The Legend of Futian
1196 The Battlefield Below the Great Path
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1196 The Battlefield Below the Great Path

Many people had gathered at the other end of the Crimson River.

Cultivators from all over the Crimson Dragon Realm had come and were prepared to witness this battle between top fighters.

The best cultivators from the Crimson Dragon Realm always came to each Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, but only a few of them could receive the title of Rising Dragon.

However, today, ten cultivators who had received this title were there and had chosen to send forth the strongest among them. It was evident that this was going to be a special match.

Even though there was no betting on this match, and no one would die, it still drew much more attention than the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

Everyone was looking straight ahead. The Regional Palace was there. It was the place that countless cultivators yearned for.

The Regional Palace seemed to be covered by the red clouds that filled the sky like blood. To go there was everyone's dream.

From where they were, they could faintly make out figures atop the Regional Palace. It seemed that they were interested in the battle as well.

After this battle, another person would enter the Regional Palace and cultivate with them.

At that moment, a group of figures walked up. There was suddenly a hubbub, and everyone's gaze turned to there. They saw the powerful figures walking towards the Crimson River.

The cultivators from Xiang City have arrived, everyone thought.

Xiang City was absolutely among the best of the cities around Crimson Dragon City.

Just like Qianye City and Demon Peacock City, Xiang City had also been founded by one of Renhuang's Realms in the Crimson Dragon Realm. But it's history was much longer.

Emperor Xiang's Realm had made an arrangement with the Crimson Dragon's Realm many years ago. Now they sent out their forces from within the Crimson Dragon's Realm. They were extremely powerful.

Emperor Xiang always sent his descendants to the Crimson Dragon Realm to train. The person who had come from Xiang City to take part in this battle at the Regional Palace was one of Emperor Xiang's sons—Xiang Nan.

Xiang Nan was extraordinarily talented and had great combat ability. In the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon that he had taken part in, he had used his incredible strength to sweep away all other cultivators. He had dominated the battlefield. The sleeping dragon had risen into the sky, and Xiang Nan had been entitled as a Rising Dragon.

Everyone sized him up. Although he looked refined and cultivated, and there was a well-educated look to his face. Those who had witnessed the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon knew that under his harmless appearance, there was a wild fighting spirit.

If Xiang Nan's face deceived you, you would die a miserable death.

Xian Nan was, without a doubt, one of the favorites to win this Battle of Selection. Before Yu Sheng appeared, he would have been in the top three.

But now, many people did not dare to rank him so highly. It was not that Xiang Nan wasn't powerful; it was just that many others were not inferior to him in any way.

Xiang Nan stepped forward, and everyone subconsciously made a path for him, letting him walk to the bank of the Crimson River and look out over the water.

"It seems that we got here pretty early," said Xiang Nan with a warm smile. He was looking at the Regional Palace before him. His eyes were sharp and domineering.

Today, most of the conversations in Crimson Dragon City and the surrounding cities were about the conflict between Emperor Li's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm, and the conflict between Li City and Qianye City.

It seemed that these conflicts had been brought to this battle at the Regional Palace.

It looked like this would be their battlefield.

How ridiculous.

He had gone to see the battle several days ago. Di Hao and Dong Chen were incredibly strong and graceful, but could they beat him?

If someone dared to say this, he would call them a fool.

At this battle before the Regional Palace, there was only one opponent for him—the one from the Ancient Imperial City.

There was another hubbub, as other cultivators started to arrive.

The cultivators from the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm arrived, led by Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan, and they came to the bank of the Crimson River.

At this battle, even those as strong as Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan were not assured of victory. All they could say was that they would try their hardest to win.

The people of the Dali Dynasty arrived as well, led by the three Princes. Di Hao, Dong Chen, and Seven Sins were all there.

Li Yao searched all around with his eyes. It seemed like he was looking for someone.

After a while, Li Yao looked up into the sky. There, he saw a group of figures descending. Suddenly, everyone all around made a place for them and watched them as they approached.

Yu Sheng had arrived.

This was someone who had previously been unknown, but after the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, his name shook the four corners of the earth.

Yu Sheng of Emperor Xia's Realm was incredibly powerful. He had swept away all the other cultivators at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. With his terrible power, he had even thrown the Demon Saint Crimson Dragon. It had been a truly frightening display of power.

A monster like that would certainly show up at this battle.

Ye Futian appeared as well and glanced over at Li Yao. Was he going to try and have Di Hao and Dong Chen try to stop Yu Sheng?

Was that even possible?

Di Hao and Dong Chen may have been strong, but they probably could not stand up to Yu Sheng in his current power.

"The cultivators from the Ancient Imperial City have arrived."

At that moment, a clamor rose from the crowd. Everyone looked off into the distance. Whoever was coming was even more worthy of their attention than Prince Xiang Nan had been.

When he heard this, Ye Futian also looked off into the distance, where he saw the ones who were coming.

The youth in the front appeared to be even younger than he was. His golden robes were shining brightly, and they were very flashy and beautiful.

This was Xing Chou of the Ancient Imperial City.

