The Legend of Futian
1204 The End of the Battle of the Crimson River
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1204 The End of the Battle of the Crimson River

It was crazy.

Everyone's hearts were pounding. It had not been surprising that the Divine Catastrophe had appeared in previous Battles of the Crimson River since it was a battle of the greatest figures below the Saint level, and all of them were geniuses.

Someone had proved their worthiness to become a Saint in nearly every battle.

However, four great cultivators breaking through to the Saint plane in succession was simply astonishing!

It was too crazy!

Especially Yu Sheng. As soon as he had seen Xing Chou facing the Divine Catastrophe, he had forced his way into the sky, forcibly breaking down all the barriers that the Great Path threw in his way and smashing through the bottleneck into the Saint Plane. That showed just how tough he was. When he wanted to become a Saint, even the Great Path could not stop him.

So, he had broken through as well.

Thunder roared up in the sky as the Great Path descended.

The sky above the Crimson River was still burning red, and when it was met with the terrible Catastrophe of the Great Path, it truly seemed like the end of days. This struck everyone deeply.

None of them were fighting; they were all facing the Catastrophe of the Great Path.

The reason they wanted to enter the Regional Palace was to get stronger. Now that they had a chance to break through to the next level, they would naturally do that first.

Qin Zhuang and Huang Jiuge looked up at Yu Sheng in the sky. There was an emotional look in Qin Zhuang's eyes. When Ye Futian and the others had come to Tombkeeper Village, they were all just Nobles and Sages. Now, he was personally witnessing them stepping onto the Divine Path one after another.

Today, Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng had successively broken through to the next level in different ways on the battlefield. This had a great impact on him.

Ye Wuchen's swordsmanship was clear, and he had a bright future ahead of him. Yu Sheng was so overpowering that even the Great Path could not stop him. His state of mind had not been in the right place, but at the moment that he had decided to defy heaven and forcibly break through to the next level, it had been enough.

He had cultivated for many years, and now he had reached this level but had still been unable to break through.

Perhaps what he lacked was that passionate blood, that swordsmanship that could threaten the very heavens, or talent sharp enough to pierce the clouds.

Right now, Ye Wuchen had withstood the Catastrophe of the Great Path's descent many times. He stood up as straight as a sword, displaying his talent as his body was refined.

However, Xing Chou and Yu Sheng's Catastrophes were fiercer, even seeming to be double catastrophes. Their bodies were becoming sacred; they were becoming Saintly bodies.

Beside the Crimson River, the Great Shaman stood behind Xia Qingyuan. His eyes were bright under his hood. "He has had the Dao within him since birth," he whispered.

Xia Qingyuan looked back at him. "Princess," said the Great Shaman, "this man's family background is probably not as simple as it seems."

Some people were born with great talent, and they were destined to become enlightened.

Yu Sheng was obviously this kind of person.

Xia Qingyuan was not too concerned. She knew that Ye Futian's background was not simple. Since Yu Sheng had grown up with him and also displayed incredible power, the fact that he would have an extraordinary family background was quite natural.

"My father knows this. Do not tell anyone else," said Xia Qingyuan to the Great Shaman. It may have been possible for some supernatural people to see this, but it was not necessary to deliberately spread this information and attract attention.

"Yes, Your Highness," said the Great Shaman.


The Crimson River surged as the sound of the Catastrophe of the Great Path rolled over from the battlefield, shaking everyone's spirits.

What was more terrifying was that besides the injured Ye Wuchen, who was struggling a little bit, the other four people who were fighting through the Divine Catastrophe did not seem to be hindered too much.

Yu Sheng and Xing Chou were actively welcoming the Catastrophe of the Great Path and letting it wash over them. They steadfastly stood their ground.

They were truly some of the most powerful cultivators. Even if someone became a Saint before they did, once they became Saints, they would all be the same.

The Catastrophe of the Great Path did not cease. Ye Wuchen had been the first to face it. He sat cross-legged on the battle platform with sword will washing over him. At that moment, in his perception, everything was swords.

The Dao created heaven, earth, and nature.

Dazzling sword will flowed over him. An arm slowly extended from his left shoulder. Sword will flowed over it until it formed a real hand.

He opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed as sharp as swords. He looked down at his arm with neither sorrow nor joy. He did not seem to be surprised at all.

"Chenyu would have loved to see this." When he thought of his wife, Liu Chenyu, a warm smile came over his face.

He turned his gaze towards the banks of the Crimson River and looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was also looking at him, a bright smile on his handsome face.

20 years ago, Ye Wuchen had cut off his arm for them. Now, seeing that as he became a Saint, his arm grew back, how could Ye Futian not be happy?

Ye Wuchen's road had been even harder than his or Yu Sheng's.

Now he was finally transforming and taking his first step onto the Divine Path.

Saints cast off their former selves and transcended the ordinary. His talent may have been commonplace before, but after today, he would be reborn.

This was the first hurdle that stopped most people from genuinely becoming Saints. So many people were stopped on the Great Path by this hurdle.

It was fortunate that the three of them who had come from the Hundred Kingdoms had traveled so far.

