The Legend of Futian
1197 Continuation of the Battle of Empty Realm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1197 Continuation of the Battle of Empty Realm

The Crimson River flowed like a stream of magma, dying the world red.

Light shone from the heavenly mirror in the sky, illuminating the space for the battle of the Great Path.

There were more than thirty people on the battlefield at that moment.

In total, there were over 30 people who had achieved the title of Rising Dragon in the last ten Battles of the Sleeping Dragon, an average of about three people for each battle.

But many of them were merely secondary characters. In most people's eyes, only a few people were participating in this battle at the Crimson River.

"Is Xing Chou like his brother? Can he use his unmatched strength to sweep away all others on the battlefield and enter the Regional Palace to stand shoulder to shoulder with his brother Xing Kai?" Everyone watched in solemn silence. They had high hopes for Xing Chou of the Ancient Imperial City.

Could Xiang Nan, the Prince of Emperor Xiang's Realm, Kong Xuan and Kong Chan, the descendants of the Demon Peacock Emperor, and the incomparably overbearing Yu Sheng threaten Xing Chou?

But before this, Yu Sheng and the others from Qianye City would probably have to come into conflict with those from Emperor Li's Realm.

And they were also compelling figures.

"Begin!" said the head of the Crimson Dragon Army, up in the sky. He had not stated the rules for this battle.

Nothing was forbidden in this battle, save for killing your opponents and relying on outside help.

The last person left on the battlefield would be the winner. There were no other rules. You could fight as you pleased.

They only cared about the ending.

The strongest one among them would be rewarded by the Crimson Dragon Emperor and would enter the Regional Palace to cultivate.

Powerful auras swept out all over the battlefield. Everyone stood there solemnly and did not move. Just the burning air coming off the Crimson River and the majesty of the Great Path descending from the sky were suffocating enough to make them release their power to resist them.

With a long cry, Jialou Feng rose into the air. Everyone looked up at him and saw a brilliant golden light shining from him. A divine golden roc appeared around his body.

Jialou Feng of the Jialou royal family's true body was that of a golden roc.

The brilliant light of the Great Path flowed across the roc's divine wings. He narrowed his eyes proudly and swept them over Yu Sheng and the others.

At the Battle of Empty Realm, he had not only been defeated by Ye Futian; he had dominated him. He had been utterly humiliated.

But he was of the Jialou royal family.

Zap! A bolt of golden lightning pierced through the air with great speed. In a flash, the roc's feathers shot out, sharper than any sword, cutting through the air as they sped towards Yu Sheng.


There was the sound of a mighty footstep as dark golden light flowed and blazed. The wind whistled as Yu Sheng raised his fist, slamming it into the sky, making even Jialou Feng's mighty form tremble a bit. The wild fist tore through the air and collided violently with the onrushing feathers.

There was an ear-piercing grating noise that filled heaven and earth as Yu Sheng's fist was scratched by the feathers, but they could not cut through it, and some of them were even slammed to the ground. Jialou Feng was sent flying backward.

"Such power..." everyone felt their hearts tremble. Yu Sheng of Qianye City seemed to have the strength of a god. He was not inferior in the least to those who had the blood of Renhuang and was possibly even superior to them. Could it be that he was the descendant of some powerful figure of Emperor Xia's Realm?

"You are no opponent for him, Jialou," came a voice. Kong Xuan stepped forward with her peacock feathers spread out, covering the sky. Divine light shone from her. When she spread her feathers, they seemed to contain the power of the Great Path and the ability to suppress heaven and earth.

She could naturally see how strong and talented Yu Sheng was. He was a natural-born warrior. At the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, he had thrown a Demon Saint, and from this, his power was undeniable. He was indeed a madman when it came to battle.

Even though Jialou Feng's attack power was peerless, he was still at a disadvantage when faced with such resistance. This showed how strong Yu Sheng was.

Kong Xuan stepped forward and descended to the ground where Yu Sheng was. Her divine light flashed brilliantly as it fell from the sky.

At that moment, nine colored light covered Yu Sheng, and her beautiful figure became even more so until it was almost suffocating. Unfortunately, Yu Sheng did not know how to appreciate it, and he looked indifferent. Everyone who was watching looked on in wonder.

This princess of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm had truly inherited the beauty of a peacock.

But under this beautiful exterior was a terribly threatening aura. The nine color light fell from the sky, and each beam of light carried with it the majesty of the Great Path. The light struck out towards Yu Sheng, seeking to destroy that entire space completely.

Everyone trembled. The first fight would be between such strong opponents?

Kong Xuan of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm and Yu Sheng were both some of the most highly ranked fighters at today's Battle of the Crimson River. At the very least, they were both in the top ten and possibly even the top five.

And these two people had clashed as soon as the battle started. This would be a mighty contest, indeed.

Yu Sheng felt the pressure of the Great Path upon him. The nine color light was shooting towards him faster than lightning and carried with it the power to suppress, destroy, kill, and rend him apart. The power of the Demonic Path was integrated within it, giving it the ability to destroy anything.

He stepped up into the air, dark golden light flowing all over him. He glittered with golden light as he was covered in a layer of sacred armor.

Yu Sheng clenched his fists and descended upon Kong Xuan. As he stepped out, the divine light slammed into him, causing a horrible booming sound that shook him. It burst upon his body, forcing him to take a step backward.

