The Legend of Futian
1230 Jianmu City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1230 Jianmu City

Ye Futian and his party did not return to Qianye City after leaving Crimson River. They were still inside Crimson Dragon City.

This first major city of Crimson Dragon Realm was extremely vast, with many wonders and cultivation places that were not seen in other Renhuang realms. It was not only in possession of a battlefield like the Rising Dragon Platform, but also had other places of cultivation.

The land west of Crimson Dragon Realm was where Ye Futian and his party had gone. There were countless roads in front of them. These roads were like the branches of an ancient tree, extending to different places in every direction. A faint sense of heat was transmitted from the place.

On each ancient road, people coming and going. The place was filled with cultivators. People of the Saint Plane seemed to be everywhere as well.

Ye Futian looked forward and raised his head slightly to look at the sky. He saw something like a floating castle. It was boundless, reaching high above the sky. Even the holy will was unable to reach it.

The sun and its radiance shone down from the sky. Above the castle, divine golden birds could be seen flying in circles. Bright flames rained down, holier than one could imagine.

Standing next to all of it, Ye Futian and his party seemed incredibly small. When someone walked past them and set foot on one of the roads, it was as if they had stepped onto a branch.

"Is this the Divine Jianmu Tree?" Yi Xiaoshi whispered. One of the four legendary Divine Trees in the lore, the Divine Jianmu Tree could connect the heaven and the earth. It was able to reach the depths of the earth and high above the firmament so that heaven and earth were connected.

Each of his branches was an ancient road. Together, it formed thousands of ancient roads that led to Jianmu City, the city which lay in front of them.

The Crimson Dragon Army guarded Jianmu City. Standing above the void, they looked like an army from heaven.

Jianmu City was a holy place for cultivation. It was also one of the largest trading posts in Crimson Dragon City. To enter Jianmu City, payment of spirit stones of the Great Path was required. Otherwise, one was not eligible to cultivate in Jianmu City.

Furthermore, the price of admission was not cheap. Those who were weak and small in their cultivation simply could not cultivate for long in Jianmu City. Otherwise, Jianmu City would have become overcrowded a long time ago.

"Go and feel it," Ye Futian said. He walked over to the Crimson Dragon Army and paid the spirit stones required for everyone to enter.

The group of people walked forward and entered a boulevard inside Jianmu City. The boulevard was lined with a lot of buildings that seemed to be no different from those on the outside. However, when you looked up at them, you would see a stout tree branch supporting a road above it.

Furthermore, there was an extremely hot stream of air above the ancient tree like the flaming breath of the Great Path.

"Jianmu City reaches the sky and goes deep into the ground, absorbing the fire of the Great Path. The higher that Jianmu City reaches upward, the more prosperous the trading post will become. Many top forces have been taking shape inside Jianmu City over the years and taking root here. The more rooted they are, the more suitable for cultivation. It is said that, at the bottom of Jianmu, ordinary cultivators of the Saint Plane are unable to stay without getting burned up into ashes under the fire of the Great Path," someone behind Ye Futian said.

The one who spoke was Shen Jun, the former young master of Qianye City. He'd always been very dashing and elegant, but now he was more subdued. He was acting as a guide for Ye Futian and his group, introducing the background of the Crimson Dragon Realm to Ye Futian. After all, he'd grown up in the Crimson Dragon Realm and knew much more about it than Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded slightly, contemplating what kind of truth would be contained within the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

In the Empty Realm, the will of space hung in the sky.

The Crimson Dragon Realm was more powerful than the space will of the Empty Realm. This Crimson Dragon Realm truly belonged to a world of flames. It was said that those who cultivated in the art of flames were extremely powerful.

"Let's go up first," Ye Futian said, then looked at Luo Fan beside him. "Fifth senior brother, let's go see if there is a fire of the Great Path that is suitable for your cultivation."

The number of flame cultivation methods in the Crimson Dragon Realm was endless. Many top figures had refined it into a special flame of the Great Path which integrated the Way into it. These flames were of great help to the future generations of cultivators. It could even be directly refined into the body. Learning to comprehend the Divine Path was of great help to one's cultivation.

Although similar to Ye Wuchen's Renhuang sword will, the fire of the saint was not as strong as the Renhuang sword will, so it was quite suitable for Luo Fan who was still a sage.

The higher one went, the more they discovered that the world of cultivators was destined to be unfair. All of this was unimaginable in the Lower World of the Nine States. How could one compare the speed and limits of cultivation?

"I'm embarrassed to trouble my younger brother for money to spend on it," Luo Fan said.

"That's right. After all, I, your younger brother, am also poor. If that's the case, let's just not go," Ye Futian said jokingly.

"Eh..." Luo Fan stared at Ye Futian with shock. He had not expected such a response from him.

"We are all brothers of the same master. Helping each other is a matter of course. Since the younger brother is so sincere, then I will gladly accept it." Luo Fan hugged Ye Futian's shoulder, internally cursing him for being so tight with his wallet.

The senior brother was clearly not as fortunate as the younger brother.