Next, Kong Xuan made it through the Divine Catastrophe. The nine colored light flashed, as brilliant as anyone had ever seen.

Her skin had been flawless before, and now it looked even more divine. She was like an actual goddess, beautiful in the extreme.

As the daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor, Kong Xuan was a demon who had become a Saint. Divine and demonic temperaments mixed together within her. She was stunningly beautiful.

She opened her eyes and looked at Xing Chou and Yu Sheng.

The battle was already finished for her, but not for them. But right now, they were facing the Catastrophe of the Great Path, so they did not fight.

However, after they did this, the battle would continue.

"Their catastrophes seem a bit stronger," said many people with a gasp. This was especially true for Yu Sheng. Demonic majesty rolled out from him. There were black flames in the sky, and a terrible black vortex from which came a terrifying demonic Catastrophe, violent in the extreme. Every time it struck him, people felt their scalps go numb from the pressure. It seemed like this demonic catastrophe would destroy his soul.

But Yu Sheng stood firm and unyielding like a demonic god.

A while later, the Divine Catastrophe in the sky above the two of them dissipated. All that was left was the redness in the sky that was cast by the Crimson River that covered the battlefield.

At that moment, Xing Chou opened his eyes. The earthly Great Path resonated. Countless halos of the light of the Great Path flashed in the sky, and the figure of a towering god of war stood proudly. It grew taller and taller, and a burst of war will swept out over the battlefield. It was like a god of war had awoken.

As a Saint, Xing Chou was like a god of war. His intent to fight suppressed everything around him.

Ye Wuchen stood on the other side of the battlefield and felt the surging intent to fight. But he did not move, continuing to stand there calmly.

He had become a Saint first, so he could have attacked Xing Chou. But he did not do so.

He knew that once Yu Sheng became a Saint, he would be even stronger. He would transform far more than Xing Chou had.

Yu Sheng would naturally be able to deal with Xing Chou, so he did not need to get involved. This was a fight between the two of them: the fight between the two greatest figures at the Battle of the Crimson River.

After this fight, Yu Sheng would enter the Regional Palace while everyone watched. No one doubted it.

No matter if he was a Sage or a Saint, he was still the strongest man.

At that moment, Yu Sheng felt the power within himself. A terrible illusion appeared in his mind. The techniques that he had cultivated evolved along with him.

Demonic power rolled off him, covering the sky.

In the instant that he opened his eyes, the demonic will that covered the battlefield seemed to quiver. He looked at Xing Chou with truly demonic eyes. That single glance made Xing Chou feel like he was in the midst of thousands of demons.

Behind Yu Sheng, the figure of a towering demon god appeared. It rose into the clouds.

The demonic energy that was surging through the sky gathered together. Heaven and earth seemed to be wrapped up in roiling demonic energy, and demonic figures appeared all around.

What Xing Chou was seeing was not an illusion. It was real.

As he stood upon the battlefield at that moment, he was surrounded by thousands of demons.

Each of those demonic figures was as powerful as the god of war he had summoned.

And each of them had been summoned by Yu Sheng and followed his commands.

Yu Sheng stood in the air with the figure of a demonic king behind him. He seemed to be the lord of a thousand demons. All the demonic will in the world was under his command.

Xing Chou frowned and felt a powerful burst of pressure.

He may have been a true god of war, but amidst all these demons, he still felt the pressure.

He stepped into the air, and suddenly the pattern of halos around him flashed with brilliant light. He reached out and clapped his hands together, and in a flash, palm prints shot out from the pattern of halos, shooting towards Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng reached out and slammed his fist downward, with demonic voices seeming to scream from it, making everyone's hearts tremble. The demonic figure behind him also smashed its fist downward.

All the demonic figures around them did the same thing.

At that moment, the heavens went dim as dark demonic palm prints shot out. Each one was massive beyond compare. They slammed towards Xing Chou.

The shocking sounds of collisions rang out, each one making everyone's hearts pound.

Next, Xing Chou's palm prints were completely swallowed up as everyone watched, and the figure of the god of war was suppressed.

Finally, a terrible giant fist smashed Xing Chou out of the sky, and he slammed into the ground by the Crimson River.

His palm prints were thoroughly shattered. He lay there amidst a huge five-fingered palm print on the ground.

He had been smashed from the sky all the way to the ground.

He may have been a Saint who was transformed into a god of war, but in a flash, he had been suppressed by this tyrant.

Even as a god of war, he had fallen.

Only one person was left standing in the sky above the battlefield at the Crimson River.

"It is finished," everyone said to themselves.

They looked at Yu Sheng up in the sky above the Crimson River and felt like they were in a dream. This Battle of the Crimson River had seemed like a fantasy. It had been far too shocking.

Now, Yu Sheng, who had thrown a demon dragon at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, had suppressed all his opponents and had made it to the end in an unstoppable fashion.

Ye Wuchen and Huang Jiuge naturally would not fight him. So there was no one else to fight.

Yu Sheng of Qianye City was the strongest cultivator to come to the Crimson Dragon Realm. He would enter the Regional Palace!
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    《The Legend of Futian》