The Legend of Futian
1229 Enter the Regional Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1229 Enter the Regional Palace

Ye Futian revealed a smile. Since Kong Xuan had agreed, she must be willing to resolve the grievances of the past.

This way, there would be one less powerful opponent in the future.

In the chaotic Crimson Dragon Realm, even though one may be endowed with excellent abilities, there were just too many strong cultivators from other major Renhuang Realms. However, if there was no feud to settle, there was no need to make enemies.

In fact, the grudge between Ye Futian and Kong Xuan had always been him continuously bullying her, so it was natural that he did not mind letting go of the grudge and turning war into peace.

"Going forward in the Crimson Dragon Realm, I hope that Princess Kong Xuan will watch out for us." Ye Futian slightly bowed and appeared very humble.

Kong Xuan looked at him and asked, "Do you have time to stay?"

Ye Futian was stunned for a moment. Kong Xuan seemed to have made quite a leap.

"Is there something else required by the princess?" Ye Futian asked.

"Fight with me," Kong Xuan replied. Her eyes glowed with intensity as she stared at Ye Futian. Back when she had entered the Divine Path at the battlefield of Crimson River, she'd decided to forfeit and not to fight with Yu Sheng who was already on the Saint Plane. This had since caused her to feel some regret.

Now that she had been on the Saint Plane for several months, and her cultivation had gained a firm foundation, she lacked a good opponent to help hone her fighting skills. She wanted to see what level her fighting power had reached.

Ye Futian revealed a strange look. Looking at her cold face, he asked, "That wouldn't exactly be appropriate, would it?"

They had just made peace. Why should that be followed by a fight?

Kong Xuan was indeed a cultivator of the Peacock Demon Emperor clan, whose affinity to fight was innate.

"There is a battle platform at my residence," Kong Xuan said, eager to get going.

"Very well," Ye Futian said begrudgingly. "Shall I go all out?"

He was weighing whether or not he should let it rip. Would it be better to restrain himself?

If he beat Kong Xuan violently, would he be adding new hatred onto the old?

"Of course." Kong Xuan glanced at Ye Futian coldly as the two walked toward the battle platform. It didn't take long for earthshaking sounds to start coming out of the City Lord's Office of Peacock City. Many buildings collapsed and their dust filled the air.

Emerging from the thick dust was a handsome white-haired man. He cleaned the dust off his body as he walked away from the battle platform.

From out of the dust, Kong Xuan gradually appeared. She stared grimly at the departing figure, a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth.

The little condor shivered from the sidelines as he watched the scene play out.

"How did he cultivate his physical body?" Kong Xuan asked the little condor, regarding him with an icy stare. This was Ye Futian's demonic beast and must have the same mind as Ye Futian. This little condor would know how Ye Futian cultivated.

"I don't know exactly." The little condor shook its head decisively, not wanting to betray its master.

Kong Xuan released a coldness from her body as she walked toward the shivering little condor. It looked at her and said, "Xia Qingyuan gave him the method of cultivation. It should be Emperor Xia's."

"Xia Qingyuan?" Kong Xuan stopped. It was possible.

Xia Qingyuan had access to many kinds of methods. With her help, his body-enhancing techniques would be the strongest.

"Yes." The little condor nodded in earnest. "But Xia Qingyuan always wore men's clothing. She is far less attractive than Princess Kong Xuan in looks and figure. And her personality is violent and manic, not at all gentle and soft like yours, princess. You are like a goddess from heaven. How would you like to be my mistress in the future?"

"Your mistress?" Kong Xuan gave him a strange look.

"Mmm." The little condor nodded seriously. "Princess, you and my master are a match made in heaven."

"The princess may beat this condor without mercy, no need to spare it." Ye Futian's voice was heard from somewhere in the distance. Apparently, he knew what the Black Wind Condor was talking about.

"Ah!" the Black Wind Condor screamed. When it saw Kong Xuan walking his way, he was on the verge of tears.

Afterward, there was a mix of violent screaming, pleading, and flattering, all rolled into one.

The following period made the Black Wind Condor realize that Xia Qingyuan was entirely too gentle.

Ye Futian left the little condor in Peacock City and departed with Yaya.

By sending the little condor to Peacock City, he hoped to resolve the grievances between himself and Kong Xuan. It was also for the benefit of the little condor. It belonged to the demonic tribe and needed the tempering of its kind. He hoped that its luck would improve and that Kong Xuan would send it to be taught by the great members of the Peacock Demon Emperor's Realm to transform and cultivate.

Ye Futian returned to the City Lord's Office of Qianye City and went to the newly built temple to cultivate. In the cultivation temple, he sat with his eyes closed, comprehending the omnipresent meaning of heaven and earth.

There was a sacred radiance shining upon him. Its bright, shining light seemed to cast a matrix diagram surrounded by ancient characters around him. His body was in the center of the diagram. The might of the authority between heaven and earth seemed to be everywhere. A variety of different colors of the swordsmanship emerged, blooming around Ye Futian's body.

Each color represented a different kind of swordsmanship.

Inside his body, in the Life Palace, the ancient tree made a rustling sound. On top of the ancient tree, the colors changed until they converged into one color which flowed wildly into Ye Futian's body. At the same time, the splendid brilliance seemed to also turn into one color, integrating into Ye Futian's body like it was a furnace for refining.

