The Legend of Futian
1192 New City Lord
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1192 New City Lord

The Great Shaman bowed his head. His eyes landed on Shen Tianzhan, and he introduced himself, "The Great Shaman of Emperor Xia's Realm."

At the moment when the voices of the two men faded, a fiery hot sensation shrouded the infinite space, and both the sky and the earth turned red.

Ye Futian lowered his head and glanced down. The earth seemed to be roasting, and there was a vague and surreal feel to it.

Just how strong was the saint of Nirvana Plane? Perhaps a single thought was enough to destroy a city.

Boom. Flames were ignited in the sky and the earth, and all the cultivators released their power to shield their bodies against that invisible force.

Shen Tianzhan's body was bathed in a radiant sacred fire. In an instant, his body skyrocketed.

Above the sky, an immense and boundless flaming dragon opened its enormous mouth. It emerged from the burning red sky and moved toward the Great Shaman.

Countless people on the ground looked up at the sky, their hearts trembling violently. They felt tiny in front of the dragon. It was as if a breath from the dragon could burn them to nothing.

The Great Shaman stood there quietly, and his body did not sway. Above his cloaked body, countless bright, golden lights lit up, like countless golden threads, moving toward his body at high speed.

In an instant, those endless golden threads, like a divine net of space, winding upwards, covered the sky and the sun, winding on the body of the dragon.

The sacred flaming dragon continued to dive down, but the divine net of space expanded, and the golden threads entangled it within.

Great Shaman raised the scepter, and the endless lines of space cut through the void and the dragon's body, cutting it into countless pieces.

For a moment, the immense sacred dragon turned into endless fire and rained down.

Boom. The ground exploded and shattered madly, and infinite flames shot from above the sky, condensing together, and fierce roaring sounds were heard.

Shen Tianzhan stood proudly above the sky. Both of his hands were forming a seal, and many flaming gods of war that stood a few thousand meters tall appeared in the sky, surrounding the Great Shaman.

The palms of Shen Tianzhan, with the formed seal, blasted out. Suddenly, all the flaming gods of war accompanied his movement and blasted shocking flaming palm prints, covering the sky and destroying the void.

The Great Shaman stood in the center of these flaming gods of war, appearing extremely insignificant, like a gnat.

At this moment, above the Great Shaman, a more brilliant light bloomed forth. A golden lotus appeared under his feet, and the lotus petals released an endless glow.

The golden lotus rotated and expanded continuously. The lotus petals opened and closed, and instantly wrapped his body in it, turning it into a lotus light screen, shrouded him within.

Bang, bang, bang! The godlike flaming palm prints blasted attacks, and the lotus petals sunk inward as if to melt in destruction.

But the glow was shining, and the giant golden lotus continued rotating. The petals perished and were reborn with even more brilliant light. They bloomed toward heaven and the earth. Giant lotus appeared one after another, continually expanding, and an unparalleled golden glow was emitted at the same time. The space was drowning in dazzling light, and the bodies of the flame gods of war were penetrated, torn, and shattered.

The void in which the Great Shaman was located had been completely transformed into a world of fire, and those flames seemed to be slightly surreal, burning up the sky.

Countless people on the ground looked up at the sky. If they had stood there, they would probably be turned into nothingness.

The sun's rays sprinkled down and reflected on that flame space as if interspersed with each other. The sun's rays also turned into part of fire, so that the Way merged with the Heaven, and the fire of the Great Path now one with the sun.

Boom. The world of flames suddenly erupted, and the space in which the Great Shaman was started burning. It turned into a true solar furnace, smelting all existence.

However, the Great Shaman still stood there, wearing a cape, and his eyes were as calm as they were before. He raised his foot and walked forward calmly.

Every step was taken very slowly but extremely steadily. Lotus petals surrounded him. Each petal opened and closed to give rise to other lotus flowers. These lotus flowers were much like in a space of their own. In the moments of opening and closing, it had devoured the fire of the Great Path.

The Great Shaman walked toward Shen Tianzhan, step by step. He looked up slightly, and his eyes were extremely demonic. It was as if they could captivate and capture those who looked into them.

Shen Tianzhan looked at those eyes and frowned. A horrific spiritual power invaded him, and instantly, a space divine matrix seemed to have appeared in his mind. Behind the Great Shaman, a radiant matrix appeared, and radiant brilliance bloomed upon the matrix with countless golden threads penetrating the void, covering Shen Tianzhan's body.

Shen Tianzhan retreated, but the golden threads increased, and the matrix elevated toward the sky. Above the firmament, it turned into a matrix of space that sheltered the sky. With the endless space radiance now falling downward, Shen Tianzhan had nowhere to go, as the world was blocked.

The crowd below looked up at the sky in horror; at the level of Nirvana, it all depended on whose attack was the stronger, and Shen Tianzhan did not have the strength to destroy the Great Shaman.

At this moment, could Shen Tianzhan bear the counterattack of the Great Shaman?

The Great Shaman's body floated in the air, rising higher and higher until he was integrated into the divine matrix that was above the sky. He raised the scepter and looked down at Shen Tianzhan, saying, "This is the art of judgment; do you still want to continue the fight?"

