The Legend of Futian
1214 Here Appeared the Sword Matrix
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1214 Here Appeared the Sword Matrix

The flying sword was hanging in the void sky, sending out metallic clangs. It was apparently meant for Yan Yuan.

Yan Yuan raised his head and took a look at the sword. The sword seemed to be controlled by someone.

At the same time, far away from there in the cultivation temple of the Lord's Residence of Thousand Leaves City, a lady was sitting with her legs crossed. She was being bathed in endless Sword Will. Beneath her, the pattern of a sword matrix flickered.

Suddenly, her eyelashes slightly fluttered, the pattern of the sword matrix lighting up.

Instantly, the matrix pattern absorbed the Sword Will of the Great Law between the sky and earth. When that happened, all the swords around the lady began to ring. A horrible gust of storming Sword Will swept out and enveloped the boundless space. Some swordsmen-in-training felt the Sword Will around their bodies fly out of their control and head off in one direction.

"What happened?" People fixed their eyes in one direction and froze there, their pupils contracting. All they could see a Sword Road forming above the skydome. An endless void of Sword Will dripped down from the skydome and flew to one location in the Lord's Residence.

The dazzling sword force was being discharged from that spot.

In the void sky, the Dali Imperial Advisor was fighting with the Great Shaman. He took a look at his side and released his Will. As he tried to make it follow the newly built Sword Road, his face turned slightly pale.

The Imperial Advisor formed two palm prints and looked up to the sky. The giant character "Qian" flew out. He then spat and said, "Seal."

The skydome trembled after he said the word. It was as if the sky was trying to seal and shut down the Sword Road.

However, at the same time, a dazzling beam of sword light rose up. Tens of thousands of swords darted down along the ancient Sword Road. The Dali Imperial Advisor used the character "Qian" to seal the sky. The torrents of Sword Law gushed out, trying to break the seal. The loud roll of thunder was heard, causing the sky and earth to tremble.

However, the ancient character of the Great Law didn't shatter as it tried to seal the ancient Sword Road.

At that moment, the lady's body blended into the halo pattern of the sword and turned into a beam of light, piercing the sky and shattering the Qian. The ancient road of Sword Law reappeared. The lady turned around and disappeared together with the Sword Matrix on the Ancient Road of the Sword Law. Only the massive Sword Will was left behind.

"This is..."

Countless pairs of eyes froze on the Ancient Road of Sword Law from where the lady had just vanished.

The scene was so shocking.

What had just happened?

A battle between two Renhuang Realms, where so many Nirvana-Plane warriors fought with each other, was a rare event even in the Crimson Dragon Realm. It was a Renhuang-level battle.

How could Emperor Xia's Realm have prepared such a sword matrix when so many top figures had already been engaged in fighting?

It would be extremely hard to defend against the Sword Matrix's attack.

Thinking about this, Xiang Nan, who was standing with warriors of Emperor Xiang's Realm, had a slight look of panic on his face.

What Xia Rong had said was not merely a warning. Although Emperor Xiang's Realm was powerful, few warriors were guarding Xiang City in the Crimson Dragon's Realm. Among them, only one had reached the Nirvana Plane. In a battle of such a level, Xia Rong could eliminate Xiang Nan if he tried it first at all costs.

The sword that had just appeared could easily execute anyone during the battle. It seemed to be prepared to kill on any battlefield at any time.

But for now, it was not being used on this battlefield. Rather, it had pierced the sky, built a Sword Road in the air, and disappeared.


In the Lord's Residence of Li City, Yan Yuan looked up at the sword in the void sky as if he had perceived something. He turned around and said to the people nearby, "Escort His Highness away immediately."

He couldn't stay here.

Yan Yuan could sense how powerful and dangerous the force was. It could even be a threat to him.

The sword that Ji Yuan used was the sword of guidance.

"This way, please, Your Highness." They appeared in front of Li Yao, ready to escort him.

Li Yao frowned slightly. Something in her eyes had changed. He could tell that Yan Yuan's tone had become serious.

Was the situation so serious that even Yan Yuan was worried?

Were more warriors of Emperor Xia's Realm coming here?

However, how could Emperor Xia's Realm deploy top warriors here during a battle of such magnitude?

But this was obviously not the moment to think too much. He jumped into the air and prepared to leave with his escorts. It seemed that his Sage Plane was not qualified enough to join this battlefield.

At the same time, Yan Yuan looked down at Ji Yuan who was covered by the matrix. His left hand smashed against the magnificent matrix of the Great Law again as he spat the word, "Huo."

When he said the word, the matrix swallowed the flames of the Great Law between the sky and the earth. Even the blaze of the sun above the skydome was drawn to the matrix and made part of it.

All of a sudden, the flames swallowed the matrix and transformed into flame dragons which ran to Ji Yuan. The flame of the Great Law was trying to burn the space to ash.

Ji Yuan looked at the magnificent matrix and frowned slightly. This Dali Imperial Advisor's top disciple had acquired the Imperial Advisor's skills, making him really tricky to deal with.

There was no way to use his deathly methods in front of Yan Yuan.

At this moment, the Sword Wills dripped down from the skydome and fell on Yan Yuan's body. Although the Will was not very strong yet, Yan Yuan could sense the great danger from it.

