The Legend of Futian
1189 Plans
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1189 Plans

Ye Futian went to collect his winnings. Almost everyone who had bet lost.

Ye Futian, Kong Xuan, Shen Jun, and Situ Yan were the only ones who won. In the past Battles of the Sleeping Dragon, there had been several very highly anticipated participants as well. While the battles might have had many variables, most of the time, one of the highly anticipated ones was capable of succeeding.

What happened right there in that battle was comparatively rare. It was a total loss for the spectators.

Ye Futian was wondering how much the Crimson Dragon Emperor had been able to earn in that one Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. It was no wonder why the event was held once a month.

If I were the one holding the event, I'd have made it once every three days instead... he thought.

But then again, while the Crimson Dragon Emperor might not have cared about those training resources himself, the ones serving him would have consumed such resources in massive quantities.

"You want to return to Qianye City, Brother Ye?" Shen Jun's attitude towards Ye Futian was a lot more polite. While he would not have thought Xia Qingyuan to be a princess, being someone who was valued by royal members of both Emperor Xia's Realm and Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, there was no doubt about his extraordinary talents.

Yu Sheng's performance had been startling as well.

As such, Shen Jun's attitude towards those people changed. He would have avoided offending those people as best as he could. Even if they might not have been people serving Emperor Xia directly, they might be very trusted subordinates nonetheless.

Furthermore, if he were to be able to befriend those people, that connection might prove useful in the future.

"Sure. How about you, heroine from Situ clan?" Ye Futian looked at Situ Yan and said.

Situ Yan glared at him, wondering why he was speaking in such a frivolous manner despite being a saint.

"How about we all return together, eh? I'm thinking of throwing a feast to welcome Brother Ye again. There will be a feast in several days at the city lord's office. Please do show up," Shen Jun smiled and said. Those from Qianye City all nodded. They needed to give that much face, at least.

The group took flight and headed towards Qianye City. Ye Futian then headed to the border of the Situ clan and said to Situ Yan, "I'll pay a visit to the Situ clan later. I'll check on Little Ran along the way."

"Sure," Situ Yan nodded and said.

"It'd be a great honor to the Situ clan to have you with us, Brother Ye," an elder from the Situ clan said with a smile. Yu Sheng's performance at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon notwithstanding, the fact that Ye Futian and his party had destroyed the Bliss Palace was impressive enough.

Both the Situ clan and the Bliss Palace were both top-notch forces in Qianye City, and both were not all that different in terms of powers.

"You're too kind, senior." Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

"You're a man of passion, Brother Ye," Shen Jun, who was at the front, turned around, smiled, and quipped. He found it surprising that Ye Futian was still concerned about the little girl. While he found that action to be disagreeable, he admitted that Ye Futian had superior character compared to him.

Surviving in a chaotic place like Crimson Dragon Realm meant that cultivators were mostly preoccupied with enhancing their powers, using all means to strengthen themselves to gain control of greater resources.

There was no way weaklings would have been able to survive at the Crimson Dragon Realm.

"What are you going to do at the Situ clan?" Xia Qingyuan asked Ye Futian telepathically.

"To pay a visit to the clan leader of the Situ clan," Ye Futian replied. Xia Qingyuan nodded and did not ask any further.

"We'd like you to visit the Mo clan as well if you have the time." An elder of the clan, Mo Chen extended his invitation as well. The Mo clan was also a top-notch force in Qianye City.

"Sure, I'd pay a visit," Ye Futian smiled and replied.

"That settles it then." That mighty one did not expect Ye Futian to agree in such a forthright manner, which he found surprising.

"That settles it." Ye Futian flashed a beaming, warm smile, which made those around him feel comfortable.

"You should come by Qianye City often in the future, Brother Ye. It'd do you a lot of good to visit the place more often. I'm prepared to introduce you to the forces throughout the city, by the way," Shen Jun smiled and said.

"Thank you for your hospitality," Ye Futian replied.

"That's nothing. You're one of us from here on out. If you run into any trouble in Qianye City, you're welcome to look for me always," Shen Jun answered in a very polite manner.

"Right, I do have a favor to ask from you, Brother Shen. I'm afraid I have to bother you at the city lord's office at a later date," Ye Futian nodded and said seriously.

"No problem," Shen Jun smiled and said. He was wondering if Ye Futian would have just let the grudge the newcomer had with him slide.

It was apparent that Ye Futian resented him for one thing or another. It would have been nice if Ye Futian needed a favor, and he would have done all in his power to help.

After returning to Qianye City from Crimson Dragon City, everyone returned to their home. Shen Jun returned to the city lord's office while Ye Futian returned to the inn.

The news with the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon spread all over the place and shocked many.

No one would have expected the group that had destroyed the Bliss Palace would have had someone so terrifying among their sages, who practically mopped the floor with the top-notch figures who participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon that time.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng become two very, very renowned names in Qianye City.

Ye Futian took several people to pay a visit to the Situ clan the next day.

Many in the Situ clan came to receive him. Situ Yan appeared with Little Ran as well.

"Uncle Yan," the little girl called obediently and smiled.

Ye Futian hugged Little Ran for a bit and then turned to the people of the Situ clan, "Thank you for all you've done."

"We have an honored guest here, and the feast is ready. Please help yourself, Sir Ye," someone among them said.

Ye Futian nodded and smiled. He walked to Situ Yan's side and said, "I'd like to pay a visit to the leader of the Situ clan."

