The Legend of Futian
1191 Taking the City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1191 Taking the City

Ye Futian dared to attack Bliss Palace not only because of Yaya.

After all, for him to destroy the Bliss Palace, other things needed to be considered. It seemed the City Lord Office requested an explanation.

Xia Qingyuan came to the Crimson Dragon Realm from Emperor Xia's Realm to conduct trials. It was impossible that she would not have strong cultivators accompany her.

What was more, this time, the request from Ye Futian for Xia Qingyuan's help had a purpose in itself.

"Everyone, help me take them down." The expression on Shen Jun's face changed again and again. His eyes turned to the cultivators at the banquet.

Many cultivators had descended upon the City Lord's Office, and Ye Futian was going to make a move against their City Lord's Office at Qianye City.

As Ye Futian said before, "What if I wanted to take Qianye City?"

Well, this matter could not have a satisfying ending, but if Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were both taken, then there was still a chance to turn the tides.

No one paid any attention to Shen Jun. Several top principalities had already been talked to by Ye Futian, so they were all aware and remained calm and collected because they had previously anticipated the situation at the moment.

In the cities of Crimson Dragon Realm, changeovers of ownership were commonplace. Plundering and in-fightings with one another continuously, and eruptions of occasional battles of various sizes were not unheard of. Under such circumstances, for the forces in the city to be loyal to the City Lord's Office was, obviously, an impossibility.

Right now, the opponent of the City Lord's Office of Qianye City was the people from Renhuang's Realm.

In the Crimson Dragon Realm, many from the Renhuang Realm came here to expand their power, and those were relatively strong individuals. Even on other matters, where Renhuang was not allowed to interfere with the goings-on in the Crimson Dragon Realm, the underlings of Renhuang were more than capable of taking over a city.

Under this circumstance, the most they could do was to remain neutral, so how could they help the City Lord's Office?

With the destruction of Bliss Palace fresh in their memory, who would want a repeat of it?

"Young City Lord, today's matter was caused by many injustices," Situ Zhong said with a clear voice. The people of Situ Clan stood up and suddenly seemed to surround Shen Jun and others with a blooming pressure.

The people of Qianye City looked at him; this old guy had picked a side.

Shen Jun looked pale; in this space, his people now were at an absolute disadvantage.

The Situ Clan had committed treason by supporting Ye Futian.

Ye Futian walked toward Shen Jun, and he said in a cold voice, "Shen Jun, since you invited me to Qianye City, I won't hold back."

Bang. Shen Jun stepped out; his body soared into the sky, and the might of the Saint Plane was fully released.

In an instant, flames filled the sky and shrouded the firmament.

Ye Futian looked up slightly. He took a similar step, turning into lightning that shuttled through the void, and headed straight to Shen Jun.

Shen Jun stood above the void. His hands were forming a seal as he bathed in a dazzling luster of flame. Many immense flaming dragons roared angrily and rushed out with incredible speed toward Ye Futian.

With the divine brilliance upon his body, Ye Futian seemed to be covered with a layer of sacred starry armor, and the flames swallowed him up but did not burn him.

The immense body of the fire dragon impacted him, and a powerful roaring sound came out. That brilliant golden body penetrated that of the dragon, like a golden streamer, sacred but bright, aiming directly toward Shen Jun.


Another angry roar trembled between heaven and the earth, and an extremely fierce nine-headed crimson flame dragon appeared behind Shen Jun. The sacred light of fire surrounded it. The nine-headed dragon moved at the same time, wanting to swallow Ye Futian in one gulp.

Ye Futian did not stop at all. His spinning body turned into real lightning, and the golden lightning sliced through the void and rushed into the mouth of the dragon.

Suddenly, a dazzling radiance erupted above the dragon's body, and the shrill sound of gurgling was heard. The immense body of the dragon exploded and shattered, and a figure emerged from the endless sword might. Its body shot straight toward Shen Jun.

Shen Jun's face was pale. He had been extremely confident in his offense, but it was directly crushed and broken.

The magnificent streamer magnified in the pupil. He saw Ye Futian raise his arms. Huangting Fist Will burst forth, breaking through the void. It penetrated Shen Jun's last defense until it blasted upon his chest.


The sound of the bones exploding was so clear that everyone below could hear it, and the people from the City Lord's Office wanted to come to his aid.

However, Yaya, Situ Zhong, and the others were standing there, so who could intervene?

Shen Jun spat out a mouthful of bright red blood, and his body flew backward.

Ye Futian took a step forward, and his arm, flowing with pure brilliance, struck out again.

For a moment, the aurora of the fists pierced through the void and kept blasting on Shen Jun's body. It was like rays of golden light pierced through his chest to his back. Shen Jun's body, like rootless duckweed, was blasted weakly, flying mindlessly in the air.

Ye Futian slapped a large palm print down until he was blasted on a building. The building collapsed and shattered, and Shen Jun's body fell right into the ruins. There was no strength, and his hands lay weakly there.

