The Legend of Futian
1194 Regional Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1194 Regional Palace

In the Crimson Dragon Realm, from the cities in the area surrounding Crimson Dragon City came the news that another city had changed hands.

The men who seized the city were cultivators from Emperor Li's Realm and planned to rename the city as "Li City."

In a short amount of time, there were two consecutive seizures of cities, and both were done by Renhuang Realms, which caused a lot of discussions.

Moreover, many top figures had maps of the Crimson Dragon Realm, and they knew that the Emperor Li's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm were two major adjacent Renhuang Realms.

Then this sudden seizure of the city by Emperor Li's Realm without warning... Did it have anything to do with the cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm over at Qianye City?

Soon, they knew the answer.

After Emperor Li's Realm captured the city, a messenger was sent to Qianye City. They went to the City Lord's Office and handed over a declaration of war.

In Qianye City, when Ye Futian received the declaration of war, there was a slight disturbance in his heart.

He put down the declaration of war and stood on the steps of the stairs. He looked into the distance, sighing silently.

This seemed to be different from what he had expected.

Why did the person who came have to be the Imperial Advisor of Dali?

Behind him, a figure stepped forward and stood beside him, also looking into the distance.

"Man plans, God laughs," Xia Qingyuan said softly. Ye Futian's goal when he first came to Crimson Dragon Realm was to gain a foothold in Crimson Dragon Realm. He asked the Crimson Dragon Emperor to borrow the teleportation grand matrix to cross the border to Supreme Path Realm.

The Crimson Dragon Realm was the main realm of the region, and its teleportation grand matrix was connected to various Renhuang's realms in the region.

However, to cross the region to reach the higher realm was not something easily done. One must go through the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

Therefore, coming to the Crimson Dragon Realm was also a trial.

Before leaving, however, Ye Futian was reminded of the incident of being exposed while at Emperor Li's Realm. If someone inside Emperor Xia's Palace did it, then there was a chance that this trip may be exposed as well.

Therefore, he asked Xia Qingyuan for help and had prepared for it.

He wanted to wait for Li Yao in this Crimson Dragon Realm.

As long as Li Yao took the initiative to kill him, there was a chance to get rid of him.

But Ye Futian had not expected that the person sent from Emperor Li's Realm would be the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

What happened at the time caused great havoc in Dali. It ended with the Imperial Advisor resigning from his post at the Dali Academy. Common sense would dictate that anyone but the Imperial Advisor to be used to deal with him. Weren't they concerned that the Imperial Advisor would let him go again?

But apparently, Dali did not follow this thought pattern. They planned to use the Imperial Advisor to deal with him.

This must have been a dirty trick thought up by Li Yao.

Naturally, he knew how nasty the situation was.

Now, he was caught in a dilemma. This situation was not what he had hoped for.

The two of them stood there silently, not speaking. Ye Futian picked up the declaration of war again and turned to the opposite side. On that side, there was a line of writing on it: clear conscience, never fear.

Xia Qingyuan turned around and glanced at it. She was now a little curious about this Imperial Advisor of Dali.

"The Imperial Advisor of Dali must have known that you would feel torn about this, so he wrote these four words. No matter how you choose, I have no preferences," Xia Qingyuan said softly.

Fight or retreat, she was fine with either.

"Thank you very much," Ye Futian said softly. "The master came in person to fulfill his obligation. We have already established a foothold in the Crimson Dragon Realm and have taken Qianye City. How can we walk away from it now? And if we walk away, can we come back again?"

He smiled and then sliced a corner off of his robe. With the sound of tearing, an edge of the robe came off.

Xian Qingyuan focused her eyes on Ye Futian's action; her heart was slightly disturbed.

Was this a gesture to break away?


Ye Futian engraved a line of words on that piece of clothing—No mercy on the battlefield.

When he was done, he walked forward, ready to dispatch it with a messenger to Li City and hand it to the Imperial Advisor.

The Imperial Advisor would understand what he meant.

Emperor Li ordered the Imperial Advisor to come; he must fight with all his strength and kill him. He must not show mercy.

Otherwise, it would be disloyal to Emperor Li.

Emperor Li must have had his own take on what had happened. If it happened again, it would be difficult to predict what would happen next.

Therefore, he cut off the corner of his robe to send a message.

The declaration on the robe was delivered to the Imperial Advisor, and this exchange caused much attention within the Crimson Dragon Realm.

These two Renghuang's Realms seemed to be on the verge of starting a great war in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

In this battle, who would win?

However, neither side proceeded to start the war. As time passed, the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon was drawing closer.

The people of all major cities had all submitted a list of those who would be participating in the battle, but this time, Qianye City did not plan to participate.

On this day, Situ Yan came to the City Lord's Office and found Ye Futian.

Situ Yan had also heard about the news of the declaration of war by Emperor Li's Realm, but she did not ask; this was not under her purview.

"City Lord Ye," Situ Yan called out. Now that Ye Futian was named the City Lord of Qianye City, the title of "City Lord Ye" seemed fitting.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"After this Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, it will be the tenth Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. Do you know that after every tenth of the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, there will be a grand event for all those who have received the Rising Dragon?" Situ Yan asked Ye Futian.

