Sheng, but Yan Tong.

The eyes of many froze as their hearts raced; they all seemed to have stopped breathing.

There was indeed no trust in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, and alliances were forged for the sake of convenience only.

Pang Xiao was not only out to fight; he was aiming to win as well.

At the moment he lashed out, one figure after another zipped past and attacked at the same time. Several fighters were attacking Pang Xiao at once.

That caused the spectators' eyes to freeze again after they snapped out of their dazed state. Surprises kept coming.

Boom. Yan Tong and Yu Sheng distanced themselves. Yan Tong's entire body of lava fires solidified and was out to devour everything. When Pang Xiao's fiery halberd was about to reach its target, deafening high-pitched noises were heard, it still managed to tear through the solidified lava and sink bit by bit into the body of the fiery god of war.

The charged hit was exceptionally powerful, giving no chance to Yan Tong at all. As the fiery halberd tore through its target, the raging body of the fiery god of war crumbled. However, a figure shot out from it, basking in flames. He lashed out both arms at Pang Xiao at the same time, sending fires of lava at his opponent.

Pang Xiao's expression changed. He thrust away with his halberd, tearing through the lava fires, but at the same time, attacks from several top-notch mighty ones were there as well, blasting straight at him.

"Hunt for the Dragon."

That term flashed in the heads of countless people in the castles. That was the Hunt for the Dragon Plan in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

The Hunt for the Dragon referred to a group of people teaming up in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, but would not have exposed themselves in earlier stages. They would not have stood out until key battles at later stages. It was only then the target realized that those who had been fighting their respective battles had been of the same gang.

However, it was difficult for the Hunt for the Dragon plan to be implemented, as few would have been able to make sure that they stayed until the late stages. There were more who chose to team up right from the start, but there were many who did so drawing the attention of others and were quickly wiped out.

Many laid out Hunt for the Dragon plans and never got to execute them, as there was no way of doing so.

However, no one would have expected that the one to do so to be Yan Tong, the young city lord of Flaming Prison City, who was of great renown and highly anticipated right from the start. He was hell-bent on getting through the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

Yan Tong needed to win the battle, as his clan had placed heavy bets on him. Furthermore, as a native resident of Crimson Dragon Realm, he needed an opportunity.

While Pang Xiao was someone from the city lord's office of Crimson Cloud City and a descendant of a Renhuang, but his main forces lied in other realms. As such, he was not as familiar with Crimson Dragon Realm as those from Flaming Prison City.

Many spectators found that those who participated in Yan Tong's Hunt for the Dragon plan were top-notch figures from many other cities in the Crimson Dragon Realm, instead of originating from Flaming Prison City.

It was, however, apparent that they were all fighting Yan Tong.

One could have easily deduced just what kind of a hefty price did Flaming Prison City paid to participate in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

The eyes of many spectators turned in the direction of the mighty ones from Flaming Prison City. If those people had paid such a hefty price to get the Hunt for the Dragon plan's execution, then Flaming Prison City would have definitely placed heavy bets on that battle.

Many who had bet on Pang Xiao looked extraordinarily gloomy.

Rumbles were continuously heard from the battlefield at that moment, as Pang Xiao was being ganged up on. However, dazzling light from his golden armor on his body held strong.

Yang Tong turned into a fiery god of war yet again, throwing his punches at Pang Xiao, whose defenses eventually gave altogether. He spat blood from his mouth and was pinned to the ground from the air. Terrifying, devastating powers raged in his body, and he became severely injured.

However, Yan Tong did not kill him, for he was still a descendant of a Renhuang, and Yan Tong saw it fit to show mercy.

The atmosphere in the castles felt rather glum. Pang Xiao sneaked up on Yan Tong, and yet, he was the one who ended up pummeled. Of the three most highly anticipated candidates, one was officially out of the game. Many who had bet on him suffered losses.

However, that was how the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon was.

At that moment, there were also the ones who cheered and howled excitedly in the castles—the ones who had placed their bets on Yan Tong.

The game was set by then.

Zhuo Xu, who was fighting Ye Wuchen, retreated and distanced himself from his opponent, a tight frown on his face.

Shen Jun, who was on the top of a castle, frowned and felt something was off.

"If Yan Tong went to such lengths to execute the hunt, then there is no way he will go home empty-handed. He would have begun sweeping everyone out from then on out then. Only by doing so would he be able to show his powers and then rise," Situ Yan mumbled in a low voice as if saying to Ye Futian deliberately. That was what Shen Jun was thinking as well.

Things had just gotten tricky.

Yan Tong turned his eyes and looked at Zhuo Xu, saying, "Does anyone in their midst belong to you?"

Other than his men and the five led by Yu Sheng, there was also a group that teamed up right away. Furthermore, he sensed that he had been locked onto by hostile auras, alerting him.

The mantis stalking the cicada was unaware of the oriole behind it.

"Clever." Zhuo Xu smirked and one figure after another zipped past, gathering at Zhuo Xu's side.

Many spectators were shocked at that scene.

Two top-notch figures were executing the Hunt for the Dragon plan, and both parties managed to stay to the very last stages.

There was still a group of people on the battlefield who did not belong to any side, and they all looked glum at that moment.

"How about we take them out before we have our final showdown?" Yan Tong said.

"Sure." Zhuo Xu nodded. Mighty ones from both sides acted at the same time, but they did not team up. All fighters who were of one side or another went out to fight those without a side of their own, defeating and overwhelming all of them.

That went on until those from both parties, as well as the five led by Yu Sheng, were left standing.

It seemed that the final showdown would have broken out between Yan Tong and Zhuo Xu, or maybe both of them would have gained recognition as well.

Shen Jun was despaired, seeing how things on the battlefield turned out. That was indeed the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. He schemed against Ye Futian, yet the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon was nonetheless filled with unpredictable elements.

Ye Futian, too, lowered his head and looked below, finding people from both sides charging at the five led by Yu Sheng.

The five no longer split at that moment, standing in a wedge-shaped formation, with Yu Sheng at the forefront, Ye Wuchen and Huang Jiuge at the flanks, and finally, Qin Zhuang and Xu Que taking the rear, looking at the mighty ones from both sides coming.

The ones on the castles took one look at those people around Yan Tong, who was, at the moment, walking towards Yu Sheng.

There were several of them who were top-notch figures from the city lord's offices. What more could one do with a situation like this?

It seemed like the five from Qianye City were about to go down hard. They were only wondering if Yan Tong and Zhuo Xu would have been kind enough to spare the five of them, after defeating them.
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    《The Legend of Futian》