Ye Futian's figure drifted down to the ground. He stood in front of Shen Jun and looked down at the figure that lay on the ground.

Shen Jun coughed up blood, but even the coughs sounded weak, and his eyes were still open, watching the figure that was standing in front of him and looking down at him.

Those eyes, at that moment, were so proud yet scornful of his existence.

Shen Jun realized that he had been using Ye Futian and treated him like a clown.

But in fact, he was the clown in the eyes of the others.

From the start, Ye Futian had never really cared about his existence. Everything that he had done was more like a joke.

His long silver hair blowing in the wind, and Ye Futian didn't say a word to him but looked straight ahead.

An extremely forceful breath was blooming.

At the moment when the breath was released, the entire City Lord's Office became extremely oppressed.

It was unclear when Yaya had come in front of Ye Futian. It seemed the pressure of the might was giving her considerable tension, and her pair of sharp eyes stared steadily ahead.

There was a sensation of extreme heat.

A middle-aged man clad in a robe decorated with flames stood there quietly. His pupils seemed to be burning with fire. When he looked up into the void, the vast sky suddenly turned fiery red, and the sky was burning.

Within the circumference of several hundred miles from the City Lord's Office, everyone felt hot and uncomfortable. When they looked up at the sky that was burning red, they were all shocked.

What was happening at the City Lord's Office?

This seemed to be the breath of the City Lord. However, the City Lord of Qianye City was said to be cultivating alone. The affairs of Qianye City were left to the Young City Lord, and he had not been seen for a long time.

And today seemed to be the day that the Young City Lord hosted a dinner banquet in honor of Ye Futian.

But for some reason, it seemed like a terrifying battle had blown up.

Crimson Dragon City, the main city of Crimson Dragon Realm, was under the direct command of the Crimson Dragon Emperor. The surrounding cities were filled with top personalities who not only had to compete with top cultivators from other major interfaces, but sometimes, their opponents were from all walks of life directly under the command of the emperors of other realms.

Under such circumstances, the people in charge of the main cities around Crimson Dragon City today were truly from the existence of top Saint Plane. They were either born of the cultivators of the Crimson Dragon Realm or originated from travelers from all parts of the Crimson Dragon Realm, who eventually settled here or in other principalities of emperors.

The City Lords of every city in this central area belonged to Nirvana Plane. If these lords were placed within each Renhuang's Realm of the Crimson Dragon Realm, they were all giants who, alone, could deter a major force.

Anyone who was not the best of the best had already been eliminated in the fiercely competitive environment of Crimson Dragon Realm and had no qualification to control a city at all.

Shen Tianzhan, City Lord of Qianye City, likewise, was also such a fearsome presence. He immersed himself in cultivation and possessed tremendous strength.

If he intervened, it must have been that he had encountered a powerful opponent.

It was highly likely that someone would come to seize the city.

At this moment in the City Lord's Office, Shen Tianzhan looked up at the sky. He stood there casually, like a god, with his body as the center, and a burst of hot glow erupted.

However, as strong as Shen Tianzhan was, his look toward the sky seemed extremely grave. He said, "If my son offended anyone, I am responsible for the lack of discipline, and I apologize on his behalf."

In the distance, Ye Futian's body floated in the air, looking at that proud figure.

The existence of Nirvana Plane was astounding.

He looked up into the void and saw a figure drift down from above.

The man was dressed in a white cloak. He appeared very mysterious. He held a scepter in his hand, and his aura wasn't too great. But, by merely standing there, he seemed to pose a great threat to the City Lord of Qianye City.

The figure in white in the void looked at Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian. He asked, "Princess, what shall we do?"

Xia Qingyuan came to Ye Futian's side in a flash. She whispered, "You decide."

Ye Futian looked at the front; he knew who came this time.

In the land of Nine States, the first person in the legendary Saint Ranking List—the Great Shaman. In his hand was the number one divine implement—Scepter of Control.

Many years ago, the Great Shaman followed Emperor Xia in cultivation and remained at the side of Emperor Xia. He became Emperor Xia's confidant.

This trip, he was tasked to guard the safety of Xia Qingyuan.

The strength of the Great Shaman was unquestionable.

The land of Nine States had finally produced a figure of great acclaim.

Ye Futian looked to Shen Tianzhan and said, "Shen Jun invited us to Qianye City and used us without regard for our lives. That being the case, now Qianye City is changing hands. If you want to leave, we will not detain you, but Shen Jun stays. If you stay, you can help us manage Qianye City. In the future, when the time is right, we will grant you another city in return."

Either choice, no matter which, Shen Jun would not be released.

Otherwise, the departure of Qianye City Lord—Shen Tianzhan—would be a hidden concern.

Shen Tianzhan looked toward Ye Futian, and his eyes seemed to be burning with terrible flames. At first glance, Ye Futian felt his eyes tingle. It was as if the sensation of flames had rushed directly into his pupils.

But in the next moment, Shen Tianzhan looked away and turned his attention to the Great Shaman once more, saying, "Shen Tianzhan of Qianye City, please enlighten me!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》