The Legend of Futian
1195 Crimson River
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1195 Crimson River

The Imperial Advisor of Dali and Yan Yuan, likewise, looked toward Ye Futian. Previously, Ye Futian appeared as the Seventh Swordsman, and the only time Yan Yuan saw his true identity was the time when he escorted Ye Futian back to Emperor Xia's Realm.

This was the first time that the Imperial Advisor of Dali had seen Ye Futian's true visage, but he still recognized him at first glance. Although his temperament had changed completely, but it was still outstanding.

"Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm greets the Imperial Advisor and the Great Teacher," Ye Futian bowed slightly toward the Imperial Advisor and Yan Yuan in the opposite direction.

He referred himself as Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm was a clear marking of the boundary, as he did not address them as Master or brother any longer.

Respect and boundary were not mutually exclusive.

If they got too close, it might cause them trouble instead.

He had sent the message using the fragment of his robe, and the Master should understood his intention.

Next to him, Xia Qingyuan also looked in the opposite direction and said, "Xia Qingyuan of Emperor Xia's Realm greets the Imperial Advisor of Dali."

The Imperial Advisor looked at the two and nodded with a smile.

"Ye Futian, I once said that the moment you returned to Emperor Xia's Realm, and we meet on the battlefield, I will not be merciful, you should be careful in the future," Yan Yuan said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded, and replied, "and my response is still the same."

On the side, Li Yao listened to the conversation and looking a little gloomy. Was this a complete disregard of his presence?

From the moment Ye Futian arrived, he had never acknowledged him.

As if he didn't exist at all.

How insulting this was.

"Xia Qingyuan, you have received the declaration of war?" Li Yao looked at Xia Qingyuan and asked.

Xia Qingyuan looked coldly at Li Yao, and heard him continuing, "what Ye Futian did in Dali were sins beyond forgiveness. If you are willing to surrender him to us, then we will treat this whole affair as if nothing ever happened, otherwise, the consequences are yours to bear entirely. "

"After the defeat of the Battle of the Empty Realm, someone was sent to ambush, and had infiltrated deep inside without being detected. Li Yao, where did you get the courage to even open your mouth?" Xia Qingyuan continued, "I heard that you have now entered into the Saint Plane, just at the same time that Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm was also entering the Divine Path. Since you can't let this go, you might as well fight a battle to the death, what say you?"

When Li Yao heard Xia Qingyuan's words, his face darkened, to fight to death against Ye Futian?

Although Li Yao himself was also quite excellent, but to have him face off against Ye Futian in the same realm, he had no confidence of winning at all.

During the battle in the Empty Realm, the battle between Ye Futian and Di Hao was a peerless match. It was rumored that before he became Saint, Ye Futian had forcefully gone to the Xiao Clan and killed Xiao Sheng who had already entered the Saint Plane.

As a peak sage, he had defeated the existence of a saint, and used that battle to enter the Divine Path

Such was Ye Futian, and how could he fight against that?

"Li Yao, thank you for the care you've taken while I was at Dali," Ye Futian glanced at Li Yao and suddenly Li Yao's eyes were full of murderous intent.

Ye Futian's words inadvertently poked at his wound.

"Just wait and see," Li Yao looked down at the Rising Dragon Platform. Ye Futian took out a storage ring, which contained the treasures and sacred spirit stones that he had earned in the last Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. He turned around and looked behind him, and smiled at Situ Yan, saying, "How about doing me a favor?"

"Go ahead," Situ Yan said.

"Put it all on Di Hao," Ye Futian smiled, "you can also make some adjustments, but don't go to the extremes; I don't have absolute confidence this time either and can only say that the chances are good, about 50%."

"Alright," Situ Yan nodded. They had missed an opportunity last time, this time, she believed in Ye Futian.

Di Hao's strength was acknowledged by Ye Futian. At the time at Dali Dynasty, besides him, Di Hao was truly invincible. He was the adopted son of King Tiandao, a peerless figure cultivated by Daoli Mountain.

After the defeat of Di Hao in that battle, and after he had cultivated for such a long period of time, presumably, his realm had advanced, and he must definitely be one of the top figures below the Saint Plane.

Of course, the people participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon were not weaklings themselves, and there must be stronger opponents, so he did not have absolutely assurance.

But Yu Sheng had a major victory last month at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, and so Dali had dispatched the likes of Di Hao and the others to combat, must be because they wanted a definitive result and would be employing their full capacity. Those who answered the call would not just be Di Hao, but also several other top figures like Dong Chen.

Therefore, Ye Futian was willing to bet on this opponent. If he lost, it was only the winnings from last time. He did not put any of his own capital in and did not ask for Xia Qingyuan for a loan again.

So it was just for the fun of it.

Soon, the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon would erupt, and it would be another raging battle.

Di Hao, Dong Chen and the others fought for themselves, and their strength has increased compared to before.

Di Hao's God Burying Bell, Tripod of Dragon and Elephant, and the Sword of Kasyapa were all top-notch offensive techniques. When the three major Life Spirits sang in unison, their power of might was amazing beyond belief, and would defeat the opponents consecutively.

Dong Chen summoned the Dharma Body of the Vajra, many arms blasted out at the same time, and it was equally overpowering. Even on a stage such as the Battle of Sleeping Dragon, he still belonged with the top characters.

After all, the two of them in Dali were also the ones who could overcome Li Yao.

Furthermore, if it wasn't for the fact that both of them were defeated once, they might have already entered the Divine Path.