"Of course, if you something that strikes your fancy, please pick out whatever you want. By the way, choose a gift for Miss Xuan too," Ye Futian said with a smile. He'd been joking before.

"That's the spirit. Don't forget how nice I was to you when you were young!" Luo Fan exclaimed with a thumbs up.

Ye Futian's face was a picture of confusion. When he was young?

All right, perhaps 18 or 19 years olds could be considered young.

"Have you found a good place?" Ye Futian asked Shen Jun.

"What level do you want?" Shen Jun asked.

"The best," Ye Futian responded. Luo Fan's eyes lit up. When he looked at Ye Futian, he thought that his junior brother was even more handsome than ever.

"Heavenly Flames Avenue in Jianmu City is the most prosperous place for flame trading. Even Nirvana-level flames are not lacking there. Renhuang level flames have even appeared there once," Shen Jun said.

Ye Futian nodded. "Let's go to Heavenly Flames Avenue then."

"Okay, then we need to hurry." Shen Jun nodded. His body flickered as he led the way. Ye Futian and his team followed behind. They all traveled fast as they shuttled through Jianmu City.

Jianmu City was considered a renowned city for a reason. When all the areas above and below the surface, it was much larger than a city as large as Qianye City. Therefore, one could only imagine just how massive this ancient tree that connected the world was, or that it was still growing.

In Heavenly Flames Avenue was a huge, wide-open square where many cultivators gathered to trade.

There were a lot of shops in the square, many of them temporarily built by the cultivators. Outside of these shops were engraved signs displaying what items were available for trade. Of course, there were also some large, permanent structures that were used for long term trading.

The Tower of Heavenly Flames on Heavenly Flames Avenue, for example, belonged to a major force with many invaluable Flames of the Way.

At the moment, many cultivators were assembled in the Tower of Heavenly Flames. Ye Futian and his people had just arrived. There were many flame furnaces inside, all of which contained the Flames of the Way. Above the furnace, the name of the Flame of the Way, its grade, and its abilities were listed in great detail.

The cultivation of flames in the Crimson Dragon Realm was considered the epitome of the Crimson Dragon Region. The classification and grade of the flames here were finer than anywhere else.

"Purple Flame, unblemished medium-grade Flame of the Way, aggressive attacking power with a strong ability to break defenses." Ye Futian looked at a flame furnace. Inside, a purple flame was making a sharp sizzling sound. Tiny bolts of lightning could be seen inside the flame.

After cultivators entered the saint realm, if they majored in the flames, they would temper the flame of their Great Path, making them physical, multiplying their power, and refining them to contain great Swordsmanship.

"The fire of the Golden Flames, unblemished upper-grade Flames of the Way, aggressive attacking power with the ability to melt anything. Good for attacking, forging armors..." In yet another flame furnace, the golden flames shone brightly, lighting up the flame furnace with extremely bright golden flames.

"This would be more suitable for Gongsun Xuan, but she came from Divine Could Valley. Presumably, this grade of Flame of the Way would not be a great help to her," Ye Futian whispered. Gongsun Xuan's origin meant that she had tremendous spiritual resources of her own.

In addition, her grandfather had reached the Nirvana Plane. The Flame he possessed could be tempered into the Flame of Nirvana.

"The Flames of the Way in this area were artificially made. The Flames of the Way on the other side were formed naturally," Shen Jun explained. Of course, there was no absolute advantage or disadvantage to choosing either. It was all dependent on the person who refined the flame and the strength of the natural formation.

Ye Futian and his party continued their search for an even stronger Flame of the Way.

They came across another flame furnace. Inside, the flames seemed dim and ghostly like a shadow.

"The Ghostly Flame of the Way, Nirvana mid-grade. Possesses a strong sense of destruction. Its ability to burn and destroy souls was given by the Nether Saint Lord," said the line of writing engraved on the outside of the furnace. As Ye Futian walked past the Tower of Heavenly Flames, he felt a dizzying sensation and some interest.

The flames here were too strong. By comparison, the Unblemished Flames of Way did not appear so precious.

In fact, Ye Futian had also cultivated in flaming ability. Not just the flame, he'd also cultivated many other kinds of abilities and comprehended all kinds of will.

However, because many abilities were limited by magical powers, they were not strong enough. In fact, there was no absolute strengths or weaknesses between the kinds of will. Any kind of will could be cultivated to its highest level. Ye Futian wondered if he could pick up some of them to cultivate.

"Senior brother, choose the one that suits you," Ye Futian said to Luo Fan. Stronger was generally better, but it still needed to fit Luo Fan's ability to cultivate to be effective.

For example, for those with extraordinary birthrights, if their forefathers had cultivated certain kind of flames, or even passed them on into the life spirit, they could inherit them in the form of comprehension, saving themselves half the trouble.

"Beggars can't be choosers. Let's just make do," Luo Fan said casually. However, his action was pretty deft. He pointed at a flame and said, "That's it."

Ye Futian saw the grade of the flame he wanted and felt a pinch in his heart. He said, "Senior brother, you don't want to spare me any expense!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》