The Legend of Futian
1193 Arrival of the Imperial Advisor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1193 Arrival of the Imperial Advisor

Qianye City began the reorganization process with the full support of the Situ Clan. Shen Tianzhan was still staying in the City Lord's Office to cultivate. The old alliances of the City Lord's Office had all yielded in submission.

Gradually, cultivators of the Saint Planes who came with the Great Shaman took control of the City Lord's Office and even planned to mobilize more help from Emperor Xia's Realm.

Since they had now taken a city in Crimson Dragon Realm, naturally, it would need to be managed with care.

Afterward, the City Lord's Office built an academy of cultivation in the center of Qianye City, and it caused a lot of talk in the surrounding cities.

An academy of cultivation was not suitable for other cities in the Crimson Dragon Realm save for the Crimson Dragon City. These cities were continually warring with one another and changed hands often, so the construction of an academy was a waste of time, energy, and resources. The cultivators that came out of the academy would likely end up being used by another.

Only the Crimson Dragon City under the direct control of the Crimson Dragon Emperor was a suitable location.

Because it was Qianye City, everyone just laughed it off.

At the same time, in Emperor Li's Realm within the Crimson Dragon Region.

Dali Dynasty, Emperor Li's Way, Imperial Advisor's Residence.

At this time, the Imperial Advisor was standing with his hands folded behind his back, staring at the sky.

Feixue stood quietly next to the Imperial Advisor without disturbing him.

At this time, there were footsteps. It was a few disciples of the Imperial Advisor. Yan Yuan, Mr. Nan Zhai, Mu Chunyang, and the others had arrived.

"Master." Yan Yuan and the others bowed.

"You all knew, right?" The Master lowered his head and spoke to them.

Yan Yuan nodded. Li Yao and the Prince Regent both reported to the Emperor at the same time to ask the Imperial Advisor of Dali to go to the Crimson Dragon Realm and create a territory there. At the same time, it was requested to assassinate someone in the Crimson Dragon Realm—the Seventh Swordsman, who was undercover in the Dali Dynasty, the same as Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm.

This action of Li Yao and the Prince Regent were suspicious.

Back then, they both suggested punishing the Imperial Advisor, but Emperor Li suppressed the matter, and the Imperial Advisor made concessions by resigning as the head of the Dali Academy.

Moreover, when the Imperial Advisor and Yan Yuan released Ye Futian and sent him away, they had betrayed the Dali Dynasty.

And he had also said that he was the Seventh Swordsman in Dali Dynasty, and only when he returned to Emperor Xia's Dynasty would he be Ye Futian once again.

He was the Seventh Swordsman at the time, so the Imperial Advisor's Residence considered the relationship between master and apprentice. But now?

For that matter, although Emperor Li did not blame the Imperial Advisor, the situation in the Dali Dynasty had changed subtly, and there must have been a seed of doubt planted in Emperor Li's heart.

Now, this was an opportunity for the Imperial Advisor of Dali to prove himself.

If he killed Ye Futian, then the Imperial Advisor was still the same as he was before; below one man, and above all the rest.

"Master, His Majesty wanted to test you," Yan Yuan said, and everyone else was silent.

Of course, they were all too clear on this point.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali's heart was also as clear as a mirror.

Since that time, he had been cultivating at Imperial Advisor's Residence and had rarely asked about any matters of Dali. Emperor Li wanted to find a pretext to get him to come out again and take control of Dali. Surely, there would no longer be any resistance then, and no one would dare to object.

Naturally, this was because he valued the Imperial Advisor, but at the same time, it was also a test for him to see whether or not he was loyal to Dali Dynasty.

In a certain sense, he served as the Imperial Advisor with great power, and Emperor Li treated him well. Ye Futian was only a disciple. As a person of the opposing realm, there should be no hesitation, and there was no question about Emperor Li's action.

However, that disciple for such a short time was the one he admired the most besides Yan Yuan.