"I do know." Ye Futian nodded. He had known this very early on. Therefore, he had insisted on Yu Sheng taking part in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

"It's good for you to know that this time, it will be a huge opportunity." Situ Yan nodded.

The winners of the Tenth Battle of the Sleeping Dragons who got the Rising Dragon Order were all top figures. It could be said that they were all one step away from the Saint Plane, right underneath being Saints.

Immediately following, there would be a super showdown between the strongest.

So, when Yu Sheng entered the battle, and when Situ Yan saw Kong Xuan, she thought, If Yu Sheng wins the battle, what will he do when he faces Kong Xuan?

In the end, Yu Sheng was given the Rising Dragon, but Situ Yan didn't think about what would happen later. Yu Sheng was strong enough. Even if he faced other characters who had received the Rising Dragon, such as Kong Xuan, his strength would be equal to them, and he would not be inferior.

Furthermore, this face-off forbade killing. After all, they were geniuses who had obtained the Rising Dragon and were eligible to join the Crimson Dragon Army.

"Well." Ye Futian nodded, and among the ten strong men who won the Rising Dragon, one would be chosen, which was equivalent to picking the strongest among the countless top figures in the Crimson Dragon Realm. That person would receive the Crimson Dragon Emperor's reward.

They would also enter the most powerful palace of cultivation in Crimson Dragon Realm—the Regional Palace—to cultivate.

The Regional Palace was known as the place to train the regional kings of the realm. Many of the people who came out of it had become upper-level figures in the Crimson Dragon Army, not just ordinary members.

There were very few cultivators in the Regional Palace, which could be described as rare.

It was similar to Dali Academy, but it was far stronger than Dali Academy. This was the gathering place of the kings of the realms created by the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

From there, Renghuang were born.

Renhuang of all realms were also willing to send future descendants to cultivate there.

Therefore, many of those who participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon were aiming at the Regional Palace and wanted to seize an opportunity that could change their lives.

Such a place was where Futian hoped that Yu Sheng, Wuchen, and even the third brother could all enter to cultivate.

However, among the winners of the tenth Rising Dragon, only one would be selected.

Therefore, Ye Futian intended Yu Sheng to be the one who entered the Regional Palace.

And only Yu Sheng could fight.

Otherwise, the third brother and Ye Wuchen, strong as they were, could they be certain to beat the ten who had obtained the Rising Dragon?

Everyone besides Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan were people he had fought before. Who else could guarantee the win other than Yu Sheng?

Even for someone as strong as Xia Qingyuan, there would be pressure. If there was an accident on the battlefield, such as being ganged up on, a strike was highly likely.

"You asked me to find out what's going on in Li City. They will send someone to participate in the next Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, and just in time for the tenth. Whoever gets the Rising Dragon will meet Yu Sheng and the others," Situ Yan continued.

A flash crossed Ye Futian's eyes as he looked at Situ Yan.

Might the battle between the two Renhuang Realms begin here?

Was this the will of the Imperial Advisor, or was it the will of Li Yao?

If someone from the Dali Dynasty were to join in the battle, and if neither of them was in the Saint Plane, then it would be one or both of them.

At the time, the two strongest cultivators below the Saint Plane in Dali Dynasty were Di Hao of Daoli Mountain and Dong Chen of Dali Academy.

Later, Di Hao defeated Dong Chen, and he defeated Di Hao.

It was just that, had they been brought over to the Crimson Dragon Realm?

He heard that the Third Prince had arrived with the Imperial Advisor, and now it was the Third Prince who was in charge of Dali Academy.

"I know, thank you," Ye Futian said to Situ Yan.

"I'll go back now," Situ Yan said, then turned to leave.

The Battle of Sleeping Dragon was here once again, and the Rising Dragon Platform at Crimson Dragon City once again became the gathering place of countless cultivators.

As usual, the castle was crowded with people, people of the peak principalities everywhere.

Many of the cultivators of the Dali Dynasty were there, such as the Third Prince and Li Yao.

This time, the people of Dali would participate in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali, Yan Yuan, and the others had also arrived today. At the top of the castle, all eyes were fixed on the huge cylinder covered by the light screen.

Such a cruel battle, and the style of martial arts could indeed produce a group of top characters, fanning the interests in martial arts and its success. However, such a cruel way of competition was not greatly favored by the Imperial Advisor of Dali, so he was little lacking in interest.

"Great Teacher, about a month ago, the people of Emperor Xia's Realm swept through the powerful men at the Rising Dragon Platform, especially Ye Futian's good friend Yu Sheng, whose strength suppresses cultivators of all sides. He made a name for himself," Li Yao said to Yan Yuan, who was next to him. He continued, "What does the Great Teacher think about Di Hao and Dong Chen of Dali's chances?"

"I don't know," Yan Yuan responded lightly.

"You will know after the exchange," Li Yao said. He didn't care about Yan Yuan's cold and arrogant attitude; he was already used to it.

Just opposite them, a group came quietly. Yan Yuan and others looked at them instantly and saw Ye Futian arrive with many cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm Dynasty. He was accompanied by the Great Shaman, who was clad in the cloak.

Ye Futian walked to the edge of the castle. His attention focused on the Imperial Advisor of Dali and Yan Yuan opposite of him. There was a smile in his eyes.

When they parted in the past, they never expected to see each other this way!
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    《The Legend of Futian》