The Legend of Futian
1224 The Imperial Advisor“s Second Studen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1224 The Imperial Advisor“s Second Studen

The Sacred General of Tian and King Tiandao fought all out right there and then. King Tiandao was from the king of Dali's military, known as the leader of the Four Kings. He commanded the military forces of the west.

The Sacred General of Tian was the commander of the first army of the eight of Emperor Xia's Realm. Both men were people of extreme overbearing might. The battle fought between them shook the heavens.

It seemed as if the sky would be brought down when they fought.

Yan Yuan looked at them both fight above and knew that the Sacred General of Tian intended to hold that pinnacle figure behind for their sake.

"Second brother, take care of Feixue." Yan Yuan turned around and looked at Nan Zhai, who nodded. Yan Yuan was seen stepping out and headed far away. Mu Chunyang held his sacred blade and followed right behind.

One was a Holiness of Nirvana who had just made a breakthrough while the other was an Unblemished Saint. Both of them burst with extremely overbearing might.

However, there was already an army of saints surrounding them, effectively blockading the space they were in.

An Eight Trigrams Heaven-locking Diagram appeared in the sky. Golden chains of the eight trigrams sealed the space away, and crashing noises were heard. The chains streaked through the sky and headed towards Yan Yuan and the others.

Boom, boom, boom! Yan Yuan's body felt like it had been chained up by countless chains in an instant. However, extremely dazzling diagrams of the great path dazzled around his body. He, who had become a Holiness of Nirvana, dazzled incredibly. He grabbed onto the chains of the great path, and devastating power was unleashed from his body, wrecking the boundless chains.

He stepped into the air and headed towards the eight trigrams diagram, thinking if he should take his opponent using matrixes imparted to me by his teacher.

He pointed towards heaven, and his body streaked down below the eight trigrams diagram like a bolt of lightning, pointing to the diagram right above him.

His finger pointed to the diagram that had blockaded the place, and countless cracks were seen on it, spreading out in all directions. The fish of Yin and Yang seemed to be swimming before they crumbled shortly after. The matrix above him shattered, and m many mighty ones' bodies were thrown behind right away.

Many saints above burst with their respective might and headed for Yan Yuan and the others. Yan Yuan stepped out and scanned the crowd around him, saying, "My teacher once was the imperial advisor of Dali, and I'm a citizen of Dali. There are some among you people who had studied at Dali Academy before. I don't want to kill any of you. Make way."

Doom. He took one step forward as soon as he finished. The air shook.

Swords of the great path surrounded him and howled as if they would have burst through the air at any given moment.

Many mighty ones sensed the brimming aura emanating from Yan Yuan, and they all thought of retreating right there and then.

As Yan Yuan put it, they were all people of Dali, and some had studied in Dali Academy and received guidance and teaching from Yan Yuan himself.

Many among them had been taught by the imperial advisor and had always been impressed by the imperial advisor. If it had not been for the circumstances, none of them would have wanted to see the imperial advisor have his training destroyed and be imprisoned. None of them would have wanted to kill Yan Yuan.

"The Imperial Advisor's Residence committed treason and sided with Emperor Xia's Realm. They are ready to leave with Emperor Xia. Kill them!" King Tiandao, who was fighting with the Sacred General of Tian in the sky, faraway shouted. Some of the ones who had hesitated moved forward once again.

But then again, there were many who stood behind and were unable to bring themselves to harm the people of the Imperial Advisor's Residence.

They knew very well that even though it was then a fact that the Imperial Advisor had refused to carry out his majesty's order, the Imperial Advisor would have never been in bed with those from Emperor Xia's Realm and betrayed Dali. The Imperial Advisor was a great figure, unlike any other, and he would have never had been such a dishonorable person. There were definitely not obvious reasons.

Countless sighed at the situation.

Many mighty ones attacked Yan Yuan at the same time. Yan Yuan looked up at the sky. The saints all appeared in his will. He stepped forward and had no more words to say. The bursts of devastating attacks were not only directed at him but also Feixue and the others, without any mercy.

Struggle and reluctance were seen in Yan Yuan's eyes, which then quickly cleared as he looked at the faces before him.

Everyone had their stances and decisions, especially when they had become saints. Since they had already made their choices, then they no longer needed to hesitate.

The powerful burst of aura swept through his surroundings at the thought, shrouding the vast space.

Many saints there were shrouded by a mystical will within an instant. They seemed to have seen a boundless huge diagram of the great path, which enveloped all of them. Countless ancient symbols hovered around, and their saintly will were all bound within. They intended to struggle, yet they found it difficult to shake it off.

The dazzling boundless diagram seemed to have led them into a space of will, which was ethereal, and Yan Yuan was at the center of the diagram. He scanned those around him and one ancient symbols after another shot out.

Qian, Kun, Kan, Li... Every single ancient symbol that emerged was infused with extremely formidable power.

"Slay them," Yan Yuan said, and within an instant, the symbols bombarded the minds of those around him. In the sky where they fought, there were saints whose wills were cut down right away by the sword will. Streaks of blood appeared at the center of their brows as their eyes were wide open, glaring at Yan Yuan below.

There were also mighty ones whose wills were shattered right there and then, feeling as if their minds had rattled before losing consciousness altogether. Their bodies dropped to the ground.

One saint after another perished in the sky within the same instant, dropping to the ground below. Many watched that scene unfold from far away and felt things were astonishing.

