The Legend of Futian
1215 Li Yao in Despair
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1215 Li Yao in Despair

Li Yao walked toward the man waiting for him. The man turned around and led the way.

Behind Li Yao, someone was following him and watching closely.

They quickly crossed the chaotic battlefield.

Suddenly, the man leading the way paused and turned around, saying to Li Yao, "we must hurry up, Your Highness."

Wisps of life force flew around his body. His eyes were gorgeous and amazingly deep. At that moment, Li Yao felt like an utter mess. Shame and anger were the only things he could think about.

He could not believe that he had been forced to flee.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the void sky, directly passing Li Yao to attack the person in front of him.

The man paused for a second and looked up. He saw a handsome figure with an extremely thin sword in his hand arriving like a lightning bolt. The sword was like a silver snake, reflecting dazzling light.

The sword was being wielded in an extremely fast way. It was like a lightning bolt followed by thunder. The man leading the way squinted his eyes a bit and used his palm to defend himself. The palm print he drew out was immediately torn to pieces. At the same time, his body was pushed back. The sword force swept through him and shredded his robe.

He raised his head, confusion in his eyes. He asked the handsome figure who was trying to kill him, "Sir, what did you come here for?"

Standing behind them, Li Yao paused to look at the person who was attacking them.

It was Dali Imperial Advisor's disciple, Lü Chuan.

A peerless figure with intelligence and wisdom who had once launched the Battle of Empty Realm and defeated Emperor Xia's Realm.

"I kept everyone who stayed in the Lord's Residence in mind. Even the people who went to Thousand Leaves City, I know the life force of every one of them. You look like one of the Third Prince's subordinates, but you are not him," said Lü Chuan softly. "Brother Seventh Swordsman, long time no see."

This name, "Seventh Swordsman," was like a thunderbolt out of the blue that exploded in Li Yao's brain. He suddenly raised his head and fiercely looked at the person in front of him. With his eyes widened, he fixed his stare on him, his face turning pale gray.

He couldn't be more familiar with the name. He had sworn to kill this person no matter what.

Yet he'd been duped again!

A gust of violent force swept out from Li Yao's body. He was angry like a furious dragon, but there was a sort of fear in his anger.

The Seventh Swordsman had almost damaged him.

Before, when Yan Yuan had stood in front of him, he'd been completely confident that Yan Yuan could defend against anyone below the Nirvana Plane. Li Yao completely trusted Dali Imperial Advisor's disciples.

Yan Yuan was capable indeed. Even though he was severely wounded, he had still successfully blocked two top figures of Emperor Xia's Realm and allowed him to escape.

At this moment, it was another of Dali Imperial Advisor's disciples, Lü Chuan, who was standing in front of him. His talent was also extraordinary.

However, Li Yao lost his confidence.

His opponent was Ye Futian.

Even though Ye Futian was the man he hated most and wanted to kill, from the bottom of Li Yao's heart, he still totally acknowledged Ye Futian's ability.

This place was weirdly quiet while the rest of the battlefield was in turmoil.

As a wind passed by, the robe of the person standing there blew in the wind. His long hair had turned silver since he'd last seen him. The contour of his face had changed, too. Soon, the handsome face became clear to Li Yao's eyes.

He clenched his fists. His face was extremely sullen.

"Ye Futian!" he spat out the name like venom.

Ye Futian didn't look at Li Yao, ignoring him. He fixed his eyes on Lü Chuan and asked, "Brother, could you just let me through?"

"No, I can't," replied Lü Chuan. He initiated his cultivation method. Suddenly, the Will emanated between the sky and earth, tearing the void apart. A storm of Will appeared in the space that was trying to shatter the area. Lü Chuan's body was surrounded by the horrifying Sword Will.

"Sorry for the offense," said Ye Futian. A long halberd appeared in his hand. The Halberd of Time and Space swallowed and spat out the terrifying Space Will which swept through the void air, trying to seal and freeze it.

The Great Law enveloped the sky and earth. Li Yao and Lü Chuan felt like they were submerged in the absolute space. At this moment, Lü Chuan flicked his wrist, and the silver sword light swept over the sky and crushed the Space Will. The two powers were colliding with each other in an invisible form.


Ye Futian stepped forward and released the dense Space Will which shook the void sky, almost stiffening it.

Lü Chuan looked solemn. The silver storm grew even stronger, growing to cover all the skies.


One more step. Ye Futian kept heading forward. The void air trembled again. He merged the Footwork of Xuanyuan into the Will, and his might became even more powerful.

As he took his third step, Ye Futian disappeared where he stood.

His body transformed into many shadows that then reappeared in front of Lü Chuan. Innumerable shadows of giant halberds appeared between the sky and earth and then converged into one. One halberd pierced through the void sky.

Extreme Shadow, the Halberd of Nothingness.

The long silver sword in Lü Chuan's hand started to move. All of a sudden, the sky and earth started humming.

The sword struck, chopping the light and splitting the shadow, tearing the void sky apart, and sending out infinite silver sparks.

The moment their attacks collided, storms of destruction rose between the sky and earth. With a deep boom, Ye Futian stomped on the ground and started moving like a phantom. He drove the halberd forward with another thrust. Annihilation came with the second strike.

The Will of the Great Law shattered the void sky and crazily smashed the silver Sword Will, surging toward Lü Chuan's body.

Lü Chuan's finger tapped on the sword. The sword force between the sky and earth was dazzling. An impressive glow fell upon the sword as the Will of the Great Law merged into the one sword.

The sword came out. The void sky cracked. One sword was left.