Of course, entering the Saint Plane required opportunity and timing, and now that their realm was on par, they were only waiting for the right time.

In addition to the two, there was a very strong cultivator that Ye Futian had seen only once before, and they had made exchanges before--it was the swordsman at Daoli Mountain who had first used the Sword of Kasyapa, Seven Sins.

At that time, many thought that he would be the opponent of the premier swordsman of Sword Mountain, Jian Wu, but Ye Futian had seized the weakness of Jian Wu and defeated him with a single move.

Now, Seven Sins had become even stronger.

At the end of the battle, showdowns were between the strongest, Di Hao, Dong Chen, Seven Sins, and others joined forces to overpower the Rising Dragon Platform and defeated many opponents. Finally, the three were successfully ascended to heaven.

Witnessing this, Li Yao expressed a look of satisfaction. This way, Di Hao and the others could face off with Yu Sheng of Emperor Xia's Realm.

Was Ye Futian trying to send Yu Sheng into Regional Palace?

Not so fast.

They were all from the Renhuang's Realm, and their goal was not necessarily to join the Crimson Dragon Army like the people of the Crimson Dragon Realm, but if they could enter the Regional Palace, it was not a possibility to be refused.

Kong Xuan also arrived today to observe the battle. Like last month, the winner of this game would become her opponent.

"After seven days, whoever is in possession of the Rising Dragon may take part in the battle of the Regional Palace," the saint n the void announced, and this couldn't be more familiar to the people in Crimson Dragon Realm.

The light screen disappeared, Li Yao glanced at Ye Futian and the others, then turned to move in another direction, walking toward Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan.

"It's been a long time since I saw the two of you after the Battle of the Empty Realm," Li Yao said, Ye Futian looked over there, understood Li Yao's intention.

Did Li Yao intend to continue the Battle of the Empty Realm?

At the time, in the Battle of the Empty Realm, Emperor Li's Realm teamed up with the Peacock Demon Emperor's Realm, but it was obstructed by him.

Now, would Li Yao make another attempt?

Kong Xuan, Kong Zhan, Jialou Feng, coupled with Di Hao, Dong Chen, and Seven Sins from Emperor Li's Realm, such combination could indeed be considered as extremely powerful and a nearly invincible team.

Of course, this strong showdown was not only for them, but also for the top figures in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Perhaps, their strength was not necessarily weaker than Di Hao and Dong Chen.

Even Yu Sheng, would feel a touch of pressure in such a battlefield.

"Had I known, I would have participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon this time," Xia Qingyuan said when she saw Li Yao went to Kong Xuan. If she and Gu Dongliu had participated in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon this time around, they would have been able to suppress Di Hao and Dong Chen, and the battle of the Regional Palace after that would have not much to do with Li Yao and the others.

"It is better for the princess to not get involved in these killings and fightings," Ye Futian said with a smile while Xia Qingyuan gave him a dirty look.

Could one avoid fighting in the world of cultivation?

Her reputation in Emperor Xia's Realm was not based on her breeding.

"Let's go," Ye Futian glanced at the direction of the Imperial Advisor and Yan Yuan and slightly nodded at them, then turned to leave.

His main purpose for coming was to see the Imperial Advisor and his party.

As for the battle between the two sides, naturally it would not take place here.

The Crimson Dragon City was the only city directly ruled by the Crimson Dragon Emperor, no one dared to start a war here, so a battle would start somewhere outside the city.

After Ye Futian returned, the two sides remained in peace, because after seven days, there would be a battle.

This face off would be held in the Regional Palace.

Anyone who has received the Rising Dragon in the ten Battles of the Sleeping Dragon may participate in the war, but of course, they could also abstain.

In this battle, no killing was allowed, therefore no death would occur, so no one would abstain.

Many top characters participate in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon as trials, to join the Crimson Dragon Army, and to exchange with other top opponents. In the end, they also wanted a chance to enter the Regional Palace

Of course, this was too difficult.

There could only be one winner of the ten Battles of the Sleeping Dragon, the invincible one who could overpower everyone else, may enter the Regional Palace to cultivate.

There was a Crimson River in Crimson Dragon City. This river was a boiling river, like fire of magma. The fire of the Great Path flowed within the river.

The Regional Palace was situated on the Crimson River.

The sky around the majestic Regional Palace was of a reddish color, and the sky was full of red glow all day long. The entire Regional Palace was shrouded by the will of the Great Path. The will of the way was omnipresent and could be felt distinctively at any time.

Some people said that underneath the Regional Palace, there was a great treasure of Renhuang, which was the cause of such a wondrous sight.

Some people said that the entire Regional Palace was a rare treasure in itself, which was casted by the power of Renhuang, and gathered the will of the Great Path of heaven and earth.

At this time, in the Crimson River, there was a figure standing on the Regional Palace and his gaze directed toward the opposite side of the Crimson River.

These people had extraordinary temperament and were full of peerless beauty. Some were surrounded by the Great Path while others were hidden by the glory of Renhuang. When cultivating at the Regional Palace, one must always release power to defend against the burning will of the Great Path at all times.

Therefore the breath of these people could be felt distinctly.

Those who cultivated in the Regional Palace came from all the Renhuang realms of the Crimson Dragon Realm; some were from other royal family, and some were the descendants of the top figures from all walks of life who were sent here to cultivate.

Regional Palace was known as the strongest place for cultivation in Crimson Dragon Realm!
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    《The Legend of Futian》