Numerous swords came into sight above the skydome and sealed off the sky.

The faces of Li Yao and others turned pale as they looked up at the skydome.

Right above their heads, an ancient road of Sword Law with countless swords was dripping down from above.

Yan Yuan's face suddenly turned pale. He immediately let Ji Yuan go and lifted the Matrix pattern of the Great Law with both hands, rushing up into the sky.

He lifted the matrix between the sky and earth with both hands. The matrix greedily swallowed the Law of the sky and the earth as it kept expanding. It grew until it turned into a pattern that completely covered the sky.

People in the lower sky all looked up and were shocked by what they saw.

Yan Yuan was powerful indeed.

A Void Air Sword Road suddenly appeared above the sky. Countless swords fell and attacked the pattern of the Great Law.

Finally, a boundless matrix pattern appeared at the end of the Ancient Sword Road. A lady stood at the center of the matrix. She instantly turned into lightning and flashed down toward the Lower Sky with the Sword Matrix.

Tens of thousands of swords dropped from the Ancient Sword Road, destroying everything.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of bomb blasts went off, shaking the sky and the earth. The swords attacked the matrix in a frenzy, causing more and more crevices to appear on the pattern of the Great Law.

The void air Sword Matrix dropped straight down toward Yan Yuan's body. A beam of sword light fell from the skydome.

The sword seemed to be able to break anything.


With a loud noise, the matrix cracked. All the swords fell from the air. Although their power had been weakened by more than half, many of the warriors were still having a hard time defending against them.

In the blink of an eye, the imposing Lord's Residence was reduced to nothing but ashes.

The warriors around Li Yao were blown away and scattered to different locations. They wanted to flee, but many shadow-like figures encircled them and launched an attack. They seemed to be the shadow guards of Emperor Xia's Realm.

The battlefield was disrupted. Many of the warriors were dispersed.

On another battlefield, the sword matrix arrived from the void sky and broke the pattern of the Great Law. The giant sword slashed down and kept attacking Yan Yuan. The Sword Force pierced through his body, leaving blood on Yan Yuan's lips.

With a pair of still determined eyes, he looked at the lady dressed in white hovering in the void sky.

With the storm of the Great Law surrounding his body, Yan Yuan became the furnace of the Great Law itself, absorbing all the power of the Great Law's Five Elements into his body. He held the giant sword. He wanted to turn into the Law.

An aura surrounded his body. He had released the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension to its ultimate degree.

"You should give up," the lady dressed in white said to him.

Yan Yuan paused for a second and looked into her eyes. Then Yan Yuan cracked a smile and said, "I told him once that I will show no mercy."

After speaking, he joined his hands together and said, "Po."

As the word emerged, his body turned into the Law itself, allowing all the swords to pass through him. At the same time, innumerable Sword Wills of the Great Law shot into his opponent's matrix. Crevices appeared on the matrix pattern, causing the pattern to explode into pieces.

With a loud noise, their bodies were thrown apart.

Yan Yuan's clothes were torn and his whole body was tinged with blood. Yaya was hurled into the void sky, eyes still fixed on Yan Yuan.

She launched the Sword Matrix in the void sky. Even though the Dali Imperial Advisor had blocked part of its power, it should have been enough to kill an Unblemished-Plane Warrior.

However, it was broken by Yan Yuan.

She knew that Yan Yuan was severely hurt, but he still bore the attack of her Sword Matrix.

His level was very close to reaching the Nirvana Plane.

Ji Yuan stepped into the air and tried to leave, but Yan Yuan raised one hand. With the motion of his hand, a gust of sword force pierced through the void sky and blocked his way. Yan Yuan asked, "Where are you going?"

Ji Yuan looked at him and asked in return, "Do you still want to fight?"

The fight was now two against one.

Even though Yan Yuan's ability was extremely strong, he had no advantage against the two of them, not to mention that the strike had severely wounded him.

Yan Yuan launch the Great Law by force. The pattern again appeared around his body. The magnificent aura around him looked dazzling, Within it, he looked solemn.

It was not that he didn't want to quit. He couldn't quit.

Nothing could happen to Li Yao.

This was for his master. Master's safety was a priority before anything or anyone else. What Master had said that day unnerved him.

Ji Yuan looked at the prideful person standing in front of him and sighed. Such an opponent was truly worthy of admiration.

Unfortunately, he was still an opponent.

The only thing shared between them would be a fight.

In another direction, Li Yao had seen the fall of tens of thousands of swords and the many Sage-Plane warriors who had been hurt by the sword rain. At this moment, he was being chased by Shadow Guards of Emperor Xia's Realm. He made his way as fast as he could, trying to leave and looking very embarrassed.

He had not expected to find himself in such an awkward situation when he was staying in the Li City Lord Residence and not even part of the battle. Even under Yan Yuan's protection, he'd still been forced to flee. What a shame!

"Your Highness, this way!" a voice called from somewhere. Li Yao followed the voice and found that a Sage-Plane warrior was waiting there to guide him. His face looked quite familiar to Li Yao. Perhaps this was the Third Prince's person!
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    《The Legend of Futian》