The Legend of Futian
1186 Undefeatable One
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1186 Undefeatable One

However, many looked forward to such an ending to the battle. After the five from Qianye City got eliminated, Yan Tong of Flaming Prison City and Zhuo Xu of the Black Flame clan would have fought for the right to rise, and there would have been a great battle.

The winner would have been able to rise from the Rising Dragon Platform.

About one-third of the spectators lost their money after Pang Xiao was eliminated, but there were still over half of them who had bet on Yan Tong and Zhuo Xu.

A great many would have been able to get rich regardless of whichever side ended up winning.

As such, both sides looked forward to the upcoming battle very much.

At present, they needed first to eliminate the five from Qianye City.

"Do it," Yan Tong said and stepped out right away. His huge flaming body was filled with overbearing might. Terrifying flames shot from his eyes. The place where Yu Sheng and the other four were in became shrouded by intense will of the great path of flames.

It felt as if that place had just turned into a purgatory.

At the same time, those by Yan Tong's side charged at Yu Sheng's group from the flanks at blitzing speed, bursting with terrifying pressure.

The incoming assailants saw that Yu Sheng was not bothering to evade and stepped out right away, charging at the ones coming at them.

Yan Tong grabbed at the space before him, and the purgatorial fires in that space turned into that spouting from lava, which were then gradually solidified, trapping Yu Sheng. Conventional pinnacle sages would have easily been burnt to a crisp with such a move.

"Close." Someone above extended their hand, and golden diagrams appeared one after another, closing in on Yu Sheng, trying to trap him inside the purgatory.

Yet another person, who was versed in the will of the great path of space, froze the space Yu Sheng was in.

In that instant, the step that Yu Sheng had taken seemed to have stopped altogether, with him being completely trapped.

The others around lashed out at the same time. One of them held a golden spear and thrust into the air, aiming straight for Yu Sheng's body.

Another threw a punch of the great path, tearing through space as it headed straight for Yu Sheng.

The crowd heard nothing but continuous rumbles as if that space was frozen altogether. Everyone threw whatever they had at Yu Sheng, intending to crush him with their attacks.

Zhuo Xu chose to continue to attack Ye Wuchen. Boundless eerie black flames gushed around him, emanating terrifying, burning might. It was as if auras of death had blocked out the sky and shrouded the area as he headed straight for Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen stepped out, and dazzling light was seen emanating from his brow. Boundless sword will surrounded him, and thousands of sword aura manifested above, with every sliver containing the power of the path of shredding.

His will of great path was infused within every single sword will, and rules flowed as if they had grown eyes of their own and attacked the black flames blocking out the sky, tearing them apart gradually.

However, the black flames were extraordinarily overbearing and were capable of burning off the sword will, which ended in continuous mutual destruction.

Several moved in from the flanks. Qin Zhuang invoked his sword with a small sword diagram appearing behind him. The sword will from Xu Que flowed into him in a frenzy. He lent his sword to Qin Zhuang, as he had not been training in the way of the sword as long as Qin Zhuang did.

Qin Zhuang had been able to touch the great path as well, and he was well on his way to becoming a saint.

Qin Zhuang waved his hand when an assailant attacked. The small sword diagram zipped out and streaked through space.

At the same time, Huang Jiuge's Renhuang Bow Life Spirit appeared, bursting with extremely brilliant light. It contained some powers of the imperial path. While he was still lacking in his development and had yet to be able to develop will of the great path, the burst of might through his lineage of Renhuang was not that much weaker, compared to Qin Zhuang, who had developed such powers of great path.

Nine arrows were shot one after another, tearing through space like rainbows, holding off the assailants.

The few of them were more on the defensive.

At that moment, terrifying destructive aura burst, and Zhuo Xu was seen standing with a black shadow behind his back, which was tall and mighty, as well as shrouded in black flames.

Zhuo Xu was a descendant of the Black Flame Emperor. If he were to reach Renhuang Plane level, he would have been able to pass on the powers of the great path to his descendants, infused within their Life Spirits.

As such, those who were born from genius parents had it easier in developing comprehension of the great path.

Ye Futian, for instance, had it far easier in his processes of developing such comprehensions. Furthermore, he was able to develop a myriad of wills of the great path and interconnecting them.

Zhuo Xu extended his hand forward and grabbed at Ye Wuchen. His pitch-black hand blocked out the sky like some devastating black hole, which was forged from boundless black flame auras. When Ye Wuchen's sword wills touched the black hand, they were burnt down right there and then.

Ye Wuchen wore a solemn expression as a sword shot from his brow, ringing as it emerged containing the will of the great path.

Sword wills in their surroundings flowed in a frenzy right there and then.

Thousands of sharp swords condensed, with tens of thousands compressed into thousands, then hundreds... and the number continued to shrink. Ye Wuchen's body was shrouded with the light of the sword. The path of the swords merged into a single entity and fused with the sword before him. However, that devastating sword will was still found everywhere.

"Go," Ye Wuchen uttered.

The sword shot forth and came to his enemy within an instant.

The sword and the black hand clashed, which ended up with the black hole-like hand exploding and crumbling right away. However, the terrifying might infused within the sword was weakened as well, returning before Ye Wuchen.

The act of the Swordmaster of Lihen lending his sword to Ye Wuchen told the younger swordsman that the way of the sword was more than just expansion; it was one of contraction as well.