The reason that Ye Futian paid attention to the Ancient Imperial City was that it was very legendary, having the word "Imperial" in its name.

The ruler of the city was not an Emperor and had not been founded by another Renhuang. But it still had the word "Imperial" in its name. That was an incredibly arrogant thing to do.

The reason the Ancient Imperial City was legendary was that it only had one great power in it. This force ruled the city, and no one dared to object.

The ruler of the Ancient Imperial City was a legendary figure himself. He called himself "Ninth Servant," which seemed like the name of an inferior person.

But in reality, Ninth Servant was looked at by many people as the foremost city lord in the Crimson Dragon Realm, and the strongest of all the lords.

Some said that he had already made it through the Saint plane and was one step away from the Renhuang level.

Ninth Servant was but a step away from the Renhuang plane.

With such a glorious reputation, there was no doubt that he was an extremely powerful figure.

It was rumored that Ninth Servant had been a vassal of Emperor Zhan of Emperor Zhan's Realm. After Emperor Zhan fell, his realm was occupied, and so Ninth Servant escaped with Emperor Zhan's descendants and brought them to the Crimson Dragon Realm.

The city that they occupied was named the Ancient Imperial City.

And Xing Chou of the Ancient Imperial City was one of the powerful figures taking part in the battle before the Regional Palace.

Even after Yu Sheng had revealed his incredible combat ability, Xing Chou was still ranked above him.

This showed how legendary the Ancient Imperial City was and how powerful Xing Chou was.

Yu Sheng had thrown a demon dragon at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. Everyone had seen it. The cultivators of the Crimson Dragon's Realm were not stupid. But even so, they still thought that Xing Chou would be the one to enter the Regional Palace.

So, this Xing Chou must be even stronger than Ye Futian had thought; he could even shake Saint-level figures.

Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan looked at Xing Chou as well. They knew that he was their most powerful opponent besides Yu Sheng.

No one at this Battle of the Regional Palace could say that they were assured of victory.

There were so many powerful opponents and no weak ones.

Who would make this battle their stage?

At that moment, a group of powerful cultivators descended from the sky. They wore red robes embroidered with dragon patterns, making them look like imperial robes. This was the symbol of the Crimson Dragon Army.

They alighted on the bank of the Crimson River. Something seemed to be initiated as they arrived, as there was a burst of power that descended from the sky.

The power was nearly divine and suppressed everyone's spirits and will.

A heavenly mirror appeared up in the red sky, shining with brilliant morning light upon the Crimson River. The light of the Great Path fell upon them all, and upon the river, illuminating the battlefield.

The light was shining directly upon everyone's battlefield.

"Is this battle going to take place under the might of the Great Path?" whispered Ye Futian as he felt the power of the mirror. He looked at Xu Que and Qin Zhuang behind him and said, "If you're not going to fight, you should forfeit now."

With a battle at this level, even though they wouldn't die, there was no point in participating if they weren't strong enough.

"I won't fight," said Xu Que with a nod. He had not yet been enlightened, so there was indeed no point in him fighting. Anyone on the battlefield would have been able to crush him.

"I want to feel what it's like," said Huang Jiuge. He knew that since he had not been enlightened either, he was not strong enough, but he still wanted to try. He was only a step away. This battle would be another chance for him.

"I want to try too," said Qin Zhuang.

Ye Wuchen looked out over the Crimson River with a solemn expression. He would naturally fight.

An opportunity like this was rare, indeed.

"Those who won the title of Rising Dragon in the last ten Battles of the Sleeping Dragon may come," said the cultivator in the air above the Crimson River. A group of cultivators stepped forward, advancing onto the battlefield.

The victors of the last ten Battles of the Sleeping Dragon arrived one by one.

Everyone felt their blood boiling in anticipation as they watched those figures before the fight.

What kind of contest would this be?

There were top figures like Xing Chou of the Ancient Imperial CIty, Xiang Nan, the Prince of Xiang City, Yu Sheng, who had thrown a giant demon dragon, Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, who possessed the nine-color divine light, Di Hao and Dong Chen of Emperor Li's Realm, and others.

How could a contest like this not excite people?

Far off in the direction of the Regional Palace, several figures rose into the air. They crossed the Crimson River and stopped just outside the battlefield.

It seemed that they had come to watch the battle.

Everyone gave a sharp cry when they saw who one of them was.

"Xing Kai!"

Xing Kai of the Ancient Imperial City was a hero of the Crimson Dragon Realm. When he had fought at the Battle of the Regional Palace, he had swept away all his opponents. He had been unopposed.

After becoming a Saint, he had remained undefeated. It was said that even after entering the Regional Palace he had swept away all opponents there who were on the same plane as him.

There was so much glory about him. He was truly a legend of his generation.

And he was Xing Chou's elder brother. He had personally come from the Regional Palace to witness the battle at the Crimson River.

He was waiting for his brother Xing Chou to sweep away all his opponents, just like he had, using his once in a generation strength to cross the Crimson River and enter the Regional Palace to cultivate!
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    《The Legend of Futian》