Shen Tianzhan looked up at the Great Shaman. His body still emitted the majesty of might, but he knew in his heart that he had already lost the battle, and he was not sure that he could bear the attack of the Great Shaman.

For a moment, the fire of the sky dissipated, and the sensation of extreme heat disappeared immediately. The heated sky and earth restored as they were before.

Seeing this scene, the Great Shaman lowered his hand and retracted the scepter. The divine light of space also disappeared, and his eyes were no longer terrible.

The crowd below exhaled a sigh of relief; the battle that just occurred was like a dream.

Qianye City Lord Shen Tianzhan was defeated, everyone said secretly in their hearts.

Qianye City would be officially changing hands.

This Great Shaman should be the top figure in Emperor Xia's Realm; the top existence cultivated by the emperors was indeed awesome.

Among the many cities in Crimson Dragon Realm, only a few City Lords who were at the peak of their power could fight such figures.

There were several peak existence cultivators in the Crimson Dragon Realm. Even though they claimed to be standing on the top of Nirvana Plane, there were rumors that some Nirvana Saints had offended Renhuang, which accounted for their flight to the Crimson Dragon Realm to become the master of a city. Other Renhuang of the realm could come to the Crimson Dragon Realm, but they could not wreak havoc on its territory. Of course, the dispatch of the saints was not something the Crimson Dragon Emperor cared much about.

Shen Tianzhan descended and landed on the ruins of the City Lord's Office in front of Ye Futian.

He glanced down at Shen Jun, who was gravely injured, and saw despair in his eyes.

His father, who was also defeated, was implicated because of him, and now the entire City Lord's Office was lost.

All this was because he had wanted to use Ye Futian and his people.

Now, it was not so easy to send away the deity that he had invited in.

Ye Futian wanted Qianye City.

Shen Tianzhan picked up Shen Jun's body. Ye Futian stood aside and did not stop him. The Great Shaman drifted down and descended next to Xia Qingyuan.

They just wanted Qianye City and were not worried that Shen Tianzhan would go to the extreme. There was no need for it when he had already cultivated to this level.

Turning around, Shen Tianzhan stopped and said, "I will stay."

Then, he took Shen Jun going deeper into the City Lord's office, which, by now, was half in ruins.

"Great Shaman, take over the City Lord's Office," Xia Qingyuan said to him, and the Great Shaman nodded.

The next step would be to firmly control the City Lord's Office. Since Shen Tianzhan chose to stay, he did not need to help, but he must not be given a chance to add to the chaos.

"Who will be the City Lord?" Xia Qingyuan said, looking at Ye Futian.

"Naturally you, Princess," Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan.

"I'm not interested," Xia Qingyuan said lightly. "You'll take over."


Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan but saw that her eyes were focused far away. No one knew what she was thinking.

"Princess, in the future, Qianye City could be the foundation of Xia Emperor Xia's Realm in Crimson Dragon Realm. I am not suited for this duty," Ye Futian said.

"Aren't you always complaining that you have no place in Emperor Xia's Realm? Now, you will be named as the City Lord of Qianye City. I will ask my father the Emperor to make it official, and father will not object," said Xia Qingyuan, looking at Ye Futian. Previously, Ye Futian was just a bodyguard for the Princess.

Ye Futian was speechless; since when did he complain?

Women did not make any sense.

But, it was much better-sounding than being the bodyguard of the princess.

"Boss, this she-devil must have been traumatized by Kong Xuan." The voice of Black Wind Condor resounded in Ye Futian's mind. Not long ago, Kong Xuan came to poach him.

However, this clown had learned his lesson and dared not say it out loud, but only said it secretly to Ye Futian.

"Want to get beat up again?" Ye Futian smiled at the little condor, and immediately, he behaved.

"Very well, I will take over temporarily, but if I leave, I will give up the position," Ye Futian said, but Xia Qingyuan ignored him.

Next was to straighten out Qianye City.

What happened at Qianye City soon came to pass, and all the cities knew that Yu Sheng came from Emperor Xia's Realm, and now, Emperor Xia's Realm had also seized a city in Crimson Dragon Realm.

However, although it was known at this time, it had not caused much disturbance. After all, these kinds of occurrences happened often in the Crimson Dragon Realm, and the top figures had seen it all.

At this time, inside a city in Crimson Dragon Realm, there was a group of people in a palace.

One of them was well-known to Ye Futian—the crown prince of Dali Dynasty, Li Yao.

After hearing the news brought to him by the messenger in front of him, Li Yao flashed a coldness in his eyes. Was it the Great Shaman of Emperor Xia's Realm, who personally accompanied to guard?

Now, they had even taken a city in Crimson Dragon Realm.

"His Royal Highness, the strength of this Great Shaman is unfathomable. He has been following Emperor Xia all these years and is definitely one of the peaks power of Emperor Xia's Realm," said a nobleman clad in a golden python robe behind him.

Li Yao nodded, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. "It seems that there will be a need for our Imperial Advisor of Dali!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》