The Legend of Futian
1187 Making the Rise
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1187 Making the Rise

Yan Tong was the only one left in that area of the battlefield.

Yan Tong's fiery god of war form stared at the devil battle form that was equally as huge. Yan Tong's form, which was basking in fiery light, seemed to be in stark contrast with the demonic colors of Yu Sheng's form. It was as if they were destined to become archenemies.

Boundless lava fire coursed and coalesced around him, which later solidified.

A huge fiery hammer of the fiery god of war gradually coalesced before Yan Tong. It was crimson all over and was a startlingly high temperature.

He then swung his arm and stepped out, heading straight for Yu Sheng.

Boom. Yu Sheng stepped and walked towards Yan Tong as well.

Both men were cultivators wielding extremely overwhelming powers, and it seemed as if they planned to clash head-on.

Boom, boom, boom...

Both of them stepped onto the air continuously, causing their surroundings to shake. Yu Sheng moved according to the moves shown in the Footwork of Xuanyuan, incorporating suppressing will of the great path into his steps, bringing extremely high pressure to bear.

Heatwaves swept across the air and hit Yu Sheng's body. The fires of lava seemed to be out to burn the heavens away, but Yu Sheng, who was literally covered in fire, continued to press forward, breaking everything in his path. He swung the devilish ax down, and there seemed to be dark demonic glimmer appearing in their surroundings, containing unparalleled power.

Yan Tong shouted and swung the fiery hammer in his hand out, clashing with the ax. The sense of power emanating from it caused all to keep their eyes fixed at the battlefield without blinking.


Heaven-splitting clashes were heard, and everyone saw Yan Tong's body being brought down, dropping to the ground at high speeds.

That devil-like body continued to head straight for the ground, and yet another strike from the ax was lashed out. It was as if it was to bring down the gods.

Yan Tong's blood was boiling, and his arms shaking, yet he continued to swing his hammer with all his might, clashing against the ax coming down at him.

With another intense rumble, the fiery hammer was surprisingly split open. The ax continued to come down. It landed onto the fiery god of war's body. Yan Tong's battle form crumbled with a loud boom, and his body accelerated as it dropped. He spat blood and crashed hard onto the ground below.

Boom. Another rumble was heard. Yan Tong was unable to react in time before the heavenly god-like body of his opponent stepped onto him. He even closed his eyes when he saw the ax coming down, waiting, in despair, for the moment of death.

However, he opened his eyes moments later and saw Yu Sheng shoot a cold glance at him. Yu Sheng then lifted the ax and charged elsewhere, not cutting him down.

It was perhaps due to Yu Sheng not wanting to cause too much trouble on the battlefield. They were at Crimson Dragon Realm, after all.

Yan Tong, who had been able to survive, did not feel fortunate. He was simply rendered dazed.

He was confident that his powers were already at the top of his plane. His powers were strong, and he was half-way into the Saint Plane. Even attacks from his Life Spirit had been extremely overbearing.

Yet on that day, he met someone else who was even more overpowering that he was, who went on to pummel him to the ground using the most direct and raging means.

He had been well-prepared for the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, yet he lost all the same.

Furthermore, he knew how much his clan had done to foster him and how massive their bets were on him. There was no way he could have lost.

Yet, at that moment, everything was over for him.

It was not just him. All those who had betted on him turned pale at that moment.

The three most highly anticipated figures consisted of over 90 percent of the bets placed. At that moment, however, there was only one of the three left on the Rising Dragon Platform—Zhuo Xu.

How long would he be able to last before Yu Sheng?

Yu Sheng's extremely raging silhouette, like that of devil, left a lasting impression on those who saw him. It was as if there was no way to take him down at all.

Yu Sheng did not stop after taking down Yan Tong. He headed to another area of the battlefield right away. Ye Wuchen continued to fight Zhuo Xu. While he was by no means at an advantage, he was, nonetheless, able to hold his own. As such, Yu Sheng did not help him out. He headed somewhere else instead.

Huang Jiuge, Qin Zhuang, and Xu Que were at a disadvantage and stayed on the defensive, as they were being surrounded and attacked by several others.

However, when Yu Sheng finally came, the hearts of those few sank, and they looked glum. All of them saw what happened in the battle in the other corner.

There was no way they would have been able to fight someone who had been able to overpower someone as mighty as Yan Tong.

There had been another top-notch figure from the city who had been cleaved right away. Huge number of other fighters lost without even putting up a fight.

"I yield," one of them said and was getting ready to leave the battlefield. The others made their stance clear right away as well.

Yu Sheng took a look at Qin Zhuang, Huang Jiuge, and Xu Que. His pitch-black eyes were icy. He switched the ax up, having the blunt side facing all of them before stepping out.

Those who had yielded were frightened, wondering what was Yu Sheng up to.

And they quickly found what he was up to.

Sounds of bones cracking continued to be heard. Their internal organs seemed as if they had been ruptured, and all of them soon dropped to the ground, looking like having one foot in their coffins.

Yu Sheng did not kill them, but their current state meant that it would have taken them months before they were able to get up again.

"We're done for." Those who had bet on Zhuo Xu looked despaired, finding themselves completely done for.

Almost everyone lost in that Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

A dark horse emerged out of nowhere and stole everyone else's thunder.

However, no one would have been insane enough to bet on someone who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

Situ Yan had placed her bets, but she hardly felt happy at all.

