The Legend of Futian
1219 Return
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1219 Return

"As heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a wise man ceaselessly strive."

The voice of Dali's imperial advisor reverberated in the minds of everyone present. The ones from Emperor Xia's Realm never knew that the legendary figure who was serving their enemy, Emperor Li of the Dali Dynasty, held Ye Futian in such high regard.

While the parties were on opposing sides, the imperial advisor had truly taken Ye Futian as his student. He definitely would not have put his neck at risk for Ye Futian under any other circumstances.

The ones from the Dali Dynasty had left, but everything happening there was no secret, and many from afar witnessed the imperial advisor spare Ye Futian.

The first thing that the imperial advisor should have done after Li Yao died was kill Ye Futian right before his eyes.

However, he chose to simply leave.

"Would there still be an imperial advisor of Dali left after this?"

Ye Futian turned around and walked towards Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Rong took one look at Ye Futian and said nothing more.

He could tell from his expression that Ye Futian would not understand what he did on that day. He knew that Ye Futian was different from the others. Ye Futian would not have submitted to Xia Rong just because he was a part of Emperor Xia's Realm. Ye Futian had a very notable attitude.

Xia Rong already knew that because of how Ye Futian dared to go to the Xiao clan just to kill Xiao Sheng. What was done, was done. Xia Rong did not bother explaining anything; it would have been pointless.

The imperial advisor of Dali was indeed an opponent deserving respect, yet at the same time, he was also a dangerous opponent. The imperial advisor had to shoulder the responsibility of Li Yao's death. Even if he had chosen to kill Ye Futian, it would have been difficult for him to regain Emperor Li's trust.

Worse still, he did not do anything to Ye Futian. The outcome was settled by then. Regardless of how encompassing and tolerant Emperor Li might have been, there was no way he would have forgiven a traitor.

What the imperial advisor did that day was tantamount to treason.

When he returned, he would probably have to atone for his crimes through death.

Xia Qingyuan lowered her head a bit after seeing Ye Futian walking and feeling rather restrained.

She never anticipated any of that either. While the actions of her brother were understandable from the standpoint of Emperor Xia's Realm, he was nonetheless devoid of honor—what he did put both Ye Futian and the imperial advisor in a bind.

It was especially so from Ye Futian's standpoint. What Xia Rong did was unforgivable.

As such, she was feeling very terrible at the moment.

"Retreat from the Crimson Emperor Realm and return to Emperor Xia's Realm," Xia Rong said at that moment. Everyone turned around to look at Xia Rong. Many heeded his order and followed him, especially those whom he brought.

Xia Rong was the Deputy General of Tian and held extremely high prestige in the army. The Tian Army was the number one legion in Emperor Xia's Realm, so one can imagine what Xia Rong's status was. He was a hardened prince who grew up on battlefields.

However, not everyone heeded Xia Rong's orders. He was indeed the eldest prince, but some, like the Swordmaster of Lihen, were of the Holiness of Nirvana and did not serve Emperor Xia directly, which meant that princes and princesses held no sway over them. Only Emperor Xia had the authority to give them direct orders; everyone else could only request things of them.

That was how it was with the Great Shaman. While he would have respected the princes and princesses, only Emperor Xia would have been able to truly give him direct orders.

As such, the mighty ones were taking a rather peculiar stance after Xia Rong spoke. The Swordmaster of Lihen did not budge, looking in Ye Futian's direction instead. He was aware of everything taking place that day. The Swordmaster of Lihen had bestowed his sword to Ye Wuchen, and he was not doing that simply because of Ye Wuchen's sword training; Ye Futian played a part in influencing that decision.

From the look of things, Ye Futian appeared to be extraordinary in more than just his talents. Even an imperial advisor of an enemy nation, capable of throwing his weight around in his home country, treated Ye Futian differently.

As for Lu You, he stood behind Princess Xia Qingyuan.

Lu You had been following Emperor Xia all those years ago, yet at present, he was tasked with protecting Xia Qingyuan most of the time. As such, he was partial to listening to Xia Qingyuan's orders instead of Xia Rong's orders.

Things on Emperor Xia's side looked rather peculiar at the moment, having lost harmony from when everyone shared the same thought. The atmosphere suggested that something had happened among the men, despite no one saying anything after what transpired between Ye Futian and the imperial advisor.

"Let's head back to Emperor Xia's Realm," Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan. He needed to return immediately.

"Yeah." Xia Qingyuan looked at his eyes and nodded. Many followed afterward as if factions had been split between Xia Rong and Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Rong looked at the other side and said nothing. He flashed and moved, getting ready to return to Emperor Xia's Realm through the teleportation grand matrix.

Ye Futian walked up to Shen Tianzhan before he left and said, "Thank you for helping out with the battle, senior, but it seems that there will be some changes to what was promised. For that, I am sorry. Please be careful out here, senior."

"Will do." Shen Tianzhan nodded. He then looked at Ye Futian and said, "I shall wait for you to return to the Crimson Dragon Realm."

Despite having participated in a battle fought mainly between those from Emperor Xia's Realm and Emperor Li's Realm, he was mostly excluded from the equation. The ones that Emperor Li's Realm targeted were those from Emperor Xia's Realm. He wouldn't have a problem if he was more careful in the future.