But his powerful body seemed able to withstand the power of the Great Path. His every step brought him a little closer forward. The ground shook, and the Great Path thundered as a terrible pressure appeared around him. It seemed like it was trying to crush everything around him on the earth and in the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The brilliant divine light seemed to be endless as it slammed against him wildly. Each strike made everyone watching tremble.

It was too wild. This kind of attack still could not break his flesh. Other than Yu Sheng, there was probably no one on the battlefield who would dare to bear the attacks of Kong Xuan's nine colored light on their bare flesh.

How had he tempered his body to be so strong?

Did he have this dark power, this demonic aura, because he had studied the demonic arts and tempered his body with them?

Kong Xuan trembled inwardly as well. She stared at him with her beautiful eyes, her long hair flowing in the wind. She was confident that her attacks were at the limit of what was possible at this level, but they were not able to break Yu Sheng's flesh.

Boom! He took another step. Yu Sheng was continuing forward, coming closer and closer to her.

His cadence harmonized with the Great Path, making her feel a suffocating pressure as she stood up in the sky. Her body felt heavy.

Finally, Yu Sheng took a mighty stride and crossed through the air. He would be right in front of her in a moment. Kong Xuan moved as well. The nine colored light flowed over her slender arms, and she clenched her fists. Her hands were suddenly wrapped in the nine colored light, the flowing bright glow of the Great Path.

Her figure flashed like a lightning bolt, crossing through the sky and descending right in front of Yu Sheng. She struck him with her fists at the same time as the nine colored light lashed continuously as him. She was also incredibly skilled at close combat.

In a flash, countless fist shadows struck out in harmony with the nine colored light. It was like every beam of the nine colored light had transformed into a fist.

Yu Sheng gave a great cry and thrust his fists into the air, slamming them into the Great Path. In a flash, there was a loud rumbling sound that pierced the sky. The air trembled as he faced Kong Xuan head-on.

At that moment, Yu Heng pulled back his arms, and many illusory arms appeared. Finally, a fist cut through the air and collided with Kong Xuan's fists. In a flash, many fist wills overlapped, and the nine colored light shattered violently. Kong Xuan was sent flying backward.

"Kong Xuan has been beaten back!"

Everyone's hearts were racing. Two months ago, the divine and powerful demon princess had swept away everyone else on the Rising Dragon Platform, so brilliant that she seemed peerless.

But here at the Battle of the Crimson River, she had been beaten back.

The Battle of the Crimson River was truly worthy of being called a battle of top figures.

Yu Sheng did not stop his attacks. He did not believe in going easy on women, and so he stepped forward again. The Great Path resonated with his steps as the air around him was pressed down.

He struck out with a fist as he continued forward, and fist will overlapped over more fist wills, extending his reach evermore.

His power was without match, especially his Huangting Fist Will, which had his natural power and the power of the demonic arts integrated into it.

"Watch out!" Kong Zhan stepped forward towards Kong Xuan. Jialou Feng flashed over at the same time, and both of them attacked Yu Sheng, the power of their blows falling on him at the same time.

Yu Sheng stepped up into the air and struck out with a fist. Everything in its path was destroyed as it pierced through the sky.

Kong Xuan blocked it with her fists of nine colored light, but her defenses were pierced, and she was sent flying backward yet again. There were traces of blood around her mouth.

But she just wiped the blood off. She floated in the air. Her peacock feathers opened up again, looking even more beautiful than before. A bit of Sovereign Light flowed over them, making them incomparably bright. The Great Path was within her.

Higher up, Kong Zhan released his powerful aura. He and Kong Xuan stared at Yu Sheng.

This Yu Sheng of Qianye City's combat ability was greater than they had imagined.

The light from the golden roc was dazzling. Jialou Feng was getting ready to rejoin the battle.

The three top cultivators of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm were about to join together to fight Yu Sheng.

At the same time, battles were breaking out in other directions.

In one place, the three great cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm, Di Hao, Dong Chen, and Seven Sins were walking towards three people from Emperor Xia's Realm.

Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, and Qin Zhuang.

Dong! A bell sounded, shaking everyone's spiritual will. The three spirits, bell, cauldron, and sword, appeared behind him.

A tall and mighty vajra body appeared behind Dong Chen, with many arms. It was covered in divine light like a spell of invincibility.

Sword will wrapped around Seven Sins' body, resonating sharply with each other. Many Swords of Kasypa were formed.

Ye Wuchen faced Di Hao; Huang Jiuge faced Dong Chen; Qin Zhuang faced Seven Sins. Swords of Kasypa were forming around him as well.

This made Seven Sins look very angry.

And Li Yao, who was watching from the banks of the Crimson River, looked even more gloomy.

He had personally given the Sword of Kasypa to Ye Futian. Now he had taken it back to Emperor Xia's Realm and had apparently already taught the knowledge to many people.

Qin Zhuang had learned how to form Swords of Kasypa.

Ye Futian was not thinking about how Li Yao felt. He was watching the battlefield. It seemed that this truly was a continuation of the Battle of Empty Realm.

In yet another battle between the Realms of the Three Emperors, Emperor Xia's Realm was once again facing an attack from two realms.

This battle was an important test for Wuchen, Jiuge, and Qin Zhuang. The pressure on them was great.

But they could not be killed in the Battle of the Crimson River, so he was not worried. Winning or losing would test their states of mind, but he believed that Wuchen and the others, who had come up from the Lower Worlds step by step, could all withstand such a test!
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    《The Legend of Futian》