Although their positions were different, ultimately, it was difficult to make a move against him.

"What do you think?" asked the Imperial Advisor.

"Master, go," Yan Yuan said. His Majesty had already commanded them. If they did not obey, what would the Emperor think?

"The Seventh Swordsman gave up the opportunity and chose to return to Emperor Xia's Realm. With his state of comprehension, Seventh Swordsman will understand and respect the Master's choice," Mr. Nan Zhai also advised.

The others did not speak, and Lu Chuan sighed.

This time, it was all manipulated by Li Yao.

Whatever happened before had a great impact on Li Yao.

So, his report to Emperor Li this time was full of vitriol and bad intentions.

Whatever choice they made would be the wrong one.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali had been reluctant to get involved because if he killed Ye Futian, judging from the value that Emperor Xia placed on Ye Futian, it would leave the Imperial Advisor's Residence with little choice.

If he didn't go, it would suggest that he had a difference in opinion.

Now, from Emperor Li to everyone in Dali Dynasty, they were all of one mind, and he wanted the Imperial Advisor to go.

Even the supporters of the Imperial Advisor had hoped that the Imperial Advisor could wash his name by killing Ye Futian and regain the power he once had in Dali.

Under these circumstances, there was almost no other choice.

Li Yao had counted on this too.

"Dad," Feixue called out. Her voice was a little low as she bowed her head slightly, and those eyes that were not seen were filled with tears.

She knew the difficulties her father was facing about whether to go or not.

However, did she wanted her father to face off with the Seventh Swordsman?

The Imperial Advisor of Dali turned around. He smiled at Yan Yuan and the others. He then stroked Feixue's long hair, whispering, "I am the Imperial Advisor of Dali, and as His Majesty had commanded me, I shall fight."

"Will you kill him?" Feixue looked up slightly, facing the Imperial Advisor.

"Those from Emperor Xia's Realm were escorted and protected by the Great Shaman. How do you know that Dali would win the battle between Emperor Li 's and Emperor Xia's Realm in the Crimson Dragon Realm?" the Imperial Advisor said with a smile. "Maybe the Seventh Swordsman will give us a surprise."

In this battle, everyone had their stance, and he would do his best.

This was his duty as the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

"Back when we sent him to Emperor Xia's Realm, I said that in the future, if we ever met again on the battlefield, I would not be merciful," Yan Yuan said. Now, they would meet on the battlefield.

"How did he answer?" Imperial Advisor asked Yan Yuan because he had never mentioned this before.

"He said he would," Yan Yuan replied.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali was stunned for a moment. He walked forward with a great laugh, saying, "Nan Zhai, you stay here to take care of Feixue. The others will follow me to the palace."

"Yes." The disciples nodded.

"Dad, I'll go with you!" Feixue cried out.

The Imperial Advisor glanced back at her and said softly, "Nan Zhai will take good care of you."

As he finished, he continued to walk. Yan Yuan and the others followed closely behind.

Mr. Nan Zhai and Feixue stayed, watching them as they left. Mr. Nan Zhai secretly sighed. This trip, whether it was a good omen or an evil one, perhaps the Master already knew.

As for Feixue, how could the Master possibly take her along?

If the Master did that, Emperor Li would question his motive of taking his family away.

"Second Brother, will Dad and the Seventh Swordsman both be okay?" Feixue whispered in the direction of the departure of the Imperial Advisor. Her heart was extremely conflicted.

This time meeting on the battlefield, she did not wish for either side to be hurt.

But, was this possible?

Mr. Nan Zhai looked down at Feixue and said softly, "Feixue, don't worry too much."

Feixue said nothing and could only pray in her heart.

This trip, it was best there was no fighting.

If they fought, the hope was for everything to end peacefully.

The Imperial Advisor had gone to Dali Palace for permission to depart, and the news caused great shock.