Ye Futian then looked up at Shen Tianzhan. Waiting for his return seemed to have deep implications.

From the looks of things, he and Ye Futian would be on opposite sides in the future. However, Shen Tianzhan said that, instead, he would wait for Ye Futian in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

"Sure." Ye Futian nodded and left with the large group.

Shen Tianzhan pondered about something as he looked at the silhouettes disappearing. He knew that both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had extraordinary talents, but that was all. As such, when Ye Futian requested for him to help out, he agreed.

Despite what had transpired, he did not regret participating in the battle.

He thought that he had made the right decision.

He did not know of the relationship between the imperial advisor of Dali and Ye Futian. However, it was extraordinary for a pinnacle saint to have such breadth of character. The imperial advisor was indeed legendary, and Shen Tianzhan did not think that he was capable of doing the same deeds as the imperial advisor.

The imperial advisor did what he did for Ye Futian. He knew little of the young man, but for him to sacrifice himself for another young man showed what kind of character Ye Futian was.

If Ye Futian was someone for whom the imperial advisor saw fit to sacrifice himself, there was no doubt that the battle had been worthwhile for Shen Tianzhan.

Emperor Xia's Realm was imperial, but it was just one realm in the Crimson Dragon Region. If Ye Futian were as extraordinary as he seemed, it was only a matter of time before he would venture out of the realm.

Many mighty ones from Qianye City witnessed the battle. They were incredibly shaken by what they saw.

It was especially so in the case of Kong Xuan, Xiang Nan, and the others. Kong Xuan stood in the air, her hair billowing in the wind. The parting between the imperial advisor and Ye Futian was something that stuck in her mind; it was unforgettable.

There would have been a storm brewing between the Dali Dynasty and Emperor Xia's Realm soon.

A tidal wave would sweep through the inner affairs of the Dali Dynasty.


The Imperial Advisor's Residence in the Dali Dynasty was peaceful and quiet at the moment.

He had brought his people to the Crimson Dragon Realm. Nan Zhai and Feixue were the only two students left in the residence.

At that moment, Feixue was touching a painting on a table. Nan Zhai was by her side; he had painted it.

"It seems that your art has seen a lot of improvements, second brother," Feixue smiled as she said it. She was unable to see the painting, but she was, nonetheless, able to sense it through her hands.

"If you were able to see this with your own eyes, Feixue, it'd be even more surprising," Nan Zhai said and smiled.

"Really?" Feixue smiled faintly. "I, too, want to open my eyes. I'd be able to see the other elder brothers."

"Just the elder ones?" Nan Zhai asked sheepishly, "No younger ones involved?"

Feixue's smile brimmed, and she nodded slightly, "If the Seventh Swordsman is here, I'd definitely like to know what he looks like."

"He is very good-looking." Nan Zhai smiled and added, "More so than eldest brother and fifth brother."

Yan Yuan and Lu Chuan were both considered dashing figures.

Feixue smiled showing her dimples, but then she quickly frowned a bit and seemed to have recalled something unpleasant. She turned her face away and said, "I wonder how father and the others are doing in the Crimson Dragon Realm."

She did not want to see her father standing against Ye Futian, and she did not want to see either their father or Ye Futian hurt.

"Teacher should be able to see it well," Nan Zhai said. However, his tone sounded rather flighty. It was apparent that he was concerned, as well.

At that moment, Nan Zhai extended his will, and he frowned slightly. His expression changed somewhat.

His heart gradually sank.

"Feixue, it's best to rest early," Nan Zhai said quietly.

"Right." Feixue nodded and left. Nan Zhai sent her back to her room and then sat cross-legged right outside, closed his eyes, and trained. His will shrouded the vast space around him and every movement within the shrouded area was unable to escape his notice.

"Something happened?"

However, nothing had happened. Everything was still in order, but Nan Zhai knew that the Imperial Advisor's Residence had been targeted.

Few in the entire Dali Dynasty dared to keep a close eye on the place.

Furthermore, his observation was done at such a sensitive time, so Nan Zhai was only able to speculate the worst outcome possible—something might have happened in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

However, since his teacher had yet to return, he didn't know what had happened.


That same day at the royal palace in Emperor Xia's Realm, Ye Futian and the others returned.

They went to the top of the royal palace alongside Xia Qingyuan. The Great Shaman was around, as well. They came to see Emperor Xia in the palace that was surrounded and permeated by clouds.

"Please help us out, your majesty," Ye Futian said and bowed immediately after seeing Emperor Xia.

Emperor Xia looked at Ye Futian and then at Xia Qingyuan. He noted their solemn expressions and then turned towards the Great Shaman and asked, "Great Shaman, what happened?"

"Your majesty." The Great Shaman bowed slightly and elaborated on what happened in the Crimson Dragon Realm, while Emperor Xia listened intently and quietly.

When the Great Shaman finished, the emperor turned to Ye Futian and said, "What would you need me to do?"

"I would like you to depart for Dali, your majesty." Ye Futian bowed yet again. The only person capable of saving the imperial advisor at that moment was Emperor Xia.
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    《The Legend of Futian》