One sword could have multiplied into two, then three, then up to ten thousand. That was the way of the sword.

Having ten thousand swords compressed into one was, too, a way of the sword.

In yet another battlefield, many mighty ones were bombarding Yu Sheng at the same time, intending to destroy his body, which was trapped inside their attacks.

However, none of them were able to see that the dark golden shimmer glowing on that body was turning increasingly bright. That terrifying lava fire of hell remained incapable of melting down his body. The intense offensive powers from all those around him were, too, unable to break his body.

"A physical body of such strength?" Countless spectators on the castles who watched the battle shuddered. The attacks from Yan Tong and the others were absolutely near that of saint levels, after all.

They were all baffled to find that they were unable to destroy his body.

Just what kind of a physical body is this? they wondered.

Ye Futian's expression was a calm one. When the Medicine Saint went to the Holy Zhi Palace at the Lower Worlds back then, many had taken medicine baths, and Yu Sheng went through with the whole course.

Furthermore, Yu Sheng was a warrior whose innate forte was his very own body, which was even stronger than Ye Futian's. Yu Sheng, whose body had been innately infused with the power of the great path, had grown to be infinitely near that of a saint at the moment.

Boom. The solidified lava fires, dazzling golden diagrams, and other powers keeping him trapped, all crumbled. Yu Sheng burst with dark golden light, and slivers of terrifying light of the demon swept through the entire place. Terrifying demonic storms blown on the ones surrounded him, enabling them to have a taste of unparalleled might.

Yu Sheng's body hovered in the air. Dark demonic might coursed in a frenzy around him, shrouding the entire area and spreading out to the Rising Dragon Platform.

Many looked at their sides and found dark demonic might brushing through them, making them feel chills all over their bodies.

Yu Sheng's pitch-black eyes shimmered with demonic light. They were extremely overbearing. It was as if anyone who so much as looking at them would have been cast into boundless darkness, compelled to bow before him.

The terrifying demonic aura gushed at his body in a frenzy, making that body of his look increasingly huge. It was as if he was constructing his battle form right there and then.

A devil battle form appeared before long, standing tall in the air.

"Kill." One of the assailants waved their hand, and a golden spear was launched at him, banging hard on the body of the demonic battle form and crumbling right away.

Yu Sheng extended his hand, coalescing flowing dark aura at the center of his palm, and a pitch-black devil ax materialized.

Boom. He stepped into the air and shook the entire place. Everyone was able to sense that overbearing might of the great path emanating from him, coming down with his steps. Yu Sheng stepped forward and appeared right before one of them, swinging his ax down as if to cleave the heavens apart.

That person was terrified, throwing their hands with great force, bringing boundless golden diagrams to place the space before them in lockdown.

However, at the very moment when the ax came down, cracking noises were heard as the golden diagrams were cleaved apart right there and then. The one who had made a move against Yu Sheng before everyone else was cut down right away, their blood splattered all over the place.

The roaring, noisy castles quieted down once again as if that ax had cleaved onto their hearts.

What kind of power is this? they asked themselves.

Powerful will of the great path of space came down on Yu Sheng at that moment. He turned around and looked at someone.

He then seemed to have crushed that will of the great path with only a single step.

There was a magnitude difference to powers of the great path, after all.

Boom. He took yet another step and his opponent's body seemed to have been locked right away, practically pinned down. Yu Sheng lifted his arm and brought the ax down again. His opponent roared and shook off that overbearing power and retreated. A flash of the ax was seen brought down. Cracking, high-pitched noises were heard. A gash was seen on that person's body as blood was spilled. They then yelled, "I give up."

Technically-speaking, there was no "giving up" in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. If Yu Sheng wished to continue, he would have been able to cut his opponent down easily.

However, Yu Sheng shot his opponent a dull look before turning to the others. All of those sages at the pinnacle of their training from the significant cities felt a faint hint of fear, while Yu Sheng did little than shoot a look at them.

Those pitch-black eyes of his were tremendously deep. It was as if they were able to see a devil like none other, looking down at everything in the world.

They were all top-notch figures and were very confident with their own powers. They would not have participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon otherwise.

However, for some reason, they seemed to have lost all of their confidence right there and then.

It was as if there were indeed people that they would have stood no chance against right from the start.

That person right before their eyes was one such being.

Boom. Yu Sheng stepped out again, shaking their minds.

"I give up."

"I yield." One fighter after another was seen leaving the battlefield.

They gave up on their battles and retreated.

None of them wanted to face that ax of his. While the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon was perilous, to begin with, and the chance of losing one's life was very high, but no one truly wanted to die. They were all there to fight for an opportunity.

However, right at that moment, it became clear that they stood no chance against that monster, and struggling would have been pointless.

As for what they have promised the Flaming Prison City, none of that would have worth throwing their lives away for.

Let Yan Tong fight this monster alone, they thought.

The spectators within the castles were thoroughly shaken. One man with a two-sided ax was able to force that many top-notch figures just to give up and run?

Are Yan Tong and Zhuo Xu going to win this? Will one of them be able to rise from the platform? they wondered.

There had always been people who went on to break expectations of others in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. There had been a lot of precedences.

It was yet another day for something like that to happen again, and it happened in such a frightening manner.
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    《The Legend of Futian》