The Legend of Futian
1206 Seeking Allies
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1206 Seeking Allies

Yu Sheng's fame rapidly spread across the Crimson Dragon City and to neighboring cities.

He defeated all the talent in the Battle of the Crimson River, including Xing Nan of the Ancient Imperial City, Xiang Nan of Xiang City, and Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan of Peacock City. What impressive combat it was! It was a pity that so many people had not been able to watch how he fought with their own eyes. All those top figures were defeated all by Yu Sheng himself!

The whole of Qianye City was in shock, too. In the past, Ye Futian had gained fame by annihilating Bliss Palace with his people. Soon after, he became the Lord of Thousand Leaves City and made his name known to everyone.

No one had expected Yu Sheng to be so powerful.

What a gallant hero from Emperor Xia's Realm!

Both of them were so strong.

Princess Xia Qingyuan of Emperor Xia's Realm shouldn't be considered weak, even though she hadn't yet started fighting.

In the Lord's Residence of Thousand Leaves City, Shen Jun heard the news, too. He had gradually recovered after many days of healing.

Shen Jun had mixed feelings as he listened to the messenger's report in the courtyard.

He would be ridiculous to think about taking advantage of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng when he was nothing in their eyes.

He'd asked Yu Sheng to join the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, and Yu Sheng had won it. Now, Yu Sheng was also peerless in the Battle of Crimson River and had entered the Regional Palace.

It was Shen Jun's dream to cultivate in the Regional Palace one day. He had been dreaming of entering the Regional Palace and seeing what kind of talents were inside.

And now, Yu Sheng had made it there.

Shen Jun's father, Shen Tianzhan, arrived. He hadn't left the Lord's Residence after he was defeated by the Great Shaman.

"You know about it?" Shen Tianzhan asked him.

"Yes," answered Shen Jun, nodding.

"The minimum achievement of one who comes out of the Regional Palace is being an Unblemished Saint. Many Unblemished-Level Saints have already come from there. Some stayed in the Crimson Dragon City and some left... some even became Renhuang," said Shen Tianzhan. "And I heard that Yu Sheng was even stronger than many previous champions at the Battle of the Crimson River. In the future, he will probably become a Saint of Nirvana."

Shen Jun didn't say a word. He understood it, so he could only sigh in response.

"Among the people who came from Emperor Xia's Realm, Ye Futian was the Lord of Thousand Leaves City. How do you think his relationship is with Yu Sheng?" asked Shen Tianzhan.

"They are very good friends. Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan are the leaders of the group. Yu Sheng should be his friend. He does whatever he tells him to do. Their relationship is unusual," replied Shen Jun.

"You're not unlucky. I told you to go to Fusang Valley for cultivation. You met so many people with Nirvana-Saint potential on your way back," said Shen Tianzhan. Shen Jun lowered his head. He understood what his father meant.

With such luck, what was he thinking? What was he doing?

"It was not easy for you to enter the Saint Plane. I told you, be broad-minded, be ambitious. However, now your only ambition is within this city." Shen Tianzhan sighed. Nobody knew a son better than his father.

Shen Jun had talent, but he was too narrow-minded and limited in his ambition.

His ambition was limited within the city. If it wasn't, he would not have used others in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon just to acquire some treasures.

His achievement was destined to be limited by his narrow ambition, even though he had entered the Saint Plane.

Shen Jun lowered his head in embarrassment.

"Don't hold any grudges. Take advantage of the time for introspection," Shen Tianzhan said.

"Yes, Father," replied Shen Jun. His father nodded and departed. What was the use of holding a grudge against him?

He couldn't fight against Emperor Xia's Realm anyway.

That day, in Peacock City, Li Yao came to visit.

Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan met Li Yao in the Lord's Residence.

"Princess Kong Xue, congratulations on entering the Saint Plane! I've prepared some gifts for you. I hope you like them." Li Yao asked his people to bring the gifts forward.

"Thank you, but we don't deserve them," said Kong Xuan, taking a look at Li Yao. No one from her side came to accept the gifts.

"What brings you here today?" asked Kong Xuan.

Li Yao had come to visit her before the Battle of the Crimson River to discuss capturing Yu Sheng and the others.

But the result was the same as it had been at the Battle of Empty Realm. Emperor Xia's Realm was still the winner. The good thing was they hadn't lost too much, and Princess Kong Xuan had entered the Saint Plane as a result of the battle.

"To be honest, Princess, I've come to the Crimson Dragon Realm with my people only for Ye Futian. He and Yu Sheng are extremely talented people, and if we don't wipe them out, they will become the scourge of the Dali and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm in the future. That's why I came to request cooperation with you again. What do you think, Your Highness?" said Li Yao.

"It's the grudge between you, Dali, and Ye Futian. I will not get involved this time," Kong Xuan refused.

Both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng gradually showed their talent. Besides, there seemed to be some chemistry between Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan.

Maybe Emperor Xia regarded him as his son-in-law.

She was afraid that Emperor Xia's Realm would have a strong reaction if Ye Futian was captured. She would not take it upon herself to instigate a war with them.

She didn't have the ability to control a war between the realms.

In addition, Li Yao at least had his reasons for dealing with Ye Futian. What excuse could Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm have?

Why not sit quietly and watch them fight?