His body made roaring and booming sounds. The five elements of the Great Path were integrated into one. The universe returned to one as it refined the Great Path into one, fueling and strengthening the way. It was as if his swordsmanship had undergone transformation and sublimation.

Moreover, this powerful swordsmanship resonated within the sanctified body. With a grasp of the palm, a force suddenly swept out, its violence extreme. If anyone faced it, no doubt they would find it difficult to breathe.

The power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was perfectly matched with his ability to cultivate. The master's vision could be described as extremely vicious. The ancient tree of the world seemed to be able to contain all things, and the Deed of Thorough Comprehension aimed to temper the swordsmanship and sublimate it. The combination of the two allowed the refinement of many types of swordsmanship to form one that would be even more powerful after being sublimated. By using the Deed of Thorough Comprehension to bring forth its full strength, its power became truly astounding.

Moreover, he could always adjust the amount of swordsmanship that he wanted to release.

As he stood up, Ye Futian waved his hand and flexed his fists. Every move seemed to be perfectly natural, blended with the Great Path, one with heaven and earth.

The sacred light pouring over his body was like showering in divine radiance. Each unleashed strike may not seem strong, but it contained a curious power that gave out a dull sound with each blast, swirling as if they were devouring black holes, disappearing in an instant.

In Crimson Dragon Realm, the opponents he would meet in the future would be even stronger. That day in the Battle of the Crimson River, he'd discovered that the strength of some of the geniuses was already very strong, and that was just the tip of the iceberg in the Crimson Dragon Realm. Every year, such cultivators would be born.

In the future, he would likely face many descendants of Renhuang, and the gap between himself as these people would get increasingly smaller. Even those that he would meet on the Supreme Path in the future might not necessarily be less powerful than him.

Therefore, the higher the level, the harder he needed to cultivate.

Ye Futian left the cultivation temple and found Yu Sheng. It was time to send Yu Sheng to the Regional Palace to cultivate.

Before long, a group of people arrived at the bank of the Crimson River.

The crimson sky seemed to contain the mighty pressure of the Great Path. The Crimson River seemed like it was full magma. If anyone with weaker cultivation stepped into it, they would be burned to death immediately.

"Yu Sheng, go," Ye Futian said. Yu Sheng would soon enter into this most powerful spiritual holy land for cultivation. He would have the opportunity to touch the core of the Crimson Dragon Realm, the direct source of the Crimson Dragon Emperor's power.

Yu Sheng nodded and walked into the void, traveling directly above the Crimson River toward the castle at the center of Crimson River.

He knew what Ye Futian wanted him to do. He would fulfill his mission by gaining a steady foothold in the Regional Palace. There, he would come into contact with the core forces of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

As he walked forward, the crimson red castle, came into view. Someone was standing guard there, and Yu Sheng handed them the token he carried. As he stepped through the towering Heaven's Gate that rose high into the sky, he officially entered the Regional Palace.

From a distance, the Regional Palace looked just like any castle. Inside, however, it was something unique, like a city suspended above the Crimson River.

In front of him, the shadows of figures stood above the void, watching Yu Sheng's arrival as if they were waiting for him.

Each one among them possessed an extraordinary temperament. They were standing there like a natural chasm, blocking Yu Sheng's path forward.

They were all cultivators of the Regional Palace. Like Yu Sheng, they had also shared the victory of the Battle of the Crimson River and had entered into the Regional Palace with great advantages.

"I heard that the newcomer is very powerful and has overwhelmed many powerful opponents with his strength, including the brother of Xing Kai," someone said. The welcome ceremony at the Regional Palace was always a little unusual.

"Perhaps the people he faced were just very weak," a woman crossing her arms in front of her said with a smile. Her manner was elegant. From the first glance, it was easy to tell that she was of uncommon and noble birth.

Above the castle, Xing Kai stood, watching silently.

Yu Sheng walked by someone and said, "Move."

"The rule at the Regional Palace is that the newcomer who enters the palace must respectfully address the elders as senior brothers and sisters. Only then will the brothers and sisters will make way," the man said with a smile.

There were no rules in the Regional Palace except that the strongest fist rules the palace.

Yu Sheng had already discovered that the people who were standing in front of him were all on the Realm of Proving Holiness, just like him.

Yu Sheng tightened both of his fists. With a roar, an extremely violent magical power swept through the air instantly. Behind him, a world-toppling demon king appeared. Above the firmament, the magical power tumbled and roared like a demonic god.

The people in front of him revealed a look of surprise. Although the newcomers who entered the palace all chose to fight, such direct and powerful newcomers were still in the minority.

Now they wanted to see how many obstacles he could pass through.

Whether Yu Sheng could get through the barriers or not would be his first test of entering the Regional Palace. It would also determine how much value he would have in the palace.

This was the welcoming ceremony of the Regional Palace.


Yu Sheng took a step that shook the void with a roar. The Crimson River roiled. The entire castle seemed to be bombarded by the sound of thunder.

On the bank of the Crimson River, Ye Futian glanced in the direction Yu Sheng had gone, then turned to leave.

The road to the Regional Palace would be walked alone by Yu Sheng!
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    《The Legend of Futian》