She looked at Yu Sheng and then at Ye Futian. She then recalled what Ye Futian said to her before.

He told her to bet everything she had on Yu Sheng.

And she took him for a lunatic back then.

But looking back, she wondered who had been the lunatic and who had been the idiot.

While she had placed her bet and she won, she nonetheless felt that she had missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

But then again, who dared to do that back then?

Two others placed their bets on Yu Sheng—Shen Jun and Kong Xuan.

Shen Jun seemed to have achieved his objective. Despite not having placed that huge of a bet, he earned considerably from it, which made it worthwhile for him to have laid such schemes in place.

However, he was still concerned.

Yu Sheng was too powerful. Furthermore, it was not just Yu-Sheng; he felt something out of the ordinary with Ye Wuchen, and even Huang Jiuge as well.

Those people did not seem to be people studying under the same teacher.

Kong Xuan, on the other hand, had a very good idea of who they were. However, unlike Shen Jun, she simply watched Yu Sheng fight.

She came to realize that he was yet another person who would be able to threaten her.

She lost to Ye Futian back in the Battle of Empty Realm, and she had always seen that defeat to be an insult. However, she never expected Yu Sheng to be just as formidable.

He seemed to be invincible under Saint Plane.

At that moment on the battlefield, Zhuo Xu gave up all of a sudden and took flight. There were only six people left standing on the battlefield. According to the rules, they were free to attempt to rise, so long as the crimson dragon above approved.

However, Yu Sheng and the rest did not let him.

They began making a move as soon as Zhuo Xu shot to the air, heading out and intercepting him above. Yu Sheng blocked his way and brought his ax down on Zhuo Xu. Ye Wuchen's sword arrived as well, penetrating through his body. Zhuo Xu was bloodstained and dropped to the ground.

Seeing Zhuo Xu dropping to the ground severely injured and losing all capacity for combat, the last hope for many in the castles was snuffed out right there and then.

It was a crushing defeat. Almost every single one of the native residents from all over Crimson Dragon Realm lost their bets, earning nothing.

"We're rich," Ye Futian mumbled to himself. Man, this feels good, he thought.

It was said that participants were not allowed to continuously participate in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, which he found to be a pity. He would have bankrupted the Crimson Dragon Emperor otherwise.

He would have been willing to stay around and bet for a decade or so.

What a shame.

What a shame, indeed.

He came to wonder if the Crimson Dragon Emperor were able to read his thoughts, would the Emperor clap him to death right there and then?

Yu Sheng and the other four remained standing in the air above the Rising Dragon Platform.

They lifted their heads to look at the opening where the crimson dragon was seen circling above. Yu Sheng stepped out, and the others followed, heading upwards.

They were rising from the platform.

The crimson dragon's colossal body circled the opening. It looked at Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen with its huge head, saying, "You both shall pass."

Other than Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen had also performed admirably, for he had been able to fight Zhuo Xu, qualifying him for the rise.

While Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, and Qin Zhuang showed decent performance, they were, nonetheless, lacking.

"All five of us are together." Yu Sheng said, "Please make way, senior."

"No," the holy dragon looked at them with its huge eyes and said coldly.

Yu Sheng stared at the dragon, and demonic might was seen overflowing. He still held onto his devil ass.


The air shook as Yu Sheng stepped out, heading straight for the huge crimson dragon, shocking the spectators.

Yu Sheng then brought his ax down onto the crimson dragon.

Everyone watched in shock.


What the hell is happening here?

Is that guy trying to cut dragon demon saint open? they wondered incredulously.

"Wooaaahhh..." When everyone realized what was happening, those in the castles who did not place bets and were simply there to watch the battle cheered with booming voices.

This is awesome, they thought.

Yu Sheng is just a true devil.

He is going to cut anyone down who stands in his way, and demon saints are no exception.

Many had only realized that he still had the ax in his hand, and his devil battle form was never dispelled. Had he been getting ready for this?

That *sshole knew what was coming and headed straight for the demon saint.

This is just ridiculous, they thought.

Many even began to curse and jeer, not knowing what words could describe their current thoughts.

"You're going too far," the crimson dragon berated him, and terrifying flames were seen circling its huge eyes. It lashed out with its claws right at Yu Sheng.

Ye Wuchen and Qin Zhuang's swords headed for the dragon's eyes.

The crimson dragon roared angrily, opening its mouth. It breathed holy fire capable of burning everything down.

Its claws clashed with the ax. The dragon then pulled its claws back, and Yu Sheng was thrown behind as well. The dragon then whipped its tail at Yu Sheng.


Yu Sheng's devil battle form was hit with a loud boom, but he stuck to the tail and grabbed it, latching on to the crimson dragon's tail with both hands.

What happened at the very next moment shocked everyone.

Yu Sheng looked at the sky above and roared, hoisting the dragon up with all his might with both arms, which were still grabbing the dragon's tail. He then flung the demon saint dragon away.

"Go." Yu Sheng said. Ye Wuchen and the others took the chance and charged for the opening, taking only a split second to emerge outside.

The dragon roared in rage, turning its head around. It breathed flames capable of burning everything down at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng let go of the dragon's body while he stepped outside, charging like a bolt of lightning while still burning with fires of the great path. The holy flames ended up only burning down his armor.

All five of them emerged outside.

Countless in the castles watched the scene unfold and were silent for a brief moment before cheers erupted all over the place.

What happened right there and then was immensely shocking to all of them.
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    《The Legend of Futian》