Everyone knew the significance of this trip was far more than just killing Ye Futian. There was much significance behind it.

What had happened with the Seventh Swordsman at the time had a significant impact on the Imperial Advisor of Dali and even affected the structure of Dali Dynasty.

The Prince Regent had once again regained power and led the nobles of Dali to the epitome of their power in Dali Dynasty.

The trip of the Imperial Advisor of Dali could change the situation, so naturally, many were observing closely.

To the Imperial Advisor of Dali, one step forward in the right direction meant that everything would open up. But a false step may destroy the myth of Dali henceforth.

After the Imperial Advisor decided to depart, the Third Prince personally requested to lead some cultivators along to assist the Imperial Advisor, and the Emperor agreed.

In time, a large group of powerful cultivators set off toward Crimson Dragon Realm through a teleportation grand matrix.

Ye Futian, who was far away in Qianye City of the Crimson Dragon Realm, knew nothing of what had happened in Emperor Li's Realm. He was still cultivating in Qianye City.

Li Yao should have made some movement.

In a blink of an eye, some time passed.

On this day, inside a city in Crimson Dragon Realm, Li Yao looked up into the void and saw a large group coming.

Their appearance gladdened Li Yao's heart, and a smile appeared in his eyes. He put his hands together and greeted those descending from the sky, "Greetings to the third royal brother and the Imperial Advisor."

"His Royal Highness." The Imperial Advisor nodded in return. The Li Yao of today was vastly different from before. After entering the Saint Plane, he became even more unfathomable.

"In the past, the Imperial Advisor released the Seventh Swordsman, saying that as long as he was the Seventh Swordsman, none shall pursue him. But now, the Seventh Swordsman is Ye Futian, who went undercover inside Dali Dynasty and stole many of our methods of cultivation, including the Deed of Thorough Comprehension of the Imperial Advisor, as well as the Sword of Kasyapa, and other books from Dali Academy."

Li Yao continued, "Now, Ye Futian has entered the Saint Plane and is highly valued by Emperor Xia. Even Xia Qingyuan accompanies him frequently. This man must be eliminated. Since the Imperial Advisor has arrived, let's head straight away to Qianye City and get rid of him."

"His Highness has been through the battle of the Empty Realm, so you know that before the war, all three parties had to sacrifice to the flag, and then the three Renhuangs may begin the war. Ye Futian and Princess Xia Qingyuan were there, as well as the Great Shaman, which was sufficient to represent Emperor Xia's Realm. If we desire war, we must first declare war," replied the Imperial Advisor

"Imperial Advisor, this is an emergency, and the person spied on our Dali Dynasty. How can we declare war by formal means and run the risk of them fleeing?" Li Yao frowned. He instead believed that the Imperial Advisor wanted to allow Ye Futian to escape.

"The message previously relayed by His Highness was that Emperor Xia's Realm captured a city within the Crimson Dragon Realm, which is to be the foundation of Emperor Xia's Realm here. If so, we will also occupy a city and use it as a base to declare war against Qianye City and Ye Futian's crime against Dali, and take him down with reason. If the people of Emperor Xia's Realm flee without a fight, it would not be too late for us to chase after them and eliminate them," the Imperial Advisor continued. "If I take someone to ambush Ye Futian, whose plane is way below mine, our Dali princes, who were outside, might also be ambushed by top figures of Emperor Xia's Realm."

Li Yao looked at the Imperial Advisor. Although he was the prince of Dali Dynasty, he had no right to command the Imperial Advisor. Otherwise, the situation today would not have existed.

If this was really what the Imperial Advisor intended to do, there was nothing he could do.

Even though he wanted to kill Ye Futian, he did not have such a strong power within his grasp that would allow him to move the Great Shaman, so he had to use some leverage.

"Let's do as the Imperial Advisor says," the Third Prince said.

"Very well." Li Yao nodded. His voice was somewhat grim!
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    《The Legend of Futian》