All of those people were saints, and yet, they were all killed within an instant.

So this was the power of Yan Yuan, who had become a Holiness of Nirvana?

Emperor Li had declared that the first student of the Imperial Advisor would be allowed to take the position of imperial advisor right there and then.

However, he wanted nothing more than to leave.

Just what the hell happened between Dali and the Imperial Advisor's Residence?

Countless felt that to be a pity. One way or another, there was no longer an Imperial Advisor in Dali, and the Imperial Advisor's Residence now ceased to be.

That would have been a huge loss to Dali Dynasty. The Emperor knew that as well, which was why he still wanted to give the Imperial Advisor a chance, which the Imperial Advisor threw away without hesitation. The Emperor intended to continue employing Yan Yuan and the others even after he had arrested the Imperial Advisor, which was why he wanted Feixue to be married into the royal palace as Li Zhen's wife and to be titled as Queen.

However, none of that managed to make them stay behind.

The crack in their minds was something impossible to be repaired, and there was no turning back.

Yan Yuan and the others from the Imperial Advisor's Residence had only one way to go from then on out.

At that moment, on another battlefield, a legion that King Tiandao had brought circled Yan Yuan and headed straight for Mu Chunyang and Nan Zhai, attacking them. Judging from their formations, it looked as if they intended to break through Nan Zhai's defense and take Feixue.

They all knew that if they were to take the Imperial Advisor's daughter, then the ones from the Imperial Advisor's Residence would not have been able to leave, even if they wanted to.

Mu Chunyang's blade was extremely ferocious, splitting the space before him open as soon as he swung it. His will of the bade seemed to have cleaved open everything before him. Several saints caught in the storm were quickly killed.

However, there were also several extremely powerful saints around at the same time. They were all Unblemished Saints, and they have intercepted Mu Chunyang, isolating him from the battlefield of Nan Zhai, Lu Chuan, and Feixue.

At that moment, an Unblemished Saint led many other saints heading to where Feixue and her two other brothers were, attempting to surround them, and the situation looked perilous.

Nan Zhai was at the forefront while Feixue and Lu Chuan stood behind him. Nan Zhai's expression remained extremely calm even when facing such a situation, without the slightest hint of being fazed. Yan Yuan and Mu Chunyang were still fighting their own respective battles.

"The eldest student might have become a Holiness of Nirvana, but that is not to say that we would let him loose just because he wants to leave," an Unblemished Saint said and lifted his hands, grabbing at the space before him. A holy dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws right away, descending from above and wanting to take down Nan Zhai and the other two.

That person's might was brimming, and he looked poised. It was apparent that he was a member of Dali royalty, making him one of those from the side of the royal members.

That holy golden dragon circled above Nan Zhai's head, and its pressure was burning. It charged below after letting out a loud roar.

Nan Zhai looked up at the sky plainly and waved his hands. A huge painting spread open in the sky, which showered the space around, and extremely holy pressure burst from it. The might was imbued with the will of the great path as if he was wielding a piece of an extremely powerful divine implement.

Countless dazzling diagrams within the painting lit up with brilliant light, and a boundlessly huge ancient tree burst, emerging with countless vines that lashed out above, blocking out the sky.

The dragon dived and was instantly caught within the countless mass of vines in an instant, which was then devoured bit by bit.

Many looked below in shock, seeing Nan Zhai standing above the ancient tree in the painting. Feixue and Lu Chuan stood behind him. All three of them seemed to have become characters within the painting, looking very mystical.

What was even more shocking was that at the very moment, Nan Zhai entered the painting, will of the great path of boundless strength burst from within. The painting continued to expand, and when Nan Zhai melded within the painting, his aura seemed to have melded with the painting and rose in a frenzy. He had broken through the bonds of Saint of True Self and became an Unblemished Saint.

His powers continued to rise after becoming an Unblemished Saint, climbing to the pinnacle of his current plane.

"How could he be so powerful?" Many looked at the scene in shock. Everyone in Dali knew that the strongest among the imperial advisor's students was Yan Yuan. While Nan Zhai, the second student, was unfettered and had a good mindset. He loved painting and jesting around, but his training had not been powerful. He was only a Saint of True Self. His powers were even inferior to his younger brother, Mu Chunyang.

However, at that moment, none dared to claim that Nan Zhai was weaker than Mu Chunyang.

His current power was of such magnitude that not even Yan Yuan before becoming a Holiness of Nirvana would have had such a brimming, formidable aura.

"The way of painting." Everyone was shaken and knew that they had underestimated Nan Zhai's powers. His training might have only been that of a Saint of True Self, yet his painting seemed even stronger.

His powers spiked as soon as he entered the painting.

That Unblemished Saint before stepped out with a cold expression and attacked with the saints around him, intending to tear down that ancient tree of vines.

The painting continued to expand, so much so that it had blocked out the sky. Those saints quickly found that they seemed to have become people in the painting, entering Nan Zhai's work and becoming a part of his powers.

Many knew that something was off and intended to run, but it was too late.

Unraveling sounds were heard as the painting spread through the area, catching everyone within it. The vines of the ancient tree consumed the saints, while sword aura and many other killing powers burst from the painting. At that moment, it seemed as if Nan Zhai had not been the one surrounded.

It seemed as if he was the one who had everyone else surrounded instead.
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    《The Legend of Futian》