"Kong Xuan Princess, have you forgotten how Ye Futian treated you at the Battle of Empty Realm? If he becomes too strong, he might become a threat to the Demon Emperor's Realm," Li Yao reminded her. He was referring to Ye Futian's ability to control Demonic Beasts.

Kong Xue frowned. She didn't seem happy. "It was at the Battle of Empty Realm where you could use all means to fight. Besides, Ye Futian has apologized. If he does it once again, of course, we will not let him go. But it's you, Li Yao, who broke the rules and tried to kill Ye Futian in the Battle of Empty Realm. And you failed. I heard that Ye Futian used a fake identity as the Seventh Sword to cultivate in Dali. You have a grudge against him, but that is none of my business."

Li Yao suddenly became sullen. He took a look at Kong Xuan and said with a smile, "After several battles, you have lost your courage to even go against Ye Futian, Princess Kong Xuan. I should go now."

Then he turned around and left.

Kong Xuan took a look at him. She understood that Li Yao was referring to her two defeats, once by Ye Futian and once by Yu Sheng.

She was indeed impressed by these battles.

Even though she hated to admit it.

Li Yao looked sulky after he left. He didn't expect for Kong Xuan's hatred for Ye Futian to have lessened. Had she completely yielded to it?

It seemed he couldn't count on cooperating with the Demonic Peacock Emperor's Realm.

Kong Xue had left him no room for negotiation.

"Go to Xiang's City," Li Yao said in a low voice. He went straight to Xiang City, followed by his people.


Li Yao entered the Lord's Residence at Xiang City to visit Xiang Nan.

However, he was blocked by someone in front of the gate. The person said, "Xiang Nan Highness is cultivating in seclusion. I can pass along the message if Your Highness has any matters to discuss."

Li Yao laughed secretly. Cultivating was an excuse. He guessed that Xiang Nan was actually recovering from his injuries.

Yu Sheng had shown no mercy at all when he'd used the palm strike on Xiang Nan in the Battle of Crimson River.

"I am afraid you will not able to carry a message. It regards a highly confidential issue about an Imperial-level treasure," said Li Yao.

The man got a strange look in his eye. Imperial level?

What did Li Yao mean?

"I will report to His Highness," said the man, hesitating. He left to make the report. When he came back, he told Li Yao, "His Royal Highness wants to see you. Please, come in."

"Thank you so much," Li Yao said as he followed him inside.

This time, he wanted to visit Demon Imperial City, Xiang City, and Ancient Imperial City. As long as one of them accepted his request, Li Yao would not need to worry about defeat.

These three cities all had intimidating powers. The first two had been established by Renhuang. The lord of the Ancient Imperial City was the Ninth Servant. He claimed to be the First Lord of All Cities.

However, Kong Xuan had declined his request. Li Yao hoped he could succeed in the negotiation with Xiang City.

Li Yao soon met Xiang Nan. Xiang Nan was dressed in magnificent clothes looked very well and handsome. It seemed as if he was not injured at all.

He sat there, smiling at Li Yao. "Have a seat."

Li Yao sat. Xiang Nan said, "Let's cut to the chase. Li Yao, why did you find me today?"

Li Yao glanced at the people nearby. Xiang Nan immediately understood and waved his hand. All the people left. He had no need to worry about what Li Yao would do to him.

"I've heard a lot about Emperor Xiang's Realm being a very powerful realm among all the Crimson Dragon Realms. The reason I came today is to seek cooperation with you," Li Yao said bluntly.

"What kind of cooperation?" asked Xiang Nan.

"We Dali people have a grudge against Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm. The Lord of the Thousand Leaves City, Ye Futian, once snuck into Dali Empire to study cultivation methods. He even learned a Renhuang-level cultivation method in Dali. I've come all the way from Dali with my troops just to deal with him."

Li Yao continued, "However, Ye Futian has powerful people protecting him. I'm not sure if we alone can capture him, so I am seeking allies. If Emperor Xiang's Realm can form an alliance with us, I can let Emperor Xiang's Realm keep him for a while after we capture him together."

Li Yao was indicating that Emperor Xiang's Realm could question Ye Futian about the Renhuang-level cultivation method, which was undoubtedly a tempting option.

"How can I verify that what you say is true?" asked Xiang Nan.

"The Dali Imperial Advisor is deeply trusted by my father and venerated by numerous Dali cultivators. His cultivation method, Deep Thorough Comprehension, is absolutely above the Renhuang level. If you inquire about it with him, you will hear that it was secretly learned by Ye Futian."

Li Yao continued, "Aren't you interested in the demonic martial arts used by Yu Sheng during the Battle of the Crimson River?"

There was a coldness in Xiang Nan's eyes when he heard Yu Sheng's name.

Of course, he couldn't forget how Yu Sheng had smacked him to the ground with one blow during the Battle of the Crimson River.

He had never experienced that kind of embarrassment before in his life.

The demonic martial art was indeed very powerful.

"But Emperor Xiang's Realm has never had a grudge with Emperor Xia's Realm," said Xiang Nan.

"It is not about the grudge between Emperor Xiang's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm. Don't you want to get control of another city? I don't mean to involve Xia Qingyuan in this," continued Li Yao. "Ye Futian and Yu Sheng are just cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm in the Lower Worlds. Princess Xia Qingyuan relies on them only because of their talents."

There was a gleam of a smile in Xiang Nan's eyes after he heard what Li Yao said. It was tempting for him indeed.
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    《The Legend of Futian》