An extremely dazzling beam of light appeared between them. The hefty attacking power was chopped in half by the sword. Above Lü Chuan's body, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension bloomed. The holy aura enveloped his body. The Great Law dropped down, and his body was surrounded by the Sword Will, becoming transparent, as if he was the sword itself.

At the same time, similar power was released from Ye Futian's body. The glow of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was also sacred. The Great Law became one, and all the Wills turned into the Path of the Space. The sky and earth were being shackled. Numerous Sword Wills appeared from the void and attacked Lü Chuan.

Lü Chuan's body didn't move. He still stood firmly on his feet. When the sword swung toward his body, it couldn't break his sword defense.


Ye Futian started walking again. The sky and earth became heavy. He kept walking forward. Lü Chuan looked even more solemn. His body seemed to be bearing the extremely heavy pressure of the Great Law.

"Brother, watch out," said Ye Futian. He took one more step after he spoke, his body then bending forward. He released the Halberd of Time and Space. The storm of destruction tore the void sky apart and marched ahead.

As if anything in front of him would be destroyed.

The Third Strike, Unending Void.

The Great Law returned to the Unending Void. Everything was annihilated.

The sword in Lü Chuan's hand was hanging before his chest. He drew two palm prints. The Sword Will of the Great Law flew from the sky and earth into the sword. The sword swallowed and spat silver light tens of thousands of feet into the air. All the sword shadows became one and blended into the sword.

The sword made a series of metallic clangs. Crevices appeared in the space as if the sky and earth were about to be torn apart.

A pattern of the Great Law appeared in the void sky with the sword as its axis. In the pattern of the Great Law, all swords turned into one and merged into the sword.

Finally, Lü Chuan extended his palm forward. When the sword came out, the sky and earth roared for it.

In front of him, the Halberd of Time and Space that Ye Futian held in his hand stabbed at the sword.

The Halberd of Time and Space collided with the sword. The storm of destruction collided with the sky.

The horrifying explosion of storms swept out as the sword swept back. The violent Will beat against Lü Chuan's body. He spat out blood and was blown away.


A lightning bolt flashed across the sky. The Halberd of Time and Space aimed at Lü Chuan's chest but didn't stab him.

Lü Chuan raised his head and looked at the figure in front of him, sighing to himself.

He and Yan Yuan had been cautious enough to arrange the plan, but had they still lost?

"Please forgive me, brother," said Ye Futian. Ye Futian walked past him and headed after Li Yao.

Lü Chuan didn't give chase. Ye Futian had just shown mercy to him. Otherwise, he would have been killed. It was meaningless to chase him again.

Why had he been born in Emperor Xia's Realm?

On the battlefield of the Lord's Residence, Yan Yuan was defending against two top figures of the Unblemished Plane. Of course, he had perceived Ye Futian's presence. He stepped into the sky. His Matrix of the Great Law covered the sky, trying to block Yaya and Ji Yuan. He wanted to leave the battlefield to help Li Yao.

However, tens of thousands of swords had fallen and sealed the sky and earth. There was no way Yaya would let him leave the battlefield.


Ye Futian was traveling through the void sky and rapidly heading toward Li Yao.

Li Yao had entered the Saint Plane, but he even had no courage to fight when confronted by Ye Futian. He believed that he could never defeat Ye Futian.

That was why wanted to escape.

"Kill him!" Li Yao gave the order to a warrior who was fighting with a shadow guard. The warrior was a Saint of True Self with extraordinary ability. After he repelled a shadow guard of the same level, he turned to Ye Futian, guarding Li Yao who was still trying to flee.

Ye Futian stepped into the void sky and pointed one finger in front of him. He summoned the Sword of Kasyapa tore the void air apart.

The warrior flew into the void sky and did a double palm strike. Suddenly, tens of thousands of palm prints appeared and shattered the Sword of Kasyapa into pieces.

However, Ye Futian kept moving forward. More and more swords came to attack. Cruelty flashed across his eyes. No matter how talented the person was, he was only on the first level of the Saint Plane. Why did he dare to come near?

The seemingly infinite swords were all destroyed. The guard smashed the palm at Ye Futian.

At this moment, a strong presage of destruction befell him.

Among all of the swords, one emanated with such a horrifying life force that he could perceive the fatal crisis approaching him.

The sword seemed to have emerged from the center of Ye Futian's eyebrows. It pierced through his palm print with incredible speed. He let out a roar. Soon, a powerful Will rose in front of him to guard him. This was the Will of the Great Law.

The sword thrust toward it. An extremely dazzling light spat out from the sword. His pupils contracted. What he could see in his mind was an inviolable sword with a wisp of the Will of the Emperor.

The sword had been forged by the Master of Divine Cloud Valley at Ye Futian's request, so the wisp of his Will of the Emperor had been merged with it.

The sword flashed by and penetrated the warrior's skull. Ye Futian didn't stop there. He strode over the corpse as he continued walking forward.

Li Yao perceived the scene with so much fear in his eyes.

How had Ye Futian cultivated his Sword Force to be this strong?

He could kill a Saint of True Self with just one strike!

Li Yao's heart beat fast. He could feel the life force behind him coming near. He was in such despair.

When he had come to the Lower World Nine States of Emperor Xia's Realm, he had never expected that such a day like this would come.

At that time, he had been the Prince of the Upper World, the descendant of Emperor Li. His identity was truly noble, especially to the people of Lower Worlds.

To him, the people of the Lower Worlds Nine States were nothing but loathsome ants, not worth taking into consideration.

Even though he'd let Saint Zhi kill his wife, Li Yao didn't care much at all.

However, today, the person he'd once regarded as another ant of the Lower Worlds was trying to kill the Dali Prince!
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    《The Legend of Futian》