"Sure, I'll tell grandfather," Situ Yan nodded and said.

Everyone took their seats at the feast at the Situ clan shortly after. A very old-looking elder stepped out, emanating an esteemed, imposing aura.

Ye Futian rose and bowed. "I'm Ye Futian, pleased to meet you, senior."

Situ Zhong then nodded with a smile, saying, "Your name has reached my ears in the clan, Brother Ye. No need for formalities. Please take a seat."

"Thank you, senior." Ye Futian then said, "Ms. Situ here is valiant and forthcoming, now that I meet her grandfather, I hardly find it surprising at all."

"You're too kind. Being able to destroy the Bliss Palace for just one little girl is one hell of a feat. We old folks are just older than you guys are. The place will belong to your generation sooner or later." Situ Zhong's voice was brimming and unbridled, making him sound like a grand bell and filled with spirit.

"It was done on a whim." Ye Futian then smiled and said, "I just found what Bai Ze did to be too disagreeable."

"Trampling on the lives of others without care is indeed despicable. But then again, that has always been the case with the world of cultivators. Even if you intend to change things, I wonder how many you could kill." Cultivators who have reached an age like Situ Zhong had long seen what the world was like.

There were many types of cultivators in the world.

"Indeed." Ye Futian nodded. "But since I happened to see something happening right in front of me, I just did what I could. It is for this matter that I come to visit you."

"How so?" Situ Zhong looked at Ye Futian.

"The Crimson Dragon Realm is strong, and people from all realms gather here, so there are many extraordinarily talented people around. They might lack opportunities. I'm thinking of setting up a place for cultivation here in Qianye City. What do you think, senior?" Ye Futian said.

Situ Zhong's expression was peculiar upon hearing what Ye Futian said. It was apparent that he was surprised.

Cultivators came and went throughout the cities of the Crimson Dragon Realm because so many from all realms gathered there. Even someone who held control over a city might have just left the place anytime to train elsewhere.

What Ye Futian put forth was hardly seen in Crimson Dragon Realm.

It was especially so with how things were in the cities of the Crimson Dragon Realm, which were very unstable. There were few who would have bothered wasting resources to establish such places of training.

"Brother Ye, things at Crimson Dragon Realm are complicated, and the people traveling between cities are in a very unstable state. It will take a very long time before results are seen. In Qianye City, by the way, those who stay here for long are only clans that have taken root here," Situ Zhong said.

"It is precisely for that reason that I come to you, senior. Propagating the path and cultivation would do immense good for the development of Qianye City. If a force like the Situ clan were willing to join, when Qianye City becomes strong, the Situ clan would prosper along with the city."

"What prompted you to go that far?" Situ Zhong asked. None of that seemed to be doing much for Ye Futian himself.

"I'd like to see the powers of Qianye City consolidated, and to make Qianye City the topmost city in all of Crimson Dragon Realm in the future." Ye Futian answered, "But then again, I might not be the one doing all that. Those are my thoughts."

"This might require cooperation from the city lord. I'm afraid the Situ clan still falls short of pulling off something like that," Situ Zhong said. He was able to vaguely sense that Ye Futian might have wanted to do something else to get this off the ground.

Furthermore, there was still a lack of a true reason from Ye Futian. Why would he want to consolidate powers and develop Qianye City?

"I'd like to introduce you to someone, senior." Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan by his side and said, "This is the princess of Emperor Xia's Realm, Xia Qingyuan."

Situ Zhong was dumbfounded and took a look at Xia Qingyuan. He was vaguely able to understand why Ye Futian wanted to do what he said he wanted to do.

If that proved to be the case, then the reasons were indeed more than enough.

There were many imperial realms from the Crimson Dragon Region coming to set up shop and expand their forces at Crimson Dragon Realm. For instance, the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm that Kong Xuan belonged to, reigned over Peacock City.

If Emperor Xia's Realm were to be a part of a city, it would have been a sufficient reason for developing the powers of a city.

Situ Yan looked at Xia Qingyuan, feeling shocked. Many others from the clan shared the sentiment.

Xia Qingyuan, the woman who had been following Ye Futian around, is a princess of Emperor Xia's Realm? she thought. 

None of them saw that coming. They wondered what kind of status Ye Futian had back at Emperor Xia's Realm.

Even the princess is at his side, they thought. 

Situ Yan realized all of a sudden that if that had never occurred to her, then it would have never occurred to Shen Jun as well.

From the looks of things, the conversation between Ye Futian and Shen Jun the day before had a lot going on between the lines.

"Is Emperor Xia's Realm planning to expand in Qianye City?" Situ Zhong looked at Xia Qingyuan and asked.

"I'd like your kind assistance, senior," Xia Qingyuan answered.

Situ Zhong was silent for a bit. His position naturally compelled him to consider his clan's interests, to see if the proposal would have done the clan good or harm.

Ye Futian's character suggested that he was a man of his word, that he was a comparatively upright man and would not scheme against them.

If Emperor Xia's Realm indeed intended to expand its influence in Qianye City, then it would be more influential and powerful than the current city lord's office.

"I'm glad to be of service, Princess," Situ Zhong raised his cup and said.

"Thank you, senior." Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian both raised their cups at the answer. The deal was considered sealed by then.

They naturally needed support from top-notch forces in Qianye City if they wanted to set up shop there instead of just beating everyone down. Diplomacy served better at times.
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